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  1. Following Yoñlu's suicide, this forum does receive a steady stream of visitors from Brazil and we have had a few instances of people signing up specifically to find more information about suicide.

    For anyone who is struggling with a crisis and is considering doing any sort of harm to yourself, please talk to somebody and if there is nobody in your immediate friendship or family circle you wish to speak to, here is a list of emergency / suicide support numbers you can call in your country:


    Specifically in Brazil, the following organisation is available to you:


    Centro de Valorização da Vida (http://www.cvv.org.br/) is an emotional and suicidal prevention support NGO founded in 1962 in São Paulo, Brazil, and recognized as Federal Public Utility in 1973. It offers voluntary and free support, with all communications being confidential. Contacts can be made through the phone number 141 (available 24/7), personally (in one of the 72 centres around the country), chat (via their website), VoIP (via Skype) and e-mail.

    If you would like to speak with members of this community, then we do have a thread dedicated to offering Mental Health Advice & Support, in which you will find many people who have faced similar difficulties in their own lives and will offer you the support and advice they are able.

  2. E3 cometh, best time to be a Rllmuker. :)

  3. Sweet Ted, sweet :)

  4. I raise a glass of fresh Aqua Vitae to you.


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