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  1. 01 - La Muerta - Subsignal 02 - Sonder - TesseracT 03 - Atone (Expanded Edition) - White Moth Black Butterfly 04 - Long Night's Journey Into Day - Redemption 05 - The Shadow Theory - Kamelot 06 - Noise Floor - Spock's Beard 07 - Double Vision - Arena 08 - Soyuz - Gazpacho 09 - Boundless - Long Distance Calling 10 - Helix - Amaranthe
  2. Yes, the stupidity of my earlier statement has just dawned on me. Too focussed on thinking about one side of the equation and I totally overlooked that blindingly obvious fact. It's going to be a lean 2019 for Playstation news then!
  3. I'm going to guess that this is the calm before the storm. They've shown their hand regards the PS4 lineup and they have nothing they're ready to show or talk about with regards the PS5 and so they face the prospect of holding an E3 conference, guaranteed to be met with broad disappointment at the lack of any new announcements or having their timetable dictated to them by a trade event. It has certainly caused me to re-evaluate my earlier thoughts that PS5 is a lock for 2020 and not 2019. If they literally have no new first party announcements to make for the PS4, then are they really going to limp through the whole of 2019, skipping all these media events and leaving MS to pitch their tent up unopposed? Anyhoo, definitely a disappointing announcement and unless they make a return in 2019 / 2020, then I guess we're at the end of what I'd consider a magical era of console gaming. I'll miss the hype and the memes!
  4. I hear that, the hours I lost to that game back in the day. I could never quite put my finger on why, but none of the C&C games I played, ever came close to the fun I had on Dune 2.
  5. Robo_1

    PlayStation 5

    Nobody is credibly expecting the machine by next Christmas are they? With the PS4 doing what it's doing sales wise, it would be nuts to begin the wind down process so early. I'm expecting a 2020 release, possibly 2021 if they're really looking to push ray tracing.
  6. Robo_1

    PlayStation 5

    Get your sacks of salt on standby: Fake as hell but fun to speculate, here's the guts of it: .. also, are they suggesting the cable required for pairing the controller will only be sold separately??? Anyhoo, take it for what it is.
  7. Robo_1

    House of Cards (US) (Netflix)

    I'll go further and say that this was probably some of the worst TV I've ever seen. Incoherent and unpleasant, with an ending which was as predictable as it was empty. It didn't even wrap up it's own pitiful plot lines, not emotionally or within the narrative. Absolutely atrocious, especially when you think back to the highs of those first three seasons.
  8. Robo_1

    Prima games shutting down

    Fair enough, I've never even heard of game wikis. But that is the problem of competing in the digital realm, if they can do it for a price, then there's a good chance that fans can create it for free. Oh well.
  9. Robo_1

    Prima games shutting down

    They should have adapted their business model to build companion apps to big games, which foster a community of dedicated followers who could add to and amend the digital guide as it evolved. For a small annual fee for each game, they could have offered access to an evolving guide. It's the sort of thing big publishers would have thrown in for people who bought the collectors edition of the game.
  10. Robo_1

    Shadow of the Tomb Raider

    So I finally got around to playing this, after having my head turned by Spiderman and Fist Of The Northstar for the past month. I was surprised at how quickly it gripped me. They really nailed the structure this time out. A small but well formed open world, with lots of tombs to tackle. There's some nice side missions which go beyond the usual fetch quests. I particularly liked the missions where you had to stage a prison break or solve a murder and all you had to do to was talk to people and arrange events in a certain order. It was no great shakes from a gameplay perspective, but I enjoyed the distraction. Indeed, there's a lot less action than in the previous two games, but I found myself surprisingly comfortable with that. The exploring and platforming was fine. I didn't really share Len's experience of dodgy animation / movement and enjoyed my time navigating and exploring the world. Overall it's a middling experience, but one I relaxed into with surprising comfort. The two set piece highlights (an early mud slide and a helicopter chase through a collapsing town) were suitably spectacular to play and whilst I still have to complete the final mission, overall I've been satisfied with how the game has slotted together. I couldn't care less about the story and indeed, there is plenty of duff dialogue to go around. The series certainly needs a fresh reboot and I've little doubt that Core are busy working on a next gen version as we speak, but when this drops to it's inevitable bargain bin level pricing, anyone after a chilled out 12 - 15 hour adventure could do a lot worse.
  11. Robo_1

    Road Redemption - new Road rash game....

    I'm having good fun with this on the PS4. It's a little unpolished and it's very limited in terms of campaign modes and missions, but the mechanics are right, clubbing rival bikers over the head, strapping bombs to their bike, kicking them into oncoming traffic, it all has a real satisfaction to it, which I haven't experienced since Road Rash 2. There's an online mode but it's been empty every time I've given it a go, still early days I guess. I'd say it was just about worth the asking price of £15. For £10 it would have been a no-brainer, as there's plenty to enjoy, just don't go expecting much variation in the missions, from race and kill.
  12. Robo_1

    Games you keep buying despite not liking them

    I did indeed and rather fittingly, it's a battered second hand copy which looks as though it's had about a hundred owners before me. The game still scratches a peculiar itch which nothing else can quite emulate.
  13. Robo_1

    The Walking Dead!

    Credit where it's due, that was a cracking bit of TV. I totally get why people are pissed at the way they wrapped things up and I can take it or leave it to be honest with you, but everything preceding the end was great. Hit all the right emotional beats. The Maggie and Negan scene was expertly handled with a standout performance from Jeffrey Dean Morgan. Kept a brisk pace and was a good representation of the journey Rick was on. The final scene with Rick (well, one to last) was great, with everything from the soundtrack to the editing serving the climax. Yeah, I've talked plenty of shit about the show, but that was a solid episode. Controversial for obvious reasons, but a series highlight for me.
  14. Robo_1

    Daredevil - TV Series

    Yeah, this is a terrific series. Head and shoulders above the rest of The Defenders spin offs. Even The Punisher took an age to get going. Looking forward to the next season.
  15. Robo_1

    House of Cards (US) (Netflix)

    The Doug Stamper pity story was a constant drag on the show and it shows no sign of abating in this final season. I'm three episodes in and it's pretty desperate stuff. It feels like what should have been a ten minute epilogue, stretched to within an inch of it's life. I'll stick with it until the end, just to see how it all plays out, but thus far, this feels like a very muddled and flat end to a once great show.

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