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  1. Owned every iteration of PlayStation, but only ever had a 360 from MS, so habit would suggest PS5. However, very keen to see whether PS+ evolves for the system. Being unemployed for over a year has meant in gaming terms finally clearing out a pile of shame (nearly there!) and only the odd sale purchase, while casting occasional envious glances at the GamePass service. Obviously I won’t be buying either until I’m working again but the eventual decision, if I can justify the upgrade, will come down to the value proposition that both offer. Doubt either will be at launch though, more likely this time next year if not later.
  2. Great angle of the fifth against Chelsea. So lethal on the break.
  3. Lovren being linked with a move to Zenit for just under £11m. Shift him, Karius and a couple of other fringe players and guess a move for Thiago will be more viable. Thiago can sit on the bench watching Naby lad.
  4. glb

    Free Guy

    Think they largely work on the basis that people will watch the big name releases, be impressed with the broad selection of other content and then a decent percentage will stick around because the monthly subscription is relatively cheap. Users only need to watch a couple of things a week for the service to feel like good value, and in the last few years they’ve really leaned into emphasising what’s coming soon on the platform, so there’s always an incentive to stick around. They have a really low churn rate compared to many other platforms, thanks to how they present their content and quickly make the service feel indispensable.
  5. Oh, holy shit, Green Street 2 is spectacularly awful! Watched that at work, and even though I was technically being paid to do so, I still felt cheated. It’s dire. One of my few 1/10s on IMDb. And they still got a third film green lit. FFS movies.
  6. I hoped for some hilarious escapism a la Green Street. Feel well mugged off!
  7. In case anyone’s not seen it, Gini filmed the entire trophy presentation. Mane looks after Minamino at the start too
  8. Ooh, Vanarama fwends!
  9. glb

    Football Kits 2020/21

    Just seen the away kit they had in the late 70s... it’s a thing of beauty.
  10. Henderson is a tremendous man. Our captain
  11. But what about the Simod Cup?
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