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  1. K

    Destiny 2 - Solstice of Heroes

    Given that one of the quest steps is apparently to reset your Valour rank five times in a season, I’m not sure I’d agree with the statement that anyone can now get the new claymore equivalent. That sounds like a massive ball ache that not many people will bother with.
  2. K

    Destiny 2 - Solstice of Heroes

    I suspect the main issue in PvP will be having shit weapons at lower level. It’ll be a struggle if you don’t have Graviton Lance, Vigilence Wing, Jade Rabbit, etc.
  3. K

    Dredd 3D

    In every interview I've read with Garland, he always comes across as an extremely sound guy. And he seems really engaged with the 2000AD forum - it's not some Reddit AMA where he's giving one word answers, he was really going out of his way to answer their questions. Plus, he hates boss fights in games, which is the correct opinion to have.
  4. What was their argument as to why they shouldn't include inverted aim? I can't really think of any reason why you wouldn't. TimeSplitters 1 & 2 had inverted aim options, IIRC.
  5. Blackhat felt like a cyberpunk film, and if it had been made ten years previously, it probably would have been.
  6. K

    Destiny 2 - Solstice of Heroes

    Can anyone help a brother out with a Nightfall / Redux mission or two this evening? They're the last things I need to do for the Legendary armour.
  7. K

    Shadow of the Colossus Remake (Bluepoint)

    This looks absolutely stunning, apart from the protagonist’s face, who looks like a Thunderbird puppet in an odd and distracting way. I’m getting some camera issues as well – I’ve inverted the Y axis, but when I zoom the view in using L2, it’s not inverted any more for some reason. Is there an option I’ve missed?
  8. K

    Shadow of the Tomb Raider

    It might be some kind of horde or survival mode, like the one in Rise of the Tomb Raider.
  9. I think Kessler Syndrome puts Gravity firmly into sci-fi territory: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kessler_syndrome. Someone has used their imagination to describe a specific type of catastrophic event that has never happened, but potentially could, and someone has used fiction to work through the implications of that catastrophe. Sounds like SF to me. It's a very small difference between that film and, say, Apollo 13, but it's an important one. If you had a film about an EMP over London that knocked out all computers and electronic power, then that would also be sci-fi, even if it was explicitly set in our world. In fact, it would be Goldeneye, but I would struggle to come up with a reasonable definition of sci-fi that excluded Goldeneye.
  10. Red October definitely feels like a sci-fi film, in some respects. Tom Clancy was a huge fan of Larry Niven and used his books as a model for his own when starting out, so it’s not hugely surprising that it feels like SF. It obeys all the same rules that hard SF does, it just does it in a contemporary milieu.
  11. It’s about the aftermath of a notional disaster whereby the debris field from a satellite being destroyed causes a chain reaction of other satellites being destroyed, creating more debris and knackering the ISS? That’s never happened, yet, so I’d say a film that focuses on it is probably within the realms of sci-fi. Plus, it’s set in space and largely in zero-gravity. Those things don’t make something automatically sci-fi, but there’s a pretty strong correlation. I know what you mean about it not being SF because they take care to make sure everything is using existing locations and technology, and it’s definitely on the borders between a disaster movie and a tech thriller, but it’s a space movie about a projected space catastrophe, it feels like sci-fi to me.
  12. K

    Tomb Raider Anniversary Edition Announced

    Uncharted: Lost Legacy had a real Tomb Raider (that is, nineties Tomb Raider) vibe in places. You're not alone, but the woman protagonist, ancient tombs, and titanic machines were all present and correct.
  13. Now that Harsin’s made it socially acceptable, I’d also say that Timesplitters 2 is one of the most overrated games in rllmuk / Edge forum history. I never quite understood the praise that the single-player campaign got, it always felt like a really generic memory test of a shooter. Each setting was evocative and nicely detailed, but the actual game was so dull. Future Perfect was much better. Second Sight was ruined for me by the fact that you couldn’t invert aim. I’m sure it was good, I just couldn’t play it.
  14. In what way is it not a sci-fi film?
  15. K

    Armando Iannucci's The Death of Stalin

    I thought it was. There were loads of farcical sequences, like the bit where they try and move Stalin's body, the bit where they're moving about at the funeral for reasons I can't quite remember, the farce of the concert at the start, the line about plotting while running, Stalin's idiot son, Zhukov saying "the look on your fucking face" etc etc. The overall tone is very dark, but it's not wry comedy for the most part, it's overt comic setpieces and zingy one-liners.

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