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  1. Anne Summers

    Digitiser:The Show - Starts next sunday!

    I thought this was ok. Not brilliant but not nearly as terrible as some here are making out.
  2. No. But seriously, if retro is your passion, I don't think there's a more exciting company to be working for in the UK right now. Not one I can think of off the top of my head, anyway.
  3. No, but we need coders and people experienced in software development, and "dev ops" (whatever that is) people. (I don't have much to do with the technical side of things in case you hadn't guessed). Apply, if you're up for it - you won't be the only renowned games programmer from the 8-bit days on the team!
  4. We're very close to London Bridge station. These are entry level positions so I know they won't be paying a huge amount - perhaps not enough for a sole provider (to start with), particularly if you live in London. What I can say is that it's a fast growing company and if you've got skills (or are willing to pick them up on the job) there will be plenty of opportunity for advancement.
  5. Anne Summers

    Antstream - It's Netflix for Games!

    Just to let you guys know we are hiring - looking to take on people in a number of roles and with different levels of games industry experience from "none" to "seasoned games industry pro", for the final push to get this thing launched early next year. We're looking for programmers, social media/community managers, admin roles and something called "content analysts" which is a whole new type of job we've invented just for Antstream! I've made a thread about it in retro, here's a link - that post has a link to our job site where all the vacancies are listed along with requirements and responsibilities.
  6. So a year and a half ago @jon_cybernet gave me the opportunity to spend working hours with the retro games I have known and loved for the past 35 years, by joining him at Antstream. (Link to the thread in Discussion, in case you don't know what I'm talking about.) Jon is now moving on, we're getting scarily close to a release date and long story short, we need a whole bunch of people to give us a hand getting this thing out of the door. There are various roles, we're looking for a couple of programmers, a social media/community manager type and an admin /PA person too. So if you've got relevant skills and experience and would like to work in games (and retro in particular) there are some good opportunities. We also have a couple of entry-level posts where enthusiasm and willingness to learn and work your way up the ladder are the most important attributes - if you're a fan of retro and enjoy messing about with emulators, and like the idea of building a career related to gaming, these could be something you should check out. Everything's a bit more formalised here than back in the old days where I basically got my job through knowing Jon - we have proper application and interview processes now - so here's a link to our jobs page, if you do decide to apply then it won't hurt to drop me a PM on here and let me know who you are The jobs will all be based in our office in London so there's probably not a lot of point applying if you live in Australia and aren't willing to relocate, but apart from that, have at them... https://www.antstream.com/jobs
  7. Anne Summers

    Dave Perry is back...

    All he had to do was lose graciously and he wouldn't have been a laughing stock for the last 20 years. I'm not surprised he's bitter to be honest.
  8. Anne Summers

    The C64 Mini

    I think it would be hard for them to make that possible without giving users access to the emulator interface.
  9. Anne Summers

    Retro Gamer 187: SNK Blow-out!

    Will have to nick them from the office copy then. Don't tell jon_cybernet.
  10. Anne Summers

    Retro Gamer 187: SNK Blow-out!

    I read Retro Gamer through my Readly subscription - does that mean I miss out on the SNK book?
  11. Anne Summers

    Call of Cthulhu - Oct 30th

    Disappointed in what I've seen. Seems like Dark Corners again ...which isn't a bad thing in its own right but I was hoping for something a bit more epic in scale. Basically a game with the scope of the Call of Cthulhu story, rather than another game with the scope of The Dunwich Horror.
  12. Anne Summers

    Fallout 76 - Prepare Your GaaS Masks

    The Resetera thread is making me feel very excited about this, seems to be making an overall very positive impression, particularly with grumpy sods who were certain it was going to be shit (like most of you in this thread!) It's clearly not meant to be Fallout 5 but it seems like it's something different and original, and very survival-sandbox, using the excellent Fallout world and themes,, which was what I was hoping for all along (as soon as it became clear it wasn't going to be Fallout 5).
  13. Does Zombies carry on the Black Ops 3 zombies storyline?
  14. Anne Summers

    Fallout 76 - Prepare Your GaaS Masks

    It sounds like you can "save" your structures, from what I can gather. Apparently they are portable so I imagine you have some sort of futuristic device that lets you replicate buildings you've already made. My guess is that you can take them with you between "instances" too.
  15. Anne Summers

    Fallout 76 - Prepare Your GaaS Masks

    Well, they can't. Everything goes stale eventually. I would go so far as to say Fallout 4 would have been pretty stale if it wasn't for the settlement stuff.

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