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  1. I'm just about to start episode 3 and same pedigree of tension, plotting and twisting narrative of Gomorrah. This drama seems to linger quite seductively on its cinematography and has a very calming approach to the senseless violence that is ongoing. Highly recommended and just as good so far as Gomorrah.
  2. The fuckers are still saying they won't refund, or explain their refund decision, or tell why the film keeps saying available 14/12 , it is listed as a purchase on my account. Dicks.
  3. In the past, it has been decided that Sony customer service was shit and Microsoft's was great on things like refunds. My experience is to say that Microsoft's is utter shite. I pre-ordered tenet uhd back in November, come release day on 14/12 my purchase is still showing you have pre-ordered and will be available to watch at 00:00. Wait all day and still can't see, but the extended trailer as a pre-order bonus (whoop!) is now a 1 hr 26 minute making of which I can watch, but no film. So direct message Xbox support in Twitter, no response. After 2 days try phoning Microsoft , person answering says can't help and to either phone back after 3:00 or use the contact us on Xbox support website. Their is no option on the Xbox support website for a film won't run. Go through other options like game or app won't do I and it says phone call or chat is not available, to contact other Xbox gamers on the community forum. Try Twitter again, no response. So put in a refund request. (The film is showing as available to purchase as a different store entry on the Microsoft store) receive a reply to say no refund as because I pre-ordered it, is beyond their 14 day terms. Email back to say it only came out 3 days ago and no response. So have tried their virtual assistance and realised I'd you keep saying hasn't fixed its incorrect replys it gives you an option for a call back First person is some lazy ass shrugged american. Asks to let him speak to refunds and then disconnects. Doesn't phone back. So go through virtual assistant again, request call back. Second person phoned back, needs to speak to someone - on hold then get disconnected. They do phone back, say they still need to look into, on hold for another 30 minutes and then disconnects. Have had no further call back since. Complete utter fuckwits.
  4. That's where I bailed too, way too farfetched and ridiculous and the concept of real time 24 hours seemingly abandoned for the thrills.
  5. Watched the lot - utterly brilliant and as said you just cannot second guess what will happen next. An absolute roller coaster, not one for those who want everything explained and neatly tied up.
  6. Not the first time it's been done though
  7. Carto is a delightful little puzzle adventure. Recommended.
  8. State Of Emergency was hyped as being the next GTA III
  9. Wow, am watching The Boys at the moment and hadn't clicked that it's the same actor. Mind blown!
  10. Pekoe

    Boards of Canada

    https://www.youtube.com/user/hellinterface Updated banner...
  11. I've tried this but doesn't seem to have worked so far.
  12. GTA V is free until May 21st
  13. Just to balance some of the above. I've watched the new season over the weekend and absolutely loved it. Wasn't overly confusing like the last season and delivered a solid action romp that expanded the bigger picture with a nice rhythm of reveals and twists.
  14. I'm playing through Quantum Break at the moment, and the idea that you go off exploring to read people's emails really doesn't sit with the ongoing narrative. You have characters expecting you to walk and talk, or some emergent crisis and there you are moving around corners of rooms to find yellow icons. The game encourages you to do this by making it a means of powering up or to unlock/change events - but there you are whilst Beth or someone is saying quick we need to escape to save the world reading a historical document of how a monument was built or somesuch.
  15. Stereolab got their name from a test record for hifis on vanguard records that was "For Use In Aligning, Calibrating and Balancing Stereo Disc Playback Systems" An early pioneer of French disco on vanguard records was Which was famously sampled on It's taken many years to reunite DJ Premier with Guru but this landed last year
  16. Heavy Rain - Press X to Jason
  17. Well, what an utterly brilliant game this turned out to be. No idea what the title had to do with the previous game (I know about the name rights, but still feels a bizarre choice). Arkane certainly should be lauded for such a well rounded gameplay toybox and storyline. Clocked up over 40 hours and nowhere did any of that feel repetitive. It's a lesson to other games how no action or sidequest ever felt like a simple A-B fetch or collectaphon. Really impressed in how it left so many options open to the player as to how to progress and took, I guess, the Bioshock blueprint to another level. It was very satisfying to feel how empowered you become from a messy and unsure gluegun/wrench combat system to boss through areas towards the end, and still managed to raise the difficulty with further additions of Nightmare and Dahl's attempt to kill you. Wonderful stuff, highly recommended
  18. I swear Microsoft keep looking at whatever game I currently playing as to which ones they remove from Game Pass each month. First was Shadow of Tomb Raider, which I managed to complete, Deus Ex which I didn't so bought and now currently Prey....
  19. Well, series ended up finishing up quite disappointing after its early promise. Heavily suffered from its early reveal with a looooong stretch out of events meaning daft logic, linked narratives and a damp dragged out close. Kinda lost interest in how they covered up and cleared Terry's name. Had hints of some good drama wrung dry by unnecessary tension building. And as to the reveal during the credits....
  20. Pekoe

    Dark Souls 3

    I did it! Found some kind sunlight bro. No-way I could have done it alone.
  21. Pekoe

    Dark Souls 3

    I'm getting wiped by Lorian with his cheesing teleporting and never ending combo's, never mind getting to the 2nd phase of this boss battle To be honest, Ive found the bosses really difficult since Yhorm The Giant, which I consider where the game became weak because without googling I would never have known about using and how to use the Storm Ruler. Because I've come to the game so late on, I assume the options of having a online jolly co-op are now a lot smaller, and again looking at Lorian the way to get some NPC support seems to be too far gone without specifically knowing what to do in advance. I've never seen Sirris for example. Tempted to give up at this point now....
  22. I've been waiting for the next episode for season 7, hadn't realised that it looks like it stopped at episode 10 - that was the finale!!??
  23. I found last weeks episode the weakest when different historic events were being linked up, slightly too quickly and apparently.
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