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  1. What’s this about an original edit? Did it play out differently at one point?
  2. Shatterhand's been suggested as a possible title for decades. I seem to recall that Die Another Day was originally called Shatterhand at one point.
  3. K

    Mass Effect Andromeda

    The faces don't look great in general. The visuals in general look pretty good - although very Frostbite-ey, the nice bits like the floor reflections and lighting look exactly like the same effects in Battlefront II - but the faces look a bit last-gen.
  4. K

    Mass Effect Andromeda

    I bought ME:A for about three quid last year, and this thread has finally inspired me to actually play it. I'm only on the first mission where you crashland on the planet, but it seems pretty good so far, although very much in the school-prefects-in-space mode of ME1, rather than the sexy-space-perverts-travel-the-universe-in-their-FTL-nightclub vibe of ME2 - the characters are nowhere near as compelling as the best ones in the series. It feels a bit like the Hyperion is a ship crewed entirely with Jacobs, and the captain seems to have taken her acting style from Liz Asher in Darkplace. Within a few seconds of taking control of my character, I had some weird glitch where she wouldn't stop sprinting, and ended up waddling round in a circle while I frantically tried to make her stop. I seem to be accumulating dozens of meaningless crafting parts. It's not exactly the most auspicious start. But! They've pretty much nailed the feeling of exploring a forgotten planet, and trying to piece together the rules and history of a world that is two and a half million light years away from anything we understand. That's pretty much all I want from Mass Effect - all I want from pretty much anything, to be honest - so I'm actually pretty excited to play the rest of it, and slightly regretting leaving it so long.
  5. The Azarello / Rorschach story has its moments, but it feels like he didn't quite get the character. IIRC, there's a bit where Kovacs makes a pass at a woman that just feels utterly wrong given that he's a repressed homosexual who loathes women. Some beautiful art too, but it doesn't quite feel gritty enough for mid-seventies NY. The Darwyn Cooke stories are great though, and probably the only ones that really feel like they add something to the original series.
  6. K

    Robocop (1987)

    Wow, they've really captured Robocop's style of movement, and his famous catchphrase "You have five seconds to comply". Looking forward to them using some of Robocop's other famous phrases like "I would buy that for one dollars!" and "Get to the helicopter!"
  7. K

    Gaming tropes that need to go away

    Open world games with permanent consequences to actions need to have a kind of incognito / porn mode, where it doesn't record anything and doesn't save your progress.
  8. K

    Anthem - February 22nd

    One passage in that Ars Technica review is brutal: That would absolutely kill it for me. You can't stop chatting to your friends for six minutes to watch a mini sci-fi film when playing a co-op shooter. It would be madly awkward.
  9. A battle royale take on Bushido Blade would be pretty cool. The original game had this huge (for the time) open world, with an interconnected landscape that you could roam around at will, which was also completely pointless because you always started off in the same spot, and had no reason to spend five minutes and several loading breaks running across the map to have a fight that would be over in ten seconds anyway. If you had a similar approach, with loads of people armed with various knives and stabbing weapons having running battles across some fantasy Kurosawa landscape, with coves, forests, castles, villages, blasted heaths, while a heavily stylised storm pushes you all closer to one point on the map - I'd buy that game, especially if it was in black and white.
  10. There was an oral history of the original Tomb Raider a while ago that touched on the insane crunch that the developers had to undergo to finish the game. One of the senior people at Core was quoted as saying something like "people worked really hard, probably too hard on that game. But do any of them have a mortgage to pay off? No. We rewarded them for their efforts", and the article went on to quote some of those employees saying "given the choice, I'd take a working marriage over a house".
  11. Imagine thinking it was worthwhile someone hospitalising themselves for the sake of a Sonic the Hedghog game, one that didn’t even end up being released. I mean, even if it did get released, there’s no way that risking your own mental and physical well-being for Sonic the Hedghog is anything other than completely insane, but it’s particularly tragic given that it was for a Saturn game that looked rubbish and never came out.
  12. The industry’s done fine in terms of shareholder value. Not so much in terms of individuals and their quality of life, their marriages, relationship with their children, anxiety levels, burnout, depression, etc.
  13. K

    Star Wars Battlefront 2

    I keep picking away at the campaign in this, and my god, it's awful. The two ideas the developers seem to have had are enforced stealth sections, and defending someone while they hack something. The third or fourth level ends with you protecting someone against an onslaught of small, scuttling, fast-moving insects while they hack a terminal in slow-motion, and when you complete it the person you're protecting says "Done it. Now just one more terminal to go", and then you have to do it again. It's like a parody of an FPS campaign.

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