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  1. glb

    The Boxing Thread

    On FiteTV in the UK, ESPN+ in the US.
  2. That footwork from Gini in the build-up
  3. Contact for the pen, but do wish Mo would reign in the Platoon auditions.
  4. This is pretty dreadful. Lacking a bit of spark in midfield.
  5. Vegas-based fights usually start 4-6 hours later and have been doing so throughout the pandemic. Guess it could be due to the Gervonta Davis fight but that’s on PPV. No complaints whatever the reason, if this is Silva’s last fight it’ll be cool to watch it live. Obviously low down the list of things Covid has ballsed, but DC, Khabib and Silva all finishing their careers without a crowd is well bum.
  6. Not sure why, given they're in Vegas, but UFC prelims start at 9pm tonight, with the mains kicking off at 11pm. Five fight main card, so Hall Silva should be on around 1-1:30am. Slight downside is Greg Hardy is fighting. Good luck Maurice Greene, we're all counting on you.
  7. Latest on Fabinho is the tear is grade one or two, so most likely he’s back after the international break. Not ideal, but imagine there will be a glut of muscle injuries this season, hopefully very few grade threes, which are a bastard to recover from.
  8. Rich bemoaning the ageing effects of bullying while Mike scoffs and pours alcohol into a cauldron is peak RLM.
  9. Think I've bought several games twice. Ones I can remember are Bully, Saints Row The Third, Saints Row IV, GTAV, Bulletstorm, Okami and Super Mario World. There are probably a few others, and I've also replayed a few thanks to them appearing on Playstation Plus. Most recently God of War 3 and The Last of Us Remastered. I'd happily pay for a remaster of Dead Space but think that dream dies a little with every passing day.
  10. Out for the next two games, doubtful for Man City was the last I read. Matip apparently available for selection on Saturday though. Will be nice to have him back for 48 minutes.
  11. Sound. Thank you for posting, Tremors is such a great film. 96 minutes of majestic b-movie brilliance.
  12. January Injustice 2 (story) February Don’t Die, Mr Robot Untitled Goose Game Titanfall 2 (campaign) March Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order Middle Earth: Shadow of War April Rogue Aces Burly Men At Sea COD: Modern Warfare 2 Remastered Rory McIlroy PGA Tour Prey (2017) May Prey: Mooncrash Far Cry: New Dawn July Stardew Valley (will go back once the 1.5 update releases) August Saints Row: Gat Out of Hell What Remains of Edith Finch The Last of Us Remaster
  13. Totally forgot Anderson Silva! Another fighter who looked to be able to see in Matrix-vision. Take him and Frankenstein-in GSPs mindset for a near-unbeatable fighter. Kind of sad to see Silva fighting again this weekend, but up until 2012 he had an aura that very few fighters can get close to. On the female side, either think Nunes or Shevchenko at the minute but in 10 years time the female divisions could have gone through an evolution to make both look like pioneers rather than GOATs. Maybe with the shorter timeframe, best to just pick a P4P, which I think is Nunes. That second f
  14. That was a ridiculously long time to check as clear a penalty as you’re likely to see. Atalanta and Ajax draw 2-2, which is nice. Edit: other milestone goals:
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