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  1. I’m normally ok with 30fps for slower paced games and retro stuff, but newer racing games have to be 60fps. The difference between the “high detail” and “frame rate” options in Dirt5 are huge on my OneX and daughters’ Series X. Mind you, I’d rather have a constant 30fps than an inconsistent 60fps, which is what the “high detail” mode seems to be. It’s horrible!
  2. I’ve been enjoying the hell out of Dirt 5. Mostly playing on PC at 4k but on my kids’ Series S it still looks and runs great. Reminds me of Sega Rally Revo and the good old days of arcade racers, and up to 4 player split-screen couch play is amazing - even the wife joins in!
  3. My five year old saw me playing this and asked for a shot. Sure, what harm can come of playing a racing game? 10 mins later she’s laughing and screaming, crashing her lawnmower into other people, watching them fly through the air and then attempting to run over the bodies...
  4. I forgot about this post and found a solution if anyone is in the same boat... Buy an NVidia card! The game absolutely flies now, I have to get the NVidia software to lock the emulator to 60fps.
  5. Now that the DLSS bug is fixed and selectable in the PC Gamepass version, I’ve started playing it and it’s glorious. RTX on max and the reflections and lighting are insane
  6. You’re not helping Ok I’ll do it. And I’ll buy the soundtrack too as the Revision soundtrack on PS2 is one of my favourite soundtracks ever! Wish there was a vinyl release
  7. The Steam sale price for Darius Burst CS was too tempting to pass up, so I finally grabbed that along with the Cave and 8ing DLC packs. That should tide me over till R-Type Final 2... Psyvariar is tempting me too, but I could always just fire up my PS2 for that...
  8. So there’s 3 “new” multiplayer maps? Dam, Depot and Frigate. Frigate will be awesome in death match! I had to Google Depot... even then I didn’t recognise it?!
  9. Shameless piece of self promotion, sadly I couldn’t find more polished gig footage, but this is from an early rehearsal where we started learning “Dam”
  10. Awesome thanks, I found a video a couple of pages back but haven’t watched it yet. I’ll try it on PC later, need to dig out USB cables for all our Xbox controllers The plan is, after lockdown, to get 4 player as a regular weekly thing!
  11. Again, this may have been mentioned, but has anyone tried split screen mode? 4 player perhaps?
  12. I got around to playing Ex-Zodiac on Steam. It’s near enough a remake of Starfox! Looks fantastic - it has a retro option for chunky graphics and a modern option for up to 4k. 60fps and a control scheme any SNES fan will be at home with.
  13. My daughter tried it on her SeriesS but couldn’t get comfortable with the controls, so she kicked me off my PC. I’d assume the Xbox version supports mouse though?
  14. As mentioned above, Halo 2 was leaked a few weeks before launch. I downloaded that to try the first couple of levels. For me, the best leak was Sega accidentally leaking the code for Daytona 3. Being able to play a fairly recent arcade game on my pc, with force feedback and no emulator was fantastic!
  15. I’ve just started it, up to the foyer in the hotel. Using at RTX3070 I’m getting good frame rates with raytracing on (instead of ultra) amd DLSS set to medium. Except when she has an “episode” and crouches down clutching her head. It becomes a slideshow! Gameplay wise, it reminds me of a whole host of games, from the original Alone in the Dark, Resi Evil, even Grim Fandango to a certain extent. I’m quite enjoying it, I’ve no idea what’s coming and I hope there’s not a lot of combat. I quite like the slow pace and just taking in the the atmosphere.
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