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  1. 200 issues of a monthly publication is amazing Darran. To do it in a niche field that you are passionate about must feel incredible. Are you still as passionate about retro games as when you started? I said earlier in this thread that anyone who tries to put a date on when retro starts is damned to be wrong. I would say Darran you are the only exception to this rule because you have lived and breathed retro for the best part of 2 decades so if you want to set a date, I'll stick to it!
  2. Are you saying you might consider selling the 1200 too? I am more interested in the idea of a 1200 with HD and memory upgrade than I am in a 600, if I'm understanding you correctly!
  3. Thanks. Don't go to any trouble on my account yet. But do let me know if you decide you need to get rid of it any time soon. I do like the compact look and feel of the A600 but I'd be a bit loathe to spend £200 on one, considering I had one that I sold for about £30, eight years ago, after it had sat in my loft for many years untouched. I'd be more tempted by a 1200 or something I haven't had before. One of those exotic models like a A1500 or A3000 would be fun to set up and tinker with but I doubt I'd get my moneys'-worth out of it, considering the price they go for.
  4. I would like to get at Amiga at some point, but I was put off the idea by guys in the other thread telling me that I should wait for the Amiga Mini. It wasn't what I really wanted, as I know it will be emulation based and I'd like to play with authentic hardware. But I'm not really ready to spend the sort of prices they go for on ebay. What Amiga is it you're thinking of selling and how much would you want for it?
  5. On the same subject - I am pretty sure there are examples where original music composed for home computer versions of a game, was then acquired by the original game producers and included in later console ports of those games that they either published themselves or licensed to other studios to port. Anyone remember what they are? Edit: RoboCop! The Spectrum music being used in the later NES ports of the arcade game, if I remember right. Any others?
  6. I know that trivia already, because I had that Xenophobe that came with the music tape, it sounded fantastic. I wonder if there's a recording of it anywhere online.
  7. 7 season action drama on the life and adventures of a wheeler dealer PR man in the 8-bit micro days starring George Clooney please.
  8. I think its crazy that all the classic point n clickers aren't widely and legitimately available on iOS and Android devices. They're the perfect games for these touchscreen platforms. I think Thimbleweed park proved this. Yes I know there are quite a few unofficial ports (some very well done) and there's ScummVM but that is far from perfect. Can't help but think they are missing a trick by not having everything from Manaic Mansion to ... whatever the last one was ... available for 2 or 3 quid on the app stores. Not even fussed about updated graphics or voice acting, although I'd pay
  9. Does anyone know if there are any good groups on Facebook or anywhere else for buying and selling Amiga stuff? I'm a member of a really good FB group for Spectrum stuff but all the Amiga ones I've found are either very US focused or they are dead. Looking for a group where people regularly list games and hardware at sensible prices, if such a place exists.
  10. One quirky thing that often gets overlooked about these old conversions is when the computer versions were actually enhanced by having a new soundtrack added. An example off the top of my head is the Midway game Xenophobe , which had no music in the arcade but a banging Barry Leitch soundtrack on the home computers. I know there are loads of others but that's the one I recall at the moment.
  11. Looks great. I have always been interested in how they crammed arcade games into 8 and 16 bit machines. It's a quirky British thing I guess.
  12. Didn't even realise there was a new version until I saw that video. Now I've seen the website and they say that it's for the "new generation of FPGA builds" - not sure what that means (well I know what FPGA builds are but didn't know there was a new generation of Amiga ones = would this be something like an Amiga version of the Spectrum Next? And do such things really exist?). https://www.checkmate1500plus.com
  13. This is an interesting little story for Amiga nuts... The A1500 - no not that one ... The add-on box for the A500 that was heavily promoted in Amiga magazines back in the day, and I personally remember lusting after. Basically it upgraded your 500 to something like a Amiga 2000 with expansion ports and space for an internal hard drive. Its success was what prompted Commodore to release the actual A1500 apparently. Anyway you could buy them "ready made" as A500s with the A1500 kit already fitted. Turns out the company making them was literally buying the Commodore Batman p
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