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  1. StoooTube

    A Lumines Thread

    The iOS version has the first song (Shinin’) and plays really well. There’s also Rez themed DLC!
  2. StoooTube

    PlayStation Classic

    Does Ridge Racers play ok? That’s my Sunday sorted!
  3. StoooTube

    Microsoft Rewards

    It wasn’t until I earned my 6th achievement in MX vs ATV that it registered. I think there was a mix-up with the list of March games, I tried several and nothing unlocked until I played De Blob.
  4. StoooTube

    Retro Game Club - April ‘19: Golden Axe

    Here’s a cool video comparing all the conversions. I’m going to try the Amiga version later and probably the Arcade ROM. However I think the Megadrive version will remain my favourite...
  5. StoooTube

    Retro Game Club - April ‘19: Golden Axe

    I fired this up after the C64 version. The colours are very bright, the sprites are a good size but there’s very few frames of animation. It felt like i was playing an emulator that was skipping frames - I wasn’t I was using an everdrive with a Megadrive. For that reason I turned it off before completing Stage 1 and fired up the MegaCD version.
  6. StoooTube

    Retro Game Club - April ‘19: Golden Axe

    So the C64 version is not bad. Nice sprites, but as mentioned above there’s only one enemy on screen at a time. Music is excellent but limited to one song I think. There’s no tune for the wee gnome guys with the magic / health which is a shame, as I’m sure a SID chip version of that would be amazing! It’s also very short, with the end sequence appearing when you complete the level on the back of the giant bird. I think it was Stage 5 but tbh I lost count hahaha!
  7. StoooTube

    Microsoft Rewards

    So the achievement tracking part of this is broken, yeah? It hasn’t tracked my achievement for MX vs ATV (Pedal to the metal) and has only registered one of my 5 achievements for Operencia.
  8. StoooTube

    Retro Game Club - April ‘19: Golden Axe

    The PS2 version from the Sega Ages version is horrible. It’s not even “so bad it’s good” material. I love the MD version, but for shits n giggles, I’m gonna fire up the C64 version as I’ve never played that version before!
  9. StoooTube

    R-Type Final 2

    Aww I always loved Final. Hope there’s a chance this comes to PC
  10. StoooTube

    The Commodore 64 Appreciation Thread

    Did anyone have the Codemasters CD compilation? It came with cables to connect your C64 to the audio output of a CD player. Always wanted that as a kid, but my Dad wasn’t keen on me having the C64 connected to the “big telly” and stereo. This video is the only decent one I could find and sadly it’s not in English...
  11. StoooTube

    Xbox Games with Gold | April 2019

    Outcast is pretty awesome and I loved the GRAW games back in the 360 days. Pretty good month IMO...
  12. StoooTube

    PlayStation Classic

    You can once you hack it, which is crazy!
  13. StoooTube

    What is your comfort game?

    Monkey Island 2 and Day of the Tentacle for chilling out and feeling nostalgic. If I’m off work feeling sick I normally play one of these. LotR: Shadow of Mordor for the fighting system. Probably my favourite game this gen.
  14. StoooTube

    Them Beautiful to Look at games.

    I’m surprised Shadow of the Beast for the Amiga hasn’t been mentioned. None of the ports managed to capture the beauty of the Amiga’s visuals. Monkey Island 3, beautiful art style that really should’ve been used for the MI and MI2 remakes! I always thought Amped 2 on the Xbox was stunning, particularly in 720p
  15. StoooTube

    The Saturn Appreciation Thread

    I played that for the first time this evening... well kinda, there’s a demo included with Soukyugurentai I didn’t know about! For Japanese games, I don’t think Samurai Shodown IV has been mentioned? It’s pretty awesome (uses a 1mb RAM cart although I’m not sure if it’s essential?!)

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