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  1. ODST Firefight is excellent - I don't think I've ever played it before due to the lack of matchmaking, so it feels like completely original material. Feels weird playing some 'new' ODST levels, but whatever plumbing magic they've done to retrofit matchmaking onto the game works perfectly. It feels really responsive, and loads of fun.
  2. I’ve played through Uncharted 4 two or three times, and while the undercooked climax and the LoTR-style multiple endings go on a bit, the rest is wonderful. The combat is so well done - it ebbs and flows, and you get these beautiful little action movie narratives that emerge as it switches between stealth and action and back again over the course of a single encounter. The story and narrative are excellent as well, I really love the atmosphere of the young Drake flashback levels, and the way the game isn’t afraid to use the characters to drive the plot. I’m not sure it would make my
  3. The Xbox 360 launch had Amped 3, PGR 3, Ridge Racer 6, Condemned, and Call of Duty 2 amid a load of absolute clag, so it's not a bad lineup. I'd put the PS5 launch mid-table, it's obviously not as good as your typical Nintendo launch, and not as good as the original Xbox launch either, but it doesn't look bad.
  4. K

    art of rally

    That looks great. Love the magic hour lighting, and the spectators on the track. I assume you can't mow them down, as that would make it a bit dark. Presumably there's no news of any console versions?
  5. I would hazard a guess (based on nothing at all) that they might have changed a lot of the online stuff to make it more consistent with the later games in the series, i.e. making summoning and being summoned easier, making griefing more difficult, and ditching or simplifying that world tendency stuff. It would be slightly odd if they reverted to the original, more tentative version of From's online systems after several years of refinement in their other games.
  6. Not mega-keen on the look of the Baron in the new film. The Amiga game probably influenced my idea of what he looked like in the book, but I always envisaged him as someone who was fat beyond the normal human limits of fatness: On the basis of that action figure, he looks like he's just finished his Christmas dinner.
  7. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Effect_of_spaceflight_on_the_human_body#Vacuum This seems fairly comprehensive. Sounds like you'd pass out in about fifteen seconds and would die after about ninety seconds, but wouldn't explode, or freeze. You'd swell up like Baron Harkonnen if you weren't wearing some kind of flight suit. You'd probably be able to quickly move through vacuum like in 2001, if you didn't immediately flip the fuck out at the sensation of your bodily fluids boiling.
  8. Personally, I'd say £70 isn't an outrageous amount of money for something like Last of Us 2 or Red Dead 2. It's quite a lot to fork out in one go - and interestingly, £50 is the highest value PSN card you can get - but I think I'd be happy to pay that for something that I really want to play and am pretty confident is going to be good. For anything else, I'm happy to just wait for a sale, most games are half price after six months anyway.
  9. I dunno, do you think there are many people who will pay out the best part of five hundred quid for a new console and a game so they can get it at launch, but who have so little interest in the actual games themselves that they'd pay £70 for a game because it had a nice picture of a knight on the front? Like, they apparently really like games, but not to the extent that they would read the back of the box before buying a game in a shop, or read any information about the game online before buying it digitally. They're really into games, but in a really abstract, non-specific way. They must exis
  10. Yeah, the game has its own audience. Like, if the PS5 launched with FIFA, people wouldn't be saying that people who don't like football might buy it by accident and be sad.
  11. I don't think Sony have anything to worry about in terms of the game being too hard for the audience. The Souls games are pretty popular - even Sekiro, which must be the hardest of any of From's games last-gen, was a smash hit. It sold millions of copies. Just from looking at Demon's Souls, I seriously doubt anyone's going to buy it thinking that this brutally violent action RPG looks pretty relaxing; it's pretty clear what it is.
  12. PoP 2008 seemed to take a lot of inspiration from Shadow of the Colossus, in the same way that Sands of Time did with Ico. The actual gameplay was very different, but the structure - a warrior exploring an open world completely alone and occasionally engaging in one-on-one battles - I thought was similar, and the end in particular seemed to reference SotC quite directly. It wasn't a bad game, but it was quite a departure given that the core mechanic was traversing the environment in a rhythm action sort of way. Forgotten Sands I wasn't that keen on - it reminded me of Two Thrones,
  13. It's brilliant so far. I love the variety of it: you get Mid Morning Matters-style Pure Alan, where it's just him saying and doing whatever comes into his head, like when he's test-driving Lynn's stairlift, or coming up with ideas for films. And you get Plot-Driven Alan, like where he goes to a local school to give a speech and inadvertently turns into a moody teenager. It's like a mini-episode of I'm Alan Partridge. Like the other audiobooks, the sheer density of it is incredible. Almost all of it is top-tier Partridge. In the pre-Gibbons brothers days, you'd get six episodes of A
  14. https://rave.dj/a0W0KdaGsPPazQ I briefly thought there was too much piano house in this tune, but then realised you can never have too much piano house. Vogue vs Anthem! Crusties vs ballroom! Can a dog on a string vogue? Let’s find out.
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