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  1. $75 in the US Cards every weekend in June though, and first week of July Not sure when ‘fight island’ is supposed to open, and not really sure why it would if UFC can continue to use its Apex Centre (where 250 is taking place). The Performance Institute / UFC HQ is just down the road, Vegas hotels are reopening this week, so all the facilities they need are on tap. Fighters are no more able to fly to a remote island than they are Vegas, so think the island might have been one of Uncle Dana’s bluffs.
  2. Don’t disagree with either, but also doesn’t change the idea that Bayern look powerful domestically but I’d no more back them in Europe than Juve (a better like-for-like than PSG) Both historically great clubs, both domestic powerhouses but are just big names to beat on the way to the final for other clubs.
  3. QFs and SFs can go in a cabinet alongside Arsenal’s 4th place and Liverpool’s ‘we only missed out on the league by a point last year’ trophies. In 10 years, Bayern have won the Big Cup once. In 10 years before that they won it once. Prior to that there was a gap of 20-odd years. For a club of their size and domestic dominance (28 league titles) they don’t have as many European Cups as perhaps they should. Admittedly PSG are a poor comparison in terms of European competition because they’re generally terrible in Europe.
  4. Looks pretty balanced there. Their only real weakness is cover for Laporte (will read the Athletic article in full later though)
  5. Think Bayern suffer a bit in the same way PSG do in Europe; they’re dominant in their league but aren’t battled hardened when up against other big European sides. City favourites with their squad I reckon. Pep was brought in to win that competition, he should be under enormous pressure if they don’t win it this year (although the European ban appeal might be a bigger factor on his future anyway)
  6. Apparently that’s now one of the games being recommended for a neutral venue by the police, along with: Man City v Liverpool Man City v Newcastle Man Utd v Sheff Utd Newcastle v Liverpool Not sure why the Uniteds of Manchester and Sheffield could be contentious, but guess Newcastle feature due to potential Saudi-takeover protests. However this plays out is going to be surreal.
  7. If City lose to Arsenal (I know, I know) in their first game back, Liverpool could potentially seal the title in the Merseyside derby a few days later. I’d like to think fans would be sensible and stay away in that scenario... but then I remember photos of swarms of people packed onto shite beaches last Bank Holiday and wonder about the potential clusterfuck.
  8. This crest led me down a weird and wonderful rabbit hole of club crest oddities and that’s how we end up with the following image:
  9. Usman Vs McGregor being touted for July. If true, hope Usman absolutely decimates him.
  10. Apollo 11 made the top 3 You’re alright Rllmuk.
  11. Aaaaaand, the boys are back in town (Melwood)
  12. Dipped into 3 to get the DLC; still a bug where one is locked behind a paywall. PS4 Pro sounded like it was going to take off while in the menus, loudest I’ve ever heard it, which is nice. Still, I enjoyed Mafia III, so despite this I’m pleased to have an excuse to go back to the Bayou. Just might play with the Pro in a fridge.
  13. What this? Oh just Titi throwing shade at Everton.
  14. Re - sports docs, here’s some I’ve really enjoyed not already mentioned (also loved The Last Dance) The Edge (cricket + mental health... it’s brilliant) Icarus Murderball Dog Town and Z-Boys Undefeated The Battered Bastards of Baseball The Short Game Diego Maradona TT3D The Crash Reel Touching the Void Grand Prix: The Killer Years
  15. Don’t really see any issue with what Sterling is saying. Players are paid very well, but think it’s fair for him to admit they won’t be at their peak in a few weeks of training. Football has been under scrutiny for a lot of this pandemic, largely unfairly. No doubt because it’s an outlet for so many (media and the public) but Sterling, Deeney etc are simply echoing concerns that are entirely valid.
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