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  1. It's just more proof that genius comes down to luck as much as anything else in this world does. Like Sick Boy says ... People have it, then they lose it. David Niven, Malcolm McLaren... Can't remember the exact quote. Creating a true masterpiece is rarely the result of the skill of one person. Studios try and solve the problem by throwing money at it, but that can't recreate the perfect storm of talent, inspiration and support that happened to come together at the time a brilliant piece of art is created.
  2. Nah don't think so ... It's just our internal policy of trying not to confirm games we do or don't have, until we know they will fully work.
  3. Oops ... Maybe that's one I'm adding in the next few weeks ...
  4. No, thank you for the very useful feedback . You've pointed out a lot that we missed and I'm working through getting it fixed. The improved discoverability has been done, just have to roll it out to live, hopefully early next week.
  5. There are some AGA games ! Chaos Engine is the AGA version - Sabre Team and Zool as well - possibly a few more! Also, I can't replicate the Skool Daze issue you mention at all, so not sure what's going on there.
  6. Yeah, so long as when you resume, it deletes the save-and-resume save. Which it will do. So essentially every game that has "save-and-resume" but not "save states" becomes a Roguelike with permadeath. (But unlike a Roguelike, which I believe is where the term "save scumming" originated, you can't cheat by backing up the save file on your computer, because they're saved in the cloud).
  7. No I don't think so - we only have the c64 version live at the moment.
  8. I tend to agree - very surprised that Sega went along with this with the most recent Megadrive collection. Anyway - new games are up - including the amazing Where Time Stood Still, plus Arc of Yesod (sequel to Nodes which we put up last week), Armored Scrum Object (aka Alpha Mission), a fun SNK shooter, and Earth Defense, a Mega Drive shooter that probably not a lot of people have played. Oh and Impossible Mission 1 - because we finally worked out how to get the level randomisation to work the way it's supposed to. Graeme's article ... https://www.antstream.com/single-post/2019/07/11/New-On-Antstream-This-Week
  9. I don't understand what's wrong with that article? It's a perfectly good opinion piece on something going on in gaming culture that has broken out into mainstream coverage. The writer does a decent job of articulating the inherent sexism which is demonstrated by many people's reactions to it. And also clearly understands (unlike you, obviously) the satirical nature of the actions (she's literally selling water to satiate "thirsty" males).
  10. Interested in getting people's opinion on something. Online competitive leaderboards have always been something I think will be key to the whole experience. So are save states, obviously. But if they both get thrown into the mix without any thought about how those features will work together, there's the obvious problem that people could just save scum themselves to the top of any leaderboard. Like the way, for example, I have something like the 70th best score in the world on Gain Ground on the PS4 Mega Drive collection. I used the save and rewind features because I wanted to get though all of the early levels I've completed hundreds of times and see the later levels, and because I was reloading every time I died so I would have all my guys available when I got to the levels I wanted to play, I ended up with an almost perfect score. This would clearly be a problem in score-focused games like Space Invaders or something, but much less of an issue in an adventure game like Monkey Island. So should it disable access to the leaderboard for a game in which a player has used a save state? Or do people have the right to save-scum if they want to - after all, anyone can do it, so no one has an unfair advantage. (If it's good enough for Sega...) Or would it be better to come up with a more nuanced solution? Create a "pro" mode with its own leaderboard and saving disabled? So save scummers can knock themselves out competing over who has the most patience, while skilful players have their own arena to compete in. Or the answer could be to designate some games as saveable games and some games as leaderboard games (eg, do you really need to save your game in Pac Man - except for an auto-save in the case of a dropped connection - and would anyone need high score tables for Final Fantasy ... Maybe a speedrun leaderboard would be fun though !) There's clearly a few different solutions and I'd be interested to hear what people think would be the best, or is there a different way to tackle it?
  11. I can't remember how to get Head and Heels together at all. Tried a few times and determined to keep doing it until I remember how. I could do it back in the day but never got much further than that.
  12. Can anyone remind me how the events in the last film affected the timeline? I enjoyed the beginning of the film when it basically remade T1, using modern CGI. Although it was still far less effective at creating a sense of menace than the original of course. Then it turned totally shite and I can't even remember what happened.
  13. I got another free trial for PSNow a week or so back and used it to revisit New Vegas. That game doesn't have the download option which a lot of the others have now, so I played it streaming, and it worked absolutely fine. Although I guess that isn't a game that's going to be sensitive to lag.
  14. Which version ? Mac still? Will see if this has been picked up on by support, but am currently in Las Vegas so may not be able to stay on top of it.
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