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  1. If you're implying that I'm pulling this out of my arse to make Xbox look better, then you're sorely mistaken. I've got my PS5 on pre-order and would personally be delighted if Sony's machine proves to be the more capable of the two machines. I follow a few YouTube channels which have been pretty good at reporting the gaming gossip of the day. I can't remember the exact video and I'm not about to trawl through hours of video footage to find it, but it could have been one of these: Anyhoo, I'm no authority on this I'm just relaying what I've heard, do with that what you will.
  2. Too late then though, surely. There may be some minor wiggle room on clock speeds, but once you're shipping dev kits, the core tech is locked down.
  3. The rumours seem to suggest that PS5 dev kits are currently more capable than the new Xbox kits, but devs are largely putting that down to Sony's development software being more mature and the actual guts of the machines are broadly equal. Both companies have to place bets on where to put the balance of price vs performance, so this talk of, "MS would never let Sony win the spec war again" is largely academic. It's not a race they can knowingly choose to win or concede, as they have no way of knowing what exactly Sony is doing with the PS5. It is what it is now, if they want full launch next year and the cases have been designed, the specs are locked. As to the reveal... wow, wasn't expecting that. It's a good trailer, the design is different, modern, sleek and should look comfortable in most modern living room setups. The name could well lead to Wii-U style branding problems, in which people are unsure if it's a revision of the current box or a new console in it's own right, I know I had to wait a moment to properly digest what I was looking at. I am surprised they've shown the box and controller this early though. I had assumed that would be the big reveal moment at the end of what I assume will be their planned reveal party. Still, a good reveal vid and it's nice to get some more details about MS's next console.
  4. New update, keyboards have arrived, last issues have been fixed and assembly is starting! https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1835143999/zx-spectrum-next/posts/2709236?ref=ksr_email_backer_project_update_registered_users They've missed Christmas, but it's clear it's happening.
  5. I played the first one on the Vita and couldn't tear myself away from it. Absolutely fantastic game and I can't wait to play a follow up.
  6. Interesting render. Woud they really build a screen into the controller? It's surely too small to bother streaming games to, so it's intended for quick messaging and fast access to menus? That seems like quite an extra expense for a modest convenience. I am curious how Sony will handle game streaming. MS seem to be working on a proper Xbox branded smartphone dock, which seems like the way to go. No indication yet that Sony are following that path, but with Vita mothballed, they will surely have some sort of mobile strategy.
  7. Robo_1


    Many hours of solid fun. Yup, I'll be getting that without a second thought.
  8. It's not just the graphics where the Spectrum has been pushed. I've shared this before, but it never fails to amaze. This is the AY chip, pushing a near perfect chip tune rendition of Extreme Ways. This is a run through of the full game and the rest of the music is awesome too. You can buy it at: http://www.worldxxisoft.com/En/TS/TS.htm It's a great little game too. Nice little bite sized levels.
  9. Great to see this thread being so well received and filling up with so many great games. My jaw dropped when I started playing that Castlevania game. It's not just the technical achievement, it's how many features they've crammed into it and the sheer size of it. The attention to detail these enthusiasts give to these games is incredible. Another great game from the recent crop, is Mighty Final Fight: Get it here: http://idpixel.ru/games/m/mightyfinalfight/files/mff_v1.0.tap.zip It's a cracking conversion of the NES original. Probably the best scrolling beat 'em up on the machine after the legendary Target: Renegade. The host YouTube channel of the above vid is definitely worth following if you're interested in the modern Spec scene. That Space Monsters game is amazing. If you'd have told me it was a Next game I'd have been impressed, that it's on the humble Spec is a stunning achievement. Looks fun too. I've downloaded everything shared, plenty to get stuck into, thanks for the contributions.
  10. Thought I'd create a catch all thread, for some of the incredible new Spectrum games which are being developed. Please use it to share your favourite releases of the last decade, including download links where possible. To kick off, I'll share ZOYSA Entertainment's new arcade racer, Drift. The presentation, graphics and audio, are pushing new boundaries in a machine which has already been stretched beyond anything anybody could have ever reasonably imagined the machine was capable of. The game itself is a 3D racer, in which you drift around a series of courses, racking up points as you do so. The game features five cars and six different courses and full 3D manoeuvrability. It's surprisingly addictive but pretty tough. An incredible achievement for the humble Spec. Get it here: https://rgb.yandex/storage/203/drift.zip
  11. Robo_1


    I would literally squeal with delight if that was announced. I'll take this news happily though, I'll be jealous of X owners getting to play it in 60fps at 4k though, given it's a remaster of a last gen title, I hope the vanilla PS4 version hits 60fps at least.
  12. Same here. Shinies and daft phrases like that, are just a way to rekindle some of that childlike wonder we all had back in the day, when we first saw new gaming hardware in action. I hope I'm talking about and looking forward to 16k shinies well into my 80's!
  13. Yeah, the main change is you can get away with popping your head out from behind cover for more than a nanosecond without getting your head blown off! Don't get me wrong, it's still tough but I've got up to what I assume is the second or third to last screen, whereas initially, I was struggling to get further than the second. Give the Docks level a go, it's not just more forgiving in terms of cover, but it's just struck me as more fun in terms of enemy positioning and number etc. Pro tip, don't go the warehouse route.
  14. Wow, has anybody played Crisis VRigade recently? It was one of the first VR games I bought (hey, for £4 it was a total bargain) but as fun as it was, it was an absolute rock in terms of difficulty. I thought I'd have another go on it, as it's been months since last playing it and I've had a total blast with it. It's had a lot of updates which have softened the difficulty a touch, added Aim support and they've also included two extra levels, which can now be accessed without completing the initial bank raid level. The bank raid is still tough as nails but the dockside escape seems far more balanced. Really had a lot of fun with it this morning and if you've not got it yet, or bought it ages ago and haven't played it recently, I can recommend it as one of my favourite VR experiences. It's £7.49 right now on the PS Store: https://store.playstation.com/en-gb/product/EP4826-CUSA14721_00-0000000000000002?emcid=pa-st-165841
  15. I decided to research the sustainability of VR a bit further and found an interesting article from Forbes about the state of VR in 2019: https://www.forbes.com/sites/solrogers/2019/06/21/2019-the-year-virtual-reality-gets-real/ Some highlights: Now I'll grant you that the Sony comment could just be a mere face saving exercise, as I've no idea what their expectations were. For an expensive peripheral which requires another €80 worth of peripherals to be used correctly, I guess a one in twenty attach rate isn't too bad, but for a new platform (which is what they initially announced it as) it would be very poor, so I don't buy that they're blown away by the result. That said, Blood & Truth was the first VR game to hit the number one spot in the charts, so I do think that momentum is going in the right direction, whether it's going far and fast enough to justify pouring millions into development is another question of course. At the end of the day, I don't think having or not having VR is going to be make and break for either Sony or Microsoft, but I don't think VR is going away. The tech is going to get better and cheaper, the barriers to entry smaller and so the opportunity for developers to make money on it greater. Crucially, and unlike many other flash in the pan, novelty tech products, VR has delivered a few genuine hit games like Beat Sabre, Gorn and Super Hot VR and it does have a passionate base of support who advocate for it. I think it'll be a complimentary experience for as far as I can see into the future, but I can't see a day anymore where no new VR tech or games are released. For those who want it, I think there will be hardware and software available.
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