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  1. The Walking Dead!

    I guess I'll tune in next series, but I think it'll be more of a Netflix catch up rather than a by hook or by crook enthusiasm.
  2. To go with the mini, they'll have to make a Mega CD and 32X add on accessories. I'm really hoping we get Mega CD and 32X compatibility.
  3. Sega Europe have just tweeted this out: That is BST they're talking about too. They're still telling people it'll be worth staying up for.... they'll catch hell if it's shit now! Everyone seems to be expecting a Shenmue HD. That'll do nothing for me to be honest, so whilst I'll be happy for those anticipating it, if it is that, I do hope it's a little more than that!
  4. I honestly don't remember that, but when I first saw that cartridge slot, that was my first assumption too!
  5. The video stream just says live in two hours. So somewhere between 1AM & 2AM I guess. No idea what the stream will be like, or if it'll be subtitled / dubbed or not. GAMEATSU have put up a schedule, all times local to Japan: https://gematsu.com/2018/04/sega-fes-2018-live-stream-schedule
  6. Imagine if it was BC with all Sega carts and discs. I think that'd be a hit.
  7. How about Dreamcast BC with all modern consoles. Nintendo are buying them? Microsoft are buying them? Vanquish 2???? May as well go as crazy as we like for the next few hours, haha.
  8. I wouldn't object to a new Sonic racing game, I just don't think it's what people would term HUGE. Sega of Europe are still banging the drum: Maybe we're not getting a mini console but a bloody massive, oversized recreation of the MD.
  9. Sega held an unexpected press conference last night, to announce a Mega Drive MIni, Shenmue 1 & 2 Remaster for PS4, XO & PC and a selection of MD games will be headed to the Switch.
  10. Yeah, conference is at 2am, give us a min and I'll put up a dedicated thread. Watch it be Shadow The Hedgehog 2 now.
  11. Sega are banging the drum about a HUGE announcement tomorrow: http://www.nintendolife.com/news/2018/04/sega_teases_huge_announcement_to_be_revealed_tomorrow Traditionally, these announcements have been a whole bag of nothing, building up to the announcement of a new Sonic game at best, but with the relatively recently release of Sonic Forces, that seems unlikely this time out. Heaven help them if this build up is for nothing more than a new Sonic racing game or something of the sort. Realistically, I think they could be about to launch a proper Mega Drive Mini, they have a huge slate of games to announce or a new remastered series of some of their most popular games is coming. Streets Of Rage Mania or something along those lines would be warmly received too. Most outlandish predictions could be some sort of a Sega Retro Console, similar to what Atari are trying with their retro / current console box. Who knows, it could be nothing, but they seem more confident than usual that they've got an announcement worth boarding the hype train for.
  12. That is... insane! Wow, nice to see X owners rewarded like this, that is some wizardry. As for the rest of the BC list, I'm happy to see Conquer and Jade Empire there, but positively delighted to see Breakdown make the cut. It was a genuine first person beat 'em up, which actually delivered. Around the mid point of the game, it really picks up and you get to steam through a load of enemies like a damn wrecking ball. Takes a while to get going though, can't wait to give that one a fresh spin.
  13. The Walking Dead!

    I have a theory for how the next episode will play out. No idea whether it should be spoilered or not, as it does link into things which were revealed last episode, but I'll play it safe: Maybe.
  14. I don't know if Lorf is being ironic or not. Buuuut, I loved it. I thought the first bit down the sewers was tricky but fun, whilst the whole Statue Of Liberty section was a great take on the scene. Graphics were great too, with the Statue Of Liberty being really well done. The final bit in the museum was a bit more of a mix, with it being somewhat ambiguous what you actually had to do at points, but once it clicked, it was actually a nice little race against time strategy / puzzle thing.

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