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    The end scared the shit out of me: Spoiler: When Lazarus dies and the game goes to the start screen, only for a robotic creature to be sent into the game world, which I thought was some disturbing Robocop style affair, as I was sure it was Lazarus's face on the front. Great game though, but I did trade it after completion. As Squirtle says, the end seemed a bit rushed. A shame as if it had given me an incentive to replay I may well have done so. Oh and Squirtle I know exactly what moment you're referring to, and it was indeed a "call you Mum in to watch" moment. Fabulous. I didn't find anything awkward about the Ghost hunting either. I suppose they wanted a lock on feature, but that would have just made it ridiculously easy. I was happy with how they did it.
  2. Robo_1


    Played it until completion, and despite the pace of the game being soooo slow, I did enjoy it a lot. It was actually the demo which prompted me to buy it, I thought the controls of Lazarus were fine, and the graphics are enough to make an Xbox blush. Better than Primal, and a stong adventure game in it's own right.
  3. All the info is here at Coming Soon: click It's being ear marked as a Disney release, with the story being written by Jordan Mechner. Could be fun in a "Pirates of the Caribbean" sort of way. I imagine the time effects would translate very well onto the big screen.
  4. Robo_1

    Bad Boys 2

    In my quest for information on this game, I did uncover one of the most hilarious examples of fan boy ramblings ever: Nutters I genuinely can't tell if it's someone taking the piss, or a fan boy rant
  5. Robo_1

    Bad Boys 2

    Bugger Oh well, I'll probably rent it just to sate my own curiosity, but the rest of my cash will probably go on Deus Ex 2. It's with games like this I really miss Games 10 day return policy. I mentioned this policy to the staff at Game mania (the leading game chain in Belgium). They laughed in my face They genuinely refused to believe any games shop would have such a policy, and if you think Games trade in prices are naff, then these guys are the pit of hell. I can expect to get no more than £15 for brand new games. They then sell the second hand games on for close to double that. Still, there is one dedicated second hand/retro shop that more than makes up for this Oh yeah, Bad Boys 2, Bugger
  6. Robo_1

    Bad Boys 2

    Have you played it? If so what were it's main problems. I'm only looking for a nice bit of brainless blasting. Nothing more complex than that.
  7. Robo_1

    Bad Boys 2

    I've seen a video of it (over at gamers hell) and it looks like a basic run, gun and hide formulae, but fun. Having nearly finished EoN, I'm still up for a nice bit of third person blasting. So has anyone played it or seen a review of it. I'm prepared for some fairly negative feedback, but I'm curious none the less
  8. It's just a game that has fun rooted into it. It's not trying to be big or clever, it's just there to put players in Bond's shoes, and give them a hell of a ride whilst there. I haven't read the Edge or Games TM reviews, but what were there complaints about it? I've just been on to Eurogamer, where it's getting mainly positive feedback, and Edge is coming in for quite a kicking!
  9. Certainly on similar lines. The targeting system is far more advanced though. You can lock on, and then fine tune your shot, (which is particularly great when shooting from cover) for that all important head shot. I'd also add that the game really comes into it's own when playing on 00 agent difficulty. You really have to use all your gadgets, stealth and just generally be a lot quicker to survive. Normal Spy mode is just a bit of a run and gun experience, I'd definitely play it on at least Agent to give it a proper evaluation.
  10. My game of the year already. It delivers fun in spades, with a variety of play styles. I've got the Xbox version, and everything looks great with no slowdown.
  11. Yes, I'm sorry. To be honest, it is a bit odd that it isn't inverted by default, but indeedy, I am sorry for not checking before I posted. As punishment, I will now go and play Tomorrow Never Dies until completion
  12. Just checked the game, and in the options menu, you can indeed invert the Helicopter controls B) Sorry for posting without checking beforehand
  13. If anything I would say that's been the worst bit of the game yet. Incredible that this simple problem was overlooked.
  14. Oh sorry YES, IT'S INTERACTIVE!! In the sense that you push buttons on your pad, and see your character move. I imagine EA are going interactive overboard to stress how well the game puts you in Bond's shoes. Press Releases are usually pretty lame though. I mean I don't think you'll ever find a game press release which starts off: Presenting a fun but ultimately flawed piece of shovel ware!
  15. It is fantastic. The amount of game play they have managed to squeeze into it is an achievment in itself. From skydiving, rally racing, roof top bike chases, beat em up, shoot em up, and stealthy 3rd person sections, gadgets galore, superb graphics and sound, platinum challenges, all wrapped up in a typical Bond plot. It just all works. Some people have trouble with the auto aim, but after what must be at least 8 hours of play, I've barely experienced any instances of it playing up. You can fine tune your aim, and manually switch locked targets anyway, so I can barely see any cause for complaint. Technically this has to be one of EA's finest games to date. For the Xbox version there are no frame rate troubles, the graphics are all super crisp, and there are no PAL borders or slowdown to be found. Everything in the game feels Bond, and I would heartily reccomend it to any Bond and action fans alike.
  16. Robo_1

