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  1. Its different bows as well the sharpshooter has different arrow types compared to the bow you start with. I carry both around with me. Spent most of the weekend playing this, it's lovely .
  2. I thought the story told in last nights episode felt like it could have been conveyed in half an hour but was stretched out for twice as long, by the 45 min mark I was checking to see how much longer it had to go.
  3. Workshops can support up to 4 gremlins which can fill in engineer slots, so 2 Engineers in a workshop = 4 gremlins which really helps early on. The only limitation is that the gremlins can only be deployed to adjacent facilities.
  4. I ended up running with two shotguns, the Piranha because it's hilarious and the Dhan shotgun with Plasma seeking rounds which turns it into a disgustingly powerful fire and forget midrange weapon.
  5. If you are enjoying the combat on hard so far bar the mini bosses then as Hex said Just buy some Cobra's to deal with them.
  6. I agree with all of that. I even have pretty much the same screenshot, it felt like a moment that I wanted to capture for prosperity.
  7. I finished this last night at around 90% done with some filler quests left to do. It obviously has its issues (my PS4 has never crashed so often) and once or twice it felt like a bit of slog but overall I throughly enjoyed it. I warmed to all the team which surprised me but played almost all the game with Drack because he's the bestest! The combat was excellent with lots of chances to feel like bringer of death rather than a Pathfinder ... which Drack approved of. I thought the big team moments were done well and the final mission was a good end game payoff. I've only played ME2 & 3 to completion and whilst they are very different games I definitely enjoyed this more than 3. I'm certainly keen for some dlc and to see what they do next.
  8. How I feel every time I use a cobra.
  9. Played this all weekend, shit start, the rest has been good to great. My main trivial gripe is that they've made O launch an away team on the PS4...oh and I want to map melee to R3 but I can't.
  10. Buffy at 20 (oh god I'm so old): https://www.theguardian.com/tv-and-radio/2017/mar/10/buffy-the-vampire-slayer-at-20-the-thrilling-brilliant-birth-of-tv-as-art The glory days of BBC 2 early evening scheduling.
  11. So the time limited anniversary event is on at the moment, I ran through it the other night and it was pretty pap and went on to long I was glad when I eventually finished it however I'll probably run through it again having read this : http://www.icy-veins.com/d3/diablo-anniversary-event-complete-guide as there are a couple of pets to get one of which you only get if you start the run with level 1 character.
  12. Gear can be quickly compared to what you have on by looking at the arrows at the bottom of each piece. In the example above the Monster Hunter sword provides more damage (1st column), more toughness (2nd Column) and the same amount of health regeneration (3rd Column). So a good rule of thumb whilst leveling is that if it has green arrows in the first two columns you'll want to use it, the only time you might not want to take a raw stat upgrade is if you have a legendary with a cool proc.
  13. The underground is OK and probably worth a £5 if you enjoy the PVE gunplay, but all it really adds is another way to obtain gear. I'm still playing on the PS4, since 1.4 I've been really enjoying the game again. The journey to max level was always good but it was once you had made it to 30 the game rapidly petered out. Before 1.4 the only way to improve your gear was either in the (for me) hateful Dark Zone or through incredibly punishing and occasionally boring PVE missions and incursions. These days you can get gear from doing any activity in the game which means that you never feel like you've wasted your time playing. The enemies aren't anywhere near as bullet spongey as they used to be and don't one shot you with a shotgun from 50 yards away anymore, which is nice. The 4 set tier bonuses on the gear sets seem in the main to be useful and fun, whilst the addition of world tiers add a much needed progression curve for those new to max level. Ignoring PVP it does lack a proper end game a la Destiny's raids but what is now in the game feels like enough at last. I'm looking forward to survival mode next week which will hopefully get my regular gaming chums playing the game again. For those on PS4 my PSN tag is NimmelPrime, if I'm in game and you need a hand feel free to message/invite me.
  14. I've been really enjoying this season much to my surprise especially the last 5 or so episodes, whilst they are still shoehorning in a murder of the week it has become much less of the focal point of the show and it is much better for it.
  15. I watched that this morning, it was pretty funny. Is he usually that critical of what they are playing? What I took away from watching it is that it is a game where you play as one of these guys... whilst searching for a wedding dress.
  16. I'm pretty rubbish at PVP so indulge me posting one of my finer moments in stealing victory from the jaws of defeat in a rift game...
  17. I think season 2 of this starts on Amazon today, whilst I thought the show was fairly awful in places last season Tom Ellis kept me watching for the whole of it so moderately looking forward to seeing some more of it.
  18. Thanks for the write ups Garwoofoo, they encouraged me to go back and revisit some of my favorite episodes over the last couple of months.
  19. http://wowwiki.wikia.com/wiki/Timeline_(World_of_Warcraft) shows how the gaps in content have become longer.
  20. Hope this is the right thread ...I've sent a request to join the forum guild as Hexx wants some nerd points that relies on us doing stuff whilst in a guild. Thanks in advance etc etc.
  21. Man Utd Man City Chelsea Arsenal Tottenham Leicester Liverpool West Ham Southampton Stoke Everton Bournemouth Crystal Palace Watford West Brom Swansea Sunderland Middlesbrough Burnley Hull
  22. The lag outside the city was awful tonight (had been fine during the day) we gave up in the end as it wasnt much fun coping with it.
  23. Ropey graphics, terrible frame rate in main city,shit UI and at times laughable controller scheme ...but despite all this the combat is really good all the buttons feel rewarding to press and the telegraphing and dodging of incoming attacks is really well done. It reminds me of the old PS2 baldurs gate games. It also seems pretty generous for a free to play, lots of bag space, a mount and a npc follower all as standard. Well worth a download.
  24. So my quick bit of housekeeping before my ng+ playthrough turned into 3 hours of ingredient gathering and alchemy crafting...
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