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  1. On the PC version of EA Access, you get the Command & Conquer collection. Although to be fair you can buy it on CDKeys for £3!
  2. They’re on both formats. I played Monkey Island 1 and 2 SE on the Xbox 360 with the controller fine so I imagine these all work well too.
  3. That’s a difficult one as they’re all great games, but very different. DotT is the perfect point n click game IMO. It’s actually quite a short game, you can complete it in under an hour if you know what you’re doing. It’s hilarious though, has some amazing artwork and animation. The voice acting is brilliant. I’m completely biased, as I played it first time round after MI2 and Fate of Atlantis. Everything after was downhill (I never clicked with Sam n Max). However many point and click fans consider Grim Fandango to be the best point n click game. The story is good, altho
  4. I’m old, I think Full Throttle and DotT look better in classic VGA mode. DotT is also LucasArts’ best game, and the best point & click game ever made
  5. If anyone hasn’t tried Deus Ex, Humble Bundle currently have the Steam version for 99p. In fact the whole series is significantly reduced!
  6. Disappointed the 6800 costs more than a 3070, however I do like AMD and their image sharpening option. I’ve no idea how it compares to DLSS but with my current Vega setup running at 1440p and using 60% image sharpening, it looks great on a 4K screen. Also, with the consoles using Big Navi, surely that gives AMD PCs an advantage?
  7. I got my daughter’s left joycon repaired for free, it’s around 18months old. Definitely worth checking with Nintendo!
  8. Wasteland 3. For all the glitches and bugs, it’s a brilliant game and I couldn’t put it down. I’m really struggling to find something to take over from it, I’ve tried a few other RPGs on Gamepass but nothing has clicked so I’ll probably just play Wasteland 3 again...
  9. Strike Commander was amazing at the time! I waited until I’d upgraded to a DX2 66mhz before buying it. Worth every penny to play it with a frame rate in double figures! It would be amazing to see a remaster of Strike / Wing Commander. Getting back on topic... Comanche looks pretty cool! https://comanchegame.com
  10. Comanche? Ooh interesting! I have fond memories of playing the original voxel engined Comanche on a 386 at a terrible frame rate
  11. Has anyone played the Baldur’s Gate collection or Planescape / Icewind Dale on the Switch? I’m going for a back operation soon and could do with something meaty to pass the time. I already have Diablo 3 and my daughter has Pokemon Sword which I’ve never played, but I do fancy some old school RPG action.
  12. I’m not sure about nVidia, but there’s scaling settings in the AMD software, where you can change stuff such as keeping the original aspect ratio and also pixel perfect scaling, where a lower resolution would only take up percentage of the screen. On a 1920x1080 screen, 1024x768 would be quite small. Might not be the cause of your issue, but maybe worth having a look?
  13. Could it be anything to do with scaling options set by your GPU software?
  14. As much as I dislike Jason Schreier, I had to retweet this...
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