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  1. Gah, in Belgium we've just gone into lockdown for six weeks, so (and yes, first world problem for sure) no PS5 for me until December 14th. At least that's the assumption, it's possible we'll all be contacted to arrange pickup or delivery but who honestly knows at this point.
  2. Load times are officially a thing of the past. Wow.
  3. I'm not the biggest fan of Souls style games, but I did enjoy my first run through of Demon's Souls, reaching the fourth zone I think. I played it for a good long while until one afternoon I went on a massive souls hoarding expedition and after literally hours of playing it safe and hoarding lord knows how many souls, I slipped off the staircase in the opening world in souls form and lost an afternoons worth of hoarding. Never fired it up again. This trailer has reignited my fondest memories of the game though and I am tempted to take the plunge. It helps that it's absolutely gorge
  4. Cheers Quexex. That's an interesting theory though and would make sense. Opting for custom solutions would be no small extra investment of time and resources on Sony's part though, when AMD had comparable features ready to go. I'd really love to hear Cerny talk more about this stuff with the Digital Foundry folk and hear what his thinking was on these decisions.
  5. Oh I do stick my nose in from time to time. Obviously the very nature of that place is deeply technical, I honestly just post the tech stuff I do here because this is the community I've grown up with for twenty odd years now and I've always enjoyed the spec talk and mulling over the comparative solutions each manufacturer has come up with. For me it's just part of the "Rllmuk console launch experience", such as it is. I find Twitter one of the easiest platforms to digest this information, as there's often a developer on-hand to translate these things into more understandable terms,
  6. I find the technical side of consoles interesting, I'm frankly completely taken aback by your response. I find discussing the specs and comparing and contrasting them with comparative consoles interesting and part of the fun of console launches. It wasn't some veiled attempt to stoke the fires of the console war, I've shared technical information about the console along with the best explanation I could find of how that tech works. Lesson learned though, I won't share anything of that nature in this thread again.
  7. This just popped across my Twitter feed. With MS confirming that Series X is the only console to feature the full RDNA2 feature set, many have been speculating what that means for the PS5, so one inquisitive user has gone through recent patents filed by Cerny and the team and have worked out what they think Sony's custom solutions look like: The patents look legit and the commentary tweets come from a self described game developer, but I can't speculate as to his qualifications. All sounds good though.
  8. Fun little look at the new triggers in action: Looks like substantial feedback, looking forward to trying that!
  9. Yeah, getting proper excited now. I've decided to sell my PS4 whilst it's still worth something. It is a bit of a shame that we have to keep PS4 pads and camera around for VR play. I traditionally keep consoles released in November wrapped up for under the tree. That's going to be an excruciating month this time around.
  10. Well this is shaping up well. Astro Bot free with the console, Bug Snax free in January and Destruction All Stars free in February. That's a good start.. bloody hell, we're going to need those bigger hard drives ASAP.
  11. I've spoken about this before, but I think Minority Report on the Gamecube still tops it with half a dozen times or so. Obviously it's an oldie now, but I still fire it back up every now and again, in terms of throwing people through windows, it still pushes all the right buttons. I do remember though, back in the day there was a local market which swapped your games for a fiver and I think I must have swapped The Terminator in and out of my collection five or six times overall. It's a wonderfully neat little game but the main pull was that little animation Kyle does when he takes
  12. Haha, why not, he's universally regarded for his patience for just such these typee of pertinent questions.
  13. Yeah, it is a bit of a clumsy title / phrasing. I guess I'm thinking of FPS / TPS style shooters and fighters. The sorts of games where shit blows up, haha.
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