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  1. Found myself getting to the point of playing a game for a few minutes before getting bored and wanting to do anything else. The big problem, I think, was an addiction to purchasing any vaguely cheap title with the idea that I'll get get around to playing it sometime soon. Only now, after I've moved my gaming collection a fair few hundred miles (twice) have I realised that having all these classic title surrounding me has been a major part of that feeling. Now I'm only buying titles I REALLY want to play, and selling on a large portion of my collection. Now I can't find enough time to game, again.
  2. Really bloody enjoying this. Grabbing orbs is still as ridiculously addictive as ever. That 'just one more' feel meant I went from 30 to 100 agility orbs in the time I should have spent doing the housework.
  3. Just in case anyone wants it, I've still got one copy of Left 4 Dead 2 ready and waiting to be gifted, left over from the purchased earlier four pack. Only £5.10
  4. Like the man says. I'm making the buy now so get a PM over if you fancy a cheap copy of Left 4 Dead 2.
  5. Yup, just two more people required for uber cheap L4D2. Only four and a half hours for anyone else to get in.
  6. Juat noticed that Left 4 Dead 2 is a meagre £5.10 each for a Four Pack. Are there enough of us lacking to save a few more quid between us to grab one?
  7. Solely due to this being a culmination of 3 weeks worth of points due to a lack of net access and unemployment! Good fun though
  8. Pre-ordered. Can't resist the concept, and the chance to support something worthy. Should we use this thread to try and arrange some 'games' once it's been released? And we could keep a track of/post some stories as we go?
  9. For those already finished, is it better to polish off all the additional side quests before initiating playthrough 2? Or is it more fun to get grabbing the better loot as soon as possible? Bloody brilliant game. Simply been unable to replace this in my 360 disc drive for a solid week.
  10. First game impressions as follows (1-0 win for me as England vs Bolivia on 'top player') - players still run as if they've just shat their pants - it's so stilted compare to Fifa 10 - my goal consisted of a gerrard effort from the edge of the box. The 'keeper seemed to sit down and it went in off his knee. - 360 degree control just doesn't work - commentary is balls - lescott is an ugly sod - opposition will still happily runalongside you as you power on towards goal every now and again It just feels, well, wrong. It still feels so stilted and on rails compared to the last few Fifa titles. MUCH better than PES 2009, but still a fair distance behind Fifa.
  11. Just about to try out my review copy now. Not expecting much - I'm one of those who thought the demo was absolute toss.
  12. I remember following this one through the build up thanks to its brilliant sounding premise. Then, upon discovering I had no need to cover it, let all things work take my mind off it. Might have to pick it up once I've polished off Uncharted 2 and Borderlands.
  13. Downloading now. First year I've wated untill the official demo to give it a go. Truly hoping this year grabs me by the jaffa's as strongly as the series used to.
  14. Review copy arrived today (delightfully packaged, as only Sony's PR folk seem capable of). Hate to gush, particularly as I'm only 7 chapters in, but its chuffing brilliant. Definetly up there for all GOTY awards.
  15. Can I gets an add please - atease should be on from 9ish untill the wee small hours
  16. I'm up for a slice of this sweet action. Username is 'Backdrifter' as you'd expect.
  17. Since joining up (atease )and seeing just HOW MANY games I've barely spent half an hour with, it's truly got me hooked on completion. And I'm having a damn fun time while doing it too.
  18. Finally finished this a few night ago. It really trailed off towards the end, and I honestly found it difficult to finish. And the close was just...bleh. A shame because I loved the first few hundred pages. Now moved onto The Hitman: My Real Life in the Cartoon World of Wrestling by Bret Hart. And I can't put it down.
  19. Now I can actually browse cards without the horrific wait, I'm thoroughly enjoying this. I'm still crap though. And unsure whether my created player is truly at his best in the middle of the park.
  20. Just started Child 44 last night, and certainly enjoyed the opening. I'm certainly in need of something a touch more 'mature' after my recent Discworld binge, so fingers crossed this one's the way to go. It's been highly recommended so I'm optimistic.
  21. It's been a long term addiction, but recently I simply can't get enough of The Kinks.
  22. Tried it today, and all seems to be fine once again. I'm still crap too.
  23. Now the seconds seasons on the way, how's everyone doing? I've been drawn in the NFA Premiership for the second season. A little worried that my weak side will struggle alongside some of the best in that particular FA. Particularly if I lose some of my key players.
  24. I'm just behind you in 16th. Seem to have hit a brick wall in terms of scoring though.
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