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  1. Same energy: The Donkey Kong story is incredible and is pretty much exactly what we're laughing about.
  2. Which is why Sony do need a robust response to Gamepass. It's not just the value, it's the convenience. The success of Netflix and Spotify in the post yaar age, show that cost isn't the only or even necessarily the most important metric with which people measure the value of a service. Providing a slick, easy way for people to access their content is at least as important for many people. It's funny really, Sony could have been ahead of the game on this in many respects. They purchased one of the first cloud gaming services (Gaikai) back in 2012 and a bunch of patents from OnLive when they went bust, so they knew which way the wind was blowing but rather than take a gamble and be Netflix, they chose to remain as Blockbuster and rake in those traditional profits for as long as possible and I guess it remains to be seen if they've left it too late or they've played it just right. I don't think they have much of a choice but to go big on the subscription model at some point but my sense is they'll be aiming to thread the needle between running a competitive subscription service whilst still looking to capitalise on those big first month sales of their first party releases. Very curious how they'll structure Spartacus.
  3. I mean $20bn off Sony's share price on this announcement suggests that this news has had an outsized impact on MS's chief rival in the console space. As you say, we'll see what the regulators decide is relevant. As I've said, I think it will pass through because there is enough mitigation there but considering the amount of consolidation we're seeing, it will be an interesting case to follow to see exactly where or even if there is a limit to this stuff and what factors do have the most weight.
  4. Well I clearly need an early night then as that's obviously not what I intended to imply. If the argument is that MS aren't preventing PlayStation users from playing CoD, it's actually Sony preventing Gamepass from being accessible on PlayStation platforms, then I guess the question any anti-trust investigation would have to consider, is how unique and / or important a title Call Of Duty is to the industry, that having access to it is vital to remaining competitive in it. I guess there's two sides to that. Sony could point to the fact that the Call Of Duty franchise has been amongst the best selling series on PlayStation platforms for years now and making it unavailable to their users without opening up their platform to a rival subscription service gives Microsoft a disproportionate competitive advantage over them. Microsoft could of course argue that the Switch is a successful console which doesn't have access to CoD. They could also argue that alternatives are available in the form of Battlefield and that the game will remain available on PC and so there are options to play the game outside of paying for Xbox or Gamepass. I think that would be the nub of the debate around this issue. I hope that makes more sense at least.
  5. I think this thread has worked out quite nicely. It's caught a lot of smaller mergers and acquisitions, I've kept the title up to date to keep people up to speed on the latest topic and it's clearly not prevented major news discussion from branching into its own major thread. I've even directed people to that thread to mitigate overlap which by and large it has. I have just updated the thread title to prevent the two thread titles clashing though, I appreciate that could have been needlessly confusing. I honestly don't think many, if any of the acquisitions covered in this thread would have merited or had their own thread, so this seems as reasonable a place to cover them as any and if anybody does create a dedicated thread about any particular merger or acquisition, I'll be more than happy to help funnel discussion to it. Edit: Thanks to everyone who has shown support for keeping the thread.
  6. Consumers are still having to pay Microsoft for access though, so I'm not sure that would mitigate such concerns.
  7. Perfectly possible, I certainly have no insight into the world of mergers and acquisitions, just thought the analysis itself was interesting, no idea what the outcome will be.
  8. Interesting article discussing the legal side of this acquisition. The bottom line is we can expect it to pass but it may not be unconditional: https://finance.yahoo.com/news/microsofts-activision-blizzard-comes-with-2-big-legal-hurdles-190828372.html Be interesting to see if allowing Call Of Duty to continue to be released on PlayStation will be a condition of the deal going through? Genuinely no idea how likely or unlikely that is but it does sound as though this deal will require more elbow work from the lawyers and may come with more strings attached than the Bethesda buyout.
  9. My friend I sure hope Jim Ryan is remaining a little calmer than you. Yes this is a power move and it could very well shift the balance of power in the industry but it's a little early to be writing the obituary for the current market leader. Sony are not toothless here and whilst I do think this acquisition will get through any regulatory scrutiny, I think Microsoft would struggle to clear that hurdle if they were to follow this up with a purchase of EA or Ubisoft. So as far as big purchases go, I think this is about as far as MS will go for the foreseeable future. Last year Sony earmarked $18bn for acquisitions across its entertainment and sensor divisions, so if they feel that they now have to respond, then they have the funds to do so. Obviously not at the scale of MS, but they could certainly secure a lot of content and IP and given recent developments, it's possible they could raise the stakes if they seriously felt that they needed to make defensive purchases. PlayStation is a huge brand and isn't going anywhere, it has far more traction in Europe than Xbox and is a world away from the confused state Sega found themselves when they launched the Saturn. Above all though, nobody should be getting excited over for the possibility of any of the big three being knocked out, ultimately the only thing which will save you from corporations screwing you over is the threat of other corporations snatching up those unhappy customers. By all means recognise this move for what it is and if you're a Gamepass fan then celebrate the wealth of extra content headed your way but you should also be hoping that Sony are successful in keeping MS on their toes and vice versa.
