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  1. As long as they keep the frame rate up with the graphics, it should be great. The A.I clearly hasn't been added yet (at least I hope not) but things like those jets swooping in at the beginning was very impressive.
  2. This is exactly what I've been thinking. If memory serves, aren't both Xbox 2 and N5 going to be using an ATI graphic chip set. Xbox 2 will be using a variation of the G5 chip, and with the Cube currently using a variation of the G3 chip, it does seem probable that both NG machines will be using power PC architecture. This would make the N5 and X2 very similar on a technical level, and surely make life much easier for conversions between the two. If the above isn't a load of old tripe (cos I may have not remembered correctly ) it could be a fight between an emerging gaming standard in the PS3, or the fall of Sony from the top spot. With such a radical difference in architecture, some developers may simply have to choose between making the game for both the X2 and N5, or the PS3 alone. This will make the first year of sale for the next generation of consoles infinitely more important, as developers will be even quicker this time around to abandon an underperforming platform. I think.
  3. Picked up Robocop, about one week before MGM announced the region 2 box set. Which also includes the uncut version, and a very nice new documentary. I wish a decent DVD of Robocop 2 would be released. There are so many cut scenes (an entire sequence where Robocop visits his own grave, and Cain visiting OCP).
  4. Robo_1


    Well the shop I usually trade in is great. He has four pricing categories, where you can pay €7.50 (about a fiver) and swap the game you have for any other game in that category. Just the other day, I swapped Starskey & Hutch and DC Soldier of Fortune, for Return of the King (PS2) and Minority Report (Xbox). I handed over 15 euros and I'm happy as hell. Though RoTK is pretty poor.
  5. Looks ropey for sure, but nothing that's going to put me off playing it. I'm not so fussed about graphics, as long as they keep the frame rate steady.
  6. Robo_1


    I don't know how many people on here trade games to fund buying new ones, but (all but the essentials) I trade a lot of games after I finish them. Now and again though, I do get the urge to play certain games I traded away again. Whilst I'm not going to defend the merits of what is essentially, a brainless, linear experience, I keep on trading and buying Minority Report. I traded the game about 6 months ago, but recently have had an urge to start throwing people through top story windows again. The game may only be a one trick pony, but it's a bloody fun trick Anyway, any of you guys trade games, only to buy them back again at a later date.
  7. I find it very hard to believe Sony would cut MP3 playback from the PSP. Unless it's for technical reasons, then it's a foolish move. If I were to buy a PSP, it would be to replace all other on the move entertainment, that would at least justify the expense.
  8. Yet you still felt justified in saying: Sorry mate, but you've just proven my point entirely. It's cool to slate the Matrix films, and even people who have never even seen the films, will gladly have a pop at them. Farsight, I completely agree with what you're saying. As I said before, I'm far happier that the Matrix trilogy now has a niche but dedicated following. As far as deepness goes, you're spot on too. How many films seriously inspire such (admittedly, incredibly geeky) fan analysations? Even the names of each character have great meaning to them. For those who want to dig into these films, there is plenty of reward.
  9. It's a fantastic game. I've nearly finished it with all the teams, and I have completely enjoyed every minute of it. Sonic in a great return to form, bravo Sega
  10. Well if that's how you felt, fair enough, but surely you can appreciate that it does render your opinion of the film somewhat redundant. I've seen countless films where the first thirty minutes was poor, only for a plot event to kick in, and the film to get considerably better. Anyway, I refuse to argue anymore with the designer of one of my all time fave games: "Feud". So I'll leave it at that
  11. As can I yours. Seriously though, have you seen Reloaded all the way through? I'm not looking to fall out over this, but if not, it is pretty poor to throw such scorn upon a film you've only seen 30 mins of.
  12. Except for the fact, that it was originally planned as a trilogy. Oh I can accept criticism. The Zion rave is poorly handled and relatively pointless, the whole Persephone character seems to have zero relevance to the plot, despite much screen time being given to her. There are highs and lows of both films, but it's phrases such as "excuses for films", which smacks of someone going OTT for the sake of it.
  13. I read in the other thread, that you left the cinema after seeing just 30 minutes of Reloaded. Unless you have since seen it all the way through, you'll forgive me for not giving your opinion on the film too much weight. If you have seen it all the way through, then fair enough. It's your opinion and you are entitled to it, but making statements like , could just as flatly be dismissed with, "you didn't get it then".
