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  1. sounds like a serious problem, you should get that checked out.
  2. I got Rashford and Kums too, small world.
  3. Can someone run a sweepstake on how long it will be before Gooner denounces the evil that is Fifa 19?
  4. played my first WL in over a month and got to 14 wins with 3 to spare, still don't enjoy it as much but it's this or no Fifa as Mardigan pointed out. Revamped the team which is alwasy fun, one crazy thing is me giving Harry Kane a go. He scored 1 goal and 2 assists in 13 games, swapped him for the lower rated Firmino who has 9 goals in 8 games... Current team is doing me well but had to sadly part with IF Talisca, just couldn't get his chem up :(, Pogba and Kante are beasts though.
  5. I've just switched to 4-2-3-1 for the WL and results are much improved, also turned Hazard from average to a beast.
  6. 6 wins from first 8 games, luck has been with me but no pen shoutouts yet.
  7. mackenie

    The random discussion thread

    Game share with Luseth Be on tonight for some mad quad blackout action!!!
  8. I had a look at fitting him in but i already have to accommodate untradeable LM, RM, and RB lol, pretty soon my whole lineup will be unchangeable. What kind of cards are these player picks classed as? i noticed this Szczesny card has the same stats as his IF, wondering if we could use it for an IF sbc...
  9. I can live with the 93 version LMAO, also @Pants McSkill i was running 4-3-3 with the LF and RF option, but I found myself at sea in half of my games (think this might just be the way this version plays). I've had a change in the hopes of some control over my performances, but when I'm the one with the superstar team and get beat by the average joes I do a little cry.
  10. Funnily enough Lucas has outperformed Hazard since they have both been present, just goes to show how good value Lucas was even without the packs he came with.
  11. You find Hazard to be particularly special?
  12. One more thing to add, I could have a billion coins and wouldn't touch that ICON SBC, what a bag of shit.
  13. Honestly I did ok with the loan version but not amazing, fact is i'm a sucker for an SBC and did it for significantly under 700k due to getting players early / already having them. I also justified it to myself if you look at the value of the packs and how much IF Hazard costs, really it was just an expensive luxury because i'm such a baller lol. I haven't yet played with IF Hulk yet but hoping he's sweet, also haven't tried Firminho or this formation so looking forward to the WL
  14. Look on the bright side. I'm clearly compensating for my small penis

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