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  1. If you picked a Blood Elf or a Draenei then I don't think their starting zones have been touched since TBC (2007!).
  2. Some great stuff linked, Harmonica's theme is the first thing I always think of when he's mentioned.
  3. This was a good shout, I was enjoying myself this morning win or lose. Then I met the nightmare that is party synced 120 MM hunters that can two shot you through pain suppression, having one or two of these on the opposition is bad. Having a full pre-made of 120s against you is not only unwinable it's unplayable. Still I used to do the twink thing way back when so I'm considering it karma.
  4. This, so much this. I have every other class to 120. But the priest is stuck at 113 and I can't bring myself to do anymore with them, they only got this high because Legion invasions got me to 111 without thinking about it. I just don't get shadow.
  5. I've been enjoying it there's lots to do for a solo player and I think all the really annoying systems that were in place at launch have been stream lined. Depends on what you want out of the game, if you are just enjoying questing and leveling then there is probably enough content in Legion to scratch that itch. The new zones are very good but the lore feels a bit all over the place due to coming into the expansion late, still the stories throughout the zones are good enough but it doesn't have anything like the class halls.
  6. Currently Draenor goes by stupidly quickly, it takes about an hour to do 90-100 if you are OCDing it (focusing on world quests and treasure hunting). Legion will last longer, unless you level just by doing the daily invasions which seem to give about 2 levels for completing 4-5 quests. I really enjoyed all the Legion class order hall stuff I did on the Paladin but I understand some classes order halls are less engaging, still just playing through all those story lines should give you plenty of content if you don't fancy BFA. Edit: didn't see sharks post so basically what he said.
  7. Any questions you have once you start are worth asking here a fair few forum people have played it at sometime or another: Destiny is a very good shout. Maybe Path of Exile as well?
  8. Warframe may be worth a shot, its free, its PVE focused so if you suddenly have to go AFK you wont get punished, I mainly played it on the PS4 and I could probably count on one hand times that anyone bothered to communicate but it still managed to be a collaborative experience.
  9. After giving up on classic, I revisited retail. I had no idea about the change to zones so you could do them in pretty much any order now. So I've spent time finishing up some lore master achievements I never got round to completing. Its been a nice way to spend sometime as well as allowing me to have a go at a selection of classes at lower levels (even though I have them all at 100 already....). I'm not sure Ill continue once I've finished off Azeroth as I have completed all the TBC/ WotLK ones but the nostalgia levels have been high and blowing shit up, especially as an arcane mage, has been very fun.
  10. I've sort of enjoyed my foray back into classic but can't see me continuing, back in the day I got 3 characters to 60 before TBC and having experienced the grind a fresh my main take away is "what the fuck was wrong with me"! When the inevitable TBC and WotLK servers come I will be all over them.
  11. After 3 years of not having a gaming PC last week I purchased something fairly outrageous with my PPI refund, the majority of my time on it has been spent playing this...I should have just got this on switch and gone on holiday somewhere! I still not completely sure of all the mechanics, but I have managed to complete runs with all the characters, with the silent taking the most time to do.
  12. Bugger all information yet apart from it starts shooting next year. Edit: Updated with better quality video.
  13. What exotics are Hunters and Warlocks currently using for general PVE solo mooching about? I've been using sun bracers on the lock which seem pretty good.
  14. Really enjoyed this season, I think it benefited from me watching it over several nights rather than bingeing it.
  15. The three hours flew by, I shed a single manly tear when Tony and Peter hugged. I think Cap wielding the hammer just about pipped other Cap torpedoing the shit out of Thanos's ride as the 'fuck yeah' moment. The time travel element was a nice way of reminding us how long we have spent with these characters all building up to this ending. I'll miss RDJ as iron man. Edit. If it's Evans last turn as Captain America I'll miss him as well, he's been fantastic.
  16. I've had the week off since Easter with grand plans to do chores and get some solid game time in. On Monday night I thought I would give the Expanse another go after having given up after a couple of episodes several months ago. I started again and after about 3 episodes it clicked and I've then spent the rest of the week on a binge having achieved none of my pre-holiday goals. I thought it would struggle after what was tied up in season 2 but not at all. So now the long wait for S4 begins.
  17. I'm enjoying chasing 700 light level as it is the sort of OCD thing that always appeals to me but I just don't care about or indeed play Gambit or its Prime version, this bit of DLC has been seriously underwhelming I enjoyed the back armory content much more.
  18. Easily if you do all the quests the game has to offer.
  19. I finished the main story and the cult deletion over the weekend and there is still hours of content left. It's been 70 hours well spent with Kassandra and chums, and whilst I did enjoy Origins this eclipses it in pretty much every way and has left me excited to see what they do next as it is going to be a hard job to top this.
  20. Also as a general tip outside of pushing greater rift progression when you will be using builds with more survivability you will want to be concentrating on builds that can biltz through content within a difficulty that allows that to happen for me I found I could do this easily with all classes at T10 with a modicum of gear farming.
  21. For a late game resource I'd recommend Icy Veins, you'll find guides here which are kept up to date for all sorts of builds with lists of the equipment and stats you should be looking out for. https://www.icy-veins.com/d3/
  22. You can move Paragon points around at will.
  23. An amazing film. The horror of it all was too much for me on occasion and I turned away from the screen several times. This is also worth a listen it is 15 mins long and looks at the impact of the armistice on the victorious Allies' colonial subjects. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sounds/play/m00013q9
  24. 1996 Wipeout 2097 Tekken 2 Mario 64 C&C Red Alert Civ 2 Diablo (just) Edit: Actually looking at the dates Marios cheating really as it wasn't released in the west until 97.
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