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  1. Completed the new raid a few times now, got the machine gun, scout & shotgun. Also got the exotic ghost and sparrow. Definitely up for another run this week. I’d like to learn other roles
  2. Curry’s cancelled my preorder so on the hunt for one.

    Pokemon Go

    Try breaking down your targets across the days, outside double XP events I aim for 100k a day. Which is a raid or two & the drive to - from work with my gotcha. Helps where you live too, I live in the capital which is densely populated with stops & mons. Ive got a long drive to Manchester later where I plan on mass evolving & clearing my storage. Currently @ 21.6 million XP, hopefully end the event with at least 24 million.

    Pokemon Go

    I’m TL40, caught 32,000 but only have 2 shiny pokemon, Sableye & Pikachu. Put some major time into the last events too.
  5. After a few days off, I had handful of duo games with @EvilBoris last night. X1 chicken dinner, a few quick stinkers & some fairly satisfying top 10 finishes...... I love this game.
  6. Feel free to add me for those chicken dinners . GT: GODZOOKI
  7. More driving high jinx http://xboxdvr.com/gamer/GODZOOKI/video/43877150
  8. Drove up a tree the other day like a boss. https://t.co/RuyICldvl9
  9. By far the best thing I’ve ever played. It’s incredibly addictive & so tense. 11 chicken dinners now over solo, duo’s & squads, after a ridiculous amount of top 10 finishes. I’m now averaging 1 dinner per play session.

    Pokemon Go

    Fairly high lvl 35 on Tuesday, now 200k into lvl 37. 1k a pokestop in a new location during x2 xp events (with a lucky egg) is the way forward.

    Pokemon Go

    London has been crazy today groups of 12-20 on every raid I've done.

    Pokemon Go

    Caught 11 Articuno out of 14 attempts & 8 Lugia out of 13 attempts. Pretty decent % based on people I've raided with.
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