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  1. Blithe Spirit - 2/5 Reviews have absolutely panned this, and while it’s certainly not good and the last half hour is rushed like they ran out of budget, studio space or the will to keep filming, it’s breezy enough to be inoffensive. Besides, I watched Hell Fest this morning (see previous page), which makes Blithe Spirit looks like One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest by comparison. Fucking Hell Fest man, what a dickhead of a film.
  2. Pretty much. Knock the piano lid down (there should be a button prompt to do so) when an NPC is close/in the next room and hide. You don’t have to be in a cupboard or anything, just out of the NPC’s line of sight. When the NPC goes to reset the piano lid you have a window to sneak behind them and hit the same prompt again once they’ve lifted the lid.
  3. Hell Fest - 0/5 Comfortably one of the worst films I’ve ever seen, and I’ve seen far too many trash horrors. Bland cast, bland plot, a shrug-inducing ending. Felt like a film school project that happened across a barrel of money, then proceeded to waste that money on making a fucking atrocious film. Boy - 3/5 Probably Taika Waititi’s most subdued effort. Still has a lot of his recognisable traits, and it’s enjoyable seeing how he’s grown as a filmmaker in the decade since Boy was released. A mostly charming film but perhaps too slight to be anything other th
  4. Extraction - 2/5 Some of the action is nicely shot, just found it pretty dull on the most part. Hemsworth looked bored too. Can’t remember the last Netflix film I really enjoyed. All gloss and no trousers, or something like that. I’ll stick to their documentaries.
  5. Watched the new UK ep, serious cat-fight vibes between Liz and Michelle. Lots of shady glances. Our Liz would knock her block off, innit. Most lopsided lip sync I can remember, wasn’t even remotely close.
  6. Yeah, he’s a legit GOAT contender, and moving up to heavyweight for either of those two fights would be fascinating. Hopefully they do cave and give the HW division a shot in the arm. No pun intended. Excited for Holloway this weekend. Know a few people going and feel slightly gutted to not still be in the UAE. Max is one of the few current fighters I’d still love to see fight live.
  7. Caught up with Challenger: The Final Flight the last few days. Heartbreaking at times. Was five at the time of the disaster and recall it being one of the first truly downbeat memories in my life. Had a bit of a fascination with it ever since. The archives brought a lot back, including happier memories of visiting The Kennedy Space Centre in 1988 (the Apollo rockets are MASSIVE) Netflix do these docs well, and felt sick watching the footage of the launch. All that hope needlessly wrecked. Just awful. Only four episodes so an easy one to get through in a night. If you have a
  8. Bones Jones posting pics on his various social channels of him hitting 250lbs. As much as I’m not a fan of the person, UFC’s Heavyweight division badly needs his presence just to spice up the top order a bit. Maybe feed him Greg Hardy to shake off some cage-rust, and boost his PR. I dunno, I’m not a scientist.
  9. He just never seemed very suited to the team. He came across as trying too hard too often and that came across as a little jarring against the more laidback (maybe too laidback at times) nature of the west coast office. He never really bothered me, but I also tuned out of most things he was on. It probably seems like a dream job for most, but unless you’re incredibly secure in yourself, a role like that must be draining at the best of times. Especially with the disposable nature of content production now. Getting into regular spats online is a dumb move though, unless it’s your who
  10. I still have mental scars from 1989, it counts!
  11. Roberto Firmino Barbosa de Oliveira usually is magnificent against Arsenal to be fair.
  12. Barca’s new training kit. Brilliantly eccentric. Shame it’s on Barca to be honest.
  13. Or maybe even a win! New year, new Sheffield U. But what’s this? A lumbering giant with a magnificent mane emerges from fog surrounding the Newcastle bench... tonight Matthew, I’m going to be a Premier League striker. Allegedly. It remains 1-0. Whole nations have been born and lost since kick-off centuries ago.
  14. It's staying home, It's staying home, Covid's staying home. ... Choosing to have Sheffield United Vs Newcastle with just an empty stadium echoing around them on in the background is a choice I both regret and yet cannot look away from. Thirty one minutes have passed but it might as well have been several years. A clanking, shambolic game with all the fizz of week old cola. But what if... what if Jeff Hendrick scores a pearler to make it all worthwhile... what if... what if... A lone dog barks. A car backfires in the distance. A voice bellows out in anguish. It contin
  15. Tangent, but it’s daft IO haven’t sent him and a few of the other channels that have been offering a huge amount of Hitman content a preview copy of 3. Hoping Giant Bomb get Vinny involved with their Quick Looks. Their Hitman content has been consistently good. Maybe Dan will make a guest star return.
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