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  1. One thing that puzzled me was the fact that Marc Maron was third or fourth in the credits, but had about four lines of dialogue and appeared in two scenes (one where he was out of focus in the background). They must have cut his role down a fair bit (which might explain why he was having a go at Todd Philips the other day).
  2. I am 100% in favour of BC, but I suspect that the work needed around re-licensing soundtracks, re-certifying games, QA-ing them, and everything else you'd need to do to get them on the PSN store or Xbox Live would outweigh the actual return you'd get for them. Look at the limited number of PS2 games on PSN - AFAIK, they're emulated, so there's presumably relatively little overhead in terms of adding more games, but there are only a tiny handful. If they were popular, there would surely be more, right?
  3. I would be very surprised if Xbox One BC was a money-spinner in its own right. I would have thought the point was to ensure people stay on the platform when a new generation comes around. I can't see PS1 and PS2 games being a huge draw in that regard - how many PS2s or PS1s are still in use, and haven't been binned or bundled off to CEX / Cash Converters / charity shops / car boot sales? The time to try and retain all the PS2 customers was in 2006.
  4. I really hope they don't include PS2 BC, although this is mainly because I've lost the disk wallet that contained my PS2 games and it would cause me anguish to know I could play all those games again if I hadn't mislaid it.
  5. The whole appeal of Joker is that it's "realistic", isn't it? I can see that being eroded if you start bringing in Batman, let alone anyone else from the bat-verse like Catwoman, Riddler, the Biscuit, Frank Murder, the Blood Pudding, etc.
  6. Had a weird bug before, where I started a campaign mission, and then suddenly had an exotic drop, along with the screen for going up a valour or glory rank. It was Arbalest, so i don't think I'd inadvertently completed a quest. Maybe it was just delayed from the Crucible games I'd just played, but it would be incredibly rare for an exotic to drop in that context. I'm actually really enjoying this expansion - partly because I've got a nearly whole year's worth of stuff saved up, like Gambit Prime, the armouries, various exotic quests, etc, on top of the content in Shadowkeep itself. But the Shadowkeep campaign was fun, and I quite like Vex Offensive - it feels light and mechanically not very complex, but popping Vex by the score is pretty satisfying, and I love the Black Garden setting. Random question - does the game explain who the red astronaut ghosts are? They're all over the place, but I'm not really sure what they actually represent.
  7. Sekiro doesn’t feel like a game that’s been watered down to appeal to a broader audience.
  8. Dragonrot is such a feeble mechanic, it feels like it’s been hugely watered down to the point where you may as well just ignore it. Like, I’m sure the original idea was to show the player the human cost of their cool resurrection ability, but someone else probably said that would be a bit annoying for players to be locked out of the story because they’d died a lot in a game that’s astonishingly difficult, so they introduced an item that let you undo all that damage. And then the game’s been tweaked to the point where there are shedloads of that item, more than you would ever need really, so that Dragonrot has absolutely zero effect and the whole thing is completely pointless. I still suspect that Sekiro was a low-budget side project, which is why the boss combat is so utterly magnificent, and everything else felt like it was intended to just about work, rather than to excel.
  9. You can stealth-kill her first two forms fairly easily as well.
  10. I found this pretty underwhelming. I just didn't buy any of it; or at least, I didn't buy that this guy was going to become a comic supervillain.
  11. It might not be a better PS4; we don't know if the BC is going to be complete, or whether games will even run to PS4 standard. It could be like on the 360, where you had a handful of games that run at variable levels of accuracy. It seems like it's going to be better than that because they are building it in at an early stage, but even then you might get technically challenging games running slower on the new hardware. I wouldn't necessarily assume you can just chuck your PS4 away.
  12. After the buttery-smooth 60fps of Soldier of Fortune II, the painful frame rate, feeble AI and awful loading times of Halo are not acceptable. The difference is night and day.
  13. I do enjoy these threads, where you get about six posts of people talking about Flatout 3 or Crueball or similar before someone wades in saying something like "Dark Souls is an RPG made with such ineptitude that it doesn't even have a quest log" or "Goldeneye on the N64. Literally unplayable. It's literally broken on literally every possible level".
  14. The loading times are mental. I struggle to understand why it takes two to three minutes to get from the title screen to the character select screen. What on Earth is it doing? It even does this irritating fake-out where the loading icon disappears briefly and it looks like it’s finished, and then it comes back bigger for no reason.
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