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  1. Google Goggles (Glass) is coming back isn't it?
  2. Yes. I probably should have said "There won't be lag if you're running a suitable setup". Obviously there are a lot of variables you have to get right for streaming to work. But if you do get them right, there's no reason it won't provide a perfectly adequate experience.
  3. Just wait and see.
  4. There won't be lag. Well, to be completely accurate ... Yes there will be lag. But it won't be noticeable.
  5. Anne Summers

    Dark Souls II - Prepare to Die, Again

    Does this game get significantly easier as a mage build, like the other two? I've cleared it once, along with all the DLC, a long time ago - unlike the other Soulsbournes which I've completed five or six times each. I'd like to give it another go, but without other players around to summon I'm concerned I'll just play through the early stages again and then get stuck on a mid-game boss. I just don't have the time to plough into gitting gud at these sort of games any more. I think I got stuck on the Duke's Dear Freya the last time I tried to do a second playthrough of this. I know people moan about the runs to get to the bosses in DS1, but I don't think any of them compare to the journey to DDF.
  6. Anne Summers

    Dark Souls II - Prepare to Die, Again

    Could you do a spoilered list of the ones you found? The main thing I can remember is ...
  7. Anne Summers

    After Life - Ricky Gervais

    Been thinking about this and wondering if my initial review was too harsh. As someone else said, I did watch it all the way through in one sitting too so I must have found it compelling. And I have found myself chuckling to myself when I recalled a couple of the jokes since. A postman called Pat, being the example that comes to mind now. Did no one else think the "redemption" came very suddenly, in a jarring manner , though? Just wasn't believable to me.
  8. Anne Summers

    Disney's Moana - New Animated Feature Nov 2016

    My favourite Disney film ever, finally knocking Jungle Book off the top spot which it's had since I first saw it when I was five or something. I can sing most of the songs, even Dwayne's rap bit from You're Welcome, which my daughter loves. Working on learning all the dance moves to go with it, now. I think it particularly resonated with me because my nephew has half Pacific islander heritage and it does a great job of telling those people's story and also captures the vibrancy of the culture.
  9. Anne Summers

    After Life - Ricky Gervais

    Thought this was mediocre. Watchable, but maybe that was more down to the supporting cast than Gervais. Also thought it trivialised some of the issues involved - like depression. Tony's sudden reversal and redemption (which of course was obviously going to happen from the start, for anyone familiar with Gervais's shows) was cheesy as fuck, like he pressed a switch and turned off his depression. (The way he says "I'm not mad anymore" to Ashley Jensen's character when he asks her out was just rubbing this in our faces.) Philomena Clunk was wasted - "dippy and banal" are her trademarks but usually in a funny way. Sure, she was supposed to be playing a character who was fundamentally boring, but that's no reason for her not to be entertaining to the audience. Same goes for David Bradley who has also made a career out of playing unpleasant characters, but I just didn't feel he was well-written in this. I preferred Life's Too Short and Derek, which I know a lot of people hated - they weren't a patch on the Office or Extras but at least they both gave me a few belly laughs.
  10. Anne Summers

    Antstream - It's Netflix for Games!

    Sorry for the delayed response - feel free to @ me when you've got a question you want answered in this thread! No release date as of yet - all I can really say is that the tech is very much ready to go, but we're having to delay due to - issues I can't really talk about publicly at the moment! But, they are "good issues", which means that when we do launch, it's going to be a bigger, better, faster and have more features than we were initially planning on going live with. On top of that, as we're continuously making progress with adding new games to the service, we are going to have a far more interesting lineup of retro classics ready to go, than if we'd launched before Christmas in line with the original schedule.
  11. Anne Summers

    The Alan Partridge Thread

    I hope not. I hope we're not going to go down the David Brent "redemption" route where we all have a big emotional realisation that he's actually a great chap underneath it all. I do love it when Alan occasionally actually gets the last laugh (needless to say). But we don't need it to become a major theme of the show.
  12. Anne Summers

    The Alan Partridge Thread

    All of the Partridge projects have been wildly different to each other when you think about it. Constantly changing the formula is what has stopped it getting old. Is there any other British comedy character who has been going for so long and is still consistently excellent? Across books, film, talk shows, 'reality' formats and specials?
  13. Anne Summers

    The Alan Partridge Thread

    Loved it, and you know it's just going to get better and better as we get into the groove of this new Alan, just like Mid Morning Matters , and I'm Alan Partridge before it, did. Lots of highlights, definitely will improve with repeated watching, but the hacker reeling off Alan's emailing and online activity had me laughing hardest I think.
  14. Anne Summers

    Games as a service. How do you keep up with demand

    I honestly think all games (particularly big mainstream AAA stuff) will move towards procedurally-generated content in the long run. Hand-crafted stuff will still be around but it will be indie games about which we will have much different expectations regarding length, replayability etc.
  15. Haven't people been saying "the end is near!" and acting as if there's some resolution to all of this on the horizon, finally, following every little development of the story, for at least the past year? I don't think this is anywhere near resolved, and it won't be until those responsible have received their just deserts. Winding up a company is just another stalling tactic, or an attempt to shirk the consequences.

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