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  1. Finished that section, the escape and the owl part afterwards, but my willingness to complete is being sapped by the constant insta-deaths. Think I'm upto around 650 odd deaths so far...
  2. I've gone through this thread and no one seems to have shared my infuriation with the Forlorn Ruins section. If I do persevere am I going to be raging when it comes to the escape section. Can't stand the left is right, right is left and jumping off into the air part of it.
  3. Not yet, assume they'll add it when Watchmen has finished it's run.
  4. They've now added Boost as an additional monthly subscription of £3. Offering 1080P HD , surround sound and streaming across 3 devices simultaneously. https://help.nowtv.com/article/what-is-now-tv-boost Focus appears to be on Sky Sports as the main package benefiting. Anyone started it, is it worth the extra £36 a year?
  5. Yeah I don't understand the stick Lindelöf gets in this thread. The Leftovers is an amazing series and Lost is nowhere near as bad as people make out. Nice review of the last episode in Rolling Stone. https://www.rollingstone.com/tv/tv-recaps/watchmen-recap-episode-6-exceptional-being-914283/
  6. I just did it this week. Did 2 years and the upgrade. Not sure if its changed with the X019 announcements, but it should say in the terms of the ultimate offer when you select to join.
  7. Yep, all makes perfect sense so far!
  8. That was a brilliant episode. Have no background of the comics, and only watched the film after the first episode of this, which has helped give some context. Can't wait for the next one.
  9. Cheers guys, a lot of sensible and confirmation responses. I think the cost is my biggest factor, there's enough choice on any of the consoles to keep me occupied. Originally I did think I wanted to go PS4, which as mentioned appears to have the better exclusives, and just go for a basic PS4 but kept delaying it. But!....then having seen the extent of the Xbox game pass being introduced and the appeal of 4K benefits, means I keep considering the Xbox One X. Just the cost is still very high, when I could still have that gaming fatigue. If I see a decent deal around or below £300 with the game pass I think I might go for it. Not disputing the brilliance of the Switch, just that I think that it would cost more in the long run.
  10. Cherry picking the games I actually want as you mention is a big consideration. But dread the idea of adding to clutter; all my other games are boxed up and out of the way...It's probably telling that I'm not digging something out to play. You can probably reference the gaming fatigue thread elsewhere which adds to my dilemma, there's so much other life things going on - family, going out, quality tv programmes, internet etc that really puts gaming low; but I would also still like to have an interest and experience some of it's highlights!
  11. Background is that I think the last game I really played was Dark Souls 2 on the PS3 when it came out so probably something like 4 years ago, but keep thinking I'd like to dip my toe back into current gen games. With potential Black Friday sales etc, can't decide whether it would be a expensive indulgence to get a new console that potentially could just sit there like all my older consoles ( I've pretty much sold off the bulk all my retro stuff, so PS2/360/PS3 remains ) with a ton of stuff I never got round to playing But if I did go ahead, what is the best option. I have a 4K LG TV so is the step up to a Pro or Xbox One X worth the extra money. And then which subscription services is better, I can't see me wanting to bother with online play so it's all about the single player adventure games like Dishonoured 2, Dark Souls 3 etc. I'm thinking just getting a gaming subscription rather than potentially getting another pile of shame, might be cheaper I probably have some PS4 games tied to my lapsed PS Plus account, but is the Xbox with the Game Pass a better option ( would have more games instantly available, and I assume a regular supply of new ones ). What is the best way of doing game pass/ultimate? So basically, as a now very casual user ; do I go for the upgraded console for 4K / better frame rate etc gaming and should the subscription service dictate which console to go for?
  12. Jonsi and Alex have released lost and found today. Looks like streaming options only.
  13. Yep, agree with you on all counts. Have the last three albums which are very good, and as you say the latest has a more psychedelic vibe too. Missed when recently toured, as think clashed with another concert, but wouldn't mind catching them another time.
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