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  1. Noted Famitsu columnist, Zenji Nishikawa, has revealed via a live stream on his personal YouTube channel, that next weeks issue of Famitsu will cover a, "major scoop" related to Sega, one which will, "take the games industry by storm". In truth, it's hard to imagine anything Sega could announce by themselves which would constitute anything major, so there's rampant speculation that either Sony or Microsoft are about to announce a buy out. I'm not sure how plausible this is. Sony generally like to cultivate new studios internally and MS... well I'd say MS would be the more logical choice, but depriving PS5 users of future Yakuza and Persona titles would be controversial to say the least. A Sega branded Series X for the Japanese market could be interesting though! A Dreamcast 2 has been ruled out (of course) and I can't see the announcement of another mini console moving the needle that far. Could it be some sort of game streaming service, an unexpected buy from another media firm? Who knows! The only other information we have, is that Nishikawa has said that the announcement will be on par with Wired's PS5 reveal article and Sega will be appearing at the Guerrilla Collective digital games festival between June 6th - 8th, so whatever the announcement is, we may hear more about it then. It's worth bearing in mind that the last big Sega announcement turned out to be a big bag of nothing, so maybe this is yet more hot air which won't amount to anything, but speculate away, Nishikawa is a big enough name in games journalism, that he'd be blowing a lot of his credibility if this isn't something significant. With the PS5 reveal event scheduled for June 4th, next week should be quite a big one for gaming news!
  2. Robo_1

    Playstation Now

    Online access mostly. Annoying really, as I rarely end up playing any of the free games as I tend to buy what I want on release and I only use the online for Tekken. I'd miss it if it were gone though.
  3. Robo_1

    Playstation Now

    Oh I agree, the back end should be a unified and seamless experience, totally agree. I'm just saying I'd rather they not lump Playstation Plus and Playstation Now together as one subscription, as I've not really got much interest in gaming subscription services, but I would like to keep my Playstation Plus subscription as is, without any price hike to reflect the Playstation Now access. Maybe it's me who's missed something.
  4. Robo_1

    Playstation Now

    Oh I don't know about that. If it's all the same price it's all the same price, but I'm not fussed about Playstation Now and don't want to have to pay for it just to keep my PS Plus catalogue and the occasional bit of online gaming.
  5. Yeah, I enjoyed Iron Man. The first, "training section" was a bit of a chore, as you really do have to adjust to the way you use the hand thrusters to move around. Once that begins to click, you can really enjoy it. I was just getting used to it for the second part of the cinematic portion of the demo. When I remembered that you could use one hand for thrust and another to shoot simultaneously, it really started to become fun. Yeah, all being well I'll be getting this.
  6. Shadow Dancer remains one of my go-to MD games. I must have replayed it more than a dozen times over the years.
  7. Genuinely gutted there's no Roo. I often went through SoR3 with him, he had some brilliant moves. Maybe they're keeping him back as an Easter Egg? Was soooo close to buying the Limited Run release of this, but when they stuck on $25 shipping and with the current mess going on, I tapped out. Shame though, I've got all the MD originals boxed up in great condition, I do quite like the idea of having the fourth sat next to it.
  8. I've been hoping for this all gen and now it's here, a part of me wishes they'd gone all out and put it on the next gen consoles and really made it sing. Maybe this is a precursor to Crysis 4 on the next gen consoles? A Switch release is a fun surprise. I think I'll go for the PS4 version for the extra bling though. Crysis remains one of the best FPS games ever made. The first 2/3 are an absolute masterclass and the final third is still fun. They made a good job of the PS3/360 release last gen but didn't they cut a section out of it? Anyway, I'll be day one for this, I must have completed a game at least three times already, but it really does hold up to repeated plays.
  9. Crysis is one of my favourite game series. I'm hoping this is a remake for the next gen consoles. That would be a day one purchase!
  10. Good to hear. If memory serves, the sequel was okay but the third one is best avoided?
  11. Thanks for posting that, I think I'll treat myself to another run through Dead Space and Prince Of Persia.
  12. Looks like the sort of thing 14 year old me would have imagined 40 year old me gaming on! It reminds me a little of a more streamlined, modernised Duke. It has that heft to it. Anyway, the haptics stuff sounds interesting, along with the pressure sensitive triggers. Looking forward to holding one! I must say though, the default look of the controller with it's two tone black and white design might offer some sort of a hint as to what the PS5 itself will look like. Could be quite an unconventional look!
  13. Hmmm, they do indeed! Right, the next step seems clear then, I'll rename the extension on a few files and see if RetroArch finds them!
  14. I did actually try that, but for love nor money will anything unarchive these files. I don't know if it's a Mac thing or not, but not OSX's native system, WinZip or The Unarchiver are able to extract the contents. With WinZip I get the most comprehensive error, stating: Do you need a special app to extract these things or is there something fishy going on? Strange thing is, I've just downloaded a pure .md copy of Robocop 3 (but of course :)) and compared the file size to the zipped copy and they're identical. Is it possible the zipped rooms I've got aren't zipped at all and for whatever reason, they just ended up with that extension?
  15. Hey all, so with the current lockdown, I've decided to busy myself with setting my Playstation Classic up to run my retro collection. I've gone with autoBleem 0.8.5 and I've got everything mostly set up. PS1 games are running fine and I've got a good range of retro machines working just fine through the Retro Arch app. I'm having two last problems which I'm breaking my head trying to fix: 1: The damn thing will not create a Mega Drive or SNES play lists. It goes through the motions of scanning all the ROMS and then... nothing. All my ROMS are zipped but run fine on my various alternative retro machines (Android stand alone emulation apps and OpenEmu on Mac). I have gone as far as to manually create a Mega Drive play list with a few games in and sure enough, that is recognised and the games run fine. I'm not exactly relishing the prospect of manually adding every single MD and SNES ROM in my collection, so if anybody has any better suggestions or ideas on what I'm doing wrong, that would be appreciated. 2: Mega CD and Saturn games will not run. I've tried both pre-installed cores for both systems, the Bios files are okay (at least there's nothing in the log file about missing or problem Bios files, and they're the same Bios files which OpenEmu uses without problem). The ROMS are all in .bin / .cue format, which I've read should be okay, but on launching the ROMS, Retro Arch flips to the black screen, then immediately jumps back to the main menu with an error message, "unable to load content" I think. It's a generic error message though. If anyone can offer any assistance or advice in what to try next, I'd be most grateful. As a more general comment, I'm loving the set up as a whole. Linking the rewind hot key input to the L2 button and then being able to rewind the action has made some of these games a joy to complete again. If I can just get these last two issues resolved, I'd have my retro needs sorted. Thanks in advance for any help offered.
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