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  1. glb

    Official Mixed Martial Arts Thread

    Ridiculous. Campaigned for the fight, got Dana flying in and messes it up. Wouldn’t blame WB for withdrawing. Or will we get WB v Magny?
  2. glb

    Football Thread 2017/18

    We’ve obviously met different fans. Don’t blame them, it was a ludicrous finale to a treble-winning season. But how dare supporters celebrate monumental victories, eh?
  3. glb

    Football Thread 2017/18

    United fans never talk about ‘99 and all that...
  4. glb

    SOLO: A Star Wars Story

    I really enjoyed it. Thought the first half was stronger than the second, and it’s pretty much a nuts and bolts Star Wars movie. But after the troubled production, it delivered a brisk two hours of mostly fun heist japes, which isn’t too bad a return considering. As much as Lando stole the show in the build-up, think Chewie is the film’s real MVP. Great seeing him get decent screen time. Had flashes to his mournful scream when Han dies in The Force Awakens, which added to their burgeoning relationship in this. Not a flashy (ie inventive) film by any means, but never less than enjoyable. Looks stunning in places too. The leap in VFX the last few years is quite staggering.
  5. glb

    Official Mixed Martial Arts Thread

    UFC dropped the ball with Nunes when she fought Rousey. As Rogan repeated on the podcast with Big John McCarthy, the promos for that fight barely mentioned Nunes. They could have built her as the woman to take Rousey’s torch but barely gave her a second thought. Such a shame because she’s evolved women’s MMA to a new level, she’s an absolute wrecking machine.
  6. glb

    Liverpool Football Club Thread

    One more day Getting ready to board for flight home, then up to Liverpool tomorrow morning. Thoughts veering between, ‘the Redmen have got this no worries’ to ‘oh please don’t get battered’ Dream last night had us winning 1-0... TAA with a heroic defensive performance after we went down to nine men (a red card and injury) Five minutes of injury time felt like a decade. Felt shattered just dreaming it. Tomorrow will be the longest day
  7. Seen the following live: Football MMA (UFC) Boxing Athletics Rugby union and sevens Golf Cricket Tennis American football Ice hockey Baseball Basketball F1 Snooker Bucket list is the Super Bowl and Ryder Cup. And a UFC / boxing event in Vegas, although seeing the former at MSG was pretty special.
  8. glb

    Far Cry 5

    Finished the game and thankfully can go back and do the fun part of the game for a few more hours: mopping up missions and exploring without the threat of being thrown into those godawful, unavoidable capture missions.
  9. glb

    Giant Bomb Fan Club

    Although Vinny was away last week, enjoyed Jeff B hosting. Be great if he got involved with a few more quick looks, but guess with CNET paying his salary, he has to limit the time he spends with GB, and the podcast benefits from his presence the most.
  10. glb

    Liverpool Football Club Thread

    We used to park up at the social club about 10 minutes walk from The Kop; was £3 for parking and decent for a pre-match pint. I’ll check the address. Edit: Derry Social Club, Mere Lane. Not sure where to watch in town. McCooleys looks decent. Getting in around lunchtime, hoping the Aviva final and Championship play-off final provides distraction. Butterflies are already fluttering
  11. glb

    Official Mixed Martial Arts Thread

    Have a feeling that Wonderboy will pull out and we’ll get Till v Magny instead (with Craig White getting pulled from the card) Hope to keep up form and be wrong on that, as Wonderboy Till is such an intriguing match-up. Think Wonderboy takes a split decision... hype trains have a habit of getting derailed in the Octagon and WB is among the best strikers in UFC.
  12. glb

    Football Thread 2017/18

    Loopiest transfer rumour I’ve seen so far is Salah to Man United. Biggest will likely be Neymar to Real Madrid. That’s been tipped for months.
  13. glb

    Deadpool 2 - 2018

    Enjoyed the balls off this. Best go in as cold as possible, some great surprises throughout. Kudos to Ryan Reynolds, he’s spun gold out of what was once a massively wasted character in XMO: Wolverine. The parachute scene... ‘kin hell
  14. glb

    Mile 22 (2018) Peter Berg and Marky Mark Round 4

    Peter Berg also directed The Kingdom and the underrated The Rundown (aka Welcome to the Jungle). And Friday Night Lights, he then developed the TV show spin-off. I’m down for anything he makes*, and Mile 22 looks like a fast-paced, undemanding thriller. *We’ll just politely forget Battleship.
  15. glb

    PS4 Pro

    Posted earlier in the thread, but my Pro is so much quieter now I’ve propped it up on some rubber pieces (cut two rectangular erasers in half), and when playing perch it so the front two inches or so poke out the TV cabinet. With the rubber pieces there’s about an inch clearance underneath. Wolfenstein II, for example, was ridiculously noisy pre-cheap hack, now it’s barely makes a sound.

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