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  1. That looks promising ... Unfortunately I'm going to have to find it and watch it before j know for sure...
  2. Is this official release of source code or a leak or something?
  3. This is not that much of a surprise. I remember a long, long time ago, probably the 80s - there was a big fanfare about Eastenders introducing it's first ethnic family. This is great, reflecting society, progress etc. A journo (probably Smash Hits or Look In, that I would have been reading at the time) asked Neighbours if they were going to do anything about the fact the show was always 100 percent white. "No" was basically the answer. It's probably the same people running the show over there now. I think an aboriginal character did eventually start popping up from time to time? And then
  4. A movie I saw years and years ago on TV and never been able to remember the name. Would have been in the 90s as I watched it in my bedroom, late at night , in my parents house. This isn't much to go on - but all I remember is its about a group of friends who go to Las Vegas to party and end up getting in trouble with the mob. It's not a comedy I don't think. In fact there's only one scene I remember specifically and it's where one of the gangsters has got one of the main characters at gun point after catching up with him, and the character is pleading for his life. He says that he
  5. Brilliantly named company too in the context of what they do! Very tempted to pay 5k to meet Dom and Dave together. Will just tell my family I've had to sell the car and everything we own to pay for my newly acquired love of crack cocaine.
  6. Wow that's a great deal. I recommend you all choose the highest level of tip (15%) to show you appreciate it.
  7. This doesn't work by the way, still can't save that poor boy!
  8. Must get round to finishing this. I got to the piano playing part in the catacombs and got stuck before. When I finally got round to going back to it, ScummVM didn't seem to have my save any more and I haven't found the energy to restart and play through the early scenes again.
  9. I'll definitely have a go at that one. I'm pretty sure I eventually managed to get past the point in Wonderland where the other walkthrough let me down, but I'll start again just to see, as the sticking point was quite early.
  10. On winding road that stretches through a barren piece of wasteland, between the town of Malekin and the village of Finvarra, is a seven year old boy who's been crucified by a demon and left to bleed to death. He'll die soon, and I won't be able to do anything to help him. Because he's a character in a computer game. A computer game I can't work out how to play, and I can't find a solution for. I mentioned this recently in another thread but there's been a number of times recently where I've wanted to find a solution for a game, but haven't been able to. In several cases, I know th
  11. Yes, definitely. Haven't added it up but have been filling my time with bulking up my Speccy games library, old school RPGs and have even made a start on getting hold of the Mega Drive games I've always wanted to experience on real hardware. Also looking to get a new machine soon, something I haven't owned before and maybe a bit niche, maybe a console like a 3D0 or Neo Geo or maybe a computer like a Dragon 32 or MSX. I've really developed a bug for experiencing games running on old hardware rather than emulation, for some reason. I think just because I've been emulating for decades and i
  12. Just refreshed my memory by re-checking the DA article - and remembered that 3 wasn't made by Westwood was it? So presumably that's the reason the quality dipped. Apparently Westwood donated their engine to SSI who made it internally, and got on with developing Lands of Lore which has a much more advanced engine. Another series I've got to get round to playing - outside the remit of this thread though obviously! So I just realised I completely missed out Hillsfar by going straight into COTAB. It's another one that gets a lot of bad press, but I booted it up for a quick look and I a
  13. So I'm very much looking forward to getting onto a playthrough of the EOB series, which I have cued up on GOG for as soon as I'm done with the Gold Box and then the Krynn games. Just going into Curse of the Azure bonds now. Luckily my characters all immediately levelled up to level 8 (9 for my mage), so all those excess EXP I was picking up after I hit the level cap in Pool of Radiance weren't wasted. Porting characters across isn't that intuitive - you have to go back to the training hall in POR and Drop all the characters from your party, which causes the game to export the .CHA
  14. Oh and as we're talking about EOB - does anyone remember / know if there was ever a solution to the secret task on the final level of EOB1? People who have played it probably know that there's a secret task you can do on every level that gives you a special item or some other non-essential reward. Back in the day I remember with 100% certainty reading somewhere ( I think it was somewhere official, so may even have been the clue book) that there was a secret task on the final level - the level where you fight the beholder - but solving it involved finding clues throughout the whole g
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