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  1. Damn, shots fired!
  2. It's hard to know how to read this. Either the MLB made the call and forced Sony's hand or Playstation have just endorsed Gamepass. I mean on day one, Gamepass subscribers will be playing a Sony developed title as part of their sub, whilst Playstation owners will have to part with $70 for the same experience. I hope Sony's social media teams are braced for impact, haha.
  3. Great to see some movement on this. It's funny, at the start of the gen they seemed quite meek about the prospects of PSVR going forward but it really does appear to be a major part of their overall strategy. I said it in the Bethesda thread, but I will miss having their support on the platform. My wife has played a ton of Skyrim VR and I've had a blast with Doom VR, these are two experiences (particularly Skyrim) won't be easy for to replace. Anyway, the tech in these new controllers seems sound. Hopefully they won't break the bank and hopefully the PS4's catalogue of VR games wil
  4. We're a generation who refused to grow up.
  5. Incredible isn't it. It's 2021 and I'm expecting delivery of a new quarterly issue of Crash. Crowd funding has really changed the game for so many otherwise niche products.
  6. Robo_1


    I get a real Rise To Honour (PS2, Jet Li game) vibe about this one. I know that game didn't butter many parsnips with game critics, but I really enjoyed it, stick slapping mechanic and all. You can tell the devs have watched The Raid more than once too!
  7. Indeed, who knows, five years from now Sony could be getting ready to release an amazing WRPG in a similar vein to Elder Scrolls, a game which would have never existed without this acquisition. Competition is good, my only apprehension around Microsoft is that they are enormous, an order of magnitude bigger than Sony and if the industry does end up going the cloud route, MS hold a formidable advantage over not only Sony but Nintendo too... even if they seem largely content to do their own thing. I mean I don't want to drag things down the political route but I'm always apprehensive
  8. Konami have / had closer ties to Nintendo and Sony anyway, I think if they were looking to sell to a first party, either of those would be a better fit. MS actually had quite a close history with Bethesda too if memory serves, so these things do matter. I'd love somebody to do a full, AAA 3D Contra game, I don't think we've seen anything like that for an age.
  9. Yeah, Konami are an interesting one. As far as I'm aware the main company basically makes all it's money from slot machines and they've massively pulled back from games publishing, as you say in those instances where publishers are actively looking to sell, then you can't cry foul when a buyer comes in. Somebody earlier in the thread talked about a "shared pool" of games though and I do think it's important that this pool remains healthy.
  10. Bethesda were a great supporter of PSVR and have shown it again with their upcoming Doom 3 port. They will certainly be missed by Playstation gamers and I hope Sony are able to find developers / projects to plug the gaps they leave. I don't blame MS for bolstering their first party efforts, Sony were ruthless with Sega back in the day, so this is just the nature of the beast. I do hope this is it for big purchases though. If MS were to carry on and bag another publisher of similar size (a Capcom or a Sega) then I think we're getting into unpleasant territory and we'd be acceleratin
  11. That looks great. I kickstarted the definitely not great, Hover a few years back, in the hope that it would scratch that JSR itch, alas it didn't but this looks great.
  12. I remember at the height of Turtle-mania in the early 90's, I was in Asda with my folks and they were selling a Turtles branded chocolate and marshmallow pizza. Alas it was a firm, "put it back" from mum!
  13. Prog metal stalwarts Evergrey have really found their second wind these past few years. Their last few albums have gone from strength to strength and the first cut from their latest release, Escape Of The Phoenix, is another evolution of their classic metal licks with electronic beats helping to carry the chorus. Not groundbreaking, but it sure sounds good:
  14. Honestly, I was never a gamer who needed that extra 30fps and used to argue for more graphical fidelity over extra frame rate. I don't know quite what's happened this gen, but I've completely flipped. I think it was toggling Control and seeing the difference back to back. You can get used to 30fps well enough, but combined with 4k, those extra frames seem to sharpen the whole image and enhance the experience so much. I really don't want to go back to 30fps now.
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