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  1. AppLovin has offered to buy Unity Software in a $17.54bn all-stock deal.





    It is claimed that AppLovin will offer $58.85 for each Unity share.


    Adam Foroughi, AppLovin's chief executive officer, stated that combining the two companies will potentially generate "an adjusted operating profit of over $3bn by the end of 2024".


    "Unity is one of the world's leading platforms for helping creators turn their inspirations into real-time 3D content," Foroughi said.

    Unity's engine has been used to develop popular mobile games including Call of Duty: Mobile (pictured above) and Pokémon Go. 

    It was also the engine used for the short lived God of War knockoff, War Gods Zeus of Child.

    On this, Digital Foundry's John Linneman said, "Unity can be an amazing engine," however, games such as the God of War rip-off "probably [contribute] a little bit to the sometimes unfair distaste people have for [it]."


  2. On 02/06/2022 at 13:38, Corranga said:

    Posting here for no reason other than to share my current love of old prog (perhaps metal more than rock...) favourite Operation: Mindcrime by Queensryche.


    Basically, I was at a car boot sale a week or 2 ago.  I've been buying CDs as my work from home setup has my CD player right next to it, and I've always loved listening to albums in their entirety, in order.


    I discovered Operation: Mindcrime years ago, and, well, stole it (mp3) and have loved it ever since.

    Anyway, I saw someone selling the CD at the car boot, I think I paid £1.  They even commented it was their favourite album as I picked it up (do people do sales patter on £1 CDs at a boot sale?!).

    It sounds so crisp and refreshing compared to my mp3 copy, I expect it'll be spinning in my little machine for some time to come yet. ❤️


    Operation Mindcrime remains one of the best metal albums and best concept albums ever made. It's one of the few albums I never get tired of. I love the band in general but that one album so eclipses everything else they ever made, it was a real lightening strike moment. Eyes Of A Stranger is such a dramatic finale. The album clips along at such a relentless pace, anthem follows anthem and then suddenly you'll get something dark and broody like Suite Sister Mary. Listened to it every day back at Uni, must have seen them live nearly a dozen times over the years. Great, great band.


    In other prog news.... today sees the return of Porcupine Tree! Their new album Closure / Continuation is out today and it's sounding suitably interesting. After a few listens, it's clear this is a Porcupine Tree album and not an extension to Steven Wilson's solo career. Honestly, it's hard to make a judgement on it after only a few listens. There's nothing on there which has grabbed me as quickly as tracks from Deadwing, In Absentia or Fear Of A Blank Planet did, but it has this power and pull which is drawing me back again and again, so that usually bodes well that Wilson has weaved his magic. So far, the standout track is Chimera's Wreck, again, it's not grabbed me as much as say something like Anaesthetize, but there's something deeply compelling about it:


  3. So Goat Simulator 3 then... 🤣🤣🤣



    Fantastic trailer, it gives me hope that they're not going to stray far from what made the first game so wacky but wonderful.


    I have put more hours into the first game than probably any other game in existence. Three years ago, when my daughter was five she discovered the game and ever since we've been using it as a platform to tell all sorts of stories.


    She loves it and it's become a near daily fixture in our lives. Often she'll come home from school and one of the first things she'll do is run up to me and detail some new wild and wonderful adventure our goats can go on. Often the adventures will travel across the various bonus worlds and use multiple mods. We've been orphaned goats born in space who have to free MMO world from a tyrannical dinosaur, we've been bandit wizards who have to save kittens from an evil camel, we've been Olympic paragliding goats who have a lifelong rivally and so, so many more.


    It's a stupid, inane game in of itself but when you combine its generous sandbox, mods and endless amount of secrets with a childs imagination, it becomes this amazing canvas for free form story telling.


    I missed the original announcement and only learned of its existence last night. When I told my daughter (because this was completely unexpected and boy, had we pined for a new world to visit, I hadn't imagined there would ever be a sequel) she must have spent ten full minutes jumping with delight.


