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  1. The sparks are one of the most poignant parts as it shows he's still got his humanity when he does it even as robocop. Impressive this came out 30 years ago, dunno if my gf has seen it as it was probably banned in her home country.
  2. Boring race apart from the first and last laps. Think Ferrari are gonna have a go at Pirelli, they should bring back multiple tyre manufacturers.
  3. Damn, that last episode was the best one so far imo.
  4. What an amazing final lap, was funny seeing the grins turn to frowns in the Corvette garage.
  5. I thought this was decent, cgi looked good ecen though some of the characters did some dumb stuff though which is to be expected.
  6. Haven't seen such a misguided pr stunt since Silent Bomber back in the psx days, if that's real then I wonder wtf microsoft is doing as they're gonna bring on the leftist wrath for that.
  7. This is possibly the darkest tv series I've seen, gripping but depressing at the same time.
  8. probeater


    I didn't really rate this, the kids spoilt it imo. Should have just been Logan and the Professor earning then finally getting onto the high seas. Edit: this also featured perhaps the stupidest product placement I've ever seen with Sony, how exactly does showing just how poor the battery life on the Xperia is help sell handsets?
  9. He's dropping back, a place a lap
  10. Police motorbike has just taken down the entire Sky team
  11. I feel uneasy watching but engrossed all the same.
  12. I emphasized with the lead character, he was just performing a public service with a lack of funds. One thing I don't get though is the fact you can goto cashconverters in America and just buy a police scanner no questions asked. I can understand it working back in the 90's but surely these days they must encrypt the transmissions?
  13. The three shells still need explaining, still dunno how that was meant to work. Tbh the appealing to import markets and the mentally challenged is the downfall of many films these days, they dumb it down to the lowest common denominator so even the least educated can comprehend whereas in yesteryear directors would assume if the film was rated 15/18 then the audience would have held at least a modicum of intelligence.
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