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  1. I grew up playing this at Eastbourne Pier. Had a go on one relatively recently at Play Expo too - got off when I saw there was someone standing nearby looking like he was waiting to have a go. It was Matt Smith of Manic Miner/JSW fame. He said he wasn't going to get on it because he would break it!
  2. I've started playing this recently and I haven't noticed any online play going on at all, no summons signs and no one summoning me when I put my sign down - does this mean that literally no-one else is playing it, anywhere in the world, at the moment? Or is there some other reason? Would like to be able to summon for some jolly co-op.
  3. Just finished this. It's a super-excellent game. Definitely recommended to anyone who enjoys an old-school point 'n' clicker. Spoilers regarding the ending:
  4. I'm playing through this at the moment and am totally in love with it - however I'm at a point where I might have run into a bug, and just wanted to know if anyone can let me know if I'm on the right track or if I'm doing something wrong - (spoiler for not long after I've convinced the landowner to let me excavate) edit: going to @imp as he seems to have finished it so is presumably someone who can help me! Another edit:
  5. Most of them have been re-released/re-mastered/whatever on PC, or newer consoles to create gaming experiences that are, in all honesty, better than you get playing them on an OG PS1, in 2022. I'm talking about the classics like Resident Evil, Wipeout, Tekken, FF7, Tony Hawk etc. The original Soul Blade is one that hasn't, and is still worth picking up in its original incarnation.
  6. not really surprising, doubt this is anything to do with "dvdfevergames" really, and more to do with the fact that he's made about 100 videos in the past three months all berating the same couple, often using extremely abusive language.
  7. Is this the entire game with all the levels and everything?
  8. George seems intent on going to war with the whole of the UK retro community. Which is an amusing fight to pick, I have to admit. But I do wonder how worthy the struggle is. Yeah it's pretty funny that some podcasters have decided to raise 25k for a book or whatever but it's not like they're forcing anyone to pay for it. To reiterate what I think I've posted in here before. Yeah it seems like there are a few unscrupulous characters involved in the hobby. But I'm still glad that there are people out there creating content for what is essentially a very niche audience.
  9. The thing is , is this really going to have any effect on them in real terms? Having a quick gander at their stats - looks like THGM channel has 120k or so subs. Of that crowd, how many are going to be paying attention to this sort of scene drama, or are even going to be aware of it? His videos seem to get (from a very unscientific piece of analysis I just did) between 10k and 50k views - I think you always expect a big range with niche content like this because some videos will just hit way harder than others. That looks similar to what they were doing six months or so back. They've had a couple with 100k back then but those are real outliers. Does their average viewer (I'm assuming someone who doesn't have time for "scene drama" because watching retro/ gaming/ watching retro gaming videos is just a casual timewaster for them, rather than a serious hobby) give a shit about any of this or do they just carry on watching his videos whenever they pop up in their feed?
  10. Eastbourne pier - visited two or three times per year when I was a kid and my grandparents lived down there. Basically every time I went down there would be a new machine that I fell in love with. It went something like: Space Harrier - Double Dragon - Bad Dudes - Altered Beast - Golden Axe - TMNT -Final Fight - SF2.
  11. Even Living Daylights feels significantly more adult that the final films of the Moore era, which seems to do things like go out of their way to show you that baddies weren't actually dying, but Bond was just incapacitating them or putting them out of action - showing them climbing out of car wrecks after Bond had made them crash, and things like that. Stuff you expect to see in a family film. Whereas TLD starts off right away with people dying in the intro scene where Bond is infiltrating Gibraltar. Seems a deliberately conscious effort to show us that they are trying to make it a bit grittier and harder hitting now Dalton has taken over.
  12. Edit: Quickly revisiting this post to add the two I didn't bother to comment on at the time, mainly because they were shit. Octopussy: James Bond is now able to expertly pilot an experimental stunt plane , and dresses as a clown. Those are the only memorable bits. A View To A Kill. Great baddies in Grace Jones and Christopher Walken but otherwise unmemorable. Didn't realise before how downhill the series goes at the end of Moore's run. Now I've re-watched them in order it's given me a new perspective on the series. I always considered Roger Moore to be "my Bond" because it was his films I grew up watching when they were premiered on ITV in the 80s, and then were constantly on rotation at Christmas. They didn't seem to show the Connery ones half as often - I guess because they were seen as a bit old hat at the time, whereas the Moore films were recent-ish movies by comparison. Moore certainly had his moments, the arched eyebrows and his delivery of one-liners are both character defining. But he's well past his prime by the start of the 80s and probably carried on for a few films more than he should have. The Living Daylights - Indiana Bond and the Raiders of the Lost Ark. The films have transitioned fully into 80s style action blockbusters now. The fights, effects and action scenes are way better than they were a couple of movies back. I guess this is a trend that's still going strong today,another 20 years and another 10 films down the road. First time I've watched one of the Dalton films since probably their TV premieres on ITV back in the day. He's pretty good, after Roger Moore!
  13. As someone who's been out for a curry with Jeff and Giles, I can recommend the experience.
  14. So do we know how they fixed the problem of Jag emulation yet? Have Atari managed to do something that has eluded the homebrew and emulation coding scene for decades and make a decent Jag emulator at last? Did they have access to some info or resources that the fan community hasn't had, or something like that? Interested to know what the story is here.
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