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  1. I spent my lunchbreak working out if I can get it done before Christmas But actually I've got a few days working from home between Christmas and New Year, which will likely be needed to pick off the last few. If and when I limp over the line, I'll do a round-up of my futile quest. Weirdly, I think a higher total is possible (at one point I was on pace for over 1,100) but I'm not even entertaining that idea any further. And I'll pick a challenge with a lot more fresh air involved next year.
  2. Wildlife - 3/5 (iPlayer) A bittersweet drama directed by Paul Dano and starring the every reliable Carey Mulligan and, imo the often underrated, Jake Gyllenhaal. Dano's direction is extremely unfussy, allowing the cast plenty of room to act against some beautiful backdrops of small town America. The final shot is outstanding*, can't recall a more striking closing image in recent years, and the ride to get to that point is a very absorbing one. (#936) *albeit iPlayer immediately squeezes the credits, probably due to triggers being applied uniformly, rather than someone scheduling their VOD manually with a tiny bit of care. Sorry, working brain kicking in.
  3. Yay! Someone else likes The Crazies remake! Cracking horror romp, and like you say, Timothy Olyphant very good in it.
  4. Genuinely think Maguire’s might be one of the best ever taken. Pirlo’s against England also wonderful. He might as well have been wearing velvet slippers casually drinking a glass of Barolo as he caressed the ball past Joe Hart. A nod to Van Dijk’s Vs Chelsea in the league cup final last season too, which was hit into the side Kepa showed for and the ‘keeper still got nowhere near it.
  5. Stuart Pearce's penalty kick retribution would have been a lot less endearing (and likely) had his 1990 World Cup miss been proceeded by a skip, a stutter and a pass to the 'keeper. I'm no fan of Harry Maguire but boy can he bloot a pelanty.
  6. A Panenka to send the most tedious side in World football home
  7. That famous Simpsons soccer gif isn’t actually a gif, it’s footage of Spain.
  8. Morocco bossing things against Spain thus far, so fully expect the Spanish to be leading 1-0 at half-time.
  9. Spirited - 2/5 (Apple TV+) Has its moments, and a few amusing songs, but still felt a bit bah humbug after watching. Didn't find it as funny as the cast seem to think it is, with the film often becoming indulgent at times, which contributes to that feeling of the film being far longer than it needs to be. Not a terrible 2 by any means, but one that should have been a lot more enjoyable given effort, and talent, involved. Won't be adding it to the annual Christmas film rotation. (#932)
  10. To pay for Bellingham, we're selling Van Dijk, Alisson, Trent, Robbo, Curtis Jones, Naby Lad, Fabinho, Thiago and Nunez. He and Milner are the midfield of the future!
  11. The Autopsy of Jane Doe - 3/5 Trying to clear a few films that have been on my IMDb watchlist a while, and plumped for this tonight. Glad I did. Neat idea, swift runtime and a good cast (mostly Brian Cox and Emile Hirsch, mostly) The end is maybe a little heavy-handed but didn’t put me off too much. And also like that it hasn’t since had a load of unnecessary sequels delving into “the lore”. (#927)
  12. It’s the little details in the city that really draws me in. During my last session a pretty monstrous storm ravaged Night City, and I felt compelled to run along a soaked road to get under the thin cover of an overpass. The exposed road either side was slick with fresh rain, with my temporary shelter offering a dry haven. The patter of rainfall sounded awesome. Just standing there, waiting for it to pass, the neon of the city in the distance. Wish I’d recorded it but it was one of so many moments of subtle immersion, a moment in time that felt unique to my V as she stood there content to wait the storm out.
  13. Not sure how or when the song carried over to football but it has been used elsewhere a fair bit before. Had several drunken singalongs to it at the Dubai Rugby 7s back in the mid-2000s, when the stadium DJ whacked it on as the sun was going down. Darren Till also walked out to it for his UFC fights, which also got the crowd singing, in the UK at least. Also got a good airing at a recent NFL London game. It makes no logical sense why it’s taken off for England, but it’s very, very hard to not singalong with when you’re in a crowd, especially if you’re feeling upbeat. A bit like how Liverpool have adopted Dua Lipa’s One Kiss since she performed it at Champions League final. Easy, breezy song a crowd can below out.
  14. When you do go out for a wander, do so on a bike. There’s a point where you get one given to you (any further detail than that is too spoilery) and it’s a good time to gun through the streets of Night City. Plus the bikes are really fun to ride.
  15. Our frontline is going to be so, so good when our new trillionaire owners sign Mbappe as back-up to Diaz, Nunes and Salah.
  16. Unlocked the double jump last night. Can thoroughly second this recommendation. Unlocking it also offers the small joy of occasionally catching your V’s shadow amid a double jump. V go high! Can’t think of a game I’ve felt so immersed in since Fallout: New Vegas. Like that game, this has plenty of story but the real enjoyment comes from just heading out into the map and seeing what’s out there waiting for you.
  17. Poland do play a block so low they could build a basement car park in it, so could frustrate the French. But if France score first can’t see Poland doing much beyond hoping they don’t lose by two or three. Senegal might have had more luck against England with Mane running at a pretty pedestrian central defence. Maybe the only shock in the last-16 will be no extra time or pelanties. And Morocco knocking out Spain.
  18. Fantastic. Such a brilliant film so perfect excuse to put it on again.
  19. glb

    The Boxing Thread

    Usyk Fury is going to be so good. If it happens.
  20. glb

    The Boxing Thread

    As expected, Fury just beating Chisora up. One or two more heavy uppercuts and the ref should step in.
  21. glb

    The Boxing Thread

    Want a cape like Chisora’s for Christmas Day! There was one replay of Dubois stepping back that looked really bad. Dipped out to watch the end of the football so not sure if they showed more. Good win for him though, can get scanned and hopefully be back in the spring.
  22. A Christmas Carol (2009) - 2/5 (Disney+) I like a Christmas film, and now it’s December I’m getting stuck into a few I’ve missed. Took a trip to the Uncanny Valley for Disney’s stupidly expensive animation of perhaps the greatest Christmas tale ever written. It’s fine, mostly because the story is so timeless, but also so unnecessary. And given the cast - and the budget - makes me wish they’d just done a live action version. If you’ve got Disney+ and want to watch the definitive version of A Christmas Carol, stick the Muppets on instead. (#923)
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