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  1. They really are looking to wield a lot of influence in this industry. I'll leave a link to the thread dedicated to the Sumo acquisition:
  2. Still looks fantastic. Not a deep game by any means, but it's got a great tempo to it and the combat was plenty satisfying. I'd be pleased to see a follow up.
  3. I don't think anybody knows exactly why DS5 information would be on Netflix servers, but that's probably a safe guess. This is more just a, "what if" thing. With Playstation Now being pushed out of the spotlight by Gamepass, could people see Sony going for some sort of strategic partnership to push the next iteration of it. Ah, it was probably a bit of a daft thing to share, I just saw it, raised an eyebrow and thought it might be worth discussing... probably should have stayed in drafts in hindsight!
  4. It's pretty thin I guess, I just thought the data mined info gave the idea some credibility.
  5. I wonder what the chances of this happening are? Be an industry shaker of an announcement if it happened and Sony have traditionally had a close relationship with Netflix.
  6. The d-pad and face buttons look to be on the verge of slipping off the thing. Interesting development though, sounds powerful enough at any rate.
  7. Indeed, it's a bit Elysium meets Judge Dredd. Could be interesting as a self contained story, but it's a rare instance where you can sympathise with the studio when they turned that in.
  8. They have been trying to get a Robocop Returns off the ground for a while. Originally it was to be directed by Neill "District 9" Blomkamp, with a screenplay co-written by Edward Neumeier, Michael Miner and Justin Rhodes (Terminator: Dark Fate). The story was to be based off Neumeier and Miner's original treatment for a sequel, subtitled: The Corporate Wars. If memory serves, back in the day Orion weren't prepared to wait for the script or the original creative team to return, so they went ahead with the Frank Miller / Walon Green penned sequel we eventually got. So anyway, Blomkamp was set to direct Robocop Returns and was apparently really keen to get Peter Weller on board. Weller is openly shameless about his willingness to re-enter the suit if the pay cheque is big enough and talks were reported to be at quite an advanced stage. However Blomkamp had some scheduling conflicts with the studio and left the project. MGM brought in Abe "Little Monsters" Forsythe to helm the project, but to my knowledge he's not said a word about it. That's more or less all that's known at this point, but with the announcement of this game, it stands to reason that MGM are targeting a 2022 release date for both. Oh and just for fun, below is a short article which details the original treatment for Neumeier and Miner's Robocop 2 screenplay, so we can get a flavour of what the eventual film will end up as:
  9. Well that's some happy news to wake up to. Honestly, providing there's no giant mutant rats to fight, it'll be hard not to better Titus' previous Robocop game, haha.
  10. Thanks for the update on that. That was one hell of a gaffe from Playstation Japan then. I'd be surprised if there were no discussions taking place, but it's clear from that declaration that they're certainly not as advanced or as certain as people expected.
  11. Interesting... and also very sad. I remember during the PS4 / Vita years, Sony were one of the most vocal advocates for Indies, donating a sizeable amount of time to them at E3. As you say, it looks like a deliberate switch in focus but it's a poor one, which will leave a lot of upcoming talent cold on the brand, something which could come back to bite Sony in later years. Yeah, exactly this. What a shame, they raised a lot of Indie devs up back in those days and won a lot of goodwill in the process. Hopefully things do get better but Isaac's post suggests they may be happy to let Indies twist on the vine whilst the industry shifts to a subscription model.
  12. This makes total sense now the curtain had been pulled back on it. I buy a ton of independent games for my Switch but very few on the PlayStation and a big part of that is visibility. Glad that this has come out, hopefully it will give Sony the kick up the arse they need to sort it.
  13. That would be a very safe bet, although as Vemsie says, they are actually hiring for a game director, so they clearly have some original IP on the way. I'd also bet on hearing about a number of Sony purchases in the mobile space soon, as they have said that they are looking to leverage their IP's on mobile in the future. Just a thread update, I'm going to try and have the title of the thread reflect the latest news / topic of discussion. Hopefully this will help to encourage people to check it out when there's new developments. Feel free to @ me if there's any announcements and the title hasn't been updated.
  14. I thought it was mostly high 70's but I see it's slumped to more or less a baseline of 70. Hmmm, less inspiring then! The tech was quite smart from what I remember at least.
  15. Indeed. It's hard to read between the lines and of little consequence at the end of the day, but I don't think it would be fair to characterise MS's latest purchases as random. I'm pretty sure in each case there was some history and in the case of Bethesda, Zenimax were actively looking to sell, so given MS's more aggressive plans this gen, it all made sense. I think Hulst was probably trying to pour cold water on some of the fan-fic that's going around, that Sony would counter by purchasing Square or Capcom or some other such crazy purchase. It sounds as though Sony are more actively looking to expand their first party studios but they're not deviating from their usual processes.
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