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  1. It’s certainly interesting. The opening cutscene is a bit broken, but once the game starts it’s ok, although I had to give up due to motion sickness after about 10 mins. Not many games make me feel ill...
  2. I tried the original Mac version of Doom 2 yesterday on my G4 eMac and it looks stunning! Appears to be running at 640x400 natively, it’s much sharper than the DOS version. It’s not a version that I’ve seen mentioned in YouTube comparison videos, I think if you were playing this in the 90s on a capable Macintosh you’d have been the envy of all Doom fans.
  3. Has anyone tried the 2.4ghz version with Steam? I can’t get mine to configure properly at all. Sad times.
  4. The Megadrive version is my favourite Shinobi game... been a few years since I’ve played it so I’m up for this! It’ll be interesting to see how different the Arcade version is, I’ve only had a quick shot of that many moons ago...
  5. StoooTube

    Crackdown 3

    Quite possibly my favourite game of 2019. It was fun, looked gorgeous in 4k and didn’t out-stay its welcome.
  6. I completed Reach for the first time the other night. Possibly my favourite Halo campaign as I don’t think there were any levels where I thought “fuck this” and turned it off in a huff. Now I’m on Halo 2, it’s quite the opposite
  7. Minecraft - WiiU, iOS, Xbox One, PC and Switch Street Fighter IV - 360 OG, 360 Super, PS3 Super, PS3 Arcade (digital), PS3 Ultra (digital and then physical), 3DS, PS4 Ultra and Steam Ultra. I think I have a problem...?!
  8. Well TABS certainly can’t run any worse on my PC than it does on the Xbone X!
  9. Yes that sounds like the one! Cheers! They use Tron-esque music in the advert which got me excited. A VR Tron Legacy game would be amazing! Failing that a Tron 2.0 VR mod...
  10. Apologies if this has been asked before, but what is the “Discs of Tron” style game featured in the Oculus advert on YouTube?! Is it any good?
  11. StoooTube


    I just received an email from GOG advertising the Panzer Dragoon remake... I thought it was a Switch exclusive? I’m so hyped now!
  12. Watching reviews for MechAssault 5 makes me sad Microsoft seemingly aren’t interested in VR. Imagine a modern Steel Battalion in VR, with virtual controls using the touch controllers. Maybe someone will do a VR patch for MA5 as a compromise...
  13. It was an R9 290 Tri-x which was around the min specs for VR. It was useable for most games but the graphics quality had to be turned down. I’m now using a Vega 56 which handles VR with ease.
  14. Regarding the Jedi Outcast mod... It’s pretty decent, however less than ten minutes in and I felt sick as hell! I think maybe everything was moving too quickly? The only other game to give me motion sickness was Dirt Rally, and that was (I presume) due to a low frame rate with my old Gfx card. The Doom 3 mod was fine, but I can’t play this...
  15. @Treble it’s going well thanks! Upgraded from 128mb to a gig which totally transformed the machine. I also updated to OS X 10.4. (With the option of booting OS 9) I grabbed a few older games which all run nicely, but tracking down a compatible version of Scumm-VM is my highlight. The Lucasarts games look superb on the CRT. My 9yo has been playing through Sam & Max Hit the Road! Sadly I’ve had trouble finding an Amiga emulator that runs at a decent speed, and DOSbox isn’t great either. If anyone has any suggestions for a G4 @ 700mhz?!
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