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  1. I actually find it quite fun, it’s a game itself getting these points, and I’ve tried some games I wouldn’t normally try. I enjoyed Call of the Sea and Astrologazer which I wouldn’t normally attempt.
  2. Another one for PC players... Endless Legend on Gamepass, earn 1000g while making a cup of tea or loading your dishwasher, or having a bathroom break! Start this video at 11:28 and follow the links to download the script. Edit: Quick tip... don’t click away from the game while the script is running (like switching windows to the YouTube guide) as the auto script will continue to run outside of the game. I missed 5 achievements while I wondered why Youtube was starting and stopping by itself
  3. I’m old and set in my ways, I want point & click mouse controls and 2D hand drawn artwork. Grim would’ve made a beautiful 2D game. However the 3D low poly characters are rough, particularly Glottis. When he opens his mouth you can see the inside of his head and some polygons clip through others. I’m not keen on the pre-rendered backgrounds either. While it’s a lot better looking that Escape From Money Island, it’s still pretty ugly. But I guess that was the trend, everything had to be 3D, nobody wanted hand drawn 2D anymore...
  4. Allegedly Starbound on PC can get you 1000g in a minute, using a mod. I’m going to give it a try later and I’ll report back. Edit: well it took more than a minute as I hadn’t played the game before, but as soon as you reach the spaceship and launch, unlocking the first achievement, the rest unlock too! Allow 5-10mins to earn 1000g in this game!
  5. Call of the Sea is pretty good and the achievements on Xbox and PC are separate! I’ve been taking my time on the PC version, getting all the achievements I can as I go, then speed running the Xbox version afterwards. It’s an enjoyable story so would be a shame not to take it all in. Are the achievements for Surviving Mars separate too? I got the quick 1000g on the Xbox last time they had this 10k thing. Will I get another 1000g on PC?
  6. I left PC gaming around the time Full Throttle was released (I only played the demo back then and bought the remaster about 3 years ago), and I’d only dabbled with Sam & Max. On my return to PC gaming in ‘98 I bought Curse of Monkey Island. I doubt we’ll see a remaster of that. I loved it, and the graphics were gorgeous in SVGA. It should scale up nicely to 1080p. Mind you, it still looks incredible on a CRT if you have one handy. Like @Majora posted above, the quirky pirate setting is more appealing to me than a gritty Mad Max-esque world. I dunno, I really sh
  7. I reckon if you know exactly what you’re doing and skip the cutscenes, you could beat DotT in under an hour.
  8. I’m a massive LucasArts fan, loved the Monkey Islands, Fate of Atlantis, and I’d rate DotT as one of the finest games ever made. Full Throttle didn’t do it for me then, and it doesn’t do it for me now. It’s probably worth moving on to something more enjoyable. I think DotT is as fresh as it ever was, even with the original VGA graphics.
  9. Another easy one for PC users is Five Nights at Freddy’s 2. You need a full sized keyboard with a number pad to skip levels.
  10. For an easy 1000 points, if you have a PC then download Astrologaster. The guide says it takes under an hour, however that would involve skipping all the text. The story is actually quite entertaining so it’s worth the 3hrs or so. https://www.reddit.com/r/Maka91Productions/comments/g4jnl1/astrologaster_win_10_1000_gamerscore_in_1_hour_on/
  11. I’m having the same issue, what worked for you? It tells me to pick up the camera, but it won’t let me take a photo, the icon is greyed out.
  12. Saturn Bomberman was the pinnacle of the series. It was all downhill from there... although the newest one on Switch and Xbox Gamepass is quite fun. Edit: saw you’re using a Pi. If Saturn B won’t work then Mega B is great. Edit 2: An overclocked Pi 4 might handle Saturn B at a decent frame rate (slightly laggy on standard Pi 4).
  13. Does it stick when fully depressed? Mine was doing this. There’s a small rubber pad that wears away and causes the trigger to stick. Removing the pad does the trick. I think you can access this without a screwdriver, just pop the back off the right side of the controller.
  14. Where the hell is Gangbeasts? I assume they ran into last minute issues with the publisher and it’s on hold indefinitely? I hope EA Access still comes to PC this month...
  15. Final Epic freebie, Jurassic World, is up now. That’s it until 7th Jan...
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