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  1. @JPL After Edgewater spend some time on Groundbreaker. There’s some decent side quests for XP to get your level up a few numbers before heading to Monarch.
  2. It is masterful counter programming releasing it same time as Star Wars I'll give it that. Obviously won't do bigger business but will probably hang around cinemas for a couple of months and inch towards $500m worldwide. But, christ, would you look at the state of it.
  3. Watched the TV spot, and then out of naive curiosity clicked on a video about people walking out of a test screening... it was like Collider without the shilling, but still really, really desperate for some shilling. Anyway, that led me down a rabbit hole to a guy calling himself, ahem...FFS..., 'Doomcock' (his YouTube name is Overlord something or other). Basically a guy, wearing a mask and using a voice changer spouting absolute drivel about supposed Rise of Skywalker leaks, spoilers and whinging about how Disney no longer respects the true fans (I hope he doesn't mean himself because Jesus H Christ). I'm not linking because he doesn't deserve any more traffic. I managed a minute of manbaby whinging before needed some fresh air. Maybe it's a parody... there might actually be some money in clickbaiting enraged fans of franchise X. Just chuck in some things about SJWs, Mary Sues, sheeple and agendas and spend the income on a new hat. But if it isn't a parody... wow. I really didn't realise quite how sad and pathetic these things could get. I know there's emotional investment in entertainment, but I can't get my head around being so disgruntled you'd actively want a film to be bad or becoming so vitriolic. Is it immaturity? Stupidity? Boredom? I know that's a bit, 'welcome to the internet' but I was genuinely flabbergasted someone so rabidly inane can get almost 100,000 subs and hundreds of thousands of views. Before a film is even released. And then there was the comment section. *clay davies gif*
  4. Well that's just silly.
  5. This feels like one of those decisions that the Totally Football Show will do a flip reverse on in five years time. Mourinho did pretty well at United for a while considering the club is in turmoil (albeit he also contributed to that). Spurs have a better squad and are more stable... he'll get them back in the top four and *stares into mystic ball* reach the Big Cup semi-finals (more power to him if he beats Pep along the way). Pochettino will surely have Man United (if they've any sense left at all) and Real Madrid hoisting their skirts to flash him a bit of ankle.
  6. Wait... the play-offs are a mini tournament now? Did UEFA hire Partridge?
  7. Nightmare fuel, with humour done by Clinton Cards. Nuke it from orbit. It’s the only way to be sure.
  8. What if they have not just one Death Star... but two Death Stars? Yeah, didn’t see that coming, did you boys. Or maybe all those Star Destroyers converge into one hulking mass, like Voltron. They’d still forget to close one porthole though, and Rey or Finn or Ghost Schmee will sneak in with a thermal detonator.
  9. £158m in bonuses last year? Christ on a bike. They were 9/4 for the title the other day. Tempting as a cover bet ahead of Liverpool’s inevitable collapse over the Christmas period. Although not being top at Christmas might actually be a good thing...
  10. Agree about Askren being outdated; imagine him and GSP facing off in their respective primes? Unfortunately with less striking than Maia, he just wasn’t going to survive 170 at the minute, but at least he brought some personality and looked to be enjoying himself. He’ll make a good pundit / analyst, with coaching on the side. Is it 245 yet?! If De Randamie and Colby get smashed in the same night it will be an early Christmas present from the MMA gods.
  11. I saw a hospital scene in the trailer... oh, he doesn’t literally do the thing in the song’s chorus, does he? EDIT: looked it up... fucking hell, it’s even worse than I thought...
  12. Early on, run and gun as much as possible. If you use TTD, aim for legs to make swarming enemies stumble or cripple them to slow them down. And put obstacles between you and your foes where possible, it’ll give you some breathing space. Upgrade your weapon and armour at workbenches (in the ‘tinker’ sub-menu) and match weapons to enemies. Humans are weak against plasma, automechanicals suffer against shock etc Once you leave Edgewater, there aren’t too many difficulty spikes so hang in there. I completed the game on hard but was tempted to drop to normal during the first hour or so. It really does become a cakewalk once you get exploring, boost your stats and have back-up in the form of companions.
  13. I misread the tiny text! Finished now. Really enjoyed it. Think I’ll save a second full run and platinum get for when an update / DLC arrives, as now appears likely according to the tweet on the previous page.
  14. Watched the trailer with the missus. She said it looks ‘sweet’ and wants to see it. Said I’m busy.
  15. The Good Liar - 2/5 Well-acted twaddle. It really goes places in the final act too. What a bizarre film.
  16. Now Henderson (virus) and Gomez (knee ouch) are both out of England's game tomorrow so they return to the club for antibiotics / magic sponge.
  17. People may not have seen the reports on Thursday, but Manchester City are set to escape a European ban for breaching Financial Fair Play rules. Suggested they will get a fine instead, which I am sure will really hit them where it hurts. They're obviously not the only club to breach rules (and that we know of), but pretty much underlines the view that FFP is not fit for purpose in its current guise.
  18. All rise for their true anthem.
  19. To quote Brad during the QL (51:39 onwards below), 'The problems here just feel like they needed another six months... if this game was free of all the big, glaring technical issues I've had, I would feel very comfortable calling this one of the best Star Wars games ever made.' Was going to buy today don't mind waiting until performance is improved. GB's video is taken from two hours in. There are a couple of spoilers because Brad, even when he's trying to be vague, so if you want to be completely fresh going in then skip.
  20. There are six companions in total, and each one has a perk you can apply that boosts a certain stat by +10. Makes it useful for certain missions where you might need, say, a jump in lock picking or persuasion. A couple of the companions prove useful in fights too. One in particular is overpowered to the point where using them feels like a cheat unlock, even on hard.
  21. glb

    NFL 2019!

    EDIT: Re: Steelers Browns handbags. What an absolutely shitshow. Pouncey won’t be playing for a few weeks either. Maybe he can think over the logic behind punching a helmet with a bare hand while he’s out.
  22. Watching the Giant Bomb Quick Look and they note the same. Frame rate is dipping during combat in the version they’re playing on the PS4 Pro in ‘performance mode’, and lots of other bugs mentioned. Did say there is a performance patch incoming, although no confirmed date. Brad is enthusiastic about the story though, and seems generally positive about the game
  23. Could well be a few more clubs on shaky ground over the next few years. BeIn, normally quick to overpay for every rights up for grabs, are cost-cutting in the face of BeOutQ, a pirate service allegedly backed by the Saudi Government, who are themselves in a prolonged diplomatic dispute with Qatar, who of course own BeIn. If global rights see a downturn, it will start to affect club's bottom lines.
  24. Is that the amount of water needed to keep your Pro cool and to prevent it from sounding like a jumbo jet?
  25. Pleased for Wenger, he’s come across really well in his recent stints on BeIn. Hopefully he gets to carve another legacy for himself. Can we also talk about how a 70 year-old man has abs like Peter Andre. Top man.
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