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  1. I thought I would put them together just to illustrate the fact that they appear to have merged together the original's FMV trailer with the story intro of the first in terms of the direction they have gone with the full prologue intro in Dark Souls. Not necessarily a worse cinematic trailer by any means but I'd have to agree about the more powerful dramatic effect the pounding drums had in the intro to Demon's Souls over From's more recent effort in its FMV intro to Dark Souls. Speaking of the audio visual aspects of the game I hope they have the variety of British voice over accents they had in Demon's as opposed to Dark Souls seemingly to be full of the characters using the queens standard of English throughout what I have seen of the game so far in previews. Without meaning to say I would like a chance encounter with characters who all sound like Ricky Flanagan it just made the world seem all that more believable as well as interesting and diverse in terms of the quirkiness of the NPC's which inhabited it.
  2. Same here really - I used the £5 off Dark Souls deal they had going on a while ago and have kept my order since. Just thought that people might want to just get the game on its own without having to faff around with all the other bonus content pushing up the price - especially since there is a very well known risk that someone might buy the game, play it and then get fed up with the game's harsh ways within a matter of less than a week and then regret the fact that they splashed out £40 odd quid for the privilege of being just another one of Dark Souls many punching posts'
  3. I suppose so as it says on the shipping details that they aim to get the game out to you "by the day of release". You also get a smidgen more off if you go and purchase via Quidco at 2% after VAT is taken off - which is better than nothing really!
  4. If anyone still has any reservations about braving the world of a From Software RPG for the first time please note that they are selling this at Simplygames.com for under 30 odd quid with free delivery for the game on its own so if anything the game won't as be as much punishment on your wallet as it will on your will to persevere past the game's inevitable and frequent screen spelling out yet again in blood red that "YOU DIED" Does anyone know if the rumours had any salt to them then - about the high level Black Phantoms being unleashed on hapless players who have dared brake the PAL release date I mean?
  5. It's funny you say that because when I was at the Eurogamer Expo last week I found the controls terrible on the 360 version compared with the tried and tested, more natural feeling button mapping scheme that I was familiar with from having played Demon's Souls on the PS3's dualshock controller. In any case if you haven't played Demon's Souls prior I suppose you're not likely to notice the difference but still the awkwardness of having to pull up your shield using the shoulder button on the 360 pad just kept prompting me to want to try and find a way of going into the options and seeing if there were any other control schemes available in order to avoid this issue - just for the record there wasn't a way to do this as far as my all too short time with the game was concerned.
  6. I don't think I could confront Neeto purely on the basis of me ending up in hysterics every time I hear that wierdly snack-food-sounding name of his - oh and the fact that he looks like a cross between Jack Skellington and the Boogieman from Nightmare before Christmas Seriously hyped for this if we are going to get that sort of quality FMV on the disc though!
  7. Got this email below from Amazon UK this morning about the game - it was supposed to be released a week earlier in Europe or something wasn't it? As you can see I will be ordering Dark Souls for the platform it was meant to be played on Who knows though might actually follow through and complete the sequel this time if I've got enough staying power to stick through it past all the inevitable, frequent and most times probably all too avoidable screens telling me "You Died" - not that that's any exception to how I wanted the second installment to turn out ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Hello, Unfortunately, the release date for the item(s) listed below was changed by the supplier, and we need to provide you with a new estimated delivery date based on the new release date: "Dark Souls - Limited Edition (PS3)" Estimated arrival date: October 07 2011 One of Amazon's aims is to provide a convenient and efficient service; in this case, we have fallen short. Please accept our sincere apologies. You have not been charged for this item. We do not debit money from your payment card until just before your items are dispatched. We will send you a dispatch confirmation email on the date of dispatch. Sincerely, Customer Service Department Amazon.co.uk
  8. All they need is a good port of Demon's Souls from the PS3 and I am sold on this thing from launch day. Mind you battery life would be an issue what with there only being a reported 5 or so hours battery life for the thing but that will always be an issue surely when you are playing any graphically intensive game on something with that size and fidelity of a screen on it - even if it is OLED.
  9. I have a had an O.K. experience with this game but one thing bothers me. The one thing which seems to strike me is the markedly more subtle advantages of weapons with a lower rank required to unlock and then buy due to the steeper progression of stats associated with each weapon upgrade - or at least this seems to be what the stats seems to suggest in each class of weapon as you progress through them. Maybe I am missing something but it seems to me that in older versions of Call of Duty weapon progression didn't seem to matter as much as it does in Black Ops where there seem to be distinctly clear reasons for using one weapon once you've upgraded to it over the one you, say, might have initially started the playing online with. Of course there is the emphasis on you wanting to have genuinely achieved something in saving up for an upgrade but for instance this seems to be especially the case in the pistol subcategory of sidearms. Sure there are certain exceptions to this notion but it seems that the reason for using some of the lower ranked weapons has been made even more redundant apart from if you have a strong urge to use a gun purely for cosmetic reasons whereas in the other games the seemed to be a broadly level playing field accross most classes. Again maybe I am exaggerating but another instance seems to be by comparing the M14 stat wise with the FAL wherein there seems to be clear advantage in the accuracy stakes given to the latter with nothing to be said for using the other in another loadout. Again maybe there are other factors to be considered like default reload speed and mag size but broadly speaking this phenomena appears to present. I should point out that this is perhaps where perhaps perks come in to rebalance the playing field with regards to eliminating clear stat disadvantages one weapon has next to one which has very similar characteristics - in the former instance that they were both semi-automatics. Everything else in this game is great though in terms of the balance that has been re-incorperated back into the game in comparison with MW2 - apart from the travesty of not allowing you to refill on rockets/launchers using the scavenger perk, something we all knew greatly imbalanced the game but definitely not the expense of the fun to be had rocketing people to shit and resupplying ad infinium!
