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  1. I don't think he meant it to be zany, just couldn't really think of anything better. I like the name anyway, so I don't mind, hah.. I'm sure there are names that annoy me, but I can't really think of any, other than stuff like The Streets and The Libertines, but that's just because they're nobs anyway.
  2. COD4 came out a while after Halo 3, the former also has a pretty mundane campaign to it.
  3. A real teaser trailer, doesn't spoil anything, looks good.
  4. I'd certainly not call it uber-stylised, it looks, well, pretty normal to be honest.
  5. The 360 was released at $399 in the US, it's $349 right now.
  6. Just finished Marabou, pretty decent! Seems to have a running trend in his books though.. I first read Filth by him, then Glue (which was very good) and now Marabou. On to Trainspotting next, also have a few others lined-up as well, Masterchef and Acid House; though I may take a Welsh-break after Trainspotting.
  7. Coming to the end of Marabou Stork Nightmares by Irvine Welsh, certainly gets better towards the second half, and thankfully isn't as long as his later work. Looking forward to getting into Trainspotting afterwards.
  8. US/JAP would be my preference, depends on which PS2 games bother you, and if you mind using O instead of X to proceed in menus.
  9. It's the reason I played and completed King Kong, enjoyably easy, but not too much so.
  10. Escobar


    I have nowt but thanks for an invite.
  11. No wonder, and there was me thinking I was just being paranoid.
  12. Escobar

    Saw 5

    They've giving the audience more of the same, which is what they/I obviously want. You don't have to see it (or have to pay for it), I shall though.
  13. No, no it wasn't. Also, Cloverfield, since the thing came out of the sci (ololol), or space, whichever makes you feel better.
  14. Geometry Wars! Assault Heroes! Erm, Missile Command? Zuma? Not sure if that's 400 points.
  15. Watched most of it earlier..it feels like an X-Files spin-off; don't get me wrong though, that's not a bad thing, I was just hoping for something more.
  16. I think it may list the data on each, like using a different combination of memory unit and hard drive with a 360 makes another ID, perhaps.
  17. The writer's strike certainly hasn't helped, but Lost is fantastic still and Battlestar is a favourite among many (I think it's merely average). But movie-wise, I can understand your point.
  18. For comics worth that much that you've read many times, I'd sell then ISA it up, make it more valuable.. then you can buy them again in the future if need be, or put it towards another console in the far future, or something similar. What's the consensus on Lost Girls by the way? I'm tempted by it, but not if it's shit.
  19. There is nothing wrong with The Happening.
  20. Wow, go Darnell. I want to watch it tonight now, heh.
  21. Oh yeah, heh. Totally forgot about that, even if it was cool, there's no explanation for it.
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