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  1. There's all sorts of categories, current no warp run is just under an hour. https://www.speedrun.com/eldenring
  2. I did the run the hell away thing but appears you can knock her out of the animation using items.
  3. When I tried the cheese in NG+ it didn't work for me, a quick check on YouTube revealed a new cheese method people are using which is painfully slow but fairly easy to do. In the end I sucked it up and did the fight properly i.e. threw moons at it until it died.
  4. I think they fixed that cheese unfortunately.
  5. I don't know if he turns up again but I think you can buy all incantations from the pope turtle in the lake area.
  6. That one always buggers off early, most don't.
  7. And platinumed, one of only 4 games I've bothered to do this. With only Persona 5 requiring similar effort. I was bricking it incase I had screwed up something again and would have to play through it for the third time....which I will probably do anyway. NG+ was easy, admittedly I entered it at 170ish and gained another 30 levels during the play through. I wish you could respec at roundtable hold in Ng+ I had fancied trying a melee build but didn't want to arse up my save if I couldn't get on with it and then be unable to beat the boss that opens up respeccing. So stayed as a caster and it took around 10 hours to do the run as I had to do the blue ladies quest line again.
  8. So from expecting to hate this game to it being all I've wanted to play for the last couple of weeks and just missing out on the platinum trophy as I'm an idiot and didn't really read the instructions on how to do it in one run! Still gives me something to aim for in NG+. This is going to be game of the year right? Here's me in all my beauty after having to dress for the final boss.
  9. Thanks for moving I did indeed not mean to post it here and as mentioned you just use the latern I have it mapped to the quick menu.
  10. I'm so good at this game. (non-spoilery)
  11. I live in a state of constant fear in this game. Trees, statues, armour racks, other players "ghost" have all scared the crap out of me and just as I let my guard down something will jump from the shadows and stab me in the face. I think I've all but broken my ps5 controller from spamming R3 in a vain attempt to identify any threats.
  12. I've bounced off at least two Dark Souls games and Bloodborne. I want to like them but I'm rubbish at them and get frustrated and give up. So when I picked up Elden Ring at launch I thought there was a good chance I'd play it for an hour then give up in a huff. So that didn't happen.
  13. @df0 Yep certainly interest from out side, I will poke our FC and see how many want to do it and when. I think we have 5 at 90 currently with one more on the way. Although we would need another healer from somewhere, a couple of others posted interest on the discord as well so perhaps they can help with this. Will try and get something together for maybe next week.
  14. Cool no rush to do anything! We are usually up for doing 5 man stuff as well so feel free to give us a poke if you need a hand with anything, although you can use trusts for pretty much everything pre-90. I think the forum had a linkshell which I never managed to join so it would be nice to get into that as well if possible.
  15. We haven't touched the Ex raids yet, and by mildly competent I really mean just don't be a dick! So if there is anyone here on the Chaos cluster that fancies getting into the raids with a friendly group drop me a PM or join up on our discord https://discord.gg/JXQz5yTf (I think this link is good for 2 weeks) and say hello. Hopefully we can get enough of us to have a full group for something. Plus it would be nice to play again with you Deefs .
  16. There's 5-6 of us on Omega server (chaos) and we were thinking it might be nice to team up with some forum people to do some current raids, ex-trials etc. We have a tank and healer, and can if needed probably force someone else to play an alt job to be another tank. Anyway just thought I would gauge to see if there is any interest as it would be nice to do this content with a chilled, mildly competent* group. * I may not be competent.
  17. I'm keen to join the linkshell and do stuff with others, apart from Deef as he smells. I can heal or dance terribly.
  18. Yep this is what I did, to make it a bit easier and assuming you own Stormblood you could pick a red mage or samurai as they start at 50.
  19. @Doctor Shark I'm doing some healing stuff at low level currently (<40 level) so far it's been very group/instance dependent. Either there's been bugger all to do bar throw out the odd heal here and there or it being a complete shit show with everyone taking damage and me worrying about mana...so quite wow like in that regard! Lots of new players including myself so I bet there's loads of damage that could be being avoided. I'm playing on PC so have created some mouse over macro's and shifted the UI about so the actual feel of healing is not to dissimilar to wow with some addons.
  20. They are! It looks huge on a stupid tauren.
  21. We ended up clearing heroic with another guild as they need tanks and healers (and quite frankly anyone that could press buttons in vaguely the right order), I quite enjoyed it but I hadn't raided since WoD after taking a fairly long break from the game so it was a relatively fresh experience for me. Did two bosses on mythic with them then they sort of fell apart, but that was probably as far in as I fancied going I'm an old man now so spending an evening wiping on something that I'm having to give 100% attention to each pull isn't really for me these days. I like the chit chat, killing things and the loot, and heroic provided that.
  22. Got the first lot of KSM done in the guild. Need to get it for a couple of others, been fun slowly pushing up the key level. Also I hate grievous as an affix.
  23. I haven't played this in ages, thought I'd give it another go and the first planet I went to after the crash site was the land of the walkers, so bloody cool.
  24. @feltmonkeyOf course. Fair warning guild is a little bit quiet at the moment due to the lull between now and pre-patch/shadowlands. Next time you are on do a /who muk and someone should be able to get you in.
  25. There is about 10 of us playing horde side, most came back because of lockdown but are still playing. We aren't raiding these days but do mythic dungeons with a whole set of characters. You would be welcome to join us if you are looking for a very casual group.
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