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  1. Firmware is killing machines! It's been pulled by Sony because it's doing so.. http://kotaku.com/5021575/sony-pulls-ps3-2...ported-problems
  2. Well, SOULCALIBUR (as it's called), is quite fantastic still. Great fun in multiplayer, got myself a couple of achievements, brother got three. But yes! I like, lots.
  3. Not in decimal, otherwise you could bet on both (Rex has great odds..) and not lose.
  4. I never felt like the story was ever flagging myself, and Amber Spyglass is my favourite of the three. So, read that!
  5. So evens: you put £40 down and you get £80 back? Whereas the rate at Willhill (in decimal), 1.05 means if I put £100 down, I get £105 back? A £5 profit?
  6. I've been listening to this more lately, it's pretty darn good, a solid 4/5 I think, Itsumo being my favourite track on there.
  7. Jennifer 1.05 Rex 9.00 That's on Willhill, heh. I just put £5 on Mikey winning, 13 to 1.
  8. My computer outputting 320kbps is noticeable from 192kbps, especially on my decent monitor speakers, as well as on my Sennheiser in-earphones. Same goes for the iPod too, the difference is big.
  9. I didn't think that.. as a trailer I think it works well, not as a teaser, but then I don't really care.
  10. Didn't reload the page for ten minutes then responded, oops.
  11. I think Luke's funny really, he doesn't bother me like Bex is doing, I thought she was good.
  12. Milton Keynes it is then..maybe.
  13. Isn't Bex fake for bitching behind Rachel's back? Stupid slobby cunt. Rachel just seems happy all the time and trying to be as honest as possible..
  14. Blackwater Park and Deliverance are my favourite, I like Still Life too, I'd recommend that.. Ghost Reveries is alright!
  15. There was a first film? I missed this!
  16. It's happening all over again! All the nice-looking girls (comparatively speaking) are getting booted out, save Alex of course, she's a dawg.
  17. I'd love to see Park and Tevez up front, or Park at least in Ronaldo's role with Rooney and Tevez ahead, even though I don't particularly like Rooney as a player.
  18. No, the former also (as in, the next point) has a mundane campaign mode. Halo 3's campaign is great, COD4's..isn't.
  19. 12! I've just started Trainspotting, seems okay so far (40 - 50 pages in), but I can't deny how much I liked Marabou, Filth and Glue. I was thinking of taking a break by reading something else that isn't written by Welsh, but sod it.
  20. Now, there's rumour of a 60GB 360 going around again - question is, will it be a smaller version of the 360 or just another internal revision that still has the console whirring away so loudly? http://kotaku.com/5020834/rumor-new-60gb-x...lace-20gb-model It would explain the lack of 20GB consoles in-stores.
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