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  1. Not so much with MAME, but there’s Teknoparrot which will run a few like Chase HQ2, various Initial D versions, Outrun 2 etc. The newest Daytona arcade game can be run natively on a PC with a couple of tweaks.
  2. Oh man, what?! But yeah, being able to map the ranged attack to C would be handy.
  3. I had a shot of the Megadrive version today. It’s a really good port! I played it on the default settings, as Cap America. First shot I didn’t last very long, but on my second I got past the under water stage. Definitely need to use the ranged attack as much as possible, particularly with the bosses. It’s a shame the boss energy bars doesn’t show the names, as I’ve no idea who I’m fighting Apart from the movies, the cartoon series and the Capcom games I’m not particularly clued up on Avengers villains...
  4. Yeah it’s working now (perhaps a coincidence as I contacted Support earlier). You don’t have to do them in order, except for number 10 of course.
  5. We take our NES and SNES minis away in our motor home, the fact they power off USB means we can use them when wild camping (no electrical hook-up). The kids love it. And it’s nice having the proper controllers for each system. And they look great on a CRT (HDMI - RGB Scart converter) I’ll pass on the MegaDrive mini as I have an Asian Megadrive / Mega CD with an Everdrive, but I’ll be all over the PC Engine Mini next year! Saves me worrying about getting a real one and doing an RGB mod or whatever.
  6. Is anyone having issues with this new Cosmic Rescue? I can’t get any of the tasks to complete?! I’ve tried it on my iPhone (Edge App and Safari), PC (Edge browser and Google Chrome) and Xbox One! I had issues with the Gears 5 one last month where it didn’t recognise any of the achievements I unlocked. Is it broken or is it me?!
  7. Yeah but only by adding loads of credits in Mame. I found the levels hard going, lost most of my lives there while the bosses were, on the whole, pretty easy. Ultron was the most annoying. I’ll have a go of the Mega Drive version later, I assume there will be less enemies swarming you, and a set number of continues?
  8. I remember getting this for a fiver in Game waaaaay back in the day! Great game but I ended up getting stuck and never going back to it! I’ll be following your journey through this!
  9. I played through the arcade version tonight. The presentation is good, although I was disappointed by the small sprites. Some good voice samples throughout. Some of the bosses are really easy, you can just stand over them and continually attack them, so every time they stand up they fall over again. The shooter sections are quite a nice distraction although I was confused by the appearance of Tinkerbell... (yeah I know it’s meant to be Wasp!) All in all a pretty fun arcade game!
  10. I should’ve bought this sooner, what a great game. I was always a huge fan of Amplitude and Frequency, so this takes it to the next level. I tried some custom songs, but they’re all too hard. BFG Division is just crazy! I’m still easing myself in with easy - normal songs! The soundtrack is really good, reminds me a lot of Moog (Mighty Car Mods). For Eurobeat fans, there’s a few songs from Initial D available. Now I’m going to see what I can find from the Amplitude PS2 soundtrack!
  11. Anyone got Gunlord X? I have the Dreamcast version, is the Switch one a worthy update?
  12. I’ve just started Shadow of War, so as long as it tracks PC achievements I’ll get a few from that. Pretty much got all I can be bothered with from Forza, Minecraft and Halo. Do any of the others offer easy achievements?!
  13. I don’t think so, I’ve tried it a couple of times and I’m sure it says you can’t use your credit. Seems a bit weird tbh.
  14. I gave the arcade version a go last night. I really didn’t enjoy it to be honest. The Megadrive version is a much better game, this one feels like Shinobi meets Robocop but lacks the appeal of those two franchises. I’m going to try the C64 port out of interest...
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