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  1. Almost all games will be reviewed without the day one patch, surely? Assuming the reviews are published on the day of release.
  2. The whole idea of a mini-fied Amiga, done in the style of a SNES or a NES mini with a selection of games hardwired onto a ROM, goes right against the ethos of a home computer anyway. It'd be closer to a 64GS or a GX4000 than a mini Amiga. If they included a version of Workbench you could piss around on, a copy of AMOS and SEUCK to make terrible games on, Octamed for some shit house music, a copy of DPaint to make bad studies of 2000ad covers and a copy of Xcopy just for authenticity, then fair enough - but without all that stuff, you'd be missing out on such a huge part of the whole Amiga experience that it seems a bit pointless. Like, they could stick Cannon Fodder and Super Skidmarks on there, and they're still great to play now, but they're hardly likely to put any demoscene stuff on there, let alone any PD utilities for editing team names and colours on F1GP, which probably accounted for about 5% of the total time I ever spent on my Amiga. It wouldn't really be the Amiga without all the random stuff lurking in the disk box between the games. A Raspberry Pi feels closer to the vibe of the Amiga anyway.
  3. It’s implausible that one would be made anyway, but any notional Amiga mini would be unlikely to use adf files that emulated disks; it’d use whd files (ie disk games that have been reworked to allow them to be installed to a hard drive) that function pretty much like ROMs, in that they don’t require any kind of pretend disk swapping, and load extremely quickly.
  4. Seems odd that Miyazaki is doing the story, and Martin is doing the mythology, as I'd say that Miyazaki was much better at creating interesting lore than Martin, and Martin is much more skilled at creating engaging plots. I don't remember much mythology from the books or the series, other than stuff like the forest folk, the Lord of Light, the old gods, and the ice zombies, and none of that was particularly interesting in itself. The appeal of Game of Thrones was down to the characters, their scheming and the associated courtly intrigue.
  5. A Raspberry Pi and one of these would do the job, surely. Retropie plays Amiga games fairly easily, and if you want to do something a bit more technical, you can do a dedicated install of an Amiga emulator. Obviously, you need a Bluetooth keyboard and mouse. I imagine it’d be a struggle to get a pair that looked the part.
  6. I burned about 300 emblems on that fucking ape, so it must have taken me about 20 attempts. The way I did it was to take a week off; I came back, decided to have a quick shot before bedtime to keep my eye in, and then killed him first time (i.e. the twentieth time). To be honest, the main factor in defeating him was him not doing that kanji attack where he rolls towards you and grabs you. I must have dodged that about twice ever, it seems nearly impossible to avoid.
  7. I'd say it's missing the bits between the bosses. The combat system is magnificent and the bosses (so far anyway, just killed Guardian Ape) have been brilliant fun so far, but I would love it if the game had more sections where you have to use that combat system to progress through some intricate section of level. There are a couple of bits that do that pretty well, like the run up that autumnal mountainside temple, but for the most part, the between-bosses sequences are a bit perfunctory. There should have been a few sections that served the same role as Sen's Fortress or Anor Londo - challenging, lengthy, beautiful gauntlets that you have to learn and master, in the same way that you have to master the bosses. Part of the problem is that you're so mobile, so lethal, and that the AI is so rubbish, so you can just run or grapple your way through the levels, but even then, it feels like they could have done more with the environment and the standard enemies. Given how incredible the game is, it's a bit scary thinking about how good it would be if the levels were a bit longer and more complex.
  8. Again, DS2 shows you how you could do this. The frozen city from the Frozen Crown DLC would make an amazing location in an open world game, as would the other DLC areas - they're intricate but self-contained, and exist in a clearly defined environment.
  9. K

    PC Engine Mini

    They’ve already undermined its authenticity by deciding to release it in the UK at all.
  10. Any choices will have been a trade off between how difficult something is technically and how popular it is, but there must surely be a minimum threshold for popularity.
  11. I had a quick crack just now, and thought it’d aged about as well as Edward Furlong. Baffles me that they’d spend time and money getting tat like this and King Kong functioning on the Xbox One, there must surely be a better use of their resources than that.
  12. The shot towards the end of the trailer where some dude uses a truck to mow down people on the embankment seems like it's in slightly poor taste in light of previous similar terrorist acts. The press are going to lose their shit when this gets near to release.
  13. I quite enjoyed this, but the ending was weirdly low-stakes and unengaging. I liked the way the rest of the film concentrated on Peter's personal relationships and his tentative steps into becoming Spiderman, and made you care about comparatively mundane events and dilemmas - it was like the whole film was based on the five minute montages in previous Spidey films, where he learns to use his powers, and was all the more interesting for that - but I struggled to really care about Michael Keaton nicking a few crates of weapons from Tony Stark. Keaton was a great villain, but if anything he was too sympathetic - he lost his job because of Tony Stark, which immediately made me empathise with his situation, and while he may be an arms dealer, as someone else in the film points out, Tony Stark was an arms dealer too. I really wasn't that bothered if Keaton got away with his heist, he seemed like an OK guy. They should have made the climax as personal as the rest of the film - maybe had Keaton put Peter's friends at risk at the prom, rather than going with a competent but pretty generic Marvel action sequence. That aside, this was pretty good. I'm not a huge MCU fan but this is probably the one I enjoyed the most, after Iron Man 3 and the first Avengers.
  14. I would hazard a guess that an open world Soulsborne game would resemble Dark Souls 2 more than any of the other games, if only because DS2 is structured around a large number of small areas dotted around a large island / continent, which don’t really connect with each other - as opposed to one huge area that’s full of smaller sub areas that are intricately woven into each other, like Dark Souls 1 (or Bloodborne, to a lesser extent). The Dark Souls 2 approach would seem to lend itself to an open world much more than the DS1 style.
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