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  1. K

    Jackie Chan

    Agree, but I feel compelled to point out that the ending of Drunken Master 2 is probably the absolute zenith of terrible, inappropriate humour in Jackie Chan films.
  2. K

    Jackie Chan

    I’m a huge fan of Wheels on Meals, even though it’s objectively hard to justify as a good film. It was the first Jackie Chan film I’d ever seen I think, and was my gateway to spending Saturday afternoons sat around with pals watching martial arts films on VHS, drinking heavily, eating crisps, and boggling at the insane stunts and inappropriate humour - which was a huge part of my life in my teens and twenties. Wheels on Meals has probably my favourite stunt ever in a film, which is Yuen Biao jumping out of a first floor window and landing directly on his coccyx. It’s an absolutely in
  3. That’s what I liked about it, though. Without wishing to spoil too much, I thought it showed an interesting contrast between the things you, the player, choose to do willingly, and bits you don’t want to happen but the main character nonetheless does anyway - actions that you’re forced to participate in. It portrays hugely self-destructive acts by the characters, and then plays around with the idea of whether or not it’s “you” doing it - which I thought illustrated the theme of people doing terrible things they know are wrong, but nevertheless end up doing anyway.
  4. If anything, Last of Us 2 is less of a movie than most lavish, narrative-heavy adventures - it does some clever stuff with player agency and showing the consequences of your actions that wouldn’t necessarily work in a film, because in a film it’s not “you” doing it.
  5. I guess my point is that if the Stadia offering was a bit better then more people might be choosing streaming for precisely those issues. I wouldn’t mistake the public’s rejection of Stadia for their rejection of streaming games - there are lots of issues with Stadia, but I think the issues are with the way they’ve implemented it, rather than with the technology itself. If someone can crack the business model, then there are huge advantages to streaming. Something like Xcloud & Gamepass or a fuller-featured PSNow where you have the option of playing hundreds of different games im
  6. Well... not really. One set of problems is slow loading times, slow downloads, restricted storage space and having to wait while games are patched. Those seem like problems that already exist, and are solved by playing on a streaming platform.
  7. Well, yeah. There must be some reason why they didn’t manage to land Call of Duty - I struggle to imagine that they didn’t at least discuss it. I just think the nine figure estimate is a bit high.
  8. It was this weird hybrid of a subscription service where you also had to buy games. It feels a bit like there were competing parties in Stadia, which led to this odd hybrid model that nobody really liked.
  9. What are the downsides to Activision of Call of Duty being on another format? I can’t see there being much risk to them. I mean, I’m no expert, but hundreds of millions of dollars is the cost of development of the game, it seems highly unlikely that they’d expect Google to pay that much for the rights to stick it on a new platform.
  10. That would be the ideal scenario, yeah. Not sure what a cloud-only/streaming-only game would look like, though - people have tried, but it’s not really yielded much so far beyond the waves in Sea of Thieves. I suspect exclusives aren’t really a Google thing, and anyway, you’re competing against Halo & Spiderman, which is always going to be tricky. I still think there’s a potential niche for Borderlands 3 (or Apex Legends or Cyberpunk or or whatever) in a more convenient format, at better quality than PS4/Xbox, and which doesn’t require you to pay £450 for a next-gen console.
  11. Yeah, I agree they needed to change the business model too. But Destiny 2 being free to play works in their favour, I would say. The barrier to entry is pretty low, both in terms of the game and the platform, so it would be easy to get people on board and once you see the QOL improvements, it would be harder to go back to a PS4/ Xbox. I reckon they should have been giving the controllers and chromecasts away at first, and probably shifted more directly to a subscription model.
  12. Well, they did get FIFA and Madden - they’re on Stadia now. But do you really think it’d cost hundreds of millions/billions to port Call of Duty to Stadia? They’d be paying for what is essentially a Linux port and some support, not for the rights to the franchise as a whole. I wouldn’t have thought Activision would need that much of an incentive to port a game to a new format, it’s in their interests to get as many people in front of their games as possible, surely?
  13. I think their strategy was a bit confused, I’m not entirely sure what they were actually going for. Like, they paid big money for RDR2 when it’s primarily a single player game that came out years ago. There is a multiplayer element, but it’s nowhere near as popular as GTA Online (which is what they should have secured for Stadia). They got Activision on board, but ported games like Sekiro rather than, say, Call of Duty. They got EA, but didn’t get Apex Legends. Right publishers, wrong games.
  14. I think people tolerate downloading and patching things, but given a better alternative, they might realise what an absolute ballache it is. We’ve all turned on the console wanting to play a particular game to be faced with a two hour wait for it to download a patch - I’d say that’s a pretty good selling point. I don’t think it’s a foolproof strategy by any means, but streaming has a lot of benefits, and a strategy that leaned into that might have done a lot better.
  15. The thing is, I’m not sure buying exclusives was the right strategy for Google. If they’re going to buy some studios and develop a range of must-have games for a huge launch event, then they may as well have just released a standard, box-under-the-TV console, and the market seems fairly saturated with them. I reckon they should have gone for a strategy that emphasised the benefits of streaming - no downloads, no patching, unlimited storage space, play on anything that has a screen, etc. Click on an advert, and start playing almost immediately. They should have gotten Activision fully
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