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  1. I dunno, not sure anyone’s going to look at Watch Dogs’ sales or reception and think “I want some of this”.
  2. It's as hard as you want to make it - there are difficulty levels ranging from trivial to absolutely bastard hard.
  3. I'd pitch a Ready Player One game to Ernest Cline that actually licensed a huge chunk of the properties that appeared in the book and film, so that you could have a Gears of War level that involved the Ghostbusters and the kids from Stranger Things turning up through a dimensional portal and teaming up with them and Master Chief to fight the Collectors from Mass Effect, and then once Cline was in my office to hear my pitch I'd batter him round the head with a stapler until he promised to stop writing books, and fucking watch/read something a bit more challenging.
  4. With regard to the OP in this thread, the new GTA Online expansion (due in December) adds a tropical island to the game - so maybe the island map at the start of this thread refers to that, rather than to GTA 6.
  5. Yeah, that is true. I've said before that I find it really weird that Digital Foundry has taken the kinds of topics you would normally expect to be limited to specialist teams in large developers or hardware manufacturers, and made them part of mainstream videogame discourse. This forum is full of this kind of chat, where non-professionals are blithely using terminology that they don't fully understand, or discussing absurdly marginal frame rate or resolution differences as if they're transformative. I get the sense that John Linneman is kind of trapped by his own creation, as DF s
  6. Yeah, exactly. You can't even summon help easily, which is a pain. Obviously, it's also an outlier, but I've never been a fan of the boss run - I always think you should have a checkpoint before the hard bit. Having a checkpoint followed by an easy bit and then by a hard bit - nightmare.
  7. Personally, I feel that boss battles should generally have a checkpoint right beforehand. ISTR that Sekiro structured itself this way for the most part, which makes sense given that Sekiro is more or less a boss rush; I also recall that Demon's Souls was particularly bad for this, which is understandable given that it was From creating a new subgenre of game, but it's also quite annoying. I remember the run to Ormstein & Smough getting very annoying, because it was just a matter of going through the motions every time. There was no real challenge, just muscle memory, with the occasional f
  8. Oh boy, have I mashed the buttons. It feels like there must be a way of doing it, but I can't figure out how. The low view does remind me a bit of running round my dad's car as a child - and given that its Forza Horizon, I can run round the actual Ford Capri he used to own - but it would be good to have a grown man view as well.
  9. He's deleted the tweets now, but it seems worth mentioning that John Linneman of Digital Foundry is having a miserable time at the moment, thanks to various console warriors abusing him on Twitter. It seems like he hates making the videos anyway given how minuscule most of the differences between PS5 and XSX games are, but the response he gets from the dead-eyed stinkbeards is really upsetting him. It sounds petty, but this kind of pointless obsession over tiny details in videos can be quite harmful, and helps propagate the true fact that gamers are the worst people in the fucking world. You d
  10. Stupid question - when you select a new car at your house, you get a sequence where you can move the camera around the car and open the boot, climb into the driver's seat, etc. Is it deliberate that the height of the camera in that bit is set to Ronnie Corbett level? It feels like I can move round the car at the level of the headlights, but no higher, which feels extremely weird.
  11. The cocktail thing was amazing, I’m laughing just thinking about some of it, like Alex drinking the bin juice, or Katherine painstakingly dropping an ice cube in as quietly as possible, and then just plonking one down and having to start the whole thing again.
  12. @Uncle Mike I’m sure this is a stupid question, but if you no longer have a PS4, could you not upload it by playing the PS4 version in BC on your PS5, going through the above rigmarole, then loading up the PS5 version to download the save?
  13. Hmm. I hate abandoning books unread, but this is putting up all sorts of red flags. I'll probably skip to any weird/scary bits, and then sack it off.
  14. I bought the Last Astronaut because I quite like SF horror and it was cheap, but my god, the first couple of pages are badly written. Is it all like this? It makes the Martian read like Ursula le Guin.
  15. Amazing. I’ve wanted to see a Bond game from IO since Hitman 2.
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