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  1. Shopto have the PC version for under £40. You get a GOG code in the box, but there’s a map, postcards, art book and soundtrack included. Reckon I’ll pre-order it. I’ve avoided most reveals about this game, pretty excited for it!
  2. I was speaking to someone this morning who was singing itS praises, so I’m going to give it a try. However no VATS makes me sad...
  3. I picked up the remaster in the Xbox sale. Never played a Souls game before! I keep accidentally healing myself instead of hitting enemies
  4. Didn’t Castlevania come out first? Or is that the joke?
  5. Yeah the majority of stuff doesn’t appeal to me, but there’s been some really good freebies... like the Hotline Miami collection, the remastered Outcast and the shed-load of SNK titles.
  6. Subnautica on Gamepass is cool for swimming about. No Man’s Sky is also on Gamepass and is really immersive. Moss is adorable. Nothing original, but it has bags of character! I’m a fan of Job Simulator. It’s good fun just messing about and the kids love it. Tetris Effect, Rez and Beat Sabre are all must haves. Superhot VR is incredible. If you’re into racing sims, Assetto Corsa and Project Cars 2 are great. I particularly like PC2, picking a Ferrari and cruising along one of the point-to-point courses.
  7. Vacation Simulator is good fun, although perhaps not exactly what you’re looking for! Minecraft in VR is amazing. Probably my favourite VR experience so far. Doom 3 and Jedi Knight 2: Jedi Outcast have decent VR mods, although they both gave me motion sickness, which I’m not normally susceptible to.
  8. I’ve upgraded from a Vega 56 so I’m seeing a fair improvement! And that’s before you add DLSS and RT into the mix!
  9. After dabbling with Quake 2 RTX, I’d love to see a complete remake of the original Quake, using the Doom Eternal engine with ray tracing etc. Maybe even get Mick Gordon to update Trent Reznor’s epic soundtrack. I’d also like to see The Need for Speed (3DO) remade in 4K. And bring back the annoying X-man!
  10. I really enjoy DF’s videos. Comparing formats is useful if you have several formats and want to know which one to buy a specific game for. The hate they get is crazy. Do film, music and food critics get the same hate? Or when a car channel compares a Ford with a Vauxhall? edit: what @Harsin said!
  11. My 3070 was delivered last night, a day early. It’s impressive! I haven’t bought a brand new card since the 9600GT (still going strong in my MAME cabinet). Incidentally that was also the last NVidia card I bought, as I’ve been using AMD cards since I got back into PC gaming 3 years ago. Anyway, Minecraft RTX. Wow! I need to try it with a VR headset next!
  12. Yeah my machine originally came with Hyperspin. That’s a pain in the arse to configure and it’s a bit of a system hog. LaunchBox is so much easier, and includes Steam / Epic / GOG integration.
  13. Just a heads up, LaunchBox Premium / Big Box is on sale today, $15 for a year and $30 for lifetime. I just went for a year to try it out, much smoother than other similar front ends I’ve used.
  14. Lumines is half price at £6 and some change, so I snapped it up. Nice to play a hand held version of that again! Oh and Coffee Crisis is free! Never played it, did it ever come out on the Megadrive as planned? Doesn’t matter, I can play it on the toilet now!
  15. Holy shit I managed to secure a 3070 from Scan! Took 3 attempts with PayPal, the third finally went through! Edit: it was £481 including Saturday delivery. Another Edit: All down to using the telegram link posted above, so thanks to @Super Craigand @Fieldini
  16. I recently unlocked “Wax Off”! 12+ years of trying and failing, it felt good to finally get it!
  17. I thought the CD32 controller was more comfortable than it looked. Sure the D-pad and buttons were kinda spongy but I’ve definitely used worse.
  18. Best digital controller of all time is surely the Japanese Saturn controller?! I find the D-pad on Nintendo’s controllers to be too small. I’d much rather play a Capcom fighter with a Saturn pad than a SNES pad (or any other pad for that matter). The worst? The one that came bundled with the Goldstar 3DO. The D-pad on that was horrific!
  19. The nicest controllers I’ve used are the Xbone Forza one that came with the Forza edition console, and the recent Cyberpunk one. Nice rubbery bits on the back, very comfortable. The one that comes with the series S initially felt quite cheap and I’m not a fan of the scratchy plastic they used on the D-pad.
  20. Once stock settles down I’m probably gonna go for a 6800 over a 3070. I currently have a Vega and I like AMD’s image sharpening feature which makes 1440p look excellent on my 4K screen. It’s perhaps not as good as DLSS, but it does work with every game. It’ll be interesting to see if JayzTwoCents manages to flash the 6800 with the bios from the 6800xt...
  21. I had a quick shot of a Series S yesterday, it’s for my daughter’s Christmas. I really can’t believe how small it is! I installed a bunch of games she’ll want to play, nothing exciting, but Goat Simulator runs very smoothly - much better than the One X. I’m not so keen on the controller though, it feels quite cheap compared to my Cyberpunk Xbone controller, so that’s a shame. It’s making me want a Series X more though, after I’d talked myself out of it
  22. There’s scalpers on Facebook trying to get £500 for a Series S, claiming “shops won’t have stock before Xmas” There appears to be a regular supply being drip-fed by retailers. Microsoft and John Lewis yesterday, Curry today. Stock Informer ftw!
  23. Currys just had stock of the Series S. Managed to grab one for my kids’ Xmas. They’ll be buzzing when they open it!
  24. Microsoft keep adding Series S systems, they sell out in a few minutes each time. If anyone is desperate keep an eye on the site and keep hitting F5!
  25. Ao.com (never heard of them?!) have stock of the Series S. £299 with 3 months Gamepass. I’ll pass! edit: and they’re gone
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