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  1. I hope for the next Mario Kart they add some extra nuance or quirks into the handling model. Coming back after playing Mario Kart 64 a fair bit recently I feel like the handling is just too damn perfect...it just feels a bit dull to race. This sounds like an odd complaint.
  2. They've not really done that much here, just a few material swaps, better lighting pass and some new scenery assets. None of the course modelling has changed, so I think its a quick attempt to spruce them up. Fundamentally the models look simpler and a bit more stylised than the original tracks, which will be fine but not the same as original track set to the discerning eye... not that it will matter whilst being battered by 5 shells in a row.
  3. Hours in I just realised you can jump and press heavy attack to do a special attack also jumping seems to be a useful dodge for some attacks
  4. I'm finding the map / game flow design a bit strange in this. Feels like they're very heavily leading you by the hand to the next area, instead of making it part player discovery. I haven't yet really needed to learn an area, which means I'm not getting that cool buzz of expanding a well trodden path. Maybe it opens up more later ?
  5. First hour done... Great pacing, cool enemies, looks lovely, punchy combat... feels like classic halo to me
  6. no worries, I'm almost 40 so getting on. Maybe this is why I struggle with the oddballs ?
  7. Exactly this. As a game designer your job is to provide players with the choice to play a game how the player wants, not to ram down your own preferences down their throats.
  8. Oddball is just awful... I lose the will to play each time it comes up, and it seems to come up loads. It's a game mode that's so at odds with the lovely flowing map design, really annoying when devs force stuff like this on players.
  9. Seems to have captured the l4d atmosphere pretty well from my limited play this morning. Gunplay is quite satisfying, although aiming feels a bit stiff on controller. The guns are also rendered at a very low FOV so they take up too much of the screen for my tastes.
  10. Maybe be thankful for the lack of new footage... it means the devs are being left alone to finish the game off and not create marketing assets. Trust me I've been there.
  11. I quite like this, it feels pretty similar to gamecube version... very solid and nice visuals. Local mp is good fun... I especially like the simultaneous split screen, and speed golf is a hit with me and the boy!
  12. Same here... I've not bought a single ps5 exclusive owing to the high price. I'll happily wait a couple of years for them to drop whilst I churn though the old backlog.
  13. Yes definitely, I have been in dev meetings where people have discussed looking forward to them examining whatever game we've been working on at the time.
  14. Nintendo have gone down hill the last couple of years; they seem to be playing it stupidly safe with everything: relying on remasters and obvious sequels. It's clear this new leadership places more emphasis on the business side rather than creativity. Im-a-sad
  15. What's the difference between playing Hitman 1 through Hitman 3 on PS5 versus playing Hitman 1 PS4 version on the PS5? Are the upgrades worth the newer version?
  16. Other games normally only work using online mode. I share my digital game library with my son and have the Nintendo online family plan ... we can then play online together via the same digital copy installed on both switches. Lan play throws up an error though...
  17. I'm watching this at the same time as catching up on the Expanse and it's just nowhere as gripping. Jean Luc is a shadow of himself which makes me sad and the whole setup has no sense of the mystery or wonder some of the old Trek used to have...it's all so obvious...
  18. Races seem a lot tighter in this... I've rarely seen the player in 1st pull way ahead of the pack as happened often in the Wii u version .. double items or lack of fire hopping? (Both me thinks )
  19. jcee

    Destiny: FIN

    Cheers, will give it a go !
  20. jcee

    Destiny: FIN

    Arrrrgh! Just 3 bloody strange coins short of the supercell, no matter what I try none drop!!! It's almost like it's rigged
  21. jcee

    Destiny: FIN

    So how long is the actual new story line then? I dont wanna get burned by a couple of hours of actual new stuff followed by countless hours of doing it over and over again.
  22. Is this game a better with 3ds new title then? Or is it just the hardware gubbins that enhance it?
  23. jcee

    The Last Of Us

    I've never played this: how's the multiplayer? Up there with the best ( gears 3) or mediocre?
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