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  1. Nope, the DVD drive does.
  2. Chapters too, no rewinding!
  3. Those top-down original ones are freeware, downloadable from http://www.rockstargames.com/classics/
  4. The mass-market isn't buying the PS3.
  5. Nah, 2012, the head said it and everything, it must be true! I really don't think they have a chance if they try and do it again, not when they've barely twenty million 360 sales, what would be the point after driving the costs of the console down so much? They can't afford (well, they can, but I don't think they want the division haemorraging more money like this) to do another 360 unless they really make the money back.
  6. Bulma had gadgets like that, as far as I remember in the original manga.
  7. How is Blu-ray mass-market?
  8. I guess you expect Duke Nukem Forever to be the best game..ever?
  9. It won't be another generation of Xbox, that much is certain (according to the head of Xbox), but they need to do something. These 'big' titles should help this Christmas. Grr. Well I'm not getting a bloody Wii!
  10. Posting my modded 360 to MS today. Wish me, er, luck. Even if it wasn't modded when I got it back, I'd be happy.
  11. So a down-size, reduction in price, and Resi 5, by the end of the year? I'll let them know.
  12. Those that got faulty ones on the day of release certainly made themselves heard.
  13. I didn't say Sony had much better, but the console is vastly more reliable and data is easier to transfer to the internal hard drive, no worrying about externals for media and space for save-games. Unless Microsoft do something radical, I'm off. But there are some big and exciting things planned for E3, some major games that are coming out at the end of the year and hopefully, a big hardware revision. No it isn't, unless my Falcon/HDMI 360 is lying to me.
  14. Stupendous for GH3, despite the massive bug at launch which I presume has been ironed out since. Nice they're open with figures, I wonder about online-heavy games like Halo 3 though.
  15. Or just chill with a nice house in the country or something.
  16. TaleSpin, really has fucked me off that it doesn't look nearly as good anymore.. oh wait, I was playing the NES version, I think I had it on the MegaDrive. Shit. I should go and play that one!
  17. Not if mine is anything to go by, broken twice. They keep replacing my brother's, three times now, but his was a launch machine.
  18. I quite liked it, nothing amazing but considering that not that much really happened, I was suitably gripped for the nigh-short of 50 minutes. When's the thing really start?
  19. This is purely guesswork, but going on a few things that have happened with previous companies. Apple release new hardware and revisions of that hardware, stocks of the soon-to-be-old versions dry up, guess what's happening with the Xbox 360? The 360 is failure-ridden and has been commented upon profusely, so, a new major revision is needed, they're still going tits up. E3 is coming up, there's bugger all to look forward to except Banjo Kazooie: Nuts & Bolts and Gears of War 2, that isn't enough. However, some big announcements are coming up that can't be commented on from Microsoft, all
  20. Maybe they could team up and become a bunch of fat superheroes.. yeah.
  21. I like it! It's colour and vaguely stupid, it's good.
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