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  1. I get the battle pass is shit, but I figured like me, most people that bought it would do so because they were playing tonnes of the game anyway, not playing tonnes of the game just because they have a battle pass.
  2. Happens all the time, you should of seen me, hoggle n vin last night. seemed like half the games we got top 3 and half we bombed. That could easily of been a night where we 100% bombed, especially if your relying on randoms in such a team themed game.
  3. Since listening to how loud my voice is from my own vid i've already lowered my mic volume ffs, hoping it wouldn't be as loud on ur vid...# Ah well ur the suckers that put up with listening to me.
  4. The only lucky part was I managed to wipe them two before getting ambushed by yet another team lol
  5. Also earlier in the night, had a strange moment where two guys ran right past me, and I thought the Mirage was hard to see. Also I finished the heal like a boss!
  6. One of the sickest games i've played, and @Theholyhogg had just declared it was last game no matter what, and I didn't want to go to bed... I don't wanna ruin it too much as I think Hog's putting up the vid, but @Kayin Amoh you clutched that game for us, that rolling thunder at the end #savage
  7. I've finally found the answer to defending, it's so obvious I can't believe I didn't think of it before. Put simply it's post face post post.
  8. This is the game changer for me, I easily get 200 damage even aimaing at mid range with this beast of a gun. It's the only gun I've found I can consistenly down armoured enemies in a few seconds. I Think it was VN1X who previusly alluded to this weapons awsome capabilites, it might just be that i'm super inacurate trying to aim at close range and always end up hip firing everything (to which Hog always chastises me for). I'm a hipfirer, what can i say?
  9. @BeeJay @JDubYes @John0 any of u guys on tonight at 7.30 and still play rl? Or anyone else for that matter....
  10. Also we have a setup of Pathfinder (love him), Wraith for crazy escapes and medic/bloodhound. I find the medic overrated as healing is generally not an issue with all the loot around.
  11. add me, on every chance i get. Also we could do with an Apex message group if there isn't one already, much easier to see whos online and let peeps know when your on. Me, @Theholyhogg and Rorchard played for near 5 hours last night till 3am. On mic as well and we only managed one win so are clearly behind some of the more seasoned peeps in this thread. We did get a number of seconds however so not all bad.
  12. sounds like a serious problem, you should get that checked out.
  13. I got Rashford and Kums too, small world.
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