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  1. XBLA.. might be quite a few, fifty or something, I don't know. It should be a one button press, like X to redownload instead of the 360's ultra-slow menus. I guess it includes videos and GamerPictures, I guess I just need the main content like maps, Oblivion stuff and XBLA games.
  2. So for all these consoles I've used, I have to click to redownload hundreds of things on the new console? I don't honestly think I can be arsed, why isn't it automated?
  3. Do you want me to spit in your face then?
  4. It's just you, Valve and Blizzard don't (or haven't) tended to make GPU intensive games, WoW runs on olllldd machines, HL2 ran really well on 'lesser' computers also.
  5. I watched the first half (waiting for another film to start), I really enjoyed it! Yes the child-actors were weak, but hey, I was drawn in by the intruige and talking animals that felt convincing.
  6. This is fantastic. I'd gladly watch BB every day if it was always like this.
  7. Escobar

    Saw 5

    Fucking sweet. That's Halloween sorted.
  8. No no, she's perfect at the moment, just this side of maturity.
  9. First half was better than the second, fell asleep towards the end up awoke after a few minutes.. erm, it was alright.
  10. Escobar


    I think this is most definitely real. Phelan said there's stuff that some people won't be happy about, Microsoft have to do something radical, even if it seems desperate.
  11. I've heard of people posting them and getting them back repaired/replaced but not modded anymore. Mine had been modded, was three red lighted, x-clamped.. so I don't hold much hope, but it's essentially worthless now. Not mental, I just would like a working 360! If I get one, I'll be happy, I don't care if it's not modded anymore. But they say that any 360 tampered with will be sent straight back, heh.
  12. It's a workable idea, but there needs to be a big difference to justify it, otherwise it's just a finance deal on a console.
  13. It happened on the original Tactics Advance, other clans would break the law, get yellow cards again and again and again.. a bit unfair, I'd say!
  14. Agrestic, no? Liking the new series, but one episode a week doesn't feel enough. Shane and Silas look a lot older..possibly because they are.
  15. Apparently some things rumoured there are true, and some were simply ideas that haven't gone into being anything more. I don't think they'll be putting a Wii controller in, but, it's entirely possible thinking about something Phelan said (something about not everyone is going to like some of the announcements). Lego Halo though, I'd buy that.
  16. He works for EA now, don't forget. I'm not saying the 360 has much better right now, but it's more attractive (but not by much) to stick with it, if only for the first-party offerings so far: Too Human, Banjo, Gears 2 and Fable 2. I've never been a PlayStation gamer myself, Gran Turismo I never got on with, Resistance I played once (co-op) and never went back, Killzone (lol), FF I've never played on a home console and can't get on with, SOCOM nah, Wipeout is boring. I don't think Wipeout is going to hit anything particularly big. At E3 though, there's going to be some big things announced
  17. I just need to get hold of a DS again! Can't wait, even though I didn't finish the GBA version.
  18. Well if no one else is going to I may as well kill you first! All you have to do is tell me what you know..
  19. He knows all there is to know (really). Just try getting anything out of him though.
  20. Not so, I don't think. You have to bear in mind there's nothing on the horizon for the PS3, so no one wants to jump to a ship with no prospects, but there's only a slight amount of software to look forward to right now. At the moment, there's Fable 2, Banjo and Gears of War 2, I want to play them all, but if, say, I had to take Halo Wars over any of them, I would, and I'm not even that bothered about it. E3 is going to reinvigorate people's desire for the console, big announcements for forthcoming games (including ones this holiday season), Microsoft have realised they need to do lots more t
  21. No worries. I didn't until I heard about people modding their machines simply to turn the drive speed down, turns out that it's that which causes the damn thing to sound like a jet engine. Quite why Microsoft don't do it themselves to save face and electricity, I have no clue.
  22. Microsoft couldn't make the old Xbox smaller as they were under contract for every single part inside it, down-sizing simply wasn't an option.
  23. Other websites have reported that it's shipped, not sold.
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