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  1. im sure iv read somewhere about the gamecube versions been better any more info of that? did all the ps1 versions come on the gamecube?
  2. lol no seriosly this is not my auction! how can i prove it and ill do it? seriously if you can rustle me up thoose games ill buy them evern if it was my aution isit not allowed here of something? id just say if it was
  3. i have no idea iv tryed google and can only find this info based on need for speed # Black Edition contains: # Exclusive cars: race in the classic '67 Camaro SS and the BMW M3 GTR street machine right out of the box # Specially-tuned rides: rule the streets in a modified SL65 AMG, Porsche 911 GT2, Corvette C6.R, and more # Exclusive races: redline in three epic races and an exclusive Black Edition Challenge hmmm what is this black edition then?
  4. i never did get the dreamcast although my mate had one with ready to rumbe boxing and i loved that so dont know much about it. what classics where on the dc? was house of the dead 1 and 2?
  5. no no not my auction! the seller is from the same area as me so i would pick up in person so no worries about cases cracking, do you think 100 pounds is a decent price? also what is black edition?
  6. i agree really im no psx expert either the only thing i can say is they are all black editon bar tombraider 1 have no idea what it is tho lol. i think its expensive but from a collecters point of view im just not sure im 23 and those where the games that i have so manny memories of ic of iv offerd 100 pounds for it ( my pound sighn on the keyb is broke lol) dont think ill pay more than that and the fact that iv got some spare cash i think id be happy to pay 100
  7. http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?Vie...em=360055741932 im very very intrested in getting this! all looks very good conditon classic games i was thinking of started collecting some older consoles while they are dead cheap as i was looking for ps1's on ebay i found this and thought iv got to have it! what do you think its worth?
  8. Sorry if my writing isnt good i have trouble reading an writing and do you realy think i postid all the threads on purpose my browser is playing up im sorry i just dont want people to not answer my question because of that
  9. Are they really worth getting i mean how much diffrence do they make if run on a euro scart tv? Last time i played mame a few years ago i remeber thinking this looks real blocky! This isnt how i remember king of fighters! Evern with various filters it didnt look rite at all will an arcade vga make a big diffrence?
  10. Hi iv just picked up a king of fightes 94 cab which im going to convert to a pc based mame system i havent used mame for a few years now and im after some advise as iv heard the system requiements have increased a lot, i want something capable of running all the 2d beat em up series kof mortal kombat sam sho street fighter last blade etc oh and killer instint which i rember was very cpu demanding. Will an overclocked e2160 to 3ghz c2d run all 2d games full speed? And will it play any 3d stuff? Will have 2 gigs of ram also
  11. im building a cab i want to be able to run mortal kombat 2 nbajam and kof 2003 etc my p3 1ghz has no chance. is anyone running any of thoose games if so whats your pc spec?
  12. can anyone tell me is an amd X2 4400 duel core will run all games on mame with no problems?
  13. hi cheers mate glad to here a good opinon on the card the real low resolution makes the world of diffrence in mame. thanks for the links also i think ill have a go at solderting im no electrition but it looks straight foward to me.
  14. hi is anybody running this set up? the arcadevga graphics card allows you to run mame games in their designed low resolution on a scart tv? im trying to find out how to actualy connect a vga to scart? iv found this lead can anyone tell me if it will work? http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/2M-SCART-LEAD-TO-15-...1QQcmdZViewItem it dose say Please Note this is not to connect pc from moniter port to tv or vcr etc. but im assuming this is because regualr graphics cards run at a higher freq which can damage the tv but with the arcadevga card its lower so wont damage it. is anybody able to confirm this will be a huge help so i can get one ordered cheers
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