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  1. @martingee Fascinating stuff, thanks for taking the time.
  2. Good PS4 online multiplayer games?

    Yeah, was checking out some videos of it and it looks fantastic, really good fun. I'd grab it now, but as you say, every search I do of the game basically points to how dead it is, and I'm not really up for dropping £25 on a dead arena shooter. If it goes free to play and breathes some life back into the game, then I'm there. Yeah, never really explored Doom online. I've got that so it's probably worth a peek. I got an Xbox recently, but as yet, haven't purchased either Live or Halo 5, but I'm sure I'll get the latter eventually and I'll grab one of those three month Live subs when I do. Thanks both for your suggestions.
  3. Thanks a lot for that, nice to hear how many of the team went on to carry the torch. Any insights into why Midway aren't still with us, that you'd care to share? There were some obvious duds, like BlackSite: Area 51, but overall they put out a consistent stream of quality titles which reviewed well enough. Was it just the shift against single player games, spiralling budgets and the domination of a few big franchises like CoD and Assassins Creed or were there any deeper problems going on with the publisher?
  4. Oh yeahhh. If we're going back that far though, then I'm holding out for a return of Ocean. Although Jim Bagley (Midnight Resistance, Cabal etc.) is said to be working on a sequel to Midnight Resistance for the Spectrum Next, so I may end up getting my wish on that front.
  5. Good PS4 online multiplayer games?

    This seems like as good a place as anywhere to ask this. I'm not a big player of multiplayer games, but I did get quite hooked on Unreal Tournament 3 on my PS3 back in the day. Anyway this evening I thought I'd fire it up but it seems the online side of it has long gone with the demise of Game Spy. Is there anything like Unreal for the PS4? I'm looking for jump pads, rocket launchers, gnarly weapons, fast 60fps pace, multi level arena maps. Ideally something with a bit of a tiered entry level and I'd rather buy the game outright than be loot boxed to death. I'm wholly out of the multiplayer shooter scene, as I say, Unreal and Crysis 2 were the only real multiplayer games I ever really looked at, but I wouldn't mind hopping around with a rocket launcher, enjoying a bit of mayhem on a Friday night. Any suggestions welcome, cheers.
  6. Over the years we've seen a lot of great publishers and developers fall victim to the shifting sands of the industry, along with consumer tastes and buying habits. Ignoring the question of whether or not it would be commercially viable to bring them back, which publisher or developer would you return to action if you could? To kick off, I'll put Midway's name forward. The home of arcade trailblazers such as Space Invaders, Spy Hunter, Rampage and Gauntlet, Midway were a games company through and through, who more than most, seemed to put good old fashioned fun at the heart of all (well okay, most) of their releases. Perhaps they're most famous for the bone freezing, spine ripping Mortal Kombat series, but my fondest memories of Midway games, are their run of quality third person shooters, such as Psi Ops, The Suffering 1&2 and their cracking Hard Boiled follow up, Stranglehold. I was also a big fan of their Spy Hunter reboot and the crazy Vin Diesel fronted action racer, Wheelman. In many ways, Midway were the quintessential AA games publisher. They were never going to deliver an Uncharted, Half Life or a Halo, but what they did deliver were a string of solid, single player focussed action games, which kept me playing long after the credits rolled on my first play through. I think the magic of Midway, was that they were arguably more successful than even Sega, in transferring the immediate buzz of the arcade, over to their original console titles. The modern gaming scene desperately needs more of the type of thinking which gave us three monsters tearing down a city, cars which turn into boats and mind bending assassins launching their enemies across the screen with a single thought. Maybe their time has passed and the era of AA games with them, but boy would I love to see how they'd mix things up with the modern trends and tastes.
  7. Binary Domain

    Just bought this again. Had a bit of a purge of PS3 games at the end of the last gen, where I sold a lot of games but in typical "me" fashion, I'm now busy buying most of them back. I remember this being an absolute belter of a game, with lots of fast paced action across a range of settings and set pieces. The fact that we'll never a see a sequel to this or most games of it's ilk is why I'm increasingly going back to the previous generation of consoles for my gaming kicks.
  8. ONRUSH - New Arcade Racer from Codies!

    Really looking forward to this but I'm itching to see a new trailer. I recently set up all my old consoles and bought a copy of Burnout Revenge as I've so missed those straight ahead arcade racers, which suspend disbelief and are all about tearing up the road... and in the case of Burnout, your opponents too! Got Burnout 3 on order too, am I alone in thinking that the next gen versions never captured the feeling of the first three games properly?
  9. That's George's best vid to date. I was in stitches when he was talking about The 64 being VR'd into people's brains. Nice to see him back.
  10. Xbox One Console Thread

