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  1. My favourite experience so far has been Minecraft! So much so, that I don’t think I could go back to playing it on a regular screen?!!
  2. Ah that’s the one! Got it all running, it’s brilliant! Even the demos that came with the Rift are great. Tried some Rez Infinite and my daughter insisted I download Job Simulator!
  3. It’s somewhat ironic I didn’t find the Oculus compatibility tool until after I’d handed over £400... The setup software goes as far as checking the sensors then craps out. Can I ask, which card did you buy?
  4. Street Fighter Collection arrived yesterday, can’t believe the price the PAL version goes for when the JPN one is so cheap?! Watching the intro to SF2X brought back memories of playing the 3DO version back in the day, except now I can play it with a decent controller! SF Zero 2 is great too! I already have all these games in a MAME cabinet, but playing it on the Saturn with a CRT is better!
  5. I sold some retro stuff I wasn’t using and bought a Rift S yesterday. Guess who has an incompatible USB3 chipset Anyway I’ll hopefully get it running later once the Amazon driver delivers!
  6. It’s certainly awesome, however I’m not keen on there being real cars driving about next to Lego ones, and seeing your human avatar stand next to your Lego car is odd. It would’ve been amazing if the Lego map was exclusively Lego. Hopefully there’s a good amount of Lego cars to unlock as I’ve only just got the F40. It would also have been nice if Radio Awesome featured Batman’s song from the first Lego Movie!
  7. I agree the LCD monitor is far from ideal, but if the controls are good I’d be up for buying this.
  8. I’ll buy this for R-Type and Ninja Spirit alone, anything else is a bonus!
  9. Amped 2 was made compatible on 360 (although didn’t support its 720p mode from the original Xbox), so I’m disappointed with didn’t come to the XBone. And with the Cave shooters, Guwange made the list but the rest didn’t?! Weird!
  10. Yeah I couldn’t believe the hate this was getting. They want more “normal” roads to drive on?! Like the hotwheels pack, this gives us something different with a sense of humour. I can’t wait to play it!
  11. Technically it’s not great, messy textures and slowdown. But I still think it’s brilliant fun! Particularly 2 player.
  12. Nice day out at Play Expo Glasgow yesterday, I was surprised at just how many import titles were for sale there. I ended up getting KoF ‘97, Darkstalkers 3, Baku Baku Animal and House of the Dead. All amazing games (IMO) with no language barrier and a substantial saving over the PAL versions. I also picked up an unboxed Virtua Stick for a tenner.
  13. Oh man, the Gex sequels! The horror! I quite enjoyed Gex on the 3DO but the PSOne and N64 sequels were horrific!
  14. Deathsmiles 2... the move to polygons was a bad choice imo... Carmageddon TDR. After the brilliant Carmageddon 2, TDR looked shit, ran like shit and played like shit. It wasn’t very good... Sim City 5 or whatever they called it. 3000 and 4 had such lovely artwork. 5 lost all that character.
  15. I’ve been getting 120 a day for mobile searches for the last 2-3 months
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