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  1. That's kind of my point, though - given that none of your games will carry over, there’s nothing stopping you from switching to a new console. It's year zero. If the Xbone had BC at launch, then there would have been at least some reason to stick with the Xbox. I don’t think it would have made anyone’s mind up in itself, but it would have been a factor. And as Mike says, network effects can be quite important here, so that if one of your friends stays with a particular format, that’s an incentive to do the same thing, so that you can maintain your Halo / Left 4 Dead / Destiny sessions.
  2. The Chaos Engine does have something special about it – it’s a really good example of how presentation and general vibe can elevate a relatively unadventurous Gauntlet / Alien Breed-style game into something incredibly compelling. The music and sound effects alone are a good reason to keep playing – the way that the soundtrack ebbs and flows does a fantastic job of keeping you interested, and hearing that NODE ACTIVATED sample was a reward in itself. Games that were this slick were justification for trading my Megadrive for an A1200, particularly when you listen to how bland the music on the Megadrive conversion was - although the music on the SNES version was absolutely incredible. The intro sounded exactly the same as the Amiga original, and the in-game music was slightly different but very cool - the Amiga version had this mad squidgy acid bassline, whereas the SNES version had a much smoother bass sound that has a slight drum ‘n bass vibe. Two things that really annoyed me about the game. One was that it was way too hard unless you took the priest as a secondary character – his medkit power was far too useful. The other was the way that the Bitmap Brothers insisted on having almost totally opaque game mechanics in a lot of their games, like the gold and silver stars in Magic Pockets, the crystals in Gods, and the gold and silver keys in this. It was never clear what the difference between gold and silver was, or how you were supposed to use them – they seemed to open up secret passages, but it always felt like there was some nuance I was missing around when to collect gold keys and when to collect silver.
  3. I suspect that BC isn't a system seller mid-generation, but will have some value when transitioning between generations - it's an easier sell if you can take your games from the last generation (and the two before that, potentially) with you when you upgrade. There's only so much space under most people's TVs, and not many people want several interchangeable plastic boxes under their TVs anyway. In a choice between two functionally identical consoles that will run 80 - 90% of the same games anyway, it makes sense to go with the one that runs your current games too.
  4. If they add Reach, it’d be great if they could add some kind of Firefight mode too, ideally with all the maps from Reach and ODST as well. They’ve already got Spartan Ops mode in there, which is a pale shadow of the original Firefight, and Reach wouldn’t be complete without it.
  5. K

    D2 Work night raiding. This week

    I’d like to register my interest for future raids. Not sure I can do tonight, as my boy is a bit ill, but really want to get back into raiding.
  6. The very first boss of DS 3 is a total bastard, so I'm not sure it's the best place to go next. To be honest, if someone hated Dark Souls after playing it through, I would probably just assume that the series as a whole is not for them. Life's too short to play an entire series of games that you don't like just in case it suddenly clicks. It's OK to not like the game.
  7. K

    Destiny 2

    Good news - today’s mods are actually fun. Void damage is increased, enemies are tougher and don’t flinch, and melee damage is much more powerful. It’s challenging, but not punch-a-table frustrating.
  8. K

    Destiny 2

    This update is fantastic so far. That said, the glass modifier on heroic strikes is a fucking disgrace and renders the already ludicrously hard strike bosses completely impossible, so I’m now frantically tweeting death threats at all known or suspected Bungie employees and have started an online petition demanding that Activision give the franchise to Blizzard, for some reason. The glass mod really is shit, though. I had a couple of hours free this afternoon to play, and couldn’t get anywhere.
  9. Pretty amazing that David Cage is going to reveal his new game two weeks after his last one came out. That must have been one hell of a crunch.
  10. K

    Destiny 2

    The Tractor Cannon is great. It suppresses abilities, boosts void damage, and blasts enemies across the map like clay pigeons. It absolutely wrecks yellow-bar enemies, especially if you coordinate with other players.
  11. K

    Xbox One Console Thread

    I am genuinely a bit baffled that anyone would actually want one of those pads. It was great at the time - FPS games on a console are actually possible now! - but the 360 pad was better in every way, and the Xbox One pad was further improved. Those oval buttons, and the weird black and white buttons just out of comfortable thumb range, FFS.
  12. K

    Destiny 2

    They made extremely minimal adjustments to Jade Rabbit in the recent round of tuning, which is slightly odd as it still doesn't feel that great to use - I think they just boosted stability, and that was it. It makes me think I must be missing something, as Bungie had no qualms about beefing up guns like Crimson and Graviton Lance to the point where they feel a bit OP, so I'd be interested to hear why they think JR didn't need more tweaking. The Jade Rabbit in D1 was an absolute beast, it hit like a piledriver.
  13. K

    Prey (2017)

    Is it just me, or did everyone else’s heart sink when Combine that with the way the endgame forces you to run from one side of the station to the other, thus meaning lots of times sitting through the extremely lengthy loading times, and I’m really not very excited about pushing through to the end of a game I thought I’d nearly finished. How long have I got to go? I’ve got about 23hrs on the clock already. It’s a slight shame because I’m enjoying the game otherwise. I still feel it’s lacking in its own identity, particularly given that its peers are games like Bioshock / Bioshock Infinite, Deus Ex, System Shock 2, Portal 2, Dishonored, Alien: Isolation, which all evoke a very strong sense of place and a unique aesthetic. You can see that they tried to do this with Prey, with all the alternate history JFK-lives stuff – the EVA stuff works really well and gives the game a kind of hard SF, NASA-approved feel, but despite the wood panelling and tape drives, the interiors feel pretty generic. It doesn’t help that you’re constantly listening to audio logs that seem to largely consist of people telling each other their door codes (although this does give rise to a nice running joke about how terrible information security is on Talos). But the actual game is great. I love the way that the different game systems interact with each other, so that each bit of the game feels like a sandbox rather than a linear series of fights and puzzles. Your build seems to really matter, so that my super-agile, super strong stealth guy bristling with weapons, who’s basically Sam Fisher in space, would feel really different to a techy psionic guy, but would be equally valid. Some bits work better than others – – but the combat gives you loads of tools to work with. And I really like the Dishonored-like way that it gives you so many options that it feels like you’re breaking the game. Melting down office furniture and enemies to make ammunition and neuromods is tonnes of fun. Does the
  14. K

    PlayStation 4 Console Thread

    What I suspect might happen with PS4 system & game updates is that the console will download them when in rest mode, but it only checks to see if there as an update at a particular time, which appears to be late night / early evening. If an update is released in the morning, it won't start downloading until you turn it on in the evening. So if you play the console most days, it'll download it when you switch it on, rather than when the update appears. This is totally unscientific and based solely on my console seeming to keep up to date if I don't use it for a few days, but also seeming to download stuff as soon as I turn it on.

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