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  1. Yeah, I don’t get the early stoppage complaint. Usman, finally having got a hated opponent in a vulnerable position, was going to unload bombs for almost a full minute. Colby had also just been knocked down twice in quick succession; Goddard did him a damn favour.
  2. New poster. And a new trailer debuting tomorrow.
  3. Based on 36 minutes at Old Trafford, Man United still aren’t very good and Everton aren’t as bad as their league position suggests.
  4. Getting a little tired of him and Rogan, especially when they’re together. Way too much hyperbole throughout, and there are far better play-by-play callers. Enjoyed the event albeit felt slightly detached throughout. Nunes played as safe, which is a champion’s right I guess. Volkanovski pretty much shutdown Holloway, which was impressive. Agree he’s carried himself well all week. Not sure how a judge had Covington 3-1 up going into the 5th of the main. Can maybe see 2-2, but felt Usman controlled the fight throughout. Those body shots were wicked. Covington already being salty about the stoppage; he should be grateful he got spared 50 more seconds of ground and pound, including a few extra to the back of the head because there was no way Usman was letting him up from that position. Delighted he got soundly beaten.
  5. No more than the last main trailer, but have amended the text. But the actual video reveals more, including one bit I’d rather have not seen / heard.
  6. Yeah, West Ham away is the postponed league game. Youth and reserves would have played at Villa even without the FIFA Big Shiny Pot Jamboree. Norwich just held Leicester to a 1-1 draw, which is nice.
  7. I wish there was an option for smashing the camp guitars.
  8. Thought Max looked a little wonky too, although his cuts are usually particularly brutal. Quirkily, Holloway has a 5 inch height advantage, but gives up 2 and a half inches in reach. Hyped for this. Think 217 was the last card with three belts on the line?
  9. He’s already deleted his social media and bought a van in which he’ll out the rest of his days on the Scottish Highlands. Strange game. Couldn’t have really argued with Watford getting a point. They’ll play worse and win games during the remainder of the season.
  10. Immense assist from Origi No look, scuffed spinner! The true GOAT.
  11. Narrator: It wasn’t rocking at all. Watford doing a good job of slowing the game down at the minute and make things frustrating, only compounded by some sloppy passing by Liverpool.
  12. Clip with some new footage - avoid if you’re going in cold next week.
  13. The atmosphere in Anfield today will be one of defiant celebration. Merseyside is one of the few staunch Labour territories, add in a beloved manager announcing he’s sticking around a few more years and reckon it will be rocking. Score reasonably early and Watford will get a tanning.
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