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  1. There’s a few posts on it in the Liverpool thread at the minute, but this current side is one of the most balanced Liverpool sides in a long time. The control they impart on games is akin to an anaconda squeezing the life out of prey. Not as dramatic or impactful as a cheetah in full flight taking down a gazelle but strangely hypnotic in its own way. What the side’s legacy will be is up for debate and will perhaps be unknown until Klopp’s tenure passes* but as a Red who last saw the title being lifted when I was 10, this muscular, confident, slick-when-it-needs-to-be, dogged Liverpool side is bewildering to the point of being alien. It sometimes makes me burst into laughter for no apparent reason because of how ridiculous it is. *in all honesty I don’t really care; United, City, Arsenal, Leicester and Chelsea have all produced wonderful title-winning sides in recent memory. Other clubs have done so throughout history too. Where they all sit in terms of greatness is inconsequential, no clickbait ranking will (or should) detract from their individual success (not that anyone here is detracting anything btw) This is a remarkable, standout season but there have been others; just proud to witness it being done by the team I follow for a change.
  2. Been pegged back in three league games (before winning), genuinely thought it was more. This side isn’t a swashbuckling one, nor is it a particularly defensive one, although it can do both. In the league Klopp has found a near perfect balance of control, attack, defence, with notable periods within games where all three are deployed. Sometimes watch the team and think of Ali’s old rope-a-dope tactic. This Liverpool side has a remarkably - for modern Liverpool sides - unwavering belief in its abilities, and often looks content to play in a lower gear, absorbing pressure before somehow moving up through them to a higher level for measured bursts of dominance. Also, while in previous years there’s been a good, sometimes great first team, that’s been offset by a drop in quality on the bench. Now, in games like last night where Keita was not having a huge impact, Oxlaide-Chamberlain came on and gave the team much more drive in midfield (somewhat aided by Soucek going off 10 minutes before). With Klopp signing the extension until 2024, I’m fascinated to see how this squad will be evolved. Will Mané leave for crazy money but facilitate an overhaul? Will Klopp be able to maintain the lack of egos in the dressing room as success grows? Will Curtis Jones have the impact many suggest he might? In the meantime, just going to sit back and smile at how wonderfully balanced this side is and dream about a number one more than 18...
  3. Re: Liverpool losing: Besides those games and last night, Liverpool were losing against Villa until the 87th minute, somehow wining the game. That was a pivotal turnaround given they played Man City next. Remarkably, Wolves have been behind 18 times this season, salvaging three wins and nine draws. Norwich, Watford, West Ham and Bournemouth are the only sides not to recover any points from losing positions this season.
  4. Think the team and the crowd needed to fall behind tonight, it noticeably woke both up. Before West Ham took the lead, Anfield was pretty flat. But everything changed after West Ham scored their second, with the increase in noise visibly lifting the players. Still felt like a fortunate win, but a timely reminder what complacency can do, for both the players and those in the stands. Some good gallows humour from the Irons’ away support; they really deserve better than the twats they have in charge of their club.
  5. Windier than William Dafoe after a tub of beans in Liverpool today; hopefully Trent is recalibrated after a rare off-night in Madrid...
  6. Decent card last night. Felt bad for Karolina Kowalkiewicz though, she looked so far out of her depth against Yan Xiaonan. Feel like she is part of that generation that is getting left behind by the next wave of fighters. She’s durable but has no power and little ground game. With her fourth loss on the bounce wouldn’t be surprised to see her cut, although a move to Bellator might do her a favour financially. EDIT: and she’s since posted that a bone below her eye socket is broken, and she’s awaiting surgery
  7. glb

    The Boxing Thread

    Watched the fight on YouTube (Lego and sweets being ordered later) after waking up to the sweet, sweet news. Fury Joshua has to happen, hopefully Hearn won’t be a prick about it. So obviously, he’ll be a prick about it, but surely it would be the biggest fight in British boxing history in terms of numbers, and he’d be a fool to not want part of that gargantuan pie.
  8. Only a 19-point lead now.
  9. January Injustice 2 (story) February Don’t Die, Mr Robot Untitled Goose Game Enjoyed it to a point, but thinking the concept and memes are far funnier than the actual game. Don’t get me wrong. it’s a good game, and mischief-making as a goose is well-observed (although seagulls are the ultimate avian bastards), but once the credits roll its all pretty forgettable. Titanfall 2 (campaign) Absolutely nothing forgettable about Titanfall 2. Gave me Bullestorm vibes at times, but is also very much it’s own game. A blistering, frenetic, constantly inventive joy of a game. Please let there be a third entry...
  10. Why are Man City dressed like Opal Fruits? Especially since they have that natty Hacienda-inspired number...
  11. This sounds great! Hopefully the Prince Charles will be screening it soon, looks like a perfect fit in terms of venue, likely crowd and film.
  12. glb

    The Boxing Thread

    Ah, thanks for letting me know. That’s out then as not listening to those S*n owned twats.
  13. glb

    The Boxing Thread

    A wiser route. If I’m struggling to sleep I’ll stick it on the wireless for some old-school fight night vibes and save the £25 for sweets and Lego.
  14. Greed - 2/5 Coogan has fun as the self-made billionaire, and Isla Fisher is her usual dependable self. Shame the rest of the film muddles it’s good intentions, coming off as far too on-the-nose and preachy, rather than sharply written, not helped by being too broad with its digs. The PowerPoint presentation prior to the end credits feels particularly heavy-handed, diluting the flurry of “...and another thing that should make you angry!” messages.
  15. glb

    Rick and Morty

    2029, probably. (In May, apparently)
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