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  1. K

    Recommend Me An Emulation Box

    Can anyone help me find a decent Mac programme to rip PS1 disks for use with Retropie? The general rubbishness of the PS1 classic has encouraged me to go back to my Pi, and try to get my old PS1 games ripped and working, and it looks like Imgburn would be perfect, except it's Windows only. Is there a good, easy to use, equivalent for the Mac?
  2. K

    Below Is Out Now

    I'm no expert on these things, but I would have thought they could send out early code with an explanation of what's going to change, what's temporary, what will be implemented, etc. Mags and websites must see that sort of thing all the time, surely? I can't imagine the game was radically different a fortnight ago. If they're self-publishing, maybe they just didn't have the time. I seem to remember that happened with N+++.
  3. K

    Below Is Out Now

    I thought it was published by Microsoft, but presumably not. Seems like an odd decision by Capybara not to send review code out - people who’ve played it seem to like it.
  4. K

    Below Is Out Now

    I'm getting a sense that Microsoft is not absolutely certain that this game is very good.
  5. The gap between Outrun and Outrun 2 was 17 years, and the gap between Outrun 2 and now is (terrifyingly) 15 years, but I think that even by the time that Outrun 2 came out, the original was looking a bit creaky, whereas Outrun 2 still plays beautifully today. Just chucking the car into those long sweeping curves is hugely satisfying, whereas the appeal of Outrun seems to be derived more from dodging cars and being amazed by smooth, fast sprite scaling.
  6. K

    Amiga Appreciation Thread

    The Read-Only Memory books about Sensible Software and the Bitmap Brothers are probably the best ones I've read. And I've never actually read it, but based on the quality of the guy's blog, I would assume this is really good: https://www.amazon.co.uk/Future-Was-Here-Commodore-Platform/dp/0262017202 It's by Jimmy Maher, who writes the Digital Antiquarian blog (www.filfre.net) which is great. His book seems more technical than the blog, and it's also £19 on kindle, so I haven't actually bought it yet.
  7. K

    High Rise - J G Ballard Adaptation

    Agree, although A Field in England is pretty good too. That said, I've only seen it once and can't remember it in huge detail beyond it being extremely trippy.
  8. It seemed to work pretty well in the 360 era, to the extent that I still get caught out when I buy a new game and assume it will know that I use inverted aim. The 360 solution was so neat, in that I only had to do this once and never had to think about it again; I can't think of any games that didn't support it. I'm still a bit surprised that MS didn't stick with this for the X1, or that Sony didn't copy it for the PS4.
  9. Also, you don't really need to remember anything. The game is pretty good at indicating what you need to do at any moment, so there are loads of prompts when you need to do something important, and the bottom right of the screen will usually show you what happens at any given moment if you press a particular button. Top tips: -left on the d-pad opens a kind of quick menu showing challenges and items -right on the d-pad opens your satchel -holding down start is a shortcut to the map -if you pick up a new gun, you won't lose your old one, despite what the prompt says
  10. Wow, never knew that. I couldn't quite hear 'This must be the place...' in the Living Daylights track, but will give it another listen.
  11. On the basis of that thumbnail, I suspect that they accidentally bought the rights to some Sonic furry erotica they found online, rather than the game.
  12. K

    Aphex Twin

    This new thing of basically releasing patches for his albums is quite odd. The revised version of ICBYD is about twice as long as the original, and the "new" stuff sounds quite different to the stuff that was released at the time. Makes me wonder why he does it like this, and doesn't just stick them out as EPs. Also, wtf hasn't he reissued the Analord EPs on his new website.
  13. K

    Doom - 25 years old today

    Thy Flesh Consumed (i.e. the extra chapter in Ultimate Doom) is not great. The difficulty is all over the shop – IIRC, it was cobbled together at speed from various unfinished maps Romero et al had lying around. No Rest for the Living (the extra Doom II episode from the 360 version) is one of the best Doom expansion, the levels are incredibly intricate and clever.
  14. Yeah. I'll give it a few more tries, but it's not super-compelling. It feels like a mess, this expansion. They haven't added any new strikes, or even shifted the light level to 600, so the ones that are there are trivially easy, especially the bosses. It's fun battering the arms dealer before the lift even gets to the top, but I want a bit more of a challenge.
  15. Finally got round to doing a Forge last night, and my immediate thought was “is that it?”. It feels like a pretty thin mode to act as the central plank of an expansion. If you throw sufficient things at the thing and complete it, do you just get the weapon? It’s like Escalation Protocol, hidden behind a grind, with fewer players and matchmaking. Is the new raid any good? Feels like there’s very little buzz around it. Has anyone here tried it, or are the light requirements still too high?

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