  10. I would love a retroarch core or something like that. Anything which expands support and gets more game developers on board.
  11. I have been disappointed by the lack of software for it. There's a few bits and bobs out there and Delta's Shadow is legitimately excellent, but it's been a trickle of what my even modest hopes were for it. No regrets, it was always a niche thing and it's lovely to have been a part of it and we'll see what the future brings. From what I can find, 5235 people backed the thing the second time around with 3,113 backing the project the first time out, so when these things are finally delivered, the project could find its second wind as that's a healthy number of machines in the wild for a small market of enthusiasts.
  12. So there's been quite an update on the Issue 2 of the Spectrum Next, boy oh boy does organising the creation of a hobbyist machine sound like an all out nightmare in these times. In short, they're unable to source the original FPGA board which powered the Next for anything like a sensible price and so they've been forced to had to source a more expensive alternative. This has set them back massively and having chosen an alternative and got the Next working on it, they now have to go through all the Q&A steps they had to take with the original design. All this whilst still trying to source the original FPGA boards if possible. Wow: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/spectrumnext/zx-spectrum-next-issue-2/posts/3364778 So it sounds like backers are still going to be a year or so off from receiving their Next machines. Sounds like a total nightmare to be honest. Fair play to the team for offering to cover the increased cost of the new FPGA board, but the community are rallying around and many are offering to pay the difference themselves. If there is a Rev 3, expect it to be a mobile chip running the whole thing on an emulator, I can't imagine anybody on that team wish to put themselves through this again!
  13. That's it isn't it, it's all so cynical these days. Everything, even the playground console wars have been monetised, so the incentive is always there to make the outrage ever more outlandish to fire up the base and keep them tuning in. I guess that would be all well and good if it wasn't also the same model used by US news media and people were actually voting in elections convinced the other side are literally drinking the blood of children in the basement of a pizza restaurant... but I digress!
  14. That ship has pretty much sailed I think? MS have now locked up so many franchises, studios and talent, the task of matching that would require buying damn near every other third party publisher still left on the table. The only way any of those companies could catch up quickly would be to purchase PlayStation or Nintendo. Nintendo would almost certainly brush off such an offer and I doubt Sony would be prepared to sell the jewel in their crown without an eye watering offer being put on the table. At best I could see a "strategic partnership", where Google or Amazon offer Sony some sort of agreement for the use of their cloud streaming systems but then rather ironically, Sony have recently entered into a strategic partnership with Microsoft to use their Azure network for their forthcoming Spartacus service, which probably reveals more about Sony's thinking on their rivalry with Microsoft than anything.
  15. This news really has flipped the script. I remember when they bought Bethesda, people were picking their jaws up off the ground and talking about the dollar amount in shocked terms. In light of this, Sega, Capcom and even Ubisoft look as though they could be purchased for pocket change. We're heading into a very different landscape than the previous generations, where content was essentially a stream of third party releases with a few tent pole first party releases. That dynamic could very well flip completely if another publisher or two end up being purchased. Honestly, for all this talk of creating more and more content, I've barely got time to finish anything these days as it is. Ah well, gives us all something to talk about on a Tuesday evening at any rate.
  16. Hmmm, what do people make of this: I mean that seems rather more reassuring to Playstation gamers than their far more ambiguous comments after the Bethesda buy out.
  17. I mean somebody on Twitter just made a comment which made me... sort of chuckle. Responding to the question of "how can Sony compete with MS now", the answer came, "be bought by Amazon"... which I guess neatly sums it up.
  18. For me this level of acquisition does raise broader questions about the existence of these enormous tech companies, who could if they chose, simply buy their way into virtually any market they like and destroy the competition through sheer force of spending power. MS have more than earned their seat at the gaming table and I think they've had a tremendously positive influence on the industry overall but when they're in a position to invest at a level which is just so far above that of their rivals, it does raise concerns. It's not about console wars or any one company, this is the nature of the beast but some of these tech companies wield so much power and influence already, I'm anxious about seeing them become increasingly dominant in more and more industries.
  19. Main discussion thread: https://rllmukforum.com/index.php?/topic/325396-microsoft-has-acquired-activision-blizzard-woah/
  20. Fair point. Although I think the close association of the two things has stuck.
  21. Huge news really, the level of consolidation happening in this industry right now has to be at record levels.
  22. I think Nintendo killed it when they pulled out and showed the industry how successful a solo digital presentation could be. Then Sony hammered in the nails a few years later. It was a special moment of gaming history and I'll miss the buzz it created and the highs and lows which followed.
  23. Saw this last night and enjoyed it. Tonally it's very different to the previous films. Far more grounded with plenty of heart to it. It's not overloaded with action by any means but when it's there it feels threatening. I enjoyed the WW1 context and the narrative around it. There's a few moments which caught me out and took the film down a slightly different path to what I thought was planned but it all sits together well. The whole thing is capped off with an absolutely absurd post credits scene which will certainly make for a controversial sequel, if they choose to pursue it:
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