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  1. I’m surely not the only one to have done this?!
  2. PikaStu


    Did anyone else check out Shmup Junkie’s epic PCE video yesterday? Every PCE shmup ranked! In other news, I finally picked up Schildmaid. So good, one of the best shooters I’ve played in ages!
  3. Worked great, thanks for that! Looks much better now!
  4. Yeah I don’t know tbh. I really should try the XBoneX version and see how it compares on this point. According to Digital Foundry the Series X has the PC equivalent of high. In fact I need to watch DF’s PC footage… I wonder if there’s something in my NVidia settings that’s causing it?!
  5. Ah yeah I had it set to high. There’s options for low, medium and high. Tbh switching between them, I can’t see much difference, if any. I took photos to compare as it requires a restart each time.
  6. Oh… I’ll check. Is that what causes it? I couldn’t remember the name!
  7. Yeah it’s broken. And the LOD is still woeful, even on extreme settings the textures blur about 2m in front of my car - reminds me of Soul Calibur’s floor textures on the Dreamcast. And of course the mouse pointer issue hasn’t been fixed either. Overall it’s not the end of the world, I’m still enjoying driving around exploring and taking part in challenges, but if I’d paid full whack for the game I’d be pretty annoyed.
  8. The Epic Store equivalent of getting socks for Christmas from your gran, when you have no legs. I jest. I’ve used Antstream only briefly since they introduced the free tier. I assume you get a limited amount of free access then have to buy credit to continue.
  9. Should be a mandatory New Year resolution for everyone!
  10. Ridge Racers 2 (PSP) is fantastic emulated in PPSSPP. We need a proper remastered version of that
  11. Spot of luck with the eFootball reward, I decided to fire it up on the cloud, running in the background while I work. A load of random button pressing to get everything set up and start the first game. Won 2-0! Nice! Another game I’ll never play again…
  12. It’s probably my favourite PSOne Ridge title. I loved the change of direction. Out of the first five games, it was actually Type 4 I bounced off the most?!
  13. Yeah I had the same response from “Cheryl” on 10th. They’ll look at everyone who got the 6000 points for Battlefield and ignore their complaints about this
  14. I’ve never owned R7, even though it’s been on my shopping list since I got a PS3 around 2008. So yeah, it’s now in the post.
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