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  1. Do we have (or can we list) a roster of those Commanders that are actively basing their operations around (and for) the Symposium? That might give us an idea of how large we can spread. The link @Danster provided earlier stated that a system with 1.5m population could be influenced by just one commander. Mukhang has (I think) ~17m population.
  2. I love it when you have a Pirate chasing you from system to system "The rumours were right..." "I'm surprised you made it this far..." etc etc only to be interdicted and find they're in some crappy Asp Scout that my Python lights up in about 5 seconds flat.
  3. So I've been banging out trade missions all weekend for the Symposium and am now Allied with them. Checked our status this evening and our influence has increased to joint top - 43% - Elections are now pending between us and Empire Grace. That's exciting! How long does it take to decide an election?
  4. I'm considering defecting to an Empire aligned power now that I'm basing my activities around Mukhang. Which powers would you chaps recommend? - I'm assuming it might be Aisling Duval as she seems to be closest to Mukhang but I'm not entirely sure how it all works.
  5. There was a planet I used to do regular missions to that had >4x gravity. It was a nightmare coming into land (I lost a Python coming in too hot - gutted!!). It was great however taking the SRV out for a spin because it just stuck to the terrain like glue.
  6. I'm just rattling through a bunch of missions for the Symposium to get my status to 'Friendly' - hoping then the bigger jobs then. Although it's quite nice having money in the bank - those missions for 3000 credits feel all the more worthy!!
  7. Right - I've arrived at Mukhang. Time to get started!
  8. This is so exciting! Not only has 2.2 dropped, but we now have a faction!! I've been a bit preoccupied with PSVR, but I'll definitely be back on and making my way to Mukhang this weekend.
  9. Apologies if already answered, but will PS3 Move controllers work with this or is there some special PS4 version I need? Mate from work has a pair of PS3 one's he said he'll lend me.
  10. This is incredible - unlike anything I've ever experienced from gaming before. Best indulgent impulse purchase ever - this morning this wasn't even on my radar, but wandering into Norwich Game this afternoon (my son wanted some Mario toy) I happened to ask if they had sold out but they said they had a few uncollected pre-orders. 10 minutes later I'm £430 lighter. I got DriveClub which I adore anyway and is just brilliant IMO (even at a noticeably low resolution) Got £25 in my PSN Wallet but not sure what to get next. So many of the demos were gre
  11. Finally got a Python at last Blew about 100m on it already but made sure I've got enough leftover for a few insurance claims! It's nice!
  12. I mentioned it on here a couple days back, but for me it's the Skimmer surface missions that make the most money - and they're pretty low risk too as if your SRV gets blown up its only a few thousand credits to replace it. Once you're allied to a system, you'll get given missions worth 4-5m just for taking out 12 Skimmers. Easy money!
  13. The key to the Skimmer missions is not to attack the settlement suggested by the mission - any Skimmers that spawn near some loose cargo (which your scanner will pick up) will be affiliated to that group and will count towards your total. I just tend to land near the target base and head out in the opposite direction till I've got all the skimmers needed. Once you're allied with a power you can get missions worth millions, and some mission givers will ask for the same target to be attacked meaning they can be stacked. I've had missions worth 4-5 million which I can get done in 20mi
  14. So I've arrived at PRU EUQ SP-T B44-3 and have claimed a planet. It's the first 'landable' planet off that first Gas Ginat - it's AB 1 A. Hopefully no one else is on their way back to claim it. Gonna have a little explore round some other systems then head back!
  15. Blimey - these planets are being claimed fast - it's more nerve-wracking than pre-ordering an iPhone 7!! I'm still about 30 jumps out - maybe I'll get a chance to claim one this evening - I'll probably just pick a small one - something I can land my SRV on would be nice. On a different subject - Ship Transfer Vote. What is everyone's thoughts on this? Although of course instant transfer would be more convenient, it doesn't feel very realistic to me - I think I'm going to vote on a delay.
  16. Right - modified my all purpose Asp Explorer and ready to leave the bubble! Bit nervous!!! I've got a similar build to the one listed above, although I have kept some weaponry just in case. Got a jump range of about 20y, had a bit of a practice with the fuel scoops. I think I'm good to go. Wish me luck Commanders! CMDR Jim Starslinger signing off!
  17. @Danster - That's a great idea - I've been wanting to step outside the bubble for a while! Quick question - how do we know if we have scanned a planet that someone isn't already on their way back to claim? Should we stake our claim on here once scanned to avoid disappointment at the Universal Cartographics office?
  18. That's impressive! I don't think I have the cojones for a trip to Jacques Station - I gave an audible gulp when I set a course for it and saw how far away it was. I've been playing for over 240 hours and am only 102 light years from my starting system!!
  19. Just reached level 12 and I love this game. Not being a massive online gamer my friend lists are always quite slim and I'm often unable to commit lots of uninterrupted time so the matchmaking in this suits me down to the ground - being able to team up with strangers for a short time - team chat (at least at this level) doesn't seem too important as groups tend to intuitively get things done the right way. And the Dark Zone - god I love the tension in this - the uneasiness of being with an informal group for fear of them either turning on you or losing yo
  20. starls

    Clash Royale

    Thanks for accepting my invite. Quite an addictive little game - perfect for a quick battle while the wife is out of the room. Not sure what being in the clan does (other than donating cards) but happy to help!
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