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  1. Escobar

    Halo 3: ODST

    Yeah, the cheaters shit all over everyone on Halo 2. No, COD4 is far better (MP), far.
  2. Escobar

    iPhone Games

    Bejeweled 2 was bought as I was bored on the toilet, seems very smooth, decent enough price, anymore and I wouldn't have bothered. That's all really. What's South Park Imaginationland like? Buying Trism now..but with this and Bejeweled, I don't know how it's charging me, I have 33p left in my iTunes account but that's not been used by either purchase via the iPhone, maybe it won't charge me at all?
  3. Fantastic quality version up there, but it's atrocious. Turned it off after 20-30 minutes.
  4. Lots of great bands around, just not promoted as well as the majority. Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin, Biffy Clyro, TANAOU (The All New Adventures Of Us), Youthmovies, Death Cab, Future Of The Left, Tellison, Bruises..
  5. Geometry Wars, Ikaruga, SOULCALIBUR and Marble Blast Ultra.
  6. The actor quit, didn't he?
  7. Pretty sure it's nationwide pricing.
  8. Celia in jail, Nancy smuggling stuff, great grandmother died, police on Nancy's trail, I think there's enough..
  9. The editing in Bex's favour is pretty astonishing though - I guess it depends on how good the footage is of each. I put my last 56p on Bex to go out, Mario is 1.14, Bex is 5, so I get £2.80 if she goes.
  10. Escobar

    Reading/Leeds 2008

    Can't go wrong with a bit of Youthmovies. I'm almost tempted by all this just for RATM.
  11. You suck dick, Silas?
  12. I agree with the Spidey 3 thing, but only because it was a terrible film - Transformers felt like a decent length though, and Apatow? I think his films are perfectly paced and couldn't be more on the spot. Can't wait for this though, want to watch it with someone else though, I may drag my brother down for it.
  13. The menus are a bastard! Any other links to translations? The main one no longer works.
  14. I never saw legitimate sales of PSPs anywhere, so presumed they must come from Japan or something.
  15. Escobar

    Halo 3: ODST

    They could just make Halo 4, to be honest.
  16. Escobar

    Halo 3: ODST

    Head of Xbox said 2010 I think, or 2012, one of the two. The console still hasn't hit £100 yet, which is when most of the sales come in, according to previous trends. It'd be ridiculous to release the new console next year.
  17. Fuck sakes, this track starts off terrible.. then, erm. Wow, I didn't expect it to be as bad as you were all saying. That was awful. I really like A Weekend In The City, much nicer production than Silent Alarm, which irritates my ears now. Plus, the songs are loveeely.
  18. Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin are very good, found them by looking at bands that other people like that like similar music to myself.
  19. I thought 'Son..' was alright! Not terrible, not great, but darn, it could have been much worse.
  20. What the fuck is going on in that picture?!
  21. Singapore is so dead set against it I'm unsurprised. But KL? You never went into Times Square shopping centre? Copied stuff (clothes etc) all over the place, there's lots about but you do need to know where to go for it. Bangkok is more piracy-ridden than HK I found, there were a lot of authentic DS games for sale in HK, whereas there wasn't nearly as much in Thailand in general.
  22. Substitute the Man United logo on the strip for Cantona's face too.
  23. I'd love to see Cantona back, especially if it works out to him being manager, or just a figurehead.
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