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  1. I loved her recent Renegade documentary. Brought back all the feels. Including those of crushing disappointment for Renegade 3.
  2. Cheers, added a clarification. Yeah hadn't noticed that, they seemed to have so much on their plate as a support studio that I didn't look any further. They're a bigger studio than I first assumed!
  3. Sony have just announced their purchase of Seattle based developer, Valkyrie Entertainment. Up until this point, Valkyrie have operated exclusively as a support studio* but they've worked on some big name titles over the years. Sony continuing to beef up their first party roster. *Not accurate! In 2014 they released Guns Up and have two unannounced titles in development. Thanks @mushashi
  4. I don't actually think the £10 upgrade is unreasonable in of itself. People have spent time working on it, those people need paying so Sony need to recoup those costs by selling a product, I get it. I just think it takes balls of steel or incredible arrogance to do that whilst their biggest competitor has made a point of not doing that and has upgraded a far more extensive chunk of their library than they have.
  5. Just caught up with this and enjoyed it immensely. It had just the right tone between being silly, entertaining and informative. Top marks all round, I thought Rab did a great job as did all the presenters and of course, the Gamesmaster himself. Hope they get renewed for a longer series, they've done the original proud.
  6. Exactly this. It's such a miserable penny pinching move. Godfall barely registered as a launch title for many, the idea that it's too valuable to let people have the full version is laughable. As others have said, I won't even be downloading this glorified demo. Same thing with Mortal Shell. It's weird too because they didn't pull this crap with The Persistence last month, as I upgraded to the PS5 enhanced edition of that at no cost. It's a shame because if they hadn't embraced their inner Scrooge, this would have been a great month.
  7. I so wish this was going to be under the tree for Christmas. I'm ridiculously excited for it. I was always the Spec nut in the family and in my current, rose tinted years I've focussed on that to the exclusion of all else, but my brother got an A1200 back in the day and with this recent announcement, I've begun to remember the hours lost to Dune 2, Alien Breed 3D, Roller Coaster Simulator, Batman, Robocop and all those big name titles. I have tried to get emulation working on my little GDP handheld in the past but it was such a chore and the loading times so hilariously long that I always threw the towel in after a few attempts. Having what will hopefully be a plug and play system with a dedicated controller is a dream come true to be honest. I just wish I was going to play it when I had some actual time to really dedicate to it.
  8. Really enjoyed that. I pre-ordered the VS early on and to be honest, I have been humming and haaaing about keeping it, given how everything seems to be getting more and more expensive, but hearing the team talk and the enthusiasm they have for the project, I really want to be a part of it. On top of that, it sounds like they've really doubled down on making the VS a best in class emulation machine and it's not "just" an Evercade without a screen. Back on the hype train, cheers.
  9. The first cut from the new Marillion album has really impressed. There's a real "no shits given" vibe from the band these days. As in they really are just creating the music they want to create and saying what they want to say, there's no pretensions at scoring a single or playing to the fans or critics, they're just letting the creativity rip right through them:
  10. Yeah had the PS5 for a year now and it's been great. The faster loading, swish new UI, the Duelsense and back combat bonuses. Demon's Souls remains my favourite game on the system and it's probably one of the best gaming experiences I've had in the last ten years. It hasn't hit its stride yet in terms of exclusives but it's clear they're coming. No regrets jumping in early though, I skipped the PS4 Pro so it's been nice going back through some games from that era and enjoying all the pro enhancements. A lot more to come I'm sure.
  11. Oh this is sad news and so soon after Clive. A lot of legends from that era passing recently, RIP good sir.
  12. A Gibson directed Lethal Weapon could be quite something! The Passion Of The Riggs.
  13. The hours I've lost to that channel. Very sad news and he was by no means an old man, making this news all the worse. RIP.
  14. For anybody interested, there's a special Skyrim 10th anniversary stream happening right now and a live concert of the music from Skyrim is about to begin:
  15. Anything which promises, "a vast open world for you to explore", I instantly switch off. Tight linear level design please.
  16. Ha, that's my three worst fears for the game confirmed then. I felt the same about the previous and avoided this for fear it would be more of the same.
  17. The new Beast In Black album dropped last night and it's basically a supercharged synth metal love letter to sci-fi. Not where I thought the band would go after their first, more straight ahead power metal album but they've gone full ahead in this direction and seem to be having an absolute blast with it. One of the few albums I've owned where the "no filler" label genuinely applies:
  18. Thanks for this as I was under a similar impression to gooner. The comments make it sound like great fun, I'll stick it on the Christmas list.
  19. A brand new Spectrum team out of the Ukraine called N10 Team have just launched their first game, Duck Tales: Webby To The Rescue: It's a 48k title but it looks lovely. You can download it at: https://n10team.itch.io/duck-tales-zx-webby-to-the-rescue
  20. Yeah, it went out under their Imagine label. It was completable on the Spectrum, not sure about other platforms. Not even sure if the Spectrum version had bosses come to that, I think you were just rushed by two waves of enemies. As an aside, Spectrum Next devs are actually working on a remake of Target Renegade for the platform, I hope they tackle Renegade 3 after that and give the franchise a proper send off!
  21. Thanks for the responses! Disappointing to hear though, I've spent a small fortune on the Switch store due in no small part to those Wishlist emails Nintendo send out, I thought it was standard practice. If they're discounting the things, they may as well have people actually buying them else my money will flow to other places.
  22. Ocean were one of the biggest publishers back in the day, I struggle to believe they couldn't have found the talent to fix it before launch. It was hardly a small release, putting a game like that out in such an obviously broken state really was an awfully shitty move given how many kids would have been launching joysticks against the wall trying to clear it. I'd love to know more about what happened with that, I wonder if it was a last minute screw up?
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