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  1. The first Dirt Rally is the only game so far to give me VR sickness, but that was with my old Gfx card. Maybe the lower frame rate was the reason?
  2. Amped 2. The best snowboarding game ever. Looked glorious in 720p too.
  3. Fingers crossed for a VR mod!
  4. For those with a semi-respectable gaming PC, the new Daytona arcade game is really easy to set up. It features the original three tracks and three new ones. Sega accidentally made it available for the public to download a while back, so there's plenty of places you can get the files.
  5. Dirt Rally is the only VR game to give me motion sickness! Project Cars 2 is awesome though... even if you just want to chill out, load up one of the point-to-point routes and go for a drive, taking in the beautiful scenery! It’s probably my favourite VR experience so far...
  6. Nice to see Wonderboy on there, most months I claim the games but never install them. I’ll be playing this though!
  7. I just upgraded to a Vega 56 which I think is kinda in the same ballpark at the 1070. Tetris and Rez run amazingly with everything on max settings. The only game where I have to dial back the detail is Project Cars 2.
  8. My Vega 56 arrived today, once installed the Oculus settings default to “quality” rather than “performance”. I was able to ramp up the Gfx settings in Tetris and it really is beautiful. I lost another couple of hours to it again today! Area X in Rez is also a hugely improved running with max settings.
  9. Tetris Effect is wonderful! At the moment I’ve got to turn the settings down, but I’ve got a new Gfx card coming tomorrow. I had some issues getting it to start in VR, for some reason the link in Oculus Home kept crashing. Now it’s working my only issue is getting the Oculus back from my 9yo!
  10. I thought New Colossus was brilliant, the story was batshit crazy. Looking forward to Young Blood.
  11. StoooTube

    PC Engine Mini

    I’ll probably get one, but I want to see some “hands on” impressions on youtube first...
  12. The first time a Storm Trooper walks up pointing his gun at you is quite intimidating, and the moment Vader enters the room is really cool.
  13. Dune has some RTS aspects but a large part of it involves travelling around and chatting to folk.
  14. Ive already got a hacked Wii full of PC Engine titles, but it’s not the same. The mini will feel more authentic (proper pad).
  15. Cryo made some interesting titles... the aforementioned Dune (classic game!) along with the Atlantis series, Lost Eden and Dragon Lore.
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