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  1. Races seem a lot tighter in this... I've rarely seen the player in 1st pull way ahead of the pack as happened often in the Wii u version .. double items or lack of fire hopping? (Both me thinks )
  2. jcee

    Destiny: FIN

    Cheers, will give it a go !
  3. jcee

    Destiny: FIN

    Arrrrgh! Just 3 bloody strange coins short of the supercell, no matter what I try none drop!!! It's almost like it's rigged
  4. jcee

    Destiny: FIN

    So how long is the actual new story line then? I dont wanna get burned by a couple of hours of actual new stuff followed by countless hours of doing it over and over again.
  5. Is this game a better with 3ds new title then? Or is it just the hardware gubbins that enhance it?
  6. It's amazing how much better gamecube pads feel in this. I've tried the pro pad and the Gamepad and whilst I have no issues with the button layout they both feel unresponsive when compared to the gc pad... am I going crazy or has anyone else found this?
  7. A no-show from Shop-to for me as well I needs me some Smash!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. jcee

    The Last Of Us

    I've never played this: how's the multiplayer? Up there with the best ( gears 3) or mediocre?
  9. Played some more this morning: it's much more enjoyable with the pro controller. Started to get used to the controls now so it's less frustrating: I still stand by the fact that they've put too many moves in the game. The grab and throw mechanic feels unsatisfying and takes up button space. One thing I'm having to do is train myself to do is not hold down the run button as it does nothing, but it's damn hard to do after all these years of conditioning. The secrets in this are ace.
  10. So far so meh a few levels in. Levels are indeed looong, too long really. Button mappings are poor- it's like they've added too many moves and can't fit them all on the pad in an elegant way. It looks & sounds lush though! Hopefully things get more imaginative as we go...
  11. My main issue with this game is the lack of true analogue control, clearly so they can use the wii dpads as controllers. Unlike the nuanced controls of galaxy or even 3d land, mario and the gang are always limited to going in one of 8 directions. This has clearly impacted both the level design ( stuff needs to be simpler as the characters just aren't as controllable) and the feel is now off compared to previous games. It's such a shame as the ideas that flow throughout this are sublime.
  12. jcee

    Battlefield 4

    So what's the deal with the new maps on the ps4 then? I hear xbone has second assault exclusivity, so does that mean that I can or can't get the maps on ps4 if I have premium, so bloody confusing !!!
  13. I've done the same, the Ui is nice- no adverts all over the place and it performs multi tasking well. To early to call but it has the potential to be much better than the 360 one, it already feels as good. I think the recording happens all of the time ( 15 mins of it) you then opt to share it by using the share button... I've not tried it yet though as my gaming exploits are not worthy of server space Party stuff seems ok, joining a friends game seems to have a few more steps than the 360, it does give you a heads up on players in the game though on the join screen which is cool.
  14. Played Knack on the Game demo pod... Absolute tripe. Graphics are sub standard by last gen standards and the gameplay felt cookie cutter. I get amazed how people get launch goggles on and proclaim terrible games to be good...
  15. First dungeon done, so far it's great... Plays really nice- link is fast and responsive. Doesn't feel like a new game though, feels like a lttp remix, which although great is a strange concept. The 3D really is well done, especially when wandering around the caves and in dungeons that utilise the depth to a greater extent.
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