    Honestly, I'll just be happy with a change! As much fun as we have with it, "goated out" has become a common turn of phrase in our house. 😂


    Anyway, if you have kids I can reccomend giving it a chance, see what they do with it.


    From the look of that trailer, the team knows what made the first game so special and with the promise of a bigger world, more customisation and expanded multiplayer options, I'm sure many more adventures await. 🙂

  4. I'll always remember 2010 as being my favourite, at least in terms of the coverage here. It was the year of Konami's absolutely wild "1 million troops" conference, MS lost their minds dedicating half the show to Kinect and Sony wielded out their marketing character, Kevin Butler to address the audience and Gabe Newell made a surprise appearance. The memes which followed, the commentary, the biting insults. 🤣 I honestly can't remember if there were many decent games unveiled but in terms of spectacle, it was my favourite.


    Other stand out moments were the PS4 reveal, when they unveiled the lack of DRM and the 399 price. The audience reaction was nothing short of frenzied, a lot of good vibes from that show.

  5. Hats off to them. That's a great move and hopefully it will help spearhead a step change for the entire industry. Amazing how times have changed, correct me if I'm wrong but didn't MS used to run like a Hunger Games for employees, where the lowest ranked employees would regularly be booted out the firm? To go from that to this is a huge jump, fair play to them.

  6. Yeah, I mean it's all been said but that was incredible. It had a thread of authenticity which ran through it from start to finish, which I think kept you invested in the plot and characters.


    The action was a real tonic to the CGI fireworks which we're mostly treated to nowadays and I think that contrast alone gave the action an additional urgency to it.


    I was lucky enough to catch it in one of the new 4D cinemas where they move the seat and spray air and water at you etc. Comfortably the best experience I've had in one of those halls.


    Seriously tempted to go for a second visit towards the end of its run.

  7. 19 minutes ago, Cyhwuhx said:

    I just find it all kinds of ludicrous that Sony mentions upfront they won’t focus on their own stuff and then people whine it’s not their “E3 presentation with their own stuff” while E3 doesn’t even exist this year. 🙃


    Honestly, I was only aware of the stream today or yesterday so didn't know anything about the criteria. As I say, all I'm going off is that it's traditionally E3 time and instead of a big conference we get a 30 min stream.


    I'm not knocking what they did show, just miss the big live June showcase event.


    Back to the actual stream though, I do wonder if the somewhat strange intro to SF6 is a clue to some sort of a Final Fight remake. There was a clear focus on Metro City and the scrolling parts certainly indicated that they have a good idea of how a reimagined Final Fight would look and function.

  8. 8 minutes ago, Cyhwuhx said:

    Who ever said it was to be that? This was PSVR2/3rd party focus. 

    Are we still not used to Direct-style marketing?

    Oh just because it's June which was traditionally E3 time. Is there a bigger event on the way?


    Yeah, I know these Direct streams are how it's done these days but they feel like such "flash in the pan" affairs compared to the full conference experience.


    I miss them is all. The build up and analysis, the glut of reveals and the moments of cringe. These pre-prepared streams just feel so sterile in comparison.


    Don't get me wrong, there's been some nice stuff revealed and it's a perfectly serviceable 30 mins of promotion, I just find them a poor replacement for the full conferences.

  9. On 26/05/2022 at 19:52, Hawklord said:

    Alan White, long time drummer with Yes has passed away




    Been a huge fan of Yes for over 40 years and been fortunate to see them live in various incarnations/line-ups :( 


    Yes, I saw that. Terrible loss to music and of course, the prog scene in particular. He wasn't a showy drummer but he was the backbone of the band. I've been watching a few Yes shows on YouTube recently and it's hard to overstate the influence they had on progressive movement. Awaken remains my favourite track:



  10. 6 hours ago, layten said:


    Interesting that they've already approached Disney. I think EA would be too big for one of the manufacturers to get away with anyway and realistically, only MS would have the cash to close the deal.


    Yeah, a Disney or even Amazon or Google if they were actually serious about their respective game streaming platforms.


    I imagine Tencent's ears have pricked up too.

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