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  1. Yeah, I remember the original was very similar to LTTP in places - even the world map had a lot of similarities. In some ways I remember it being basically the same, but without the Dark World .
  2. How does it compare to more recent portable Zeldas like Phantom Hourglass and Minish Cap? None of those games existed when I first played it, and it basically came across as a cut-down version of a full-fat Zelda (though still brilliant in its own right) rather than something designed from the ground up to be played on a portable device. Is this still the case?
  3. Oh, hacking is an option is it? Do they have something similar to the R4 carts you used to get on the DS?
  4. Am stuck in hospital for a few days at the moment and want to get someone to buy one of these and bring it in for me - I also want Breath of the Wild - is there anywhere in particular I should get them to go and buy it for me , or is it going to cost the same (i.e £250) wherever they go?
  5. Can you play ocarina of time on this?
  6. Really though? The thing is , I remember buying a Gameboy Pocket on the day it was released - with Links Awakening, for £75. I'm still tempted by this deal though, mainly because I'm stuck in hospital at the moment and have been thinking about getting a Switch for a while. How does the game compare to the original? Other than presumably being in colour - is there much new to it? Also anyone know if this offer is available in store? Thinking of getting my mate to pick it up for me on his way to visit tomorrow, if it is.
  7. Is Breath of the Wild really better than Dark Souls? Haven't played it as I got a bit of Zelda fatigue after Twilight Princess, but if so, I may have to pick up a Switch and give it a go.
  8. Fair point. But remember we aren't talking about people who kill themselves for "all sorts of reasons". We're specifically talking about (hypothetical) people who kill themselves because they are the subject of accusations (founded or unfounded).
  9. Innocent until proven guilty only applies to legal proceedings.
  10. I can picture it ... I just find it very unlikely. If I heard someone had committed suicide after being the subject of allegations ... Particularly from multiple people - I would be inclined to believe they were guilty. I find this statement a bit contradictory - you seem to be saying you don't see how making allegations via social media can have a good outcome - then stating that the #metoo movement - a movement centering around allegations made over social media - DID have a good outcome. So I'm a little confused.
  11. I wouldn't go as far as saying never. If it results in suicide, I would say it is much more likely to be a case of guilty conscience. Just seems far more likely a scenario to me than someone committing suicide because ... they are upset about false accusations being made against them..? I'm actually not sure what is being postulated as the driver behind innocent people committing suicide after receiving false allegations.
  12. If they've done nothing wrong, then a rumour won't kill their career. And if by "kill their life" you mean they may commit suicide - rumours don't make people commit suicide. Guilty consciences can, though.
  13. How can it take a lifetime to build a solid reputation? That would mean no one could build a solid reputation until they have died.
  14. Only just got round to watching this too. Not a huge MCU fanboy - found it quite enjoyable though, although I would still say Thor 3 is my overall fave.
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