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  1. Wife and I just binged all 3 series of this on Amazon Prime over Christmas. It really does deserve more attention as we thought it was brilliant throughout. It's dark and gritty with a real grungy, but not out of place, atmosphere. All the characters are excellent and almost Shakespearean in their ambition, power and treachery. Really looking forward to the next season in February - apparently its got a 20 episode run this time out.
  2. So I've been playing 2.0 on my new PC ( gfx970 - looks amazing!) having migrated from the XB1 version I played for a short time during the summer. Just thought I'd share my love for this with a cautionary tale of space combat. Having taken a mission to kill 21 smugglers in a certain system, I've been getting the hang of pulling ships out of Supercruise using my new Interdictor gubbin, targeting their cargo hatch to maximise the loot potential and then making off to the nearest 'safe' system (criteria: short distance from star, black market outpost) to sell my ill gotten gains. Anyway, I got in
  3. Sweet! Got my (son's!) Mega Yarn Yoshi today in the post Expensive for what it is but I'm well pleased with this....
  4. I'm playing this on the Xbox One if you want to add me. Quite impressed with the Kinect integration on this - when things gets frantic being able to say "GPS Hideout" to plot a route back to base is really convenient
  5. Phew! ShopTo cancelled my preorder as all their emails were in my Junk folder, so I hadn't known to update my payment details etc.... A quick chat with them today and the preorder was reinstated. My card has just been charged and order......PROCESSING! Just gone for Dead Rising 3 and will pick up another on Friday depending on reviews (tempted by Forza, Ryse, Assassins Creed...gah!) Day One excitement levels rising.....
  6. Just joined the crew today. Ready to do my bit!
  7. Don't forget, another S3 highlight - the explanation of the long running tension between Tig and Kozik
  8. I'm exactly the same - 2 days it barely registered with me that the Vita was out yet. Yet today I've gone and bought one with Everybody's Golf (the game I bought a PS3 for fact fans), Wipeout & Lumines! So weak!
  9. Random cool Bethesda bug. I was trekking my way towards Azura's shrine, snow blowing in my face and I saw a shadow pass over me. Looked behind me to see a horse (yes, a HORSE), falling out of the sky and tumbling down the mountain side.
  10. Too Human: Bought on launch day during the summer glut and it was £15 within a week cos it was utter garbage. Don't know what I was thinking!
  11. Dunno if its rrp is cheap like the first game, but I picked this up for £25 in Asda - Asda do trade ins now aswell i think
  12. Being a fan of the original 360 version I took the plunge and bought this the other day. Have to say I think it's really good in a 'more of the same' kind of way - albeit in a slightly more beefed up, wholesome way (character models, plot, voiceovers etc). Although I think having already had the 'WTF have I bought?' moment with 2017, it feels easy to get used to - something which I imagine newcomers to the series might not get straight away. Its 'drop you in and get on with it' approach I feel might not appeal to everyone
  13. That was me RibbonsLG has an almighty score however....
  14. Yeah - why not Live Gamertag: Joe McSpeed Karzee bradigor1981 U1 v2 Sie Mortis316uk Tommy Chong 76 monkeyboyx Myster Lettuce Vezna Starls PSN name Kanselier I seem to be only trying to beat Footle at the moment - be good to see some other of your scores popping up.
  15. Just downloaded this. I'm Starls if anyone fancies a game. iPhone is usually surgically attached to me during all waking hours!
  16. You may have solved it now, but if its the one I'm thinking of...
  17. Great little area and tactic for quickly levelling up...
  18. George Lucas in Beverly Hills Cop 3 Lucas Badness
  19. I got stuck on the Boss on top of the airship in Ninja Gaiden (level 3?) Never went back!!
  20. I am RUBBISH at sea battles!! What's the tactic here? I like trying them, but end up letting the computer resolve them as I end up in a complete mess!
  21. Ah well, maybe I'll chance it then.
  22. I'm calling it "Assisted Suicide"
  23. Not got Dead Rising any more but I'll just leave it on over night with Fallout 3 or something playing (that's what keeps killing it) and hope for the best!
  24. Right, so I've still got a launch day 360, which has miraculously never RROD'd on me.....until last week. However, it keeps fixing itself! I rang MS and the 3 year warranty runs out on December 17th so I would really like it to break permanently before then. I've wrapped it in towels and stuff but the bugger just refuses to die! What to do....?
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