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  1. Yeah I’ve been waiting for a price drop so I can try it on the Oled screen. I already have it on Steam (and have barely touched it )
  2. I assume, like the Turkey Gamepass codes, you just set your VPN to Argentina and activate the code on the Xbox Redeem website. However the VPN I use doesn’t have Argentina as an option, I wonder if Brazil would work?
  3. If anyone is still looking for a copy of this, CDKeys have the Xbox GotY version for the Argentinian store for £9.99.
  4. Yeah I missed out on it by a couple of hours. CDKeys have the Xbox version for £7.49 and PC for 3.49 if anyone is still after a copy.
  5. I got a copy of Ridge Racer 3D and Metroid Return of Samus. Two games I’ve never played, and they’re both awesome! I really need to give my 2DSXL more love
  6. I got a copy of Ridge 3d and, well it’s really rather lovely! The frame rate doesn’t really bother me on such a small screen, and while it’s not as sharp as the PSP version I think it looks great, and plays brilliantly
  7. As someone that doesn’t own a PS4/5, I’ll be up for a subscribing for a month or two so I can play Bloodborne and Ghost of Tsushima. Providing the streaming service is decent of course!
  8. I missed out on a £2 boxed copy on eBay last night. My phone battery died and I forgot all about the auction
  9. The sound track in Ridge Racers / 2 is possibly the best in the series too.
  10. At the rate I’m going with Elden Ring it’ll last me well into the autumn (currently 149hrs on my first play through). Looking forward to Pocky & Rocky though, potential ports of more classic shmups and Mario Strikers. F1 ‘22 has my interest too, what with VR support!
  11. Tools Up is pretty cool, a co-op game along the lines of Overcooked and Moving Out, but this time you’re decorating houses. Well worth the £3ish it’s currently on sale at!
  12. How about Ridge Racer 3DS? I didn’t realise it was a thing! Is it any good?
  13. 🕹 High Score Day #46 - Not the first time they’ve put the wrong game in the series
  14. I imagine Ridge 1-5 will work at some point, with the new “Gamepass” service Sony are doing. Maybe they’ll offer the option to stream Ridge 7 as well. The PS3 version is stunning, running at 1080p 60fps which is pretty unusual for that era. I recently picked it up for £4! I’d love to see a port of the PSP game on Switch, that would be incredible!
  15. Button and stick swap complete. Sanwa components from the Madcatz Soul Calibur Tournament Fight Stick.
  16. Awesome, is that the Wingman? I have that in my Amazon wish list, really should pick it up! I had hoped maybe the stick would work with the Retrobit 2.4ghz adaptor but sadly not.
  17. Since getting my Oled switch, I’ve been buying a fair few arcade style games, Capcom Arcade, Street Fighter Collection, various shmups… so I picked up the 8bitdo Arcade stick. Being wireless, it means I can use it with my Switch and PC without much hassle. I’m not keen on the hardware it comes with, the stick is very loose and the buttons are a bit spongy, but I have an old Madcatz Soul Calibur PS3 stick with sanwa parts so I’m gonna swap them over and that should help the situation. Other than that it’s a nice package, it’s solid and weighty, has the option of Bluetooth / 2.4ghz / usb. I quite like the NES aesthetic too. Now I need a converter for Dreamcast / Saturn!
  18. PikaStu


    It’s been available since 28th April, hasn’t it? I may pick it up in a sale, £25 is a bit steep considering my shmup backlog on Switch and Steam.
  19. PikaStu

    Sonic Forces

    Let’s dig this topic up for more! It’s on sale on the eshop just now for around 8 quid. We watched Sonic 2 for the second time last night, and it had me in the mood for some 3d sonic action… the kids are interested in (spoiler for those who haven’t seen the end credits scene in Sonic 2) and something that looks more modern than Mania. The game controls like a Tesco trolley with a wonky wheel, filled with bricks and thrown down a steep hill… it’s pretty bad, pretty unresponsive. Making your own character is a bit silly, it’s a Sonic game so obviously I want to control the original characters… so I just made a blue hedgehog (with a Sanic T-shirt because… ) However, I did stay up quite late last night playing it. I mean it’s 8 quid, which is the price of a large kebab of questionable quality, plus it this probably won’t give me the shits in the morning! It’s fairly enjoyable and I reckon my kids will like it for a wee while. Until my 6yo makes us watch the movies back to back again. And again. And again…
  20. He needed more cowbell. I never actually played Ripper but I do remember reading about it. Reminds me a bit of Dracula (Unleashed?) which came out a few years prior, and featured some of the worst acting this side of BBC’s Eldorado.
  21. 🕹 High Score Day #38 - https://highscoreday.com First time I’ve got all five!
  22. Reminds me of The Uninvited which I played on a friend’s ST back in the day. Such an atmospheric game!
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