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  1. What exotics are Hunters and Warlocks currently using for general PVE solo mooching about? I've been using sun bracers on the lock which seem pretty good.
  2. Really enjoyed this season, I think it benefited from me watching it over several nights rather than bingeing it.
  3. The three hours flew by, I shed a single manly tear when Tony and Peter hugged. I think Cap wielding the hammer just about pipped other Cap torpedoing the shit out of Thanos's ride as the 'fuck yeah' moment. The time travel element was a nice way of reminding us how long we have spent with these characters all building up to this ending. I'll miss RDJ as iron man. Edit. If it's Evans last turn as Captain America I'll miss him as well, he's been fantastic.
  4. I've had the week off since Easter with grand plans to do chores and get some solid game time in. On Monday night I thought I would give the Expanse another go after having given up after a couple of episodes several months ago. I started again and after about 3 episodes it clicked and I've then spent the rest of the week on a binge having achieved none of my pre-holiday goals. I thought it would struggle after what was tied up in season 2 but not at all. So now the long wait for S4 begins.
  5. I'm enjoying chasing 700 light level as it is the sort of OCD thing that always appeals to me but I just don't care about or indeed play Gambit or its Prime version, this bit of DLC has been seriously underwhelming I enjoyed the back armory content much more.
  6. Easily if you do all the quests the game has to offer.
  7. I finished the main story and the cult deletion over the weekend and there is still hours of content left. It's been 70 hours well spent with Kassandra and chums, and whilst I did enjoy Origins this eclipses it in pretty much every way and has left me excited to see what they do next as it is going to be a hard job to top this.
  8. Also as a general tip outside of pushing greater rift progression when you will be using builds with more survivability you will want to be concentrating on builds that can biltz through content within a difficulty that allows that to happen for me I found I could do this easily with all classes at T10 with a modicum of gear farming.
  9. For a late game resource I'd recommend Icy Veins, you'll find guides here which are kept up to date for all sorts of builds with lists of the equipment and stats you should be looking out for. https://www.icy-veins.com/d3/
  10. You can move Paragon points around at will.
  11. An amazing film. The horror of it all was too much for me on occasion and I turned away from the screen several times. This is also worth a listen it is 15 mins long and looks at the impact of the armistice on the victorious Allies' colonial subjects. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sounds/play/m00013q9
  12. 1996 Wipeout 2097 Tekken 2 Mario 64 C&C Red Alert Civ 2 Diablo (just) Edit: Actually looking at the dates Marios cheating really as it wasn't released in the west until 97.
  13. This is all I've been watching over the last few weeks up to series 6 now its so, so good. "R" is the most menacing of sounds. That's why it's called Murder instead of Mukdek.
  14. This is pretty cool. As an aside after 30+ hours I'm pretty much used to the controls now and only on rare occasions do I accidentally shoot people in the face. I spend most of the time just faffing about there's so many lovely touches in the world that its easy to have achieved absolutely nothing after an hour of play but to feel totally fulfilled by it.
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