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  1. That 20 minutes after half-time was blistering. Think most sides would have shipped more goals against us playing like that. Sloppy end to the game but fine to have room for improvement and still be winning. First time in new main stand, for a game at least (did the fantastic tour last year). Bloody hell its gigantic. Was sat halfway up and was still above the Sir Kenny stand. Kop sounded in full voice, everything is a-ok. These Reds
  2. $120m according to Wiki... so $12m an episode*, which is a bit less than GoT ($15m), The Crown ($13m!) and Band of Brothers ($12.5m) *although would guess earlier episodes might be more expensive to lure people in with more sexy VFX whizz-bangs.
  3. glb

    Apocalypse Now

    Wow. I need to take some time to process the film fully, and also go away and consume as much about the film as I can, but safe to say that tonight had one of the greatest cinematic experiences of my life. And good lord that sound. The imagery. The everything. Spellbinding. Apocalypse Now is exactly why I love film so much. I’m slightly embarrassed it’s taken this long to watch it, but maybe that’s just how it was meant to be. Interesting (recorded) Q&A with Ford-Coppola afterwards too.
  4. Various news outlets reporting that FSG will let current redevelopment plans expire before submitting ‘ambitious’ new ones. Will involve Anfield Road and take capacity to over 60,000. So slightly less chance of not getting tickets. An inch or two more leg room in Anny Road would be splendid. Hopefully will just be a single bank of seats rather than two tiers too.
  5. Went down a GB rabbit hole on the YouTube, it led me to this. "Vinny!"
  6. glb

    Sport Documentaries

    Thoroughly enjoyed The Edge, albeit an air of bittersweetness given how broken Jonathan Trott still appears to be. A long way to go but still great to see the landscape shifting in terms of accepting how big a factor mental health is in sport, certainly when it comes to removing the stigma. The more people understand their idols are vulnerable, the more regular folk may care to admit to their own issues, or explore their own vulnerabilities.
  7. Only guess is they’re doing it with this one because it will be on at a much friendlier time for UK audiences (think the main card starts around 7pm) Doesn't make it right, hopefully the buy rate is low enough for them to avoid repeating this money grab.
  8. He also is a bit of square peg in a round hole at Bayern. Was at times wonderful for Liverpool but the side has progressed since his protracted departure. He’s always welcome at the Anfield museum to see the European Cup his ridiculous transfer fee essentially won.
  9. The Living Die-lights. Dua Lipa the current favourite, edging ahead of George Ezra and Ed Sheeran. Reckon Lewis Capaldi will get it because Bond themes have been shit for years.
  10. That’s the most Alan Partridge name possible. ”Come come Mr Bond... no time to die”. Rami Malek’s ‘dangerous new technology’ is going to be Bitcoin, isn’t it?
  11. Depends on a multitude of factors from the player and their families, Klopp staying and also if our club thinks a transfer fee can be reinvested wisely. With a short career any one of them might be tempted by Real Madrid or Barcelona in the future, realistically the only two clubs that can afford any of the front three. Enjoy them, and this side, as much as possible kids. We’ll be very lucky as supporters if this team is bettered any time soon.
  12. Enjoyed the DLC: it’s more of the same and ties in nicely with the main game. There is a spike in the difficulty, so the level recommendation (30, I think) isn’t playing around. The new machines are good, have fun with the Scorchers
  13. (following on from previous page) Pulp Fiction Kill Bill vol. 1 Reservoir Dogs Jackie Brown Kill Bill vol. 2 Once Upon a Time... In Hollywood Inglorious Basterds Django Unchained The Hateful Eight Not yet seen Death Proof. Enjoyed Inglorious a lot more first time around but rewatched it recently and now think it’s a very good start that descends into incoherence. Hateful Eight comfortably my least favourite of his films.
  14. Yeah, I’d love to go to a derby there, even if the likelihood of getting an away ticket is slim to none and slim just took a taxi home.
  15. Henry Cejudo is looking at the heavyweight belt and starting to drink extra protein shakes.
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