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  1. Ah, sorry, I meant Asia in general. HK, it's there in abundance, small stalls putting copied games on, selling pre-modified PSPs and applying screen protectors and all that, like a big conveyor line! Happens in China, Malaysia and Thailand too from what I saw.
  2. Lots of people have bought Wii Fit, including OLD people, including the likes of my aunt. They're buying software, usually software that's advertised heavily, but whilst getting that software, the impulse £20 titles are going down well too.
  3. The modifying (in all the places I've been) has been done by the store already, in a lot of cases they'll also put the games on for a small charge (or five for free). Yes.
  4. Escobar


    Isn't recorded one and watching another enough?
  5. Yeah, don't worry about spoilers. Thanks.
  6. How do they know it'll work with one that size?!
  7. Oh, they probably are. I thought you said all Asian games were locked.. it didn't make sense to me, heh.
  8. ..no? There are many Asian games that are region free.
  9. I think it's almost all, there are one or two that aren't.
  10. Heh.. but they only go up to 32 or 64GB at the moment..
  11. Gears of War wasn't, most (if not all) Ubisoft games aren't. Need For Speed is EA, so not region free.
  12. I just flicked through it, it just seemed to have descriptions and character profiles, I'll check for other stories. Plus, it's bigger than all the other books height-wise. Grr!
  13. That's good news, actually, as I bought an 8GB and forgot about the 'limit'. It may only come into effect if you use more than 4GB though, that's what happens with my GBA flash-cart if you try and load up more that about 30 games on it, it just doesn't go anywhere.
  14. Two more (up to 12), then the waste-of-space 13th volume is just guff. It ends at 12.
  15. Last year..non? And last year we had Superbad and Knocked Up.
  16. They accept SDHC MicroSD cards, upto 4GB in size, no bigger (according to documentation). 4GB should be enough for most people, even if it would be nice to have more for a complete collection!
  17. Gosh, I need to return to listening to them, it's been a while.
  18. There are decimal odds, which tell you exactly what you'll get for your bet (so 1.05 means £1.05, a 5p profit). Fractional are 4/11 for example. Nicely done though, I'll check the odds on the next eviction and see if I can guess right.
  19. Did it definitely work out?
  20. I rate Order as the best, then Goblet, then Azkaban.. they've gotten better with each successive film; I did watch OOTP four times or so.. I absolutely adore the fight-scene near the end, superbly executed (lol!), and the mood is perfect (where Dumbledore is trying to avoid Harry). Can't wait for the next film.
  21. I think it's a lovely game, still. Multiplayer is a lot better than I remembered.
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