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  1. Do they let you have nice front ends and artwork and stuff? I'm kind of done with doomscrolling (just learned that word recently, did I use it right?) Through lists of thousands of ROMs. But I do like a nice curated set of ROMs with a front-end.
  2. Are these just devices that play ROMs on old consoles? I had a look at the website and that's pretty much what I took from it, but do they do something else too?
  3. So say I was to buy something like this ... https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/New-Angle-CF-2-5-IDE-44-PIN-Adapter-Licensed-Workbench-3-1-Amiga-600-1200-586-/124332883930?_trksid=p2349624.m46890.l49292 Can I just use my PC to copy WHD archives onto the CF card, pop the card into the adapter, open up the 600 and plug it into the IDE - then power up and it will boot to WB with all my WHD games available?
  4. Do you mean there is a version of Kickstart 2 that doesn't let you use an internal hard disk? Is that the original A500+ kickstart 2? (2.04 if memory serves...)
  5. actually would WHD files even work on an a6000 with an IDE/SD drive? Doesn't WHD need kickstart 3? And does this mean you'd be stuck only being able to play games that are natively HD installable on a 600?
  6. I am not sure what the advantage of a Gotek over an IDE-Sd solution would be - won't a Gotek be limited to ADF files, meaning you're going to be stuck playing buggy cracked copies of games (unless you have your own media to rip)? I think someone mentioned you can boot WHD files (which are always clean) from it, but not sure how that would work?
  7. Haha oh yeah sorry. Can someone move it please?
  8. Is it possible to boot Amiga games from ADFs on a real Amiga from an SD card device of some sort, these days? I vaguely remember seeing that it is Can you set up an SD card to be recognised as a standard Amiga hard drive , by a real Amiga? Using some kind of interface, I guess? Can you do this on any Amiga? Ideally I'm thinking of an A600 that can load games in both ADF and WHD format from an SD card, somehow.
  9. Considering the issue I noted with the Mega Drive pads causing the keyboard to lock up completely, I'm thinking it's more likely a hardware fault in the Speccy. You might be right, though. Guess the only way to tell would be to try them on another Speccy.
  10. No multimeter. I have opened it, nothing obvious I can see. There's another thread a page or so back where I opened it up to fix the non-working keyboard, with some pictures. I will dig up a link...
  11. Ha! So the Comp. Pro works fine in the MD. Only one button of course but the up direction is fine. So considering Up works on neither of the +2 ports - I am assuming it isn't the ports themselves that are damaged but another component that reads the ports. Or a connector between the ports and the CPU. Anyone got any ideas?
  12. Are you still the Guinness World Record holder? I was always terrible at this game, just panic and lose it once missiles get too fast. I've been playing the very decent Reloaded version on Android though and getting ok at it - touch screen makes it much simpler!
  13. I used to love Strykers Run, and especially the sequel. I remember when I first played it. It was the game that made me realise the Beeb was actually capable of holding its own as a games machine, alongside the C64 and Speccy, as all I'd seen before was the educational stuff we played at school. How did the Master improve the graphics, by the way? Was it more colours on screen/higher res?
  14. In answer to the original topic question, both. I am currently enjoying going back and playing Speccy games from my youth, on a proper Speccy rather than emulators, which are what I have used exclusively for retro gaming since 1996-ish. I also enjoy playing things I missed out on, for example right now I am buying and playing a lot of licensed D&D games. Most of them are rubbish but I enjoy having a sort of theme to follow.
  15. Am assuming (spoilers in case people haven't finished it)
  16. Hey I finished this on the same day! I actually got to the final boss a week or so ago and after spending a solid 2 hours on him decided I'd never be able to do it. Picked it up for a final try on Friday night and fluked him in one go. Great game. Fantastic story, excellent presentation and very stylish.
  17. I know you like them (as do I), but we did a pretty big survey of what retrogamers wanted from a platform and scanlines were barely mentioned. I think a couple of people mentioned them out of several hundred responses.
  18. I do actually - and here's another weird thing that might possibly give someone a clue about what's going on (I hope). As soon as I plug it in (to the adapter, because obviously it won't work on its own), the Spectrum locks up - no input from the keyboard whatsoever.
  19. So I'm on my second joystick now, and weirdly the Up direction on that one doesn't work either. Which naturally makes me think it could be the joystick port that's faulty - except Up doesn't work when I plug it into either of the 2 joystick ports on the +2. Is there some component in there, like a decoder or something, that is connected to both ports, and would cause this problem if it was faulty?
  20. We had one Archimedes at our school that no one was allowed to touch because even the "computer guy" (a maths teacher who was nominally in charge of the IT lab) didn't know how to load anything on it. Would like one now to mess around on but I think it's used would be limited - did it have any exclusive games or was it all just Amiga ports? I seem to remember it was said that it was theoretically more powerful than the Amiga but I don't know if it even had any games that used that extra power? At the other end of the spectrum (and I don't mean ZX) - the Electron. Is there any
  21. I would love to get one at some point - as well as stuff like a Sinclair QL, Sam Coupe, one of the more obscure Amigas like a A3000 or A4000. None of these options are particularly cheap though!
  22. Sounds like a much cheaper and space-effective solution! But I've done the emulator/browser stuff before, I'm on a bit of a "real hardware" trip at the moment as far as retrogaming goes.
  23. I suppose it was right that the original was just much better at the illusion of being open, then. But yes, from what I can remember, the original opens up after you leave the city. Unless that was all just an illusion too...
  24. Additionally: It's been a good few years since I last played through the original. But am I right in thinking that the Midgar section was a lot more of an open environment? Perhaps it was an illusion - but my memory tells me that I was relatively free, for example, to travel back to different sectors of the city and find things I'd missed, or just revisit old haunts. Obviously the section of the game had a very linear progression - you went from the first Mako reactor, to the area with Avalanche HQ , to second reactor, to Wall Market, etc. But it felt like the city was far more ope
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