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  1. It seems to be mostly a Sony strategy so far. Nintendo have generally set out their first party strategy as rarely discounting their first party releases, so I guess this is Sony purposefully leveraging the popularity of their own first party releases to introduce a slightly different pricing model. I don't think every publisher will be in a position to follow suit.
  2. Yeah, the price tag is difficult to swallow but this looks like it's captured the essence of Housemarque's trademark bullet dodging 2D games perfectly. It's going to be hard to say no! I think this is exactly right. I don't think £70 is the set new price for games, I think Sony are adding a premium for launch day / month purchasers to offset the speed with which games are being discounted. It sucks if you're on something of a budget and you really want that launch day experience, but I can see the logic of it if they're trying to offset the new, higher cost of development
  3. Yeah, that is a legitimate complaint. The levels seem to range between 20 - 30 mins each, but if you've just cleared one of the tougher sections and you turn off hoping to resume from where you were, then that really can be a pain. A ridiculously easy fix, the fact that one hasn't arrived yet makes me think that it's a very deliberate decision by the devs.
  4. I think a big part of it is that traversal through the city is so easy and fun. What often burns me out with open world games are the tedious car journeys between missions, with the Spiderman games it's always fun to swing through the city and you can get to where you need quickly.
  5. This is very possibly my favourite game of the gen. It doesn't mess around, it's just *insert total length here* of gameplay. It's like a modern arcade game in that respect, there's not a lick of fat on the thing, even the story is told as you're busy hacking, jumping and sliding your way through the level. Yes it's challenging, but it never feels unfair. Restart points are generous in their position and unlimited in number. It's actually quite strategic in how you have to plot your best route to maximise your chances. The first boss is proper insane and took roughly 40 mins of rep
  6. I don't think I've ever submitted an album voted by anybody else. Prog is many things, but it's decidedly out of the mainstream. Still, I enjoy inflicting my choices on you all each year and it's interesting to see what is broadly popular here.
  7. I'm stuck. Spoilers for what is presumably quite late in the game: It's reached that point where I'm trying to use a clock on a piece of rock. How are others finding it? The map is really well designed. It packs in a lot of places without it feeling like a chore to navigate. The new ability to walk to places in and out of the foreground really helps with that and is keeping the map tight and easier to navigate. The jokes are fun, the puzzles have all made sense and it's just great to be back in that world again. Evolution not revolution, but ultimat
  8. Daniel Tomkins has done something interesting and completely re-recorded his solo album from last year and has essentially reimagined every track. The highlight has to be the dramatic transformation of Castles to Ruins:
  9. Got it working. Changed the config file, linked up my Wiimote and connected that to the classic controller and it works like a dream. I've put two hours into it so far and it really is just on another level to all the previously released Next software. It's outrageously cheap at £5 per download. The game is a really slick 2D action platformer, which really opens up when you start switching suits and the one boss battle I've had so far was suitably intense. There's boss music, title music and each level even has it's own tune and having the ability to switch between classic and Next graphics an
  10. I'll check that tomorrow. I thought you could only toggle Kempston support on or off. Cheers.
  11. It does doesn't it. My only problem is because of how I've had to set my Next up, I'm reliant on using an 8bitdo Bluetooth transmitter and a Wiimote to play games with. Sadly, only the directional as well as the jump and suit change buttons are being mapped, for the life of me I can't get the actual fire button to work. Does anyone have any advice or recommendations? For those who are using some sort of controller solution, what is it? Thanks.
  12. Looks like it was a problem with Belgian PayPal accounts. Spoke to the guy though and it's all sorted and paid for. Only thing is... I've got access to the digital edition now and it's not quite as straightforward forward as loading it up on Spectaulator (my emulator of choice on Android) and just getting started is it! So yeah... that's a bit of a blow. Are there any Android options that could run it do you know?
  13. How did you manage to pay for it? Every time I try with Paypal I get this warning: Their contact form gives me an error now. gah, I've messaged them via Facebook, I do hope we can get this resolved I've been looking forward to playing it all day.
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