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  1. We used to (when I was at uni about 5 years ago now) play 4 player WCW Vs NWO on the N64 - superb fun when you're drunk!
  2. starls

    Elite Iv

    It was always a nice feeling landing at London Starport though
  3. Would the whole 'backup' excuse work if they are different versions? i.e. French language 'backup', English language original As then it is blatently not a 'backup' of your original copy. Just wondered........
  4. Well I got my NES (mattel) Xmas '88 - not sure how long it had been around though. I got my SNES on UK release (first week of April 1992)
  5. Starwing! Only game I ever pre-ordered
  6. Goldeneye 00 Agent during wasted first year at Uni. UN Squadron on SNES I was really chuffed to beat. As a kid, probably completely Megaman on NES - as the last boss was nails IIRC.
  7. This is the first game I've got up early out of bed to play before work since Animal Crossing! Addictive stuff!
  8. Balloon Fight & Wrecking crew for pure simple fun. Simpsons: Bart Vs Alien Mutants for superb gameplay & variety
  9. Super Mario sleeping and snoring like in SMB2 I liked having to actually reset the NES once I'd completed the game
  10. I got every single issue somewhere in my mum and dads loft - might have to hunt them out. Didn't it just stop - no warning or nothing?
  11. It was Jerry Lee Lewis who married a 14 year old. Buddy Holly was classic tho.
  12. Xbox is only one plugged in (Ninja Gaiden & KOTOR revisited) GC sits under the settee.... PS2 lent to brother since I bought *cough* Dance Stage MEGAMIX *cough* last year
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