  10. This from base.com was the cheapest I could find. Use quidco and you have a deal almost as good as Shopto as far as I can tell anyway. Can't say I am any different from Curtis in thinking Christmas has come early this year what with me eagerly counting down the days for my order from Zavvi to be fulfilled! This game can't be as bigger stinker sales-wise as Godhand was though surely? Even if it hasn't got the immediate appeal of something like Bayonetta (as was backed up with the strong marketing presence of the latter at launch by Sega) you just need look at the GT review below for god hand's sake- how people can miss the unmissable sense of Matrix-esque stylishness given off when it comes to a mastering the combat in a game like this is truly beyond me: http://www.gametrailers.com/video/review-hd-vanquish/706375
  11. Just saw this - made me chuckle
  12. That's exactly what I was thinking, namely it isn't the first month of April this late in the year already, is it? Thought straight away after seeing that link to the site and tried to understand whether this really is the same Panasonic who make such quality TV displays? I mean for a start it looks bizarre in itself looking like a make-up box gone wrong with the clam shell design they've got going on?
  13. Don't I know it! I found that bloody tower knight shield and had to dump half my armour including that stormruler sword as mentioned in a previous post - which I was going to use as a useful tool for farming the Manta's in 4-4. I eventually dumped the shield for the more managable Brushwood one but might change it for a much more manageable steel shield next time. I suppose I would have been able to haul everything back had I got the Ring of Herculean Strength earlier on but I was ignorant of how to get it before then. It's wierd how this game has made me really attached to the various gear that I accumulate and regret leaving behind. I guess I'll get everything back if I get to NG+ but still Oh well at least Stonefang seemed dead easy afterwards, especially with the old Brushwood shield for defending the main attacks of a certain Spider. Here's hoping ol' Flamelurker will be able to knock me down even less easily! Also anyone ~SL65 welcome to join tonight. I can try helping as much as I can if anyone needs help but I can be more of a hindrance than a help sometimes with my clumsiness
  14. Has anyone got a both a spare Stormruler sword and silver coronet I can borrow as I had to discard mine for being able to hold take tower knight shield? I can give some shards away like darkmoonstone and my Brushwood helmet in exchange.
  15. Yeah because I'd go out of my way to argue for you having to like a feature you evidently weren't interested in in the first place. I mean how could it not be that I must be a lonely PS3 owner foaming at the mouth if I make the effort to make a case for my own gaming tastes. Needless to say I don't see how saying what I think can be construed as having a "breakdown" as you all are so keen to call it and what I saw of your comment made implied that you were taking the line of "I have it this way so why shouldn't everyone else?" If I inferred wrongly and went overboard I apologize and did not mean to come across as a troll who gets his kicks out of tripping people up over saying anything whatsoever. In any case I do not wish to hijack the thread any longer and will try to focus my comments on updates concerning the people's anticipation for the game itself, regardless of apparently peripheral matters such as whether the quality of the soundtrack warrants me investing in a 360 like add on to my musically challenged PS3 just so it enables me to be liberated from the confines of having to listen to the game composer's labours in a loop and ad infinium, the oh so envious and emotionally overwhelmed PS3 owner that I am
  16. Yeah mate the lord intended you have a choice of what to listen to owing to it being a feature of these supposedly "next gen" games consoles that you can play your own music instead of the games soundtrack should you wish to (permitting the developer goes out of their way to support it being the crucial point here as well). I was just making the point that it would have been nice to have the option to do so in this game as you can as a general rule of thumb in genres like racers - but obviously for people who haven't got so much a hope and a prayer in their having certain issues understanding these things I guess the lord won't be so forthcoming in allowing the feature in question to be implemented. Also I wasn't insisting that you listen to all the particular songs I would like you to hear when playing the game, merely suggesting a song that I thought would go well with the style of game that Vanquish falls into and will of course listen heartily to the in game one even if the option is included anyway. If you don't like having the freedom to do so then good luck with that - it's just that others might appreciate it if it were present.
  17. I hope this supports in-game soundtracks because if it does I know the one track I am gonna play endlessly whilst this game is doing its thing, namely the Propellerheads' Spybreak Seems only too fitting for a game with slow-mo shotgun blasting action if you ask me!
  18. Try double teaming the Tower Knight and summon someone over to help you - did me wonders. Add to that it makes the game a whole lot more fun even if you end up getting slammed into the ground by the aforementioned's mighty lance of doom!
  19. - another AMAZE moment in this game Scared the shit out of me when that happened to me, especially when I was just trying to be summoned into someone else's world for help! Turned out O.K. in the end though as managed to get the Old Monk head dress by just beat the stuffing out of the poor dude who resorted to pitifully spamming spells in the end heh, heh!
  20. I know I should probably post this in the bargains folder but there is an interesting offer for 50% off the price of Edge subscriptions as mentioned on their website. I don't work for Future BTW I just thought it looked like a good offer myself since I was waiting for a window of opportunity to get a sub and this looks like just the offer (especially when you consider the pretty reasonable quarterly payment option for £9.99).
  21. Barbarians are a great class! I've got one with a Claymore, a few spells and a miracle or two and so far I have managed to own all those who have dared to challenge me online. Its strength is also good which makes it a good character for heavy stuff like Brushwood armour and Purple Flame Shield, the latter of which is found pretty early on in the game if I remember rightly?
  22. Well at least now that the release date for Europe has been confirmed I now know what to spend the remainder of my HMV gift voucher on after Demon's Souls (HINT: IT'S NOT HALO REACH!)
  23. Thanks for the advice Kayin, much appreciated from a demon slaying noob such as myself
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