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  1. Well, that's 70 saved. You've pretty much described all my worst fears for these open world racers. Thanks for the heads up!
  2. Yeah, it's a lovely album. I'm finding it to be his most accessible to date. The songs seem to be much more classically structured but they still retain that DT sound. Moon People has such a great groove to it.
  3. That is looking great. That's really the "Next" look I was hoping for.
  4. Yup. I've really enjoyed PSVR and was all up for this. I'll certainly get it eventually but the lack of BC has totally frozen my interest and it's about 150 more than I was expecting. A new Astrobot game will inevitably push me over the line but having to keep my old headset and my failing Move controllers active to play my large library of old PSVR games is massively disappointing and as you say, the lineup they've announced just isn't good enough to justify that level of outlay day one. On the flip side, the tech does look great but if they're blocking me from my original library, then I'll be jumping on board later, so the library has chance to mature.
  5. That bit got me right in the feels. The character is often little more than comic relief but that scene was surprisingly effective at humanising him. Overall I loved this season. I felt the level of threat escalated just right. It all still felt consistent with the world they've established but it had that extra edge. The riper language was a surprise but the two times the F bomb was dropped were just perfect.
  6. Very dissapointing move to be honest. As layten says, it's hard to believe this was an insurmountable challenge for Sony, they've actively chosen to go another way. The hope now is that they have prepared an SDK which will specifically help developers quickly and easily convert their games to be PSVR2 compatible, under the belief that the bulk of the games most people actually care about will receive an all round better conversion that way. If this isn't the case and the upgrades aren't free (or super, super cheap) then it's certainly poured cold water over my enthusiasm for the device which is a shame as I've had about as much fun with PSVR as the PS4 itself.
  7. It still amazes me how guarded these companies are with the license agreements for older games. I'd wager that the vast majority of the Evercade audience have access to most of these games and the means to play them outside of their Evercade purchase. The more difficult they make it for gamers to legitimately play these games, the more they risk seeing declining support for the platforms which host them. These companies should be enormously grateful to Evercade and others for opening up fresh revenue streams for catalogue games, not constantly trying to trip them up with punitive licensing restrictions.
  8. Well it's quite an outlay if you're not sure. Ask yourself how you'd feel if there was a knock at the door and you had to hand over the 600 + to have it in your hands right now. If that prospect doesn't excite you much, then probably best to hold off. You'll get a second bite of the apple later down the road. I got my notification for my 256GB and I couldn't pay it fast enough. As mentioned earlier, it was supposed to be a Christmas gift and I'm still not sure if I'm going to keep it as such. Four months is a long ass time to keep it in the closet.... but then it would make finally getting it all the sweeter. Man alive, talk about first world problems.
  9. I'm here for that! Looks great... reminds me, I still haven't player the PSVR games, were they any good?
  10. Haha, yeah same. Truth is I've been looking forward to it as a Christmas treat so I'll be wrapping it up and sitting on it for a few months. I'll always be 12 when it comes to new gaming hardware and Christmas morning.
  11. Now that would be something! Area X was such a tease.
  12. Looking forward to seeing what the launch slate looks like. It's got to be launching with a new Astrobot game and I wouldn't complain if there was a Blood & Truth sequel or another shooter of that calibre.
  13. This looks like great fun, it definitely has the same vibe as the gloriously daft Devil's Third. Yeah, it's only when seeing the trailer for this I realise how much the game scene has shifted. During the PS360 era, third person action games like this were released damn near monthly. This looks like a good throwback to that era, hopefully the extra time they're taking bodes well.
  14. Very sad news. He was a genuine legend from the era. His art was the epitome of the cool, fantastical side of 80's home computing, an unmistakable energy about it. Rest in peace sir, you'll be remembered for many, many years to come.
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