    True Crime

    It's excellent. Spanks the arse of both GTA games. There is loads to do, the fighting, driving and shooting sections have all been worked out incredibly well, and the multiple paths and upgrades training gives the game far more depth than other free roaming adventures. The main problem with True Crime is the rather dull environments, every road looks the same. The indoor locations are great though, and the breakable objects used when fighting give a real Hollywood sheen to the game. The ability to shoot out other cars tyres or gas tank on the move is great fun, and the random crime thing works fine for the length of the game, but does get a tad repetitive after a while. Overall a great game to play through, and here's hoping the sequel can just spice up the environment a touch, to keep you playing for longer after completion.
  17. Sir, you flatter me To be honest, I think it's great that people still remember Robocop with some degree of fondness. After the unprecedented amount of average to poor spin offs the franchise has suffered, I think it's brilliant that people still remember the excellent original, without letting all the cash in rubbish destroy it's good standing. Worth also noting that any fans who would love to see the original in the cinema again, can do so in Holland pretty soon: Here are the dates for Robocop All other films being shown It's not exactly easy to get to unless you live in Holland (or Belgium ), but I thought it may interest some of you B)
  18. It could sound horribly pretentious to just say fun, but it's the truth. I love pointing and shooting, driving fast arcade style cars, and just having a blast when playing. Oh I certainly appreciate a gem when it comes along, PoP, REZ, Battle Engine Aquila (I shit you not), but for the most part I just love running and gunning. The sort of A.I seen in Halo, is making these sort of games a lot more fun to play too. The Syphon Filter, Dead to Rights and Kill Switch style third person shooters, are really developing with nice stealthy elements coming in short bursts, to punctuate the action. As soft as it is, the video I saw for Bad Boys 2 the game, just looked like good run and gun fun. So yes, fun has to be at the very core of what I play, I don't care if it's an old idea, if the graphics suck, if the back story is shallow, if it's free roaming, first, third or isometric view, I just like a good blast. One of my fave game play elements used to be jumping bullets in stuff like Contra. Great moments:D I don't know weather the above makes my tastes sound incredibly shallow? I always appreciate a game which pushes new boundaries and breaks new ground, but at the end of the day, if it's not fun to play, it's not for me.
  19. Loved Equilibrium, and he'd probably be my first choice for the new Bond. Though I don't think he can be Batman and Bond. He would either instantaneously become the coolest individual to have ever walked the Earth, or implode. So I think it's a good idea if he stayed as one or the other
  20. Absolutely. I remember it came with that odd "dongle" security system The game was fantastic though, looking back at how advanced it was for it's time, you can't help but wonder how the hell Ocean lost it so badly with the console generation. I never did get the hang of the jet pack levels though. The Speccy version was a bit of a Robocop 1 update, I maintain it was the best music the Speccy had ever created.
  21. I'm not even going to debate this one, as I genuinely haven't come across any of the problems you're stating. You present a well though out and very open minded argument
  22. Why on Earth they want this added pressure is beyond me. IMO EA have proved they can make a good Bond romp, what they are looking for they simply won't get. Goldeneye pretty much established console FPS as a force to be reckoned with, it's not about quality, it's about achievment. I've enjoyed EoN more than Goldeneye, but it's not revoltionised a genre. Unless EA pull of a miracle, neither will Goldeneye 2. Doesn't mean it won't be fun, but they are inviting scorn from fans and critics alike, for daring to mess with a gaming legend.
  23. Marillion - Interior Lulu It's been a long time since I've listened to a bit of Marillion. It's rather good actually B)
  24. Which version are you playing? I've got the Xbox version, and I'm loving every minute of it. I don't see any problem with the controls. If anything I'd say it's one of the most accomplished third person shooters I've ever played. The camera is spot on, and the controls are fluid and easy to pick up. Action is varied, plenty of sneaking and shooting (the ruined temple level is a perfect example of this), plenty of all out action, and loads of original ideas (grapple, nano suit, catching that woman B)). I've also warmed to the vehicle sections. Chasing the train with your built in flame thrower torching enemy bikes on each side, whilst shooting out missiles to destroy the trains back canon is just great Bond fun. The tank level is also well done, and another example of the many nods to the films, which are stuffed into these games. Kudos to EA for cramming the game so full of replay incentives. The Bond moments and the platinum challenges all smack of a developer on top of their game. It all adds infinitely more depth to the game, and keeps you coming back to the game. I can't imagine I'm anywhere near completion, but already I'm returning to earlier levels to get those platinum challenges. I've only had a quick go at the co-op mode, but it seems well thought out and a nice variation of the basic multi-player element. As has been mentioned time and time again, the presentation for this game is first class. The graphics are sharp and bursting with detail, whilst the sound could all have come straight from one of the movies. Even the title song is pretty catchy, and the accompanying video could stand next to their movie counterparts very well. So yes, I'm very impressed with this game, but contrary to Blandishment, I feel the presentation is so good because it has an excellent game to wrap itself around.
  25. Actually, there is a scene in Robocop 3 which shows OCP execs leaping from windows and shooting themselves. I'd certainly say 3 had the better story over 2.
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