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  1. It seems I got here a little late, but yes, without question the first Robocop films rules the roost. Robocop 2 is far from being a bad film, but when you read the original ideas Michael Miner and Edward Neumeier had, regarding a follow up, 2 does seem like a huge disappointment. They had basically sketched out an idea where OCP were ready to place complete control of the city, into the hands of a Skynet type system, things presumably went tits up, and Robocop had to sort it out. A variation of the idea was used as the basis for the 1994 TV series, which certainly had it's moments (both good & bad). To cut a long story short, Orion pictures wanted a sequel to Robocop out ASAP, but when the original creative team said they weren't ready, Orion simply hired the creative team of: Frank Miller (story & Screenplay) Walon Green (Screenplay) and of course Irvin Kirshner as director, who was so taken aback by the critical venom which was spat at him from all directions upon the films release, he vowed to never direct another film. Needless to say, Robocop 2 missed a lot of the spirit and biting satirical humour of the first, and simply compensated with bigger guns and more violence. It certainly had it's moments though. The scene between Murphy and Ellen is superbly handled, Robocop 2 is one beast of a machine, and the finale is extremely satisfying. Though, whilst Robocop 2 usually walks the line of opinion of being above average - below average, Robocop 3 incurs the wrath of fans, critics and people who have vaguely heard of the film alike. It's painfully obvious to see what went wrong. Orion basically told Fred Dekker (director) and Frank Miller (screenplay) to make a Kid friendly movie, as a lot of kids like the character, and they want the film to get PG13 rating. So, cue a friendly, none violent Robocop film, where the number of people shot can actually be counted on one hand. To add to the grief of Robocop 3, Orion pictures was in serious financial trouble, and the budget awarded to Robocop 3 was miniscule for what the original script envisioned. Cue an extremely shoddy Jet-pack scene, watered down action, a two year delay in release (as Orion went bankrupt in the meantime) and total apathy from the cinema going public. Yet, for all that was wrong with Robocop 3, I still have great fondness for it. It may be because it was the only Robocop film I've ever seen in the cinema, but I maintain a lot of people neglect to give the story the credit it deserved. Seeing Robocop side with the Rebels and fight against OCP was a logical progression of the series. Robert Burke did a damn fine job at stepping into Wellers shoes, the Basil Poledouris's score is as solid as the first, and the level of acing from CCH Pounder, Rip Torn and John Castle is greatly suited to the characters they represent (Burtha, The Old Man and Mc Daggat respectively). So yeah, the Robocop franchise has been dragged through the mud over the years. The only recent productions have been a four part TV film series: Prime Directives. Not bad, suffered from a terrible D-list cast, (aside from the five main characters) a crippling budget (15 million will not get you 8 hours of sizzling high tech action) and a story which poaches nearly every good idea from the original TV series, and then adds a darker twist. Again it has it's moments, it certainly returns Robocop to his darker roots, but he is shown to be so weak throughout all four films, it begins to strip away his hero persona, and thusly, you begin to care less and less about the character. The action is well directed though, Page Fletcher does a good job of Robocop, the Murphy/Cable (his first partner), back story is well told, and the general flow of the film is up-beat enough to keep you interested. There have been mumblings and flat out statements from Verhoeven et al, that the original team would love to work on a new Robocop film. Now that would be brilliant, it's one thing to have inevitable sequels come out for a successful franchise, but it's quite another for the original team to come back, specifically to rectify the damage done to the character in recent years. Who knows, they may actually give them a budget which doesn't disappear once they've paid for the rental of the Robo- suit Shame the game turned out to be pish, though to be fair, it is authentic, and for a fan, quite enjoyable pish I just wish the Robocop Motion Master Ride was running somewhere. I spent an entire day at Granada Studios on that B)
  2. Ohhhhh, it's different isn't it Enjoying it muchly at the moment. Very, very Bondish. The driving sections take a bit of getting used to, but I'm having no problem with the third person view point and targeting. The soundtrack and SFX are very nice indeed, and the graphics and Bond gadgets are all top shelf. Anyway, looking forward to playing more of it, but I also picked up Nightfire on Xbox, as a backup B)
  3. Amen. Still today one of the most enjoyable and clever games I've ever played, any chance of an update?
  4. Jak 1 is a solid platformer, which has rightly attracted a dedicated fan base. Ratchet & Clank is my personal fave though. It's bursting with character and the gameplay is more exciting than Jak (IMO). Now that they are both on platinum, I'd strongly recommend picking them both up though.
