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  1. Yeah I’ve been waiting for a price drop so I can try it on the Oled screen. I already have it on Steam (and have barely touched it )
  2. I assume, like the Turkey Gamepass codes, you just set your VPN to Argentina and activate the code on the Xbox Redeem website. However the VPN I use doesn’t have Argentina as an option, I wonder if Brazil would work?
  3. If anyone is still looking for a copy of this, CDKeys have the Xbox GotY version for the Argentinian store for £9.99.
  4. Yeah I missed out on it by a couple of hours. CDKeys have the Xbox version for £7.49 and PC for 3.49 if anyone is still after a copy.
  5. I got a copy of Ridge Racer 3D and Metroid Return of Samus. Two games I’ve never played, and they’re both awesome! I really need to give my 2DSXL more love
  6. I got a copy of Ridge 3d and, well it’s really rather lovely! The frame rate doesn’t really bother me on such a small screen, and while it’s not as sharp as the PSP version I think it looks great, and plays brilliantly
  7. As someone that doesn’t own a PS4/5, I’ll be up for a subscribing for a month or two so I can play Bloodborne and Ghost of Tsushima. Providing the streaming service is decent of course!
  8. I missed out on a £2 boxed copy on eBay last night. My phone battery died and I forgot all about the auction
  9. The sound track in Ridge Racers / 2 is possibly the best in the series too.
  10. At the rate I’m going with Elden Ring it’ll last me well into the autumn (currently 149hrs on my first play through). Looking forward to Pocky & Rocky though, potential ports of more classic shmups and Mario Strikers. F1 ‘22 has my interest too, what with VR support!
  11. Tools Up is pretty cool, a co-op game along the lines of Overcooked and Moving Out, but this time you’re decorating houses. Well worth the £3ish it’s currently on sale at!
  12. How about Ridge Racer 3DS? I didn’t realise it was a thing! Is it any good?
  13. 🕹 High Score Day #46 - Not the first time they’ve put the wrong game in the series
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