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  1. If it’s Monday Night Football it’ll be sometime between 2-3am in the UK. Presume most cinemas in the UK will go live with tickets any time after 4am Tuesday morning (unless they’ve been given a more precise time to be able to do so) Guess I’ll aim for opening day here (UAE). Got a gloriously huge IMAX, but also a couple of offensively loud Dolby Cinemas. Hopefully at least one will be in 2D because fuck 3D into the freezing cold sea.
  2. It’s the one ground where the team consistently has collective stage fright. The 3-0 win during Moyes’ season is the only time we’ve played with any sort of superiority in almost two decades. Those Murphy-inspired wins were smash and grab, even the 4-1 win was tight until Aurelio’s free kick all but ended the contest. Obviously there was a prolonged period where they’ve been a far better side so wins were going to be slim to none, but I can’t fathom why, under different managers, there is almost without fail a tendency to retreat into our shells and play so meekly. Had Lallana scored in the 74th and not the 84th minute, I think we’d have still gone and won by a couple because they shit the bed entirely after conceding. They’re a nervous, cowering team but our sluggish, tentative approach allowed their fairly basic ploy to defend deep and attack the wide channels at pace to succeed far too often, which gave the crowd a lift and their players something to fight for. Again, we played the badge not the team. That said, an off-day was due because we’ve scraped gritty wins the last few games, obviously the frustration is heightened with it being that lot; if we’d drawn with Leicester and won yesterday we’d be in exactly the same spot yet feeling cock-a-hoop. Start the midfield that finished yesterday against Genk, maybe even Origi or Brewster too to give some a rest and then go at Spurs like a whirlwind, another team currently with all the confidence of a spotty teenager approaching his unrequited crush to mumble a request for a prom date.
  3. glb

    Outer Wilds

    Put another three or so hours in but found the repetition increasingly tiresome, and have now deleted the game. It’s not bad, just not for me. Nothing I’ve discovered so far feels compelling enough to keep butting heads with the game’s frustrations. Would have preferred just being able to pootle around the solar system at leisure trying to discover things rather than keep retracing steps, and by the sounds of it later moments heighten that, which I haven’t really got the patience for at the minute. I’ve still got Firewatch to play so hope that will scratch my itch for some low-key, gentle exploration. I’ll just pretend I’m on an alien planet as I go.
  4. glb

    NFL 2019!

    Had coverage of Green Bay Raiders here, pretty entertaining game, Rodgers having a field day: 25/31, 429 yards, 5 TDs, 1 rushing TD. He’s alright.
  5. He’s like football’s Ms Havisham, still sitting in his ‘99 kit, living in a faded, crumbling grand old manor, wailing about the past... “Keano! Gary! Big Poppa Ferguson!” He’ll be gone by Christmas, the creepy little gnome.
  6. glb

    Gamer or lamer?

    I had sex while watching porn the other week... it was a bit weird, yo. Games are an escape, even if that is surface level BS... I’m a fairly anxious, fairly unremarkable person. So I doubt I’d have done much different with my free time if not gaming, just found a different hobby or outlet. I recharge when in my own company, and I’m quite content to sink four, five, ten hours into a gaming session given the chance. It’s pointless, but then so much is. And not in a woe-is-me way, more a we’re all going to be dust some day so might as well do things we enjoy way. And some days I enjoy porn. I mean gaming.
  7. Thinking on, our goal shows what a missed opportunity that was. Game changed on a dime after Lallana scored with us looking confident and them looking a little more frantic. Makes it more frustrating it took so long to get into even third gear (and it wasn’t exactly a fluid attack that led to us scoring either) Hoping a few key players are rested against Genk, what with facing another ‘wounded’ team next weekend. Spurs are still more than capable of frustrating this side, and will certainly raise their game after what happened in Madrid. Up these top-of-the-table, occasionally frustrating Reds
  8. Stick this up your bollocks!
  9. glb

    The Man Utd Thread

    Six times... twenty times... huff, puff and bluster and now we all go about our business all square. Disappointing for both, positives for you, less for us. See you lot for more of the same in January.
  10. On form that’s two points dropped, but given we were awful for 84 minutes, probably a point gained. And given how tight last season was, that could still be meaningful. Don’t know how Liverpool can consistently be so bad in this particular fixture. Two league wins in sixteen years is, frankly, pretty dismal.
  12. The winning run had to end some time, just frustrating for it to happen with such a meek surrender. Liverpool playing the club, not the team in front of them today, adding to a long list of lacklustre performances away to Manchester United. At least there’s a Champions League game in a few days so there isn’t to long to dwell before moving on.
  13. Could play until midnight and not score. Carried as much threat as a baby with a bubble gun.
  14. Daniel James has to be one of the softest shites in a sport filled with utter ninnies. Load of possession, doing nothing with it. Infuriating.
  15. Pretty much every single year we go there and play like a bunch of fannies. Guess we’re back to struggling against mid-table opposition again.
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