  5. Ever heard Magnitude 9? Their new "Decoding the Soul" album is a great blend of fast paced melodic metal, with a progressive edge. If not, give Threshold a try, their new album "Critical Mass" is a prog metal masterpiece. For MP3 samples of both albums go here: 1: Magnitude 9 2: Threshold (live critical energy album)
  6. I can't wait for this one either. Lots of OTT comic book styled action please
  7. "Like a Nun with a gun, I'm wonderful fun"
  8. Ratchet & Clank 2 had a mere 12 months in production, and that turned out to be my game of 2003. It is quick, but going off past results, they can certainly deliver the goods. Not exactly over the moon with the dark & edgy approach, I think enough games are dark and edgy, lets just keep this one feeling light.
  9. I really like that idea. It would certainly be more productive than the usual miss mash of plus and negative points. I wish reviews in general were less close minded. I mean I've already discussed the Spyhunter 2 score of 2, but it sounds like a game I'd really enjoy. Personally I'd like reviews to tell you about a game as opposed to reviewing them. If a games got a poor frame rate, or excellent textures, then facts are facts and should be reported as such, along with length, options, multiplayer etc. It just puts my back up when one reviewer dismisses a game on the basis that he didn't enjoy it. He didn't, fair enough, but I might. Pack the reviews with more facts and less opinion, that's my view anyway. I really liked what some of the older Speccy mags used to do. They had the main review, and then another reviewer would be given a little box out to offer a second opinion. I thought that was a really honest approach to the simple fact that we all enjoy different games, without the Edge's/OPSM's/IGN's opinion is... BS. I MISS CRASH & YS
  10. It used to be all time fave Bond flick, but on later viewings, it just became all too clear that Roger was past the action side of it, and as a result the film lost a touch of it's credibility. Bless him though, Roger had been trying to get out since FYEO, but Cubby kept asking him back. That being said, I definitely think AVTAK stands up as a top Bond film. Walken is an extremely memorable villain, and when they face off after he kills Tibet, there is no questioning Rogers acting.
  11. OHMSS never really did it for me. I can certainly appreciate why it's held up as one of the classic Bond films. The character of Bond is really given room to grow, the end is as tragic as it is brilliant, and Telly Savalas is a standout villain. However, the overall pace of the film is just painfully slow. Never once did I feel in the least bit excited. The fights were all so so, the plot was stupid, and the ski scene at the end is completely eclipsed by the ski scenes from For Your Eyes Only (an extremely underrated Bond film IMO). As far as favorites go, it's a close run thing between Goldfinger, The Spy Who Loved Me, Living Daylights (add me to the Dalton was great camp), and Tomorrow Never Dies. I have to admit that the action fan in me, probably pulls me more towards TND. The opening sequence is just brilliant, made all the more great with the dramatic music and some superb editing. Not really much of a fan of the title song, but when the plot is so up beat and sublimely tongue in cheek, you can forgive most things. Die Another Day would have been great, but for an over zealous Lee Tamahori, who changed the ending to become overblown, and slashed Bond tradition to go with CGI BS, over stunt work. I once heard a comment from one of the Bond producers (could have been Cubby), who said Bond should often stray into the improbable, but never into the impossible. I think this is where DaD went wrong, as I thought the plot, the set pieces (that sword fight and the Aston Martin chase on ice) were as good as Bond has ever got, but a few cringe worthy moments really let the side down.
