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  1. The WiiU was fairly straight forward to set up. It’s really nice having the option to use the TV or the screen on the controller. The d-pad is nice for retro stuff too, unlike the Xbox OG IMO. One game I’ve never managed to emulate correctly on anything other than Xbox is Pilotwings 64 though. Getting that working on WiiU would be the best thing ever!
  2. I need to try and get back into this. Loved and completed the first game 3 times now but keep bouncing off this one. Can any PC gamers advise if the 4k texture pack is worth downloading, or is it a waste of ssd space and system resources?! 3070FE so I’ll be playing with as many bells and whistles as possible at 60fps.
  3. I just got my 2500 point bonus for reaching week 80. If it reset I’d be rather upset!
  4. I’ve certainly got a soft spot for the original Geoff Crammond F1 game as I played that a lot on my 386 as a kid. Haven’t played any of the others though... The unique thing about F1 Championship on PS3 is it’s by Studio Liverpool, Sony’s only F1 game of that era I believe, sandwiched between EA and Codemasters titles. Edit: seems my memory is wrong as Sony had a couple of PS2 titles after EA, and did a couple of PSP titles including your Bahrain one. It was their only PS3 title though.
  5. After enjoying your Australian video I ordered F1 ‘97 off eBay. It’s the one I remember from my student days. It holds up really well for a 32bit title. Although the short draw distance kinda spoils Spa, most of the other tracks are fine, Monaco is great. I also ordered F1 Championship Edition on PS3 as I’ve never played that, but remember videos of it from the early days of PS3 looking incredible. IMO it’s a much better F1 game than the PS3 Codemasters titles that followed, it still looks pretty incredible and the rain effects are lovely. No Spa track though?! Was that removed from
  6. The postman delivered Virtua Racing this morning. Now I know it’s a flawed conversion, but I rather like it. It doesn’t feel like it’s running at 15fps, if feels quite smooth and handles far better than the Saturn version. The poor draw distance and low resolution make navigating the tracks quite tricky, I keep rear-ending slower cars! However there’s something about this port that’s cool. The humble little Megadrive punching well above its weight with the help of the SVP chip. Good times!
  7. I got a cheap adaptor off Amazon and set up my PS2 with HDLoader over the weekend. It’s fantastic! Using WinHiip for ISOs and ripping my own games from the PS2’s drive. I’ve got 250gb of games sitting on it now, I’ll probably only play a handful, just like with my MAME cabinet, MegaSD, Modded Xbox etc... but still! What a time to be alive!
  8. It’s on Gamepass, I wouldn’t buy a (mostly) online shooter.
  9. Tried the Xbox version last night, to get the Rewards points. The “tutorial” is more cutscenes and loading screens (Xbone X) than interactive gameplay?! The world is generic Unreal Engine 4. Achievement popped, reward points redeemed, uninstalled.
  10. Switch JP eShop too... It looks lovely. I’m no expert but I loved the PS2 game. This seems to be an extremely pretty evolution of that game. It features the first stage only, it’s an extremely short demo.
  11. Ghouls n Ghosts, the Megadrive version primarily but any version will do. This was the first game I saw running on the MD and it was absolutely stunning! Mario 64, swimming around with the fishes. So chilled out! Shenmue, walking from Ryo’s house down to the small village with the phone box. Lovely peaceful area to wander around. Monkey Island 2 / Fate of Atlantis / Day of the Tentacle. These games make me feel young again and some of the settings in these games are lovely!
  12. StoooTube

    Narita Boy

    It’s coming to Gamepass yeah? It looks pretty cool, I really enjoyed Swords & Sworcery and this looks pretty similar, and seems to have a promising sound track.
  13. Yeah it’s not really a game, more an experience for the eyes and ears... with a good pair of headphones it’s pretty enjoyable.
  14. Overclockers currently have a selection of 3070 cards. From £729-£929 They also have a couple of 3060 cards just shy of £500... Oh and they have a 3090 card for £2400
  15. Ah but they do. I’ve been following Stock Informer and Curry’s and Overclockers have had stock fairly regularly, usually around 3-4am. They’re only in stock for a few minutes so folk are buying them at these inflated prices. I got my 3070FE for RRP in November, there’s no way I’m paying more than that for a lesser card.
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