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  1. Create a wall of cheese and crack an egg in the middle. We used to do that at Uni and it was AMAZING!! (although half the time it would cause quite a mess if we had a breach in the cheese)
  2. Aye - Simon Cowell et al bang on about how they are looking for something different, but they forget that it's up to the typical saturday night phone in viewers to decide whether they want something different. On that basis I couldn't see Laura or Diana winning it. Alexandra will win I reckon
  3. Mine crashed just once - just as I was about to finish off the emperor. Annoyingly had to do the Vader section again on reboot. Having said that, just finished my second play through (to get powerups and Holocrons etc) and enjoyed it even more second time round.
  4. I really don't get the hatred for this game. I think Ive got a fairly good sense of what's a good game and what's a bad game and I thoroughly enjoyed this. OK, the bosses felt a little 'old school' in a punishing trial and error kind of way but I;m playing through it again and loving every minute of it.
  5. I think that's where you're going wrong. The yellow arrow is where you have to go!
  6. Do you mean the Dark Troopers? They were featured in the original Dark Forces game on the PC back in the day. I wasn't aware they were considered 'canon' (not that I'm an expert mind) but I thought it was nice seeing them in the same guise as before
  7. starls

    Too Human

    I'm still not sure what to make of this. When there is a horde of baddies running at me and I'm linking a load of combos and pulling off ruiners it feels really good. But then you get situations with baddies firing rockets that are difficult to avoid, or baddies with multiple target areas where you're not sure if your melee hits are registering close up but take an age to kill from distance. I guess I'm trying to work out whether 1) I've not yet mastered the controls, 2) I've not got my strategy right or 3) The game is just broken
  8. starls

    Too Human

    LOL - I just got a blueprint for the Klobb!!
  9. I had some seriously weird time-manipulating dreams last night thanks to this game. Shouldn't play it just before bedtime!!
  10. OMG This had me stuck for 2 hours this evening and it's so stupidly, cleverly, ridiculously simple that...GAH!!!
  11. Enjoying this so far - only up to level 15. I'm a fairly sporadic gamer so can't guarantee being on often or for long (what with a 3 month old baby demanding my attention) but any invites to the guild would be great. Arlin on Aquilonia
  12. Can't stop listening to this. 'The Switch and the Spur' and 'Many shades of black' are the standout tracks for me at the moment. Prefer it to their first album personally...just!
  13. Aquilonia Arlin - Conqueror
  14. Oh dear! I left the cinema actually thinking that the Mummy Returns was better than this I can live with the Fridge, but the monkeys!!!
  15. Aaah Crap! Another MMORPG for me to try out! There goes the bank holiday weekend!
  16. Just picked up a copy off the shelf at Zavvi in Norwich - they seemed to have a truckload behind the counter
  17. YAY - Hastily ordered this from Argos last week after everywhere else had stopped taking orders and got a letter (and recorded phone message) today saying it's going to be delivered on Friday - they've got a special number just for Wii Fit preorders and everything! Can't wait
  18. Dammit - I've succumbed! Bought a PS3 today for Everybody's Golf! Installing it now. My PSN ID is: TheStarls - I need friends! I'll add some of you guys later if that's OK First impressions are good though - dare I say it, I even quite like the lightness of the pad and the SIXAXIS (for Flow) worked really quite nicely!
  19. starls

    Illustration Club

    Glad you like them. Was a toss up between would they appear 'punchier' on their own or punchier on a background. Opted for the one that took the least time Got 2 more 'baby mario' themed ones to come so I'll post them when done
  20. starls

    Illustration Club

    First contribution so be kind Never have time to do art for myself but this is for my soon to be born son's nursery, so spent this afternoon putting some care into these... Done using acrylics on canvas - wih a bit of watering down to get some more 'washy' effects. Hope you like
  21. I'm a sucker for these games - pure fun! Having spent a good 40hrs on the original trilogy I have just spent another 30hrs romping through this version. A perfect game for christmas!
  22. Shimmyhill and I played it earlier on co-op - it's quite good fun!
  23. My method was to get an automatic weapon and head right towards the dodgems and use the far corner as cover - they can only get at you from one direction there so it's fairly managable. The only prob I had was getting back to Macmillan in time before the chopper clears off.
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