  12. So in short, you haven't played it then. I freely admit to wanting to like it, but I'm not going to post, "it's fantastic, this is easily EA's best Bond to date". I've seen countless trailers, played the OPS2 demo and read numerous reviews of the game, but I don't feel justified in passing verdict on the game at all. I wish people would just be more honest and say, "my impression...", or "from what I've seen...", rather than posting misleading statements like "next Goldeneye my arse". Don't get me wrong, your perfectly entitled to express your views on the game, but it would be helpful if you also mentioned from what basis you are forming your opinion. I assume Beertiger actually has the game, and so I'm more inclined to believe the game rocks, as me and Edge & Games TM rarely see eye to eye in the reviews department, and I also like what I've seen and played of it.
  13. On a more general note, I've recently been thinking if a games price should effect it's enjoyability. I picked up T3 yesterday for about 10 quid. I finished it this morning, it's uber short, fairly shite and has extremely ropey graphics, but the presentation is slick, the Redemption demo is good fun, but overall the game whilst poor compared to pretty much every other FPS ever made, offers a reasonable amount of enjoyment to just plough through (and to be honest I really liked the fighting aspects, as it was quite different to anything I've played recently, though again, it's painfully simple). My enjoyment was probably enhanced due to me being a Terminator fan, and the story told by the game does complement the film plot quite well. A 4.5/10 game I'd say. Anyway, point being if I'd payed anything above a tenner for it, I'd have been fairly disgusted, as it was, I felt as if I had ten pounds worth of entertainment out of it, and so came away reasonably satisfied. Don't get me wrong, a bad game is a bad game, but does the price you pay for a game, effect your overall feelings on it? Or is cost simply not an issue when assessing a game as a whole.
  14. Really? I've read so many mixed reviews of this game, it's virtually impossible to form any sort of opinion of it, until you play it for yourself. What in your opinion is actually wrong with it?
  15. Oh no, I'm too tired from defending Sonic Heroes for any of that
  16. Can't say fairer than that B)
  17. I'm not laboring the point to be confrontational, but I genuinely don't know what more you wanted from a Spy hunter update. It's fast, the sound and graphics all do their job, and it's packed with objectives, action and some cool cut scenes to boot. It's not high art by any means, but I genuinely and honestly cannot see what more Midway could have done, to create a faithfull update of such an already basic gaming concept. I found it to be lots of mindless fun, and if the sequel is more of the same, then that's fine with me, but I thought a 2 would only be given to a game that was intrinsically broken in some way which made the game virtually unplayable.
  18. I've played both the PS2 and Xbox version, and love it. It's a fantastic arcade blast. It's like how the car sections of the Bond games should be done, lots of weapons, both offensive and defensive, a fast pace, lock on weapons and loads of explodable scenery; excellent stuff.
  19. Bloody hell, a 2 for Spyhunter 2 is incredibly worrying. I was really looking forward to this game. They must have seriously messed up the formulae of the first one, for the sequel to be so dire. EoN, gets another 5 I'll just put my faith in forumites who say it's better.
  20. Oh dear, this is going to be bloody awful! Taken from the Bond website MI6 Not content with messing with perfection (Goldeneye), they now fancy messing with the entire Bond Universe EDIT: Looks like it's probably EG's April fools joke
  21. I really didn't get along with Nightfire. I picked it up for the PS2, and was underwhelmed. It just seemed slow and empty, with chronically stupid A.I. I didn't like the way the Bond gadgets were all triggered events. I much preferred AuF. It gave you plenty of multiple routes, the driving sections were better, and the whole game had more of light yet fun tone about it. Would I enjoy Nightfire on the Xbox more I wonder?
  22. Great stuff. How is the frame rate though? It's the only gripe I've heard a lot of people moan about, but I never know which format they are talking about.
  23. Amazon are doing PoP for £22.99. I know where I'm picking up my copy B)
  24. Which version have you got, and how bad is the frame rate?
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