    It is! For what it's worth I jumped in this Christmas. I'm enjoying the console, love the support for UHD films but was bewildered as hell the first time I booted up and couldn't figure out how to watch a film. Had no idea you had to download an app, that process was interrupted and I felt a right Muppet having to search online for how to watch films on the bloody thing. Of course a reboot and it all sorted itself out, but it was a pretty miserable first impression. Just because, I'll just give a quick few thoughts on the games I got with it. Sunset Overdrive was one of my top motivations for getting the console, and I'm enjoying it, but it's not blown my socks off in the way I'd expected. The freestyle movement is good, the missions are nice and varied but I'm not finding the OD a particularly pleasant enemy to go after. They remind me of The Flood, and an entire world filled with that type of throw away enemy type doesn't do much for me. Never the less, I keep coming back to it, the bosses are fun, hopping and grinding around the city is fun, but it hasn't replicated that sort of wow feeling that something like the original Crackdown did. Of all the games I've played so far though, Quantum Break has been the biggest disappointment. To be fair, I've played it the least (around two hours in) but for all the promise of the time warping mechanic, it largely boils down to being a bland as hell cover shooter, with a tedious block of live action cut scenes strapped onto it. I'll play it some more for sure, but I'm not very optimistic. On the flip side, Ryse has been a real surprise. It had a real bad rep on release and the whole, "can't fail a QTE" talk painted it as God Of War game on auto pilot, but when you play the game you realise what a non-issue it actually is. The combat style has a strong focus on block, parry and strikes, which when it works, creates some really tense one on one fights, and fighting larger groups becomes a real tactical experience. There's enough variety to stop it from feeling samey, but of all the things the game gets right, I have to say that it's the graphics whore in me who carries the biggest candle for it. Graphically, I think it surpasses every game I've played so far this gen. It's nothing short of breathtaking, the detailed character models, the breathtaking vistas, the richness of textures and incredible detail and authenticity of the architecture and environments. It's jaw dropping and I can see why it was pushed as a flagship title on launch. Another favorite is the Rare Replay set. I'm halfway through the original Perfect Dark, I've lost hours to the Speccy games, I've revisited Grabbed By The Ghoulies, started a new Conker adventure and my wife has spent every other evening since Christmas with her Pinatas. It's a wonderful set, lovingly presented and stuffed with quality. Fair play to all involved for putting it all together. Continuing with MS's nostalgia party, I picked up The Masterchief Collection and Gears Of War: Remastered. Both games look fabulous and play just as well as I remember them, which given the impact they both had first time out, is the highest praise I can offer. Another reason I picked up the console was the offered backwards compatibility with the original Xbox. I love that MS is supporting the console so well with these types of features, and I've already completed a run through of Black (which still stands as one of the best playing and looking console FPS's going) and I've got Dead To Rights waiting to be rinsed next. Can't wait to see which titles will make the BC list next. On top of the above, I also picked up Gears 4 (again, can't knock MS for putting Gears 2, 3 & Judgement in to the bargain) and I found Recore yesterday for the princely sum of €9.99, so I'm looking forward to having a look at those. So yeah, bit of an indulgent ramble that, but just thought I'd share my thoughts on the machine and the games I picked up. Overall, great machine, decent OS, (although I must say that I don't find it as intuitive as the PS4's) great features such as UHD playback and backwards compatibility and overall I'm really happy with the games I've gone for. Roll on Crackdown 3.
  11. Xbox One Console Thread

    The retailer in the article said for every five games he sells on the PS4 he sells one on the Xbox... which I guess gives you an idea on console ownership stats.
  12. Xbox One Console Thread

    To be fair, I think even they acknowledge that themselves, and in that article they even conceded that it was a good deal for consumers, to the point that it may even tempt PS4 owners over. I can see it form both sides to be honest. Indie game shops are happy to earn the bulk of their income from second hand sales, which leaves the industry short changed, and so theses game passes re-balance things back in the other direction. The big problem is that the high street is struggling right now, and it's not going to take much to wipe out smaller independent shops. A few will live on as retro /memorabilia shops, maybe even retro shops with cafes bolted onto them, but even if that future is all but inevitable, I can understand them having a petulant spit of the dummy and dropping Xbox from their shelves, if MS are ultimately the ones looking to hasten that future. Even more so if PS4 sales have a 5 - 1 advantage of their Xbox counterparts, as it's more an official thumbing of the nose rather than anything which is seriously going to hit their bottom line.
  13. Mighty Final Fight (Speccy 128)

    It really is a fantastic port. Nice to see big new Spec releases even with the Next on the horizon.
  14. House of the Dead: Scarlet Dawn (Arcade)

    Maybe it was something in my setup then? I had to constantly fight drift and re-calibrate the controller. You know what, I've moved recently, I'll set it all up this evening and see if things are any better.
  15. House of the Dead: Scarlet Dawn (Arcade)

    Surely these games would be trivially easy to port to the current crop of consoles? The Sega arcade series or something like that, I think they'd do well as digital downloads. It's been a while since we've had a great light gun game. It's a shame the Move is merely passable for that style of game. I enjoy the occasional blast on Time Crisis and even The Shoot on the PS3, but damn the drift on those things is appalling. I'd do better to dust off the Wii and have a crack at Ghost Squad and House Of The Dead. I'd love to see more arcade games on consoles. These days I welcome the more immediate thrill of something like a light gun game than I do think sprawl of games like Horizon.

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