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  1. Earthworm Jim 64 has to rank as one of, if not the worst game I've ever played. View to a Kill on the Spectrum was also complete pish, and recently I'd say the Shinobi remake and Timesplitters 2 was such a disappointment, (though admittedly far from the worst games I've ever played), that they certainly deserve a dishonourable mention.
  2. I see Ghosthunter is getting a universal meh response. A real shame, as I greatly enjoyed the demo I played of it, and the graphics were superb. Anyone here played it?
  3. I like what I saw. Hopefully it will take full advantage of the Xbox.
  4. Nice to see Neg still flying the Sonic banner high and proud. The Sonic games always excited me, and were as much an excellent platforming experience as a thrill ride to play. Fingers crossed that Sonic Heroes delivers the above in spades.
  5. Robo_1

    Deus Ex 2

    So I take it the A.I went to a similar school as the first Deus Ex game then. That's weird, as I'm sure when Edge did their big DE2 preview, they said the A.I was a major concern to them, and they had been working on it for a long time. So, do the characters actually talk to each other then?
  6. The Dreamcast list sorely misses Headhunter and Rez.
  7. Robo_1


    That's odd, I've found the A.I to be top shelf. I mean the characters seem to know exactly where to go for at the right time, and they also know when to hang back to recharge and when to throw the killer punches. Out of interest though, how do you unlock Mickey?
  8. Robo_1


    I had a similar opinion until recently. I picked up Ready 2 Rumble: Round 2 and it really seemed messy. The key to Rockys' success is IMO, it's simple controls, and the strong opponent A.I. I'd give it a rental if you like boxing games, but honestly, I knew Edge liked the game (they gave it an eight I believe) but I wasn't expecting much. I've been very pleasently suprised though, so I really would give it a go if you like fighting games.
  9. Robo_1


    Just picked this up yesterday, (as I was getting a bit sick of Soul Calibur 2) and still felt like a good fighter. After two days solid play, it's turned out to be great fun. It's an easy game to pick up, but there is plenty to learn. The A.I is extremely impressive, probably the most impressive fighting A.I I've come across. By the time your standing toe to toe with Ivan Drago, you really have to employ every boxing trick you've learnt to knock him out. What's also nice is the character profiles. In them the characters trainer makes notes on his characters strengh and weaknesses. These skills, - or lack of - are clearly evident when fighting against that character. The controls feel natural, and the franchise has certainly been treated with respect, though who on Earth they brought in to do Drago's voice I'll never know. He sounds a bit like a German Steven Hawking. The training sections start out tough, but after a few attempts, you really get into the swing of it. So yeah, I imagine this game can be found at a good price nowadays, and you could certainly do a lot worse if you're looking for a fighting game to get into. Makes Rage's departure even worse But at least they left on a winner
  10. There is no question that this poll omits a fair few classics, and reflects the opinion of the less hardcore gamer. However, as a Sonic fan, I'm chuffed to fuck B) B) Though to be honest, the absence of Sonic from Edge's top ten was equally as ridiculous as Mario 64's omission here. So, we can at least agree that most polls of this nature are shit, unless of course you happen to agree with them
  11. I owned both the PS2 and Xbox versions of Max Payne. I thought the PS2 version held up pretty well. Coming to it as a fresh game, and having no PC or Xbox version to compare it to, I really enjoyed it. I completed it, traded it and about six months later picked it up for the Xbox. The gameplay was/is identical, and aside from a few graphical touches, the PS2 version offers a fine Max Payne experience.
  12. I'll bet the writer of 3D Monster Maze is on the phone to id as we speak
  13. Oh big hairy bollocks. I hope this game is good, I really enjoyed the demo so I'll be extremely upset if the rest of the game stinks. Shit, I'm sorry, but SHIT. So many games I've been looking forward to this year have turned out shit, I'm getting seriously sick to death of constantly being let down. OH SHIT
  14. Robo_1

    Terminator 3

    I actually enjoyed Dawn of Fate. The camera is beyond poor, but when it gets going, it's genuinely fun to get stuck in to. I take EG's reviews with a pinch of salt at the best of times, so whilst it's pretty safe to say Terminator 3 is a shite game (excellent film though) it's probably no where near as bad as EG suggest, and I'll probably pick it up second hand at some point. Amazon's reviewers seemed to like it though, Link
  15. I swear, this place gets better by the minute More power to you Stu B)
  16. Robo_1


    I'm really looking forward to this too. I enjoyed the demo, but I really want the game to maintain a tense and scary atmosphere. I'm not up for a wander em up (Primal step forward) either, but a nice action orientated scare fest would really hit the mark. A bit late I know, but if you were still looking for someone to do a review of R&C2, then I'd be happy to oblige, just drop us a PM, and I'll try to have it ready by Monday. Though it's worth pointing out, that IMO R&C2 is one of the finest games I've ever played, and I'd give the game a ten in a heartbeat.
  17. I imagine Games 10 day money back thing has helped nurture this problem considerably.
  18. Spong have the story on their site, according to them, the games are: Hitman 2 Medal of Honour Burnout All for £29.99. Would have been top had it been Burnout 2, (assuming of course that Spong are right, which is a somewhat daft thing to do at the best of times) but for under 30 notes I'll still be adding one to my shopping list B)
  19. The classic of classics. Yup, I loved the little rubber fella (and the spectrum) with all my heart. I still miss it today at times, I sure as hell miss the £1.99 price tag Whilst we're all gathered here, I do have one Speccy related question. Did anyone ever see the end of Street Fighter 2 on the Speccy. The loading of each seperate character renedered the game almost unplayable. If only they had added as little as one extra tape to make multiloads easier, it may have gotten away with it, but as it was, it was virtually impossible to play.
  20. If they can put all that together in one bundle then I'll be very impressed. Are you sure it's Burnout 2 and not Burnout 1 though? Still, if that package does go ahead I'll certainly be picking one up.
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