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  1. Sony will be putting out one of their semi-regular State Of Play streams later this month. There will be no next gen news, but all signs point to us getting a release date for The Last Of Us: Part 2, a further look at the MediEvil remake and Sony have said that there will be at least one new game announcement, as well as a raft of other bits of news. The stream will run for twenty minutes which doesn't really tell us much in of itself, but it should be long enough for them to relay the latest PS4 news. I don't often keep up with these direct style things, but they can be fun to follow so I'll try to keep the thread updated, so those who want to watch the stream here can do.
  2. An actual licensed game for home consoles! Time was when they were the bread and butter of third party developers, now they're a bit of a novelty. I'll keep my eyes on it. Whilst it looks nothing of the like, I still play Terminator: Redemption to this day. It's a hell of a blast:
  3. Yeah, I wouldn't argue for it as being "the best games", but it's hard to argue against it as being a solid list of influential games.
  4. Yes, I think Christmas is my "good faith" deadline. I'm keeping the faith, but it is hard not to feel the passing of time more keenly at this point. I'm still optimistic, since the reasons for the delay still seem practical. If Christmas comes and they're still talking about imperfections in the keyboard or wobbly joystick ports or anything of that nature, then I'll begin to seriously worry.
  5. Yeah, they stopped years ago now. Although I have just learnt that Psychotic Waltz are going to be recording a brand new album for the Inside Out label, so I imagine that will have a similar flavour. If you were a fan, he did a one-off concept album under the name The Shadow Theory. It's a cracking ghost story with a prog metal sound, certainly worth a listen if you were a fan of DST:
  6. Yeah, it's a hell of an album. Back in the day, I used to listen to two bands / artists pretty much back to back, Devin Townsend and Dead Soul Tribe. I had Accelerated Evolution on blast from morning to night, Slow Me Down was my anthem for its entire year of release, haha. I picked up Casualties Of Cool recently too, having overlooked it on release. Obviously it's different, very different to his usual style, but even in its own bubble there's a lot of variety. Flight is one of the most beautiful things he's ever recorded and Dead Eyes is such a groovy track, yet it's still got his stamp all over it. Did you ever listen to Deadsoul Tribe? It was a project from Psychotic Waltz frontman Devon Graves. It's got a rockier sound than Devin's stuff, but for me anyway, it shared that same gutsy spirit with lyrics which explored interesting territory:
  7. It is a phenomenal piece of work and as you say, it's a tour de force of his best work without featuring a single previously recorded note. Spirits Will Collide is about as accessible as he gets, there are elements of Empath such as Hear-Me which are about as close to a coherent wall of noise as I've ever heard. I love Townsend for what he does, but when he does dip his toe into more traditional waters, he creates some of my favourite tracks. The title track for Sky Blue is one of my favourite straight ahead hard rock tracks:
  8. Yes, I'll take two of those thanks.
  9. Vanden Plas still rocking:
  10. The new trailer has raised my hopes again. Looks exciting if nothing else.
  11. I don't think that functionality exists, at least not from the controls I have access to, the only other options would be a merge but then everything gets merged, which would leave this topic empty, which didn't seem right. I think this is the best I could manage! Edit: Ah, it seems another mod has had a go!
  12. Hey folks, as this thread has inspired a lot of discussion which more broadly covers Joe Rogan, his podcast and the merits of his approach, we have understandably received a request to split this topic. I think that's a fair request in this instance, so I have created a specific thread in Off Topic where you can properly get into the subject: For those who want to carry on discussing the John Carmack interview, then please continue to do so in this thread. Cheers.
  13. Robo_1


    Well, I'm sure this was common knowledge to fans but I was only drawn to the thread through a report. Went out to pick it up, only to find it's sold out and to order it would have cost €90. Spotify it is then...
  14. Robo_1


    I'm off out to pick up a copy right now, I'll work out who gets the warn after listening to it a few times. But seriously, simmer down folks, snark helps nobody and neither does flying off the handle!
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