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  1. I see the rats have been hitting the gym since Dark Souls 3 wrapped! Bloody ridiculous how many souls I've lost to them at this point!
  2. So fellow nerds, how you liking it?
  3. What's annoying is in many respects, it's the perfect type of game to quickly dip in and out of but the devs force you to complete its fairly lengthy levels in one go, so you can't just jump in, have a crack at one or two challenges and then get back to dragon slaying, you have to commit the time it takes to complete an entire level to save your progress and given how tough a game it is, you can easily lose an hour or more trying to get through it. That said, it's one of my favourite games on any format. It's essentially a collection of reflex / tactical challenges, in which you have to carefully pick your path forward, before running, grappling, sliding, dashing and slicing your way through the path you've chosen. In terms of, "games which make you feel like a bad ass", it's right up there.
  4. Some interesting extra details about it in the full article: https://blog.playstation.com/2022/02/22/first-look-the-headset-design-for-playstation-vr2/#sf253727454 Apparently it has a small vent built into it, to prevent the constant fogging of the lenses which plagued the first version. This is a wonderful addition as I had to contend with the fogged lenses a lot, so fixing that is a huge bonus in of itself.
  5. First look at PSVR2. Looks nice and smaller than PSVR1 if I'm not mistaken.
  6. Robo_1


    Great stuff @robdood, really appreciate the time you've taken putting these together.
  7. Hmmm, must be something to it then. I'll shoot off a Tweet to the Evercade folk and see if they respond. As an aside, I can reccomend the Gaelco Arcade Collection 1. Biomechanical is a really fun run and gun game with a healthy dose of platforming, Aligator Hunt is a superb Cabal style shooter, Glass has an Asteroids infused take on the, "clear the blocks" genre and Thunder Hoop is another excellent platform shooter. Game for game I've easily had the most fun with this cart above all the others.
  8. You're really good at keeping up to date with all these Cyhwuhx, cheers. I could certainly see it. There doesn't seem to be any bad blood at all around whatever went wrong with Scalebound and there appears to be a lot of mutual respect there. To be honest I'd support anybody buying out Platinum who would look to steer them away from their GaaS ambitions and allow them to focus once more on blockbuster single player action games.
  9. My sense is that it's doing quite well. Purely anecdotally, more and more people I talk to in the retro scene are talking about having one or seriously considering getting one. I think the VS has been very well received by the exact audience they were aiming for. You make an interesting point about the pool of desirable titles left to license. Given the chameleonic nature of the hardware though, I do think they have enough opportunities. They could do cartridges loaded with classics from the 8 and 16 bit home computers, host more new releases like Tanglewood and I do think they'd do well to consider a "premium" range, where they would have a bit more of a budget to license some of the bigger names. We'll see though but I do think they've got a minor hit on their hands.
  10. Robo_1


    I am finding the third boss a bit of a trial. I can blaze through the entire museum with nary a scratch, but I can't wrap my head around her first phase. Is it just a case of run until she lets her guard down or is there some technique I'm missing?
  11. Well it's certainly been nice to go back to some of the older PS4 games which were enhanced for the Pro on the PS5 and enjoy the boosted frame rates and resolution. I can't say I've felt any regrets at not picking up a Pro though. As nice as the boosted performance is, I probably spent more time with the smaller games last gen, like Salt & Sanctuary and Valfaris than God Of War or Horizon, so I don't think for me personally, I would have got enough benefit out of it to really justify the investment, but hey, options are great and if money isn't an issue and people want the best console performance possible then it's great that the option exists.
  12. Robo_1


    Up to the third boss now and it's really clicked. Absolutely monstering my way through the first and second stages in prep for another bout with the third boos. Some absolutely gorgeous visuals throughout the museum too, the game has had the hand of a very talented art director at the helm.
  13. I skipped the upgraded consoles last gen and didn't feel as though I missed out. I guess the benefit of an upgraded console will be a 4k, 60fps plus raytracing option which is obviously desirable but wouldn't be enough for me to drop another 500 notes. I doubt the chip shortage will make it any easier for the price of the current consoles to fall by significant amounts and it may even make the effort of creating a bumped up version particularly onerous if they're already fighting for manufacturing capacity for their base machines. Yeah I dunno, unless it significantly impacts the VR experience (which it didn't last gen), I doubt I'll be pursuaded.
  14. Hmmm, maybe it's the power adapter I'm using. I'll do some more tests but it's good to know it's not a universal issue.
  15. I don't know if anybody has this problem with their VS, but it's showing up as permanently connected in the HDMI selection of my Sony TV. The console isn't on, so nothing happens when I select it, but since connecting up the VS, it's stopped all the ARC stuff from working, so PS5 no longer turns on the TV and all that. Is there a known fix or is this unique to me?
  16. For me it's basically going to be a beast level retro handheld. I've really enjoyed getting back into retro this past few years and the idea of having one device which can play pretty much everything up to PS2 on the go or docked on a TV is the appeal. I've never done any PC gaming so I'll doubtless have fun picking through some of the Steam Store highlights too. It'll also be great to have a portable device with excellent controls to stream PS5 and Xbox games. Indeed, it may well mitigate the need to buy a Series X entirely given MS's duel PC/ Xbox release and Gamepass streaming. The hilarious thing is I have maybe an hour or two every day to play games, so having this many options to play on one device is pretty crazy. Lord knows when I'll get the thing though, I only pre-ordered last month so I'll consider myself lucky if I'm unwrapping it for Christmas.
  17. Interestingly, Atsushi Inaba, president and CEO of Platinum has been speaking about how Platinum are open to a buyout offer. I'm not sure how this would square with their recent investment from Tencent, but I think of all the major players in the gaming space, nobody would benefit from their addition as much as Nintendo and they would IMO, do well to make their play before somebody else does! https://www.videogameschronicle.com/news/platinums-ceo-says-he-wouldnt-dismiss-acquisition-offers-as-long-as-our-freedom-is-respected/
  18. Robo_1


    Well okay then, that certainly helps ease the pain. Cheers. This is going to be a legendary game for speed runners.
  19. Robo_1


    Finally cracked stage 2 at the ripe old age of 67, so that bodes well for level 3. I can see myself getting better though. Went back through the first stage and got through it age 22, so I'm convinced I can get through that unscathed with a bit more practice. I was stunned to see that the number of "death jumps" carry over from the previous level though. That does feel excessively cruel and will necessitate a ridiculously good result in level 2 in order to have the faintest chance of completing the game. Anybody struggling with Sean though, I can heartily recommend upgrading to the ground parry as I found the move more or less invaluable in defeating him and it's just an all round handy move for catching the trickier enemies off-guard.
  20. Just caught up. Wow, the big N very much alive and kicking! All that and they didn't even talk about BotW2 or Bayonetta 3! Good times.
  21. Yeah, that's an outstanding lineup of titles, anything on top of that would be gravy.
  22. We are certainly in the same territory. I've yet to see anything which rivals court appearances being missed because the owner says trolls could be waiting in the bushes to "cut his dick off" and the big launch consisting of borderline non-functional manufacturing samples being sent out in black boxes (advertised as "special eco packaging" ) to a handful of backers! What's happening with Intellivision is nuts but I don't think we've had our full Spinal Tap moment yet!
  23. We're not at Vega Plus levels yet, but it's clearly going to be in the running. Unbeleivable!
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