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  1. Bryyo Seed boss. He occasionally fires out his jazz hands and they drop the odd energy ball and a pointless amount of missiles but not enough to recharge enough of my health.
  2. hmm - stuck on him at mo. A little too much frustration for me. If you mess up your hypermodes you can easily end up on your last energy tank and then you're basically buggered!- not enough energy to go into hypermode, not enough drops from the baddie to top my energy up. (unless I'm missing something )
  3. Yeah, it's 'out there' in Norwich too so pretty everywhere I guess.
  4. Was anyone else flummoxed by the bit where I was One of the most obscure problems so far! I ran around for about half an hour before having to resort to GameFAQs Apart from that - it's been great!
  5. Gotta love Puzzle Quest. It's dragged me wholeheartedly away from Halo 3 this week.
  6. What? I bloody loved Simon's Quest when I was a kid. Definately tempted by that!
  7. As I said, it's buggy. For some it works OK - for me, I had to redo them in order.
  8. I read that this achievement is a tad buggy. The solution seems to be that you have to revisit each terminal in order for it to trigger. That's what I had to do and it worked (finally) last night
  9. Having disliked Level 8 intensely on Heroic, I made it the first one to attempt on Legendary, and in conclusion it wasn't actually that bad. It just demands a change of pace and you have to be extremely patient and methodical in each section, alternating the correct weapon for each baddie. The flamethrower is a lifesaver and extremely effective against the pods ( I cleared them just to avoid any nasty surprises). You do have to rely on a bit of luck with those sniper things tho - not sure what the best method is to kill them other than wait for them to cross your path and use the energy sword
  10. Had a go on MP earlier - feels good. I'm up for a bit of multiplayer. Will try and add some of you later Gamertag: Starls
  11. Thought I'd bump this thread. The Medieval Total War 2:Kingdoms expansion pack was released today I think with new campaign maps and I think some AI improvements. Haven't played it yet but looking forward to playing the Britannia scenario with an expanded British Isles maps where you can play as the welsh,irish,scots,english and nords. Other scenarios include New World, Teutonic and Crusades. Looks like it could be good fun!
  12. Me and the wife have been hooked on Amazing Race for a while. Finished the all-stars one a couple weeks ago which was pretty good. Now resorting to recent series of US Survivor which has improved alot (imo) in recent series and is quite good to watch if you like things like the Amazing Race.
  13. starls

    Gaming moider!

    If memory serves, you could halt a train just before a level crossing and restart it just before a bus crossed and it would resume at FULL SPEED (bug?), destroying the bus and its passengers! A great and satisfying way of getting rid of the competition!
  14. starls

    LOTR Online

    Nearly reached Level 16 last night just running around the Shire It's amazing how many quests seem to be able to be fitted into what seems quite a small area. Spent most of the night in the north of the Shire with a nice mix of races, skills and levels just killing Goblins for the heck of it. The deeds are great for this sort of thing as it still gives a purpose to random hunting even without a quest. Hope to see some of you guys - I'm Jimbol, Elf Hunter.
  15. Servers finally got back up and running at 11.45 last night so only had 30mins play but like it so far - very familiar for WOW players but yet to experience the subtleties. Quite forgiving for low end machines aswell as mine is quite old!
  16. I might give this a stab at the weekend. Was a casual WOW player a while back and a bit of a solo player (due to lack of time) but would be good to hook up with some guys on here. So is Evernight the place to be? Also - how forgiving is this on lower spec machines (I've got a P4, 1Gb RAM, G-Force 128mb 6800LE)?
  17. I've still got a launch machine. Although it does have a tendency of crashing once (and only once) per gaming session which is a bit weird. Never get the red lights, just hangs up (other than in TDU where I occasionally got a dirty disc error). It's been like that for about a year now tho - it's problems are managable so I don't want to get a new one with potentially new (and more unpredictable) issues.
  18. It's got such a nasty 'one more go' thing going on with it that's for sure. Got a top 10 score earlier Now 16th in world on combined scores for medium - just pipped you Footle
  19. Anyone mind if I add you Boom Boom Rocket players to my friends list? I'm a bit addicted to this at the mo - got into top 100 for the first song on medium so up for some leaderboard action. Gamertag: Starls
  20. Quoted for excellence! DR2 - I wanna see parades of shops, like the outdoorsy parade in the first one, but some big sprawling buildings - hospitals with the dead walking the wards, morgues and underground car parks. Sewers enabling quick access around a town. Schools, zombified children and science labs, sports halls and craft rooms. Plenty of scope for claustrophobic environments and inventive killing materials.
  21. starls

    EDF 2017

    I'm trying to do this now. I've completed it on Normal and Hard and have got about 145 weapons. What I'm now doing is trying it on Easy to work out what the best weapons might be - then returning to it on Hardest and Inferno. It's a fairly satisfying and not too frustrating a process really.
  22. I like this explanation. That sits well with me. Great show! Will be missed
  23. Was going to go to V in Chelmsford but now seriously considering Latitude in Suffolk. An hour down the road from me and a great lineup.
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