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  1. I can see your excitement at finding it in the shadow!
  2. Creamstick

    Hollywood vs. Streaming

    Wow, still holding a grudge over Duel.
  3. Creamstick

    Bad movies you can't help but to love

    My old band are in the background of a scene in this, a scene was filmed across the street from the studio we recorded our album in, and we went to the pub next door as they were filming, so we're very briefly (literally blink-and-you'll-miss-it) in the background walking to and from the pub in the same scene.
  4. Creamstick

    Classic Christmas Specials

    A Johnny Bravo Christmas, Powerpuff Girls - 'Twas the Fight Before Christmas, Foster's home For Imaginary Friends - A Lost Claus, Muppet Family Christmas, Billy & Mandy Save Xmas.
  5. Creamstick

    Recommend Me An Emulation Box

    SNES Mini and a usb stick. Everything from the beginning to the PS1 and even some PSP, arcades from day 1 to CPS3. I hear it may even be running Amiga and NAOMI these days!
  6. Creamstick

    Films that are good for the soul

    The Straight Story.
  7. Creamstick

    Favourite supporting / bit part actors

    And a little show called V!!!!
  8. Creamstick

    Favourite supporting / bit part actors

    Mike Starr and Stephen Root have already been mentioned, so I'll say.. John Saxon Giovanni Lombardo Radice Barbara Crampton Darren McGavin Ivan Rassimov Michael Moriarty
  9. Creamstick

    The Deuce - HBO & David Simon do 70's porn.

    The mere fact you call making love "naughty" tells me that you're not ready.
  10. Creamstick

    Yoñlu Movie

    Holy shit, that looks beautiful. It's going to be a difficult watch.
  11. Creamstick


    I don't know how to break this to you, but I wasn't referring to you. I was referring to a general sense of people being overly offended when someone doesn't rate this film as a masterpiece, in other places, as well as here. You're kinda making my point for me.
  12. Creamstick


    I've noticed other places too, that people are really ooooooverly defensive of this film when anyone dares to say that it's not some untouchable masterpiece. No-one's saying it's shite, pals. If it scared you, that's fine. If you found some deeper meaning that touched you somehow, that's good. If it made you feel some kind of way, fucking go you! But don't go over the score, for fuck's sake. It's not bad. It's alright. It's even pretty good (as I already said). It's not great. It's not a masterpiece. Get a grip.
  13. Creamstick


    It's not great, but it's pretty good. There are some really well done elements to the film, and the acting is fantastic - but to be honest, it's not any better than the usual mainstream fluff-horror that Blumhouse or any of the other studios pumps out. It's not especially tense, but there's a nice atmosphere to it and it's shot nicely. There's a few shots and scenes that stood out, but apart from that, it's nowhere near something recent like The Witch, It Follows, The Void, Get Out, Starry Eyes, The Neon Demon, The Babadook, Goodnight Mommy or even something more slight like The Innkeepers or House of the Devil. Comparisons to The Shining, The Exorcist or Rosemary's Baby are just ridiculous.

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