  14. Oh come off it, I clearly said I'm not saying anyone who didn't like the Matrix films are media puppets. I'm just pissed that you can't claim you like them, without getting a deluge of incredibly patronizing and OTT bull shit. LOTR is a different kettle of fish to the Matrix situation. Most importantly there wasn't a four year gap of anticipation and build up between the sequels. Jackson is also happy to court the media, the Wachowski's clearly aren't.
  15. I've absolutely no problem with individual opinions of the film, you thought they were pretty shit, I thought they were spectacular. Fair enough, that's the way it works with any form of art or entertainment. I just think too many people are riding the media shit storm of negativity, and people who would otherwise have found the films to be watch-able, average or poor, are now taking every chance they can get at posting variations of "Mat1x 15 DE SUXXXOR ONE ONE ONE 1111", and invariably coloring the overall view of the films. I dare to say I like the films, and I'm blasted for it, makes you wonder how many people are just band wagon jumping for the sake of saving themselves from this sort of ridicule. Some people like the Matrix sequels, get over it, for God's sake. I mean I'm well aware that some people hate them with a passion, it's just when the flaming is so blatant that I go off on one. Personally, I'm happier that the Matrix has returned to a niche but dedicated fan base, even though Warner Brothers are probably less ecstatic
  16. Oh Christ When I first went onto a Matrix forum, to get away from this sort of negative hysteria, a lot of people were having debates on why the two sequels were being flamed so much. One guy came in and pretty much summed it up. He said something along the lines of what goes up must come down, and the sort of feedback the Matrix sequels were being subjected to, was an inevitable knee jerk reaction from the critics, who were pig sick of having to praise two relative unknown directors and writers, who in return had absolutely no time for the media. In parallel, a lot of the fans of the first Matrix film, were there shouting it's brilliance, purely on the basis of good word of mouth, critical praise, and what's "cool" to like at the time (those same masses who are now falling over themselves with this years darling: LOTR). Needless to say, when the tide turned for Re-loaded, those same masses, just checked their "what's cool to like/not like this month" calendar, and slated it at every possible turn. I could have listed any number of mediocre/average/poor films in that list, and few people would have batted an eye lid, but because it's the Matrix sequels, it's obviously kudos points to be seen publicly bashing them. Not that the unbelieveable hype poured onto the films by Joel Silver and co, helped matters, as there's nothing more fun than watching a cocky producer taking a fall. The media knew this, and responded accordingly. How the hell else do you explain Revolutions being totally ignored at the Oscars. Anyone who can tell me the SFX in Peter Pan were more deserving of an Oscar nomination than Revolutions, and keep a straight face is beyond me. Anyway, rant over. I'm not in the least, saying that anyone who doesn't like the Matrix sequels is nothing more than a media puppet. I'm just sick to the point of this rather uncharacteristic rant, that people have to make such a song and dance when someone actually says how much they like the sequels. I say it in this thread, and within half an hour three people are sticking the boot in. They aren't perfect films, and there is much to both like and dislike in them, like any film you should form your own opinion. But the constant, totally OTT outcries of people who fall over themselves to liken watching the Matrix sequels with being anally raped with a barbed wire coated breeze block, perpetuates the belief that it's become a film it's cool to slate, and that the mass of hysterical media negativity, has washed away a lot of peoples ability to judge the film on it's own merits.
  17. Harsh? I really enjoyed those films. The Matrix sequels have infinitely more depth to them on second viewing, and they were worth returning to just to see the Highway chase, Burly Brawl, Battle for Zion and Superbrawl again. I'm a big Bond fan, so I enjoyed returning to DaD. So, Bollocks to most people.
  18. Nothing wrong with a bit of Leslie Nielson from time to time. Even though my girlfriend and most of the english speaking world beg to differ
  19. Only recently have I started doing this. I saw Die Another Day three times, Re-loaded about four times, and Revolutions three times.
  20. I do sometimes. There are plenty of shops who are selling top quality films for under 3 quid. I picked up 48 hrs, Another 48 hrs, Trading Places, Naked Gun 1 & 2 and Spy Hard brand new, and less than the cost of renting them. Of course I go for DVD for films I'm really bothered about, but when it's just something to watch in the evening, I don't mind paying less to actually own a film, than to spend money on just renting it.
  21. Being a Phil fan, I think "No Way Out", from Brother Bear is an excellent track. Failing that, anything from Aladdin
  22. Now there's the understatement of the decade
  23. I thought it was boring after seeing it the first time, but after mulling over the story and thinking back, I ended up buying it. It's not exactly jam packed with action, but what it does have is fast and furious visual treat. You can't fault Bale's performance either.
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