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  1. Insomniac proved their FPS credentials with Resistance 3 though. I'd be perfectly happy to see them carry on that franchise or create a new game in the genre. The bullseye was just so much fun to use.
  2. Hey, you know as well as anybody I've done it myself in the past, with my annual belly aching for a Psi-Ops sequel. I think it's similar to when people long for reunions of their favourite old bands or sequels to their favourite childhood movies. Aside from the pure nostalgia value, what people are really looking for is to feel like they did when they first experienced those things and that's why these remakes or sequels to old IP's rarely satisfy anybody when they do actually happen. Ultimately, the best shot we have at recreating those feelings is to give talented devs the space and resources they need to surprise us all over again. Nostalgia is a hell of a drug though and I'll be the first to admit it's one I have a weakness for.
  3. I'm surprised at the talk of Bungie developing a Killzone reboot (much more so on Twitter, than here). If you have a developer of the pedigree of Bungie, you give them a blank slate and let them create something fresh, you don't tie them to an old PS2 era IP!
  4. Without a bit of amateur speculation, it's hard to know what the hell we'd all be discussing though.
  5. Yeah, that was actually my first thought, just how big are Insomniac at this point? I guess it is possible that another studio is handling remaster duties, if that is indeed what we're getting, but I'd be surprised if Insomniac would easily see another team pick up development duties of one of their classic franchises.
  6. Yeah, that's why I was so enthusiastic about the RP2 + initially. Still need to watch more videos on that one. Was unaware of his involvement with Odin. I'll bare it in mind! Still very early days for the Odin, hopefully a range of independent videos come out soon. I'm mulling between this and just going all out on a Steam Deck.. even if I probably wouldn't receive that until September!
  7. Yeah if they are doing a trilogy remaster the second game would need more than the usual cosmetic tweeks for it to pass muster. I'm just thrilled there's the prospect of more Resistance on the horizon. Hopefully they'll follow the same route Crytek have with Crysis. A solid remaster of the original trilogy and then they'll deliver something fresh which makes full use of the PS5 with a Resistance 4.
  8. So the verdict is in on Odin and "bloody brilliant" seems to be the general sentiment! The above video is basically a system by system montage of games. From what I can tell, it can handle everything up to PS2 quite convincingly. The 3DS emulator needs work and there was some stuttering on some of the heavier PS2 titles but yeah, for €259 this packs a hell of a punch.
  9. Insomniac have been dropping a lot of Resistance hints recently: My bet is on a remaster.
  10. I think / hope he's just attributed somebody else's post to me and he's read that other post in that context. I've no beef with RJ, I think we did go back and forth a bit in the console wars of old but it's not something I get excited about anymore. Well unless we're talking Spectrum and C64, you never forget your first.
  11. I don't recall saying anything along those lines. Link me up and I'll be happy to address it. For the record though I don't think that at all. I think free from the pressures of every game needing to earn it's own individual development costs back, the streaming model can actually allow developers to take more risks and promote a greater variety of games. There was no underhanded attempt at knocking Gamepass in my post, I was sincerely just looking to explore possible alternative business models in the streaming space.
  12. That's interesting to know as I'd assumed all such services had vanished! Thanks to everyone who has taken the time to vote and / or respond. Interesting to see how many people sub to all of the big three. I guess that's the calculation that a lot of companies are making, that most people don't view it as an either or decision, but that many people are happy to just add an extra sub to their monthly outgoings.
  13. I wonder if Netflix is the only viable model for streaming services? Would a rental model work too I wonder? Pay whatever for 24hrs worth of access, but the money you spent on renting each game would be discounted from a full purchase of the game if you chose to? Too complicated, too difficult to pitch the pricing right, not as lucrative as a set sub?
  14. It's an obvious troll though. Sony did it with the game sharing thing, so this isn't a "but my side..." thing, but Aaron was totally rubbing the purchase of Activision in the faces of PS fans, he knew exactly the reaction he was going for and he got it, case closed.
  15. At the end of the day, the more options people have to access their games the better. I sub to Netflix, Disney and YouTube but still buy the music and films I like on physical media. It's old fashioned thinking at this point I know, but I enjoy knowing I own the thing and that my access to it isn't dependent on a continuous ability to pay a subscription. It's also the (relatively rare) instances where a license expires and the content is pulled. Outrun, Platinum's Turtles game and I believe all of Activision's Spiderman games have been delisted from digital stores due to expired licenses. In a streaming only future, those games would be lost to the consumer forever. Streaming services will be great for many people, others will use them in addition to making regular digital / physical purchases and some will just stick with the old model until it breaks. So long as all options are kept on the table, it's all good.
  16. Sorry Pete! I do think they'll find a way though. At worst I'd imagine they'll provide devs with the tools necessary to make a PS5 upgrade / compatibility patch a far easier process, no way will Sony want to have to start their VR games library from scratch, when they've got an entire catalogue of games available to them.
  17. It would be madness if it wasn't. I'd even go so far as to bet Pete Brant's remaining bollock on it.
  18. Robo_1

    Crysis 4

    In my veins. I recently went through the first three and whilst the first one is still king, Crytek know what makes a first person shooter work. Really excited for this and to see how far they can push the next gen consoles.
  19. That's comfortably the best commentary vid I've yet seen on the deal.
  20. Well something is clearly up. If I can put my copy of Resistance 3 into my PS5 and play it, I'll be made up. (pic taken from the linked Reset thread)
  21. Really on the edge between going for broke and pre-ordering a Steam Deck which may arrive at some point this century or grabbing this. Very keen to watch the reviews.
  22. Indeed, definite oversight there, sorry! I've quickly added it for future votes, I guess that might be one reason yaaar ranks so high for the "occasional" option! I saw Netflix in the news just now, a whopping 20% knocked off their valuation due to lower than expected subs. It really is a volatile market in the streaming space right now.
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