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  1. Pekoe

    The Warriors

    Might have had my head stuck in the sand somewhere, but this is news to me!! The Warriors Anyone know anything about it????
  2. I've just ordered a couple of CD's from Suspect Packages> Not used them before so will have to see how delivery turnaround works out, but certainly a useful outlet for UK purchases from the looks of it.
  3. Pekoe

    Harvest Moon GC

    It's also on the shelves in HMV now...
  4. ONE on the PSone. Fantastic linear 3rd person shooter. Lovely Rage meter, whereby the more you shot and destroyed the more mental and lethal your shooting got. Still vividly remember the opening line. "I made a mistake!". oh, and another vote for Yager. A space combat shooter where you're not actually constantly disorientating yourself around 360 degrees.
  5. So when this all gets sorted out with Game then, is someone going to take WHSmiths to task for selling second hand magazines as new. People line up, reading various magazines and then put them back on the shelf. They don't even buy them and pretend that their aunt already bought it for them. It's scandelous I tell's ya....
  6. Having a hard-drive for game saves, is one of the key reasons why I'll buy the xbox version of multiformat releases, so in a way Microsoft do recoup these losses. I can't be hassled with looking around which memory card has what save on, when you want to replay/ revisit an old game. One of the main reasons why I don't touch my Dreamcast as much these days, is having about 100 games and 9 memory cards, means you can spend half the night getting a game going.
  7. now that's genius B) that's Tricky ain't it?
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