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  1. K

    Chaotic Productions

    It doesn't seem to be available on any digital service, but I've just had a look on Amazon and Hearts of Darkness is readily available on DVD for a fiver.
  2. K

    XIII Remake, Winter 2019

    Was XIII ever any good? I always had it pegged as a pretty poor game. The comic aesthetic was clever and well-executed, but that aside it seemed like an entirely mediocre shooter, with the typical spongey feel to the controls, the complete lack of any of the finesse around aiming you got on stuff like Halo and Timesplitters, and the typical level design cruft involving mandatory stealth sections and the like. Surprised that people are so happy to see it return.
  3. K

    Videogame Art Books

    The Gamecube tower continues out of shot, into infinity.
  4. K

    Chaotic Productions

    I misread it as Ralph Fiennes originally, and was briefly extremely confused.
  5. They just need to compare it to sales of the One S, surely? That must still be selling, and to pretty much exactly the same audience as the new console. They don’t need it to be a huge success, all they need is the percentage of people who buy the SAD over the One S. That’ll tell them whether a drive is really a factor when buying a console.
  6. As people have said, this seems like they're testing the market rather than create an entirely new one. The SAD edition is pretty much identical to the One S, except it doesn't have a disk drive and is slightly cheaper. That seems like the perfect way of answering the question of "will people buy a slightly cheaper, disk drive-less version of the Xbox One S". They're probably not going to make it mega-cheap because I don't think you'll save all that much from just removing a disk drive, and because I would hazard a guess that they're more interested in what the market sentiment is towards drive-less consoles. I would doubt that Microsoft are going to do much serious engineering on a tiny, Mac Mini-esque micro-Xbox until they've established whether people still want drives.
  7. Charging pads for controllers would be nice. If they're cleaning up the other annoyances about console gaming like loading times and patchy BC, then they may as well get rid of the faff of having to fiddle around with USB cables to charge your controllers at the same time.
  8. Sony already has a PS2 emulator for PS4: https://www.eurogamer.net/articles/digitalfoundry-2015-hands-on-with-ps4-playstation2-emulation ...but it seems like they only used it to add a few PS2 Classics to PSN. I would imagine it wouldn’t be hard to port it to the PS5, and PS1 emulation would be trivial by now, surely? PS3 sounds like it would be a different story, and it would be weird to launch the service with a PS3-shaped hole in the middle. Would be great if they did do it, obviously.
  9. Just pulled the trigger on a 102" Panny 8K OLED, and the difference is just night and day. I'm there day one. Take my money!
  10. The story of how Snoke turned Kylo seems like one of those things that's best left as implied backstory rather than told explicitly. Stories need spaces like that to engage the audience; if you spell them out, then it's really rare that what you see lives up to what you imagined, cf. Casablanca: Renault: What in heaven's name brought you to Casablanca? Rick: My health. I came to Casablanca for the waters. Renault: The waters? What waters? We're in the desert! Rick: I was misinformed. I don't think we would gain much from seeing a Casablanca sequel where we see why Rick really went to the city, because the answer isn't important. What's important is that he's there. There's another example from a 1970s sci-fi film, where this old man says something about a "clone battle" or whatever. Can't quite recall the name of the film, but it was pretty good IIRC. I guess the advantage of inclkuding these kinds of spaces in a series like Star Wars is that it gives you material to farm off to comics or games, but it should generally be kept out of the main series unless its critically important (i.e. Rey discovering her parents were feckless alkies), and even then we don't need to see the details of how they came to sell her off. The important thing is her discovering this and what it means for her character.
  11. PS3 BC seems like it would take a lot of effort to do properly, but given that Sony has PS2 emulator they haven’t done much with beyond stick a few overpriced PS2 Classics on PSN, and that PS1 emulation must be relatively trivial by now, I’m surprised they haven’t done that already. Maybe they’re conscious of the service looking a bit weird with a PS3-sized hole in it.
  12. The article actually says that with the additional processing grunt, they'll be able to reproduce the effect through TV speakers. Which is impressive if possible, even if I don't understand how it could be. At any rate, it wouldn't be top of my list in terms of new features on the PS5.
  13. Audio seems like an odd thing to focus on, given that you can't really show it off in previews or trailers. Maybe this is a failure in imagination on my part, but is the current hardware holding us back with regard to sound? What can't you do at the moment that would significantly improve games? The article mentions true 3D sound, and I'll admit that directional sound with headphones on is really useful in games like Apex Legends, and it would be impressive if they could do that through TV speakers, but I can't think of anything off-hand that would be a significant improvement on that. It talks about the jump between PS3 and PS4 in terms of sound - was there one? I didn't notice.
  14. Not really, no. Women can still have periods, and be unable to conceive.
  15. I would have thought that a death star exploding and raining down onto the surface of the planet wouldn’t do the environment much good. That said, JJ Abrams has demonstrated that he doesn’t understand how space works, so it’ll probably be a completely different planet hundreds of light years away that the debris landed on, because it was a really big explosion or something.

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