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  1. That's an interesting take @Johnson Geoffrey Johnson you could well be right and I think the Argos vs Game analogy fits well. I'm only vaguely aware of the device. It is great to see a new Earthworm Jim on the horizon though. Is it exclusive? Oh yeah and that next gen Atari. A lot of these niche consoles coming out these days. The Spectrum Next team delivered, so I'm happy anyway.
  2. Very few this gen really. They used to be my go-to editions during the PS3 era, I've got shelves full of the things. This gen I bought the nightmare edition of Bloodborne and the art book editions of Uncharted 3 & Horizon... The Horizon one is lovely I must say. Actually one of the rarer games I bought this gen was Tearaway for the PS4, which came bundled with a free plush of the main character. Strangely it was never released in the US or UK so I guess that must make it one of the harder to find collectors editions. Oh and right at the start of the gen, I bought the funny copy of Infamous which included the jacket. That's nice. I've certainly slowed down my purchase of those sorts of things though. For one I've bought far fewer boxed games this gen as a whole. I still buy 90% of the big releases I want in shops, but I've found that digital sales have largely taken the place of second hand purchases and indie releases make up a huge chunk of my play time these days.
  3. Robo_1

    Best New Music 2020

    The latest cut from Fish's final album has put a lump in my throat. A beautiful song which deals with dementia. The video is a real heart breaker:
  4. Just curious, did you watch the video or do you just view things like this as a complete waste of time? I mean obviously you know your tech, I'd genuinely be curious if you found anything he said to be implausible. He does seem at pains to come across as neutral, there's no console cheerleading, in fact the video is a pretty dry tech analysis which covers the information he says he has about the GPU design. Commentators like this only get so much rope. If the deep dive comes and it's confirmed that PS5 is largely RDNA1, then his credibility is shot to shit. There'll be another batch to take his place in time for PS6 of course, but if he is blowing bubbles, then given the tech nature of his channel, I think his 70k subs will shrink pretty quickly. Oh yeah, so much of it is about art direction these days. Maybe I'm just particularly sad, but I love this part of the console cycle, the rumours, the speculation, the leaks. For me it's all great fun. I know there are some who get super invested in which plastic box wins the power stakes, but I just love watching it all unfold. For all the drama that unfolded last gen about the power difference between Xbox One and PS4, I still think Ryse is one of the most beautiful games of the gen, so ultimately, I don't think it means that much. RDNA1 vs RDNA2 would leave Sony at a serious deficit though.
  5. Well if that's the case, they can only keep it a secret for so long!
  6. Paul is widely considered to be one of the good guys. He's always very clear about what is rumour and speculation and what information has come from his supposed sources. I mean with this sort of stuff, you either take it or leave it. Ultimately we're just filling the time until Cerny sits down with Digital Foundry and we get all the juicy details confirmed. I know you're always very sceptical of these sorts of things (as you should be) but I only share the videos I feel have some degree of credibility. I think it's perfectly possible that some of the more popular commentators have a few sources who work in game development and can fill in a few blanks about the specs based on development kits. Where I become sceptical, is when he talks about yield rates of the APU. I would assume information like that would be limited to a small circle of Sony engineers and wouldn't be common knowledge. Anyhoo, for those who don't feel like watching the video, I found a neat summary on YouTube: Github was early silicon testing and not reflective of final PS5 hardware and several features of the GPU were disabled including VRS for this testing Github results were very old even at the time of the leak PS5 did NOT have RDNA 2 features like Ray-tracing bolted on, this would have been almost impossible from a technical and hardware engineering perspective PS5 has custom features which will influence AMD's future Roadmap just as the PS4 did PS5 features a highly customised RDNA 2 GPU however has certain features removed because Sony did not find them useful for their console The variable frequency approach was not a last minute decision, this is stupid. This feature has a major influence on silicon functionality and system functions. PS5 has a more advanced geometry handler than what is featured on RDNA 2 and is found on the PS5 GE block and will be very important for VR as well, this customisation and revisions Cerny has made to the Geometry Engine will be featured on RDNA 3 and the larger GPU caches that PS5 features will also feature on RDNA 3 PS5 handles mesh shaders differently to the Series X but is pretty much the same PS5's VRS (Variable Rate Shading) capability will benefit heavily from the PS5's Geometry Engine and will work very efficiently together Microsoft has done customisations on Series X APU but no where near as extensive as the customisations Sony have made on the PS5 APU Both consoles will benefit greatly from the IPC (Instructions Per Clock) gains from RDNA 1 to RDNA 2 PS5 teardown which highlights the cooling solution will be shown sometime in August (Maybe) PS5 ray-tracing is done through the RDNA 2 method however Sony has made customisations which allow the ray-tracing to run at different frequencies (take this with a grain of salt) PS5's SSD can be updated through micro code and this will allow higher levels of compression if newer compression algorithms are available Tempest Engine will be able to adjust it's power budget to divert power to the CPU/GPU and is able to handle tasks other than audio and does a good job of handling certain CPU/GPU tasks PS5 has customisations made on the CPU such as unified CCX clusters which will feature on Zen 3 however the PS5 CPU is still a custom Zen 2, this will allow for lower latency when accessing the caches Unreal Engine 5 has tech which has not yet been shown off, Lumen is a software based ray-tracing approach however it can be hardware accelerated with PS5's RT cores and maybe the same for Series X PS5 spec bump is not likely and RAM bandwidth is not a big issue because PS5 has a very good data compression system as well as cache access More revised dev kits of PS5 will be sent out soon but will feature optimisations and better code, nothing major. EDIT: PS5’s APU can shift the power budget in under 2ms which is insane He apparently clarified his comments via a DM: https://multiplayer.it/notizie/ps5-architettura-rdna2-via-mezzo-rdna1-2-conferma-ingegnere-sony.html?amp&__twitter_impression=true The two statements appear pretty far apart, as fundamentally, the first is saying PS5 is RDNA1 + whilst the second is saying it's RDNA2 + with a bit of -. I'd personally be surprised (not to mention disappointed) if PS5 was largely a RDNA1 design, as the clock gains afforded by RDNA2 alone would see Series X power far, far ahead of the PS5. That deep dive can't come soon enough!
  7. Robo_1

    The Messenger

    But you can just ask the shop keeper for hints and he puts your next objective on the map. Without that, I'll concede that it's far from obvious where you go next, but with it, it's pretty straight forward. Your name change has made me smile by the way.
  8. Really interesting analysis of the PS5 GPU from tech channel, Red Gaming Tech: Talks about how the geometry engine works, the RDNA categorisation of the chip, the SSD and IO set up. I'd you're interested in tech explanation and speculation, then it's worth your time. One of the most interesting bits of information to come out of it, is that the modified CU they're using as their audio processor, can be repurposed to do any sort of other processing. Now considering that it packs as much processing power as the entire jaguar CPU in the PS4, that's quite a chunk of horsepower the PS5 has available to it.
  9. This thread has generated more reports than any thread in Discussion that I can remember. Can everyone just simmer down a bit! We've got eight active reports from this thread now, most of which seem to be people just getting on each others nerves and getting wound up. We're discussing the reports but whatever point people want to make about the game, I'm sure you can make them without taking personal shots at each other.
  10. Robo_1

    Xbox Series X

    Ah, so it really is the Netflix model then? That's cool and helps to explain why third party publishers are happy to get on board, as they can get those initial sales from their core audience, get the Gamepass money later on and then get the budget sales at an even later date, probably from a good number of people who played the game on Gamepass and then want to own it for keeps. Be curious to see if Sony copy this model. I wonder if cloud rentals would be a viable alternative? Pay £10 - £3 to rent a game for 5 days or something like that?
  11. Robo_1

    Xbox Series X

    Do games shuffle in and out of availability with Gamepass?
  12. Robo_1

    Xbox Series X

    Ghost of Tsushima
  13. Oh are they remixed are they? I thought they were just straight copies. Ohhh, well that's a good excuse for another run through.
  14. Robo_1

    Xbox Series X

    That's all we're getting from Fable? We'll that's a real disappointment. Yeah, given the hype I'm afraid that was pretty underwhelming. They've clearly got some good stuff coming and Halo looks excellent, but it's not the tech tour de force I'd been expecting and not a lot else stood out.
  15. Robo_1

    Xbox Series X

    Crossfire looks solid.
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