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  1. Why would a hardware shortage make any difference to the percentage of revenue that comes from Game Pass?
  2. There’s no way Microsoft expected Game Pass to level out at 15% of their games revenue. That seems like quite a modest achievement given the sheer amount of money and attention they’ve poured into it.
  3. The seasonal content seems geared to making new strikes at the moment; I only managed to do the first Heist Battleground on the moon, but it was basically a short strike, reusing a lot of assets and locations from the Warmind expansion and the Rasputin strike, but looking pretty flipping impressive for all that. I kind of wish you could solo it, I spent the quick go I had yesterday sprinting through this gorgeous, atmospheric location trying to keep up with this warlock dude who was cutting through enemies like an electric carving knife. Destiny has this weird divide between matchmade activities that you can’t solo and are very easy, and non-matchmade activities that you’re tacitly encouraged to solo but is off-puttingly bastard hard. The point at which Bungie cut off the matchmaking is the point where stuff becomes too hard to realistically do on my own.
  4. The matchmaking was broken last week, and soloing strikes was absolute bliss. The level of challenge was almost precisely Halo on Heroic, and it was lovely not to have to compete for kills with some dude going for the speedrun world record. I get why they don’t do it, but I’d love to see a solo strike playlist.
  5. I just can't believe none of you guys stepped up and stopped Sony from charging £70 a game. Now *I've* got to pay more. THANKS guys. Great job.
  6. Tell us more about this game you haven't played.
  7. Life & Death of Col. Blimp is currently on iPlayer if anyone wants to watch it!
  8. I think that Edge's reviews are less about whether you should buy a game, and more focused on whether there is anything interesting to say about a game.
  9. I've never seen anyone read a book less convincingly. For all of De Niro's method intensity, any librarian worth their salt would clock him as someone just trying to get out of the cold until the pubs open.
  10. I think it's important to remember that classic films can sometimes be good. I know this sounds counter-intuitive - a film that's generally accepted to be one of the best ever? Surely that will be really boring? - but it's often true. Something like Le Samourai is an existentialist treatise on the rules and boundaries we set ourselves and the consequences of breaking them, where it's all in French and people stare into the middle distance a lot, but if you ignore the bit about being in French, that also describes all of Michael Mann's films. If anything, Le Samourai is better than Heat, in that it's less than three hours long and doesn't have a bit where they try to make Robert De Niro's character seem clever by having him read a big book in a library. And it's considerably better than Public Enemies, which is not a good film at all. Lots of these classic films are not only good, but are frequently extremely compelling and thought-provoking. I was as surprised as you are, but it's true. If you bear in mind that some classic films are actually pretty terrific, the lists that these critics compile usually make a lot more sense in that they're lists of films they enjoy, rather than lists of films they pretend to like in a vain attempt to impress Michael Haneke.
  11. Jesus, if there’s one thing you need to know before playing this game, it’s this. The handling feels transformed once you reduce the deadzone on the sticks. The default is 22%! That’s absolutely mental. I know there’s almost a tradition where Need For Speed games have bizarrely awful default handling settings, but this feels almost like sabotage.
  12. It's worth going back to the first few pages of this thread, and having a good chuckle at the endless negativity people were projecting onto this before a single frame of footage had been shown.
  13. What I want from a games magazine is for it to be a buyer's guide that confirms my own opinion of games that I've already bought and completed. You Are Correct magazine, issue 37, on newsstands now.
  14. If any game is a 10 for me, it's Immortality. It tells a story in a completely new way that wouldn't be possible in any other medium. And not only that, it's a really good story too. I don't think the 10 was some kind of sympathy bung for trying to do something new - the game is a combination of formal innovation, technical proficiency and the absolute straight-faced commitment to their story and their chosen method of telling it. It's a genuine masterpiece that takes the world's worst genre, the FMV game, and creates something unique and beautiful and unsettling out of it, which makes the viewer an active participant in piecing everything together. It's almost a new genre in itself, except I can't really see anyone building on it given that it's such a singular vision.
  15. I played it a bit more last night, and I'm starting to dig it. The way you slow down when drifting works in conjunction with the boost you get when you drift, so you scrub off a bit of speed going into the corner and then use the boost you get to power out of it. Slow in, fast out.
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