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  1. Dropping bombs straight outta the gate, wow.
  2. Above all, I'd actually like to see them reveal something which takes the hardware out for a spin. A new franchise with new ideas and gameplay, something which would only be possible with what's under the bonnet of the PS5. I'm as guilty of this as anybody and I do get hung up on wanting to see sequels to games I've enjoyed but I do hope Sony let their developers breathe a little and build an experience from scratch which plays to the strengths of the new platform.
  3. So, this is tonight! Safe prediction, we'll see God Of War: Ragnarok, optimistic prediction, we'll see a Bloodborne Remaster, wild prediction, an unexpected sequel to an old license... let's go with Syphon Filter.
  4. That's a pretty big purchase. They're likely being lined up as a source of PSVR2 titles. Surprised they didn't wait until the Thursday event to announce this though, hopefully it means they have too many other things to announce.
  5. Just started the final DLC and they really did knock it out the park. The opening of the second part with the fire archers and the giant is a fantastic set up. The artwork is truly breathtaking in parts.
  6. About time Sony banged the drum a bit, we haven't had much in the way of big announcements for a while now, seems like they've been coasting on fumes for a while now. I'm expecting good things.
  7. SIFU still a while off then. Looks incredible though.
  8. Yeah, I do love games with Aim support. Farpoint remains one of my favourite VR experiences, just because the Aim rifle feels so good in the hand. I do wonder if any support for it will be carried over to next gen PSVR games, it seems so underused to have to buy a follow up version of that on top of everything else.
  9. They're hard for sure but the first one was patched up to make it significantly more forgiving after a few months. The second one largely nailed the difficulty out the gate I thought. It's unforgiving but for me it sits on the right side of being fair. I think the first one is only about four quid isn't it, so not the biggest gamble if you want to judge for yourself, although I do think the the second one is the better game.
  10. Yeah that's right, you absolutely need two move controllers to play this. The arm / hand motions are an integrated part of the experience. I think this fractured userbase of those with and without the Move controllers is one of the main reasons Sony are planning on bundling their next VR controllers in with PSVR2.
  11. This is probably the first FPS multiplayer game I've gotten stuck into since Unreal 3. I was attracted by the Portal gimmick, but it's just an incredibly well balanced arena shooter. It's clearly a little low budget and I hope the extra attention the game is getting allows the team the resources they need to upgrade the presentation a bit, but overall everything fits together incredibly well.
  12. Anybody else playing this? It's an arcade adventure FPS from developer nDream, developed exclusively for PSVR. I've had about 90mins on it (which makes me about half way through by some accounts) and it's good fun. The shooting itself isn't mind blowing and not as satisfying as that found in Blood & Truth, but it does make fantastic use of motion control. In a fight, you're able to grab onto more or less any object and move yourself into a peeking or ducking position. It makes dodging and shooting really easy and it's done really intuitively. This mechanic isn't limited to shooting either, the game has numerous climbing sections which work far better than anything else I've experienced in VR, giving you more freedom to climb how and where you want, even though the game ferries you along a very tight path. The game feels very arcadey in parts and there's a few standout moments where you're skiing down a mountain being chased by snowmobiles and taking out guard towers. A neo-80's soundtrack blasts away in the background as you're dodging and shooting, often watching snowmobiles explode in your path. It's simple, there's little gun variety and the enemy AI is basic but it has these exhilarating moments which elevate it above the baseline gunplay. There's a free demo available too: https://store.playstation.com/en-gb/product/EP4114-CUSA28287_00-4353510833635612/
  13. Bloody hell, that came out of nowhere! Downloading right now. That's a good price considering it's a widely anticipated sequel.
  14. Streets of Rage 4 publisher (not developer, thanks MW_Jimmy), Dotemu have been acquired by Focus Home Interactive for €38 million. After the success of SoR4, and the widely anticipated Shredder's Revenge, Dotemu seem like a very safe purchase. Hope this new found stability lands well for them and they continue to focus on supporting these high quality remakes / updates.
  15. That looks like it might scratch that UT3 itch I've had for over a decade now!
  16. I play mine quite regularly these days. I've been going through the last Prince Of Persia game on it recently and before that I cleared Resistance 3 again. It still hosts a treasure trove of single player games. On balance I think it had a better run that PS4, at least from the perspective of games I enjoyed on it.
  17. They really are looking to wield a lot of influence in this industry. I'll leave a link to the thread dedicated to the Sumo acquisition:
  18. Still looks fantastic. Not a deep game by any means, but it's got a great tempo to it and the combat was plenty satisfying. I'd be pleased to see a follow up.
  19. I don't think anybody knows exactly why DS5 information would be on Netflix servers, but that's probably a safe guess. This is more just a, "what if" thing. With Playstation Now being pushed out of the spotlight by Gamepass, could people see Sony going for some sort of strategic partnership to push the next iteration of it. Ah, it was probably a bit of a daft thing to share, I just saw it, raised an eyebrow and thought it might be worth discussing... probably should have stayed in drafts in hindsight!
  20. It's pretty thin I guess, I just thought the data mined info gave the idea some credibility.
  21. I wonder what the chances of this happening are? Be an industry shaker of an announcement if it happened and Sony have traditionally had a close relationship with Netflix.
  22. The d-pad and face buttons look to be on the verge of slipping off the thing. Interesting development though, sounds powerful enough at any rate.
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