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  1. Robo_1

    Punisher - Season 2 out now

    Yeah, I'm six episodes in but that seems about right. I was really hooked after the first three and now it's grinding. I do hope it picks up again soon.
  2. Robo_1

    What Song Are You Listening To Right Now?™

    An unexpected surprise, Blaqk Audio have just put out a single for their newt album. They're a kind of new wave, gothic kind of poppy band but with a hint of industrial. Whatever they are, I'm loving the new one anyhoo:
  3. First off, thanks @Gregory Wolfe for keeping the thread updated. I'm pretty awful at thread maintenance, so cheers for stepping up. I just wanted to share a vid of a new game called Power Blade: Delta's Shadow, which is currently in development for the Next. It's by the same team who delivered the rather incredible Castlevania game for the original Spec and indeed the team are hard at work on both a Next and 128k release of Power Blade. You can see a comparison of the two versions below: The game itself looks great, with some great presentation and gameplay mechanics. The two versions are the clearest look yet at how the Next evolves the original Spec graphics. They still have that chunky and vibrant Spec style but without the quirks. The game will be getting a physical release for both formats.
  4. Robo_1

    Stuff that astonishes you about gaming

    I've shared these two vids in other threads before, but seeing Doom: ... and Mortal Kombat: Running convincingly on a ZX Spectrum will never fail to loosen my jaw. There's been a few moments over the years I've felt, "the future is here". One of the most striking was when I got my first smart phone and could run Mame on it, specifically Robocop. It just felt so bizarre that I was now able to play the coveted arcade game wherever and whenever I wanted to. Indeed it still feels great. It's hard not to mention VR in some form. I don't yet have a VR system, but my brother got in with the Occulus Rift quite early and I think my first experience was Space Pirates, which blew my mind. I then progressed to Super Hot, Robo Recall and on my last visit I became thoroughly addicted to Beat Saber. It reminds me a bit of a modern arcade. Most games are centered around simple gameplay mechanics, but the experience is hugely augmented by the immersion of the cabinet / headset. I can't decide right now whether or not to buy myself the current PSVR set up or hold out for the inevitable PS5 upgrade. It really is hard to resist!
  5. Seen as this is the Titanfall love-in thread, I thought I'd share the news that it looks as though we're getting another one... but it might still be a few years off, maybe an early next gen release? https://m.windowscentral.com/respawn-gearing-titanfall-3
  6. Robo_1

    Any GPD Win Owners?

    I've got a GPD Android device and love it. This looks fantastic and if I had the pennies to spare I'd be all over it. I've heard nothing but good things about it, so have fun.
  7. Robo_1

    Your Favourite Vapourware!

    Haha, I hear that. I recently learnt that it did actually make it out the door, as an Amiga / ST game called Brataccas:
  8. Robo_1

    Your Favourite Vapourware!

    Yeah, that's a good idea. The scope of appeal for this topic was very limited in hindsight, so I've pinched your idea and re-jigged this thread to fit it.
  9. Robo_1

    What if all games were subscriptions?

    It's just in my bones that I want to own the things. I still buy CD's and Blu Ray's, there's just something which would rub me the wrong way with not owning my games. I think it's the idea that if the circumstances of either myself or the company I was subscribing to dramatically changed, I could be left with nothing. If I own the things then worse case scenario, I can still play them in years to come.
  10. Robo_1

    Just Cause 4 - After Rain Comes Explosions

    That's encouraging! Might well be sending an addendum to Santa's list.
  11. Robo_1

    Classic Christmas Specials

    So far I've watched a few One Foot In The Grave specials, the Drop The Dead Donkey Christmas Special, Blackadder's Christmas Carol and Steptoe & Son. All good stuff and I've got the Peep Show Christmas Special ready to go for later.
  12. Three hearty cheers for all these arcade racing games making a comeback! This one looks great, hopefully the drifting will be as satisfying as that found in Outrun 2!
  13. Robo_1

    Your Favourite Vapourware!

    I started this as a topic specifically around Eight Days, but it's appeal was fairly limited so on @Pob's suggestion, I'm expanding it to be more generally about your favourite vapourware titles, the games which were announced, previewed even, but never made it to store shelves. In addition to my offering of Eight Days, I'd add that I was always sorry that Half Life never made it to the Dreamcast. I know it's available in some form, but it was such a big title for the Dreamcast to get, I was really disappointed I wasn't able to buy it at the time to see what the fuss was about. Anyhoo, here is the original post. YouTube channel GVMERS, has put out a really well produced video, telling the story of the lost PS3 exclusive from Sony's London Studio, Eight Days. Just watching the video, I'd forgotten how good this one looked and apparently, from the comments made by the few games journalists who saw it, it looked every bit as good in action as it did in the trailers. In short, it seems like the game was simply unveiled too early in the development process and it didn't pass an internal review. Sony decided that London Studio's talents would be better spent on their casual offerings, such as Eye Pet, rather than finishing a game which ticked a lot of the boxes already covered by Uncharted. In 2015 Sony let the trademark slide, so it's unlikely now that we'll see anything of it, but it does seem a shame as the game had planned online co-op and the set pieces and cinematic style looked like it would have been a lot of fun to play. After the internal review, both this and the planned sequel to The Getaway were scrapped, and London Studio have since become Sony's go-to developer for more casual / novelty experiences.
  14. The Joffa Smith and above 80's action game vids have been great. There's definitely been a dip in the number of documentary style vids though, but unless she's actually living off the revenue generated from them, how long could anyone reasonably sustain putting out broadcast level videos every month. The body of material is amazing and I'm sure there's plenty more to come, just maybe a little less often.
  15. Robo_1

    What are you playing Christmas Day?

    I'm with my folks in the UK for Christmas this year and I'm thinking of dusting off the Spectrum and digging out Bullseye. We used to love playing that on Christmas day, a tradition which just kind of stuck ever since I got the Magnum light phaser one year. Be curious to see if we remember all the answers to the questions! Aside from that, I'm still trying to decide weather to pick up Just Cause 4, Soul Calibur 6, Detroit or Darksiders 3 as the big Chrimbo game. Opinions on that welcome!

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