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    EDF 2017

    There are a few levels out there that are quite do-able on Inferno and great for farming for health and weapons - assuming you've got some half decent weapons already. For instance, Just finished Normal and Hard, gonna work through Hardest next.....
  2. Beth Orton oh, and Cathy Dennis went to my school. That's pretty much it from Norwich
  3. We were a bit smoothie mad end of last year. A good idea is to find when the summer fruits, raspberries, blackberries etc are on offer in the supermarkets and buy them in bulk and just freeze them. Great for making cold smoothies in the morning too. Our typical concoction was Raspberries, Strawberries, Blackberries in equal measure a few blueberries and even pomegranate works quite well.
  4. Sugar and Lemon for me - although I do chuck in a few sultanas in some of them. Forgot the maple syrup this year tho.
  5. Me and my mate got launch day consoles from Virgin - we weren't let down although we did preorder in early September. I think they got about 12 in - not sure what their expected allocation was tho
  6. starls


    I love the way the Agency vehicles morph and power-up. The super car starts off as some kind of little MG thing and ends up looking like a gun-mounted Lambo. Can't wait for this to be released.
  7. Our directors at work keep using references to Second Life as an example of how our website should be - creating communities etc etc. It's quite embarrassing - but also quite scary!
  8. As a web developer it was the visual nature of Actionscript, seeing how it interacted with graphics, giving a graphic an instance name and manipulating it etc that really got me understanding other and some more difficult scripting languages from Javascript to PHP etc. There are some great, effective but really simple things you can do with Actionscript. One of the first concepts I learned was of having 3 frame movie clips that sit in a parent movie clip. Frame 1 is stop(), frame 2 is the action and Frame 3 is gotoAndPlay(2). One of my favourite uses of this is for running the parent timeline
  9. Maybe already mentioned, but did the big cut scene after collecting the third set of 'tears' around Lake Hylia really creep people out? Playing at 2am with the lights off it sent a bit of a shudder down me. Maybe I'm just a big girl but.....
  10. For anyone who ordered from wiicable.com. I ordered mine last Tuesday and it turned up today. Not tried it yet - already got a MadCatz one so will probably pass this on to a mate.
  11. Yeah - done all that. The only noticable difference is that there's less bleed on some of the more vivid colours. It's probable just me - If I tried them side by side then maybe I'd notice - I was expecting to be blown away by the difference in clarity and well...I wasn't!
  12. Yeah - me too. Got the MadCatz one instead yesterday. Fairly happy with it. Either my Composite input was really good on a Sony Plasma TV or I must be going blind but, I can't actually notice that much difference between that and the Component
  13. YAY - my Component cable from chipsworld has just been dispatched - thumbs up to them! Means if wiicable.com comes good I might have a spare to pass on!
  14. I ordered one on Monday night from wiicable.com. No emails, confirmations or replies as yet - guess I'll have to wait and see....
  15. I had about 40 Mii's in the parade yesterday. The only Celeb I saw tho was Hulk Hogan
  16. Does anyone else ache as much as I do from too much Wii Sport yesterday? I feel like a cripple this morning - that's probably explain my Fitness Age of 66!!
  17. Hi. My Wii number is: 3146 7537 3904 6807 Gonna add some randonly later and will PM. Do the same back would be great!
  18. I'll be at the Back of the Inns, but my preorder is with Virgin Megastore instead. Might have a mosey in GAME once I've got my Wii and see what else is available (Virgin aren't getting much stock in!)
  19. Just confirmed my preorder from Virgin Megastore in Norwich - apparently they are only getting 12 in for launch!!! Lucky I preordered in September!
  20. The bow took a while to click for me but it's my favourite weapon now. The key thing is to start charging it up by blindfiring - then when it's ready to go peek out, aim and fire. Love seeing offal raining down.
  21. Yeah - I get this alot. Was looking on some forums with regards to forwarding ports on your router to get things more stable but was all a bit technical for me. Think I'll stick with player matches for now.....
  22. Cheers dood. Guess it's all about timing. When I get into that position I lose my cool and start mashing buttons frantically.
  23. Has anyone got any tips regarding the best way / timing / method of use the chainsaw in Multiplayer? Was playing last night and every time I went up against someone with the chainsaw he always got me first. Makes me think I'm not doing something right.....
  24. Just wanted to echo te co-op love in. Me and a mate were playing through the beginning of Act 4 earlier when we're split up but momentarily meeting at the same choke points to cover each other. It was tough as hell but being able to take out those Theron guards from above with the Torque bow and clearing a path for him was awesome. Especially as we were doing different sections you really had to make the most of voice comms. Typical things I'd hear from him were "oh fuck oh fuck....shhhhitt!" Then my screen would turn red and we'd have a chuckle and restart the section again! Not heard much me
  25. starls

    Gears of War

    Thanks for all the games tonight. I was rather woeful but it was bloody good fun. Will be on again lots so if anyone wants to add me to their friends lists